Sat.Mar 17, 2012

A Quick Hack for Speeding up Term Sheet and other Negotiations

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I’ve started a series on negotiations in startups. In it I list some books and also link to some of my previous posts. It’s the first functional series I’ve done since sales & marketing.

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How to Convince Skeptical People

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012 -- How to Convince Skeptical People. SCQAA.What you'll be able to do: With the tools introduced in this you will be able to: Use to your advantage the knowledge of how most skeptics prefer to gather information; Prepare your message using a sure-fire carefully crafted 4-step process; Sell skeptics on your team. See [link] (more

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Start-Up Funding In Southern California

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012 -- Start-Up Funding In Southern California. Panel includes Ray Chan, Managing Partner at K5 Venture Partners; Anil Tammineedi, Vice President at Angeleno Group; Kiran Rao, Associate at Vicente Capital Partners; Al Schneider, Co-Founder and Past Chairman of Pasadena Angels. Moderator: Maneesh Goyal, General Partner at MergerTech Health Ventures. See [link] (more

The Business of Incubating

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012 -- The Business of Incubating. MIT Enterprise Forum of the Central Coast. Business Incubators, Business Accelerators and Co-Work Spaces. Your Workspace Matters!

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