Fri.Feb 08, 2019

Want to See What all the Fuss was About? The Shocking Opening to the Upfront Summit?

Both Sides of the Table

As you may know we run an annual conference called The Upfront Summit in which we try to bring together the world of investors, entrepreneurs and interesting people from the world of sports, politics, music & film.

Gimlet Media and Anchor: What Spotify’s Acquisitions Mean for Podcasts


After a deal that just closed this week, Spotify is stretching its streaming wings beyond music and into podcasts.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Rolls Out Special Adventure


Los Angeles-based mobile game studio Jam City is continuing to enhance its popular game title, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery , saying this morning that it is launching a new "side quest" within the game, called the Celestial Ball. The new adventure will focus on "The Celestial Ball", a social event focused on a virtual formal dance. Jam City said activities include inviting friends to the ball, choosing their own outfit, and quests to help others in preparation of the ball.

IP Protection Strategies For Start-Ups

SoCal Tech Calendar

Thursday, February 14, 2019 -- TCVN Legal Program #2: IP Protection Strategies For Start-Ups. TCVN now features four educational tracks in four specific areas. The four tracks are: Legal, Execution, Finance, and Marketing and will consist of a series of five, consecutive monthly programs designed to give the entrepreneur a comprehensive overview of each area. See [link] (more

IP 100

Interview With Brian McCarthy,


How do you take and create an entrepreneurial environment, within a big corporation? We sat down with Brian McCarthy , SVP of (, a startup within a much larger company Futuredontics, which itself is a part of a big company called Sirona.

5 Keys To Mitigating New Venture Tax And Legal Issues

Startup Professionals Musings

A frequent concern I hear from aspiring entrepreneurs is “I have invented a great product, but I have no idea where to start in setting up a company, to avoid all the tax and legal problems I hear about on the news.” In fact, this is a complex question, with answers that are different all around the world, but I have some general rules of thumb that apply here in the USA to get you started: Create a business entity early to encapsulate your venture.

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