Tue.Apr 09, 2019

Why You Can’t Get Serious About Productivity Unless You Optimize How Your People Use Your Space

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I fund startups for a living and before that I ran two software startups that I founded. I’ve spent countless hours looking at historical finances, budgets, forecasts and future projections.

EvoNexus Launches Fintech Incubator


San Diego-based startup incubator operator EvoNexus is launching a brand new, financial technology (Fintech) incubator, in a partnership with Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) and Franklin Templeton , the incubator announced this morning. According to EvoNexus, the incubator will work with startups focused on technology areas that will impact financial services companies of all sizes and the customers they serve.

Senators Grill Pharmacy Benefit Execs About Skyrocketing Drug Prices


Executives from five of the companies that negotiate drug prices on behalf of insurers testified Tuesday before the Senate finance committee.

Rocket Lab Expands Into Satellite Manufacturing


Huntington Beach-based space rocket developer RocketLab , which has been launching small satellites ("cubesats") into space on its own rocket, is expanding the scope of its services to include actual manufacturing of satellites for its customers. According to Rocket Lab, it has developed a new satellite platform called the "Photon", which it will customize for small satellite operators.

HyreCar Renews Insurance Partnership


Los Angeles-based car sharing marketplace HyreCar , which operates a marketplace which lets automotive fleet owners offer up their vehicles to Uber, Lyft, and other ridesharing drivers, says it has renewed an auto insurance deal it has with Y-Risk, a brand of The Hartford. Financial details of that partnership were not announced. According to HyreCar, the insurance program is now being underwritten by The Hartford, as a result of the acquisition of Y-Risk in December of 2018. READ MORE>>.

Age of Learning Rolls Out Massively Multiplayer Educational Game


Los Angeles-based educational games maker Age of Learning has launched a brand new, massively multiplayer online game, called Adventure Academy , targeted towards both elementary and middle school age children. According to Age of Learning, the new title offers up a massively multiplayer online game which helps students with "essential curriculum topics" in the areas of language arts, math, science, social studies, and more.

Coozie, Backed By Science Inc., Launches Outdoor Gear Rentals


A new, Santa Monica-based startup, Coozie , backed by startup studio Science Inc. said Tuesday mornig that it has launched a new, outdoor gear rental service, aimed at helping its customers get into the outdoors without having to invest in their own gear. According to the startup, it is hoping to democratize access to the outdoors, but in a way that promotes "sustainable outdoor recreation" and reduces the burden of ownership.