Thu.Mar 07, 2019

Could you have created a “dirty cap table?”


Oh, I know. When you started the business, you took investments from friends and family in small amounts just to get you started. Of course, that worked at the time. Enter the need for larger investments.

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Loop Media Powers New Streaming Channel On XUMO


Burbank-based streaming media firm Loop Media says it has launched its first, OTT service, called The Preview Channel , on XUMO TV. According to LoopMedia, The Preview Channel is a 24-hour, ad-supported video-on-demand channel which will show new film trailers and video game previews, cast and director interviews and behind-the-scenes footage from major Hollywood films. Loop Media recently announced its "short-form" streaming startup, saying it raised $10M in funding.

BeiGene Puts Up $10M to Use Ambrx’s Drug Development Technology


Chinese pharma company BeiGene has agreed to pay Ambrx $10 million upfront to experiment with technology the biotech has developed in a bid accelerate BeiGene’s search for new protein drugs for cancer treatment.

ObEN Enables Personalized, AI Driven Medical Health Assistant


Pasadena-based ObEN , which develops avatar technology and software, is powering a new, personalized, AI-driven medical health assistance app, the company said this week, being developed by the MedStar Health Research Institute. According to ObEN, MedStar is developing its medical health assistance app, PAI Care, to help monitor patients with heart failure.

Steering Lyft’s IPO: What Investors Will Weigh During the Roadshow


Much has been said about Lyft’s early lead over Uber in the “horserace” to become the first ride-hailing app company to go public. But now that San Francisco-based Lyft has filed its 276-page IPO prospectus with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, potential investors can focus on much more detailed considerations as they decide whether to make bets on the smaller of the two U.S. ride-hailing leaders.

HG Data Becomes HG Insights


Santa Barbara-based HG Data , which has been developing software that helps companies understand the technology stack their operations depend on, has rebranded itself as HG Insights , and launched a new platform it calls the HG Insights Platform. According to the company, its platform is focused on "next generation technographics" to help drive sales, marketing, and strategy.

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Oncternal Therapeutics Acquires GTx


San Diego-based Oncternal Therapeutics , a privately held biotechnology companies focused on developing therapeutics candidates for cancer, and GTx said this morning that they are in a deal where Oncternals's stockholders will become the majority owners of GTx.

BlackLine Names Chief Accounting Officer


Los Angeles-based accounting automation software developer BlackLine announced this morning that it has named Patrick Villanova to the position of Chief Accounting Officer. Villanova--who was previously Controller for BlackLine--will continue to oversee global accounting operations at the company. Villanova has been at BlackLine since 2015, and was head of BlackLine's global accounting through its IPO. He previously spent more than 16 years at PwC in the audit and accounting advisory area.

DivX Sues Netflix, Hulu Over Patents


DivX , the streaming video software developer which was started in San Diego, has filed patent infringement lawsuits against both Netflix and Hulu , accusing the firms of usings its video streaming intellectual property. DivX filed two different lawsuits on Tuesday in the California Central District Court. The two patent infringement lawsuits are DIVX, LLC v. Netflix (court case number 2:2019-cv-01602) and DIVX, LLC et al (court case number 2:2019-cv-01606).