April, 2019

The Truth About the Scooter Economy?—?An Insider’s Perspective

Both Sides of the Table

The Truth About the Scooter Economy?—?An

Beyond Meat prices its public offering

TechCrunch LA

Beyond Meat , the meat replacement company whose packages of Beyond Burgers line grocery store aisles across America, has priced its initial public offering.

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How Rolebot Wants To Eliminate The Resume, With Shane Bernstein


Anyone who hires anyone, or has ever looked for a jobs knows how important a resume is. However, in the technical arena--as a programmer, developer, or software engineer--it's hard to tell from a resume how good you really are. Plus, it's often difficult to find that technical talent, which might not be looking for a job. That's where Los Angeles-based Rolebot (www.rolebot.net) comes in.

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Your core competency and why not to stray


Consider your core. It is the one skill, process or advantage you have over your competition. Then think of all the things you do to surround that core with people and assets that complete your company and allow you to release your product or perform your service.

Study: 17% of Tech Workers Are High on the Job


Nearly 17 percent of tech workers admit to being under the influence of marijuana while at work at some point in their careers, according to a new study.

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Which Circle Do You Want To Be In…The Blue One (NHL) or the Red One (TED)?

Eric Greenspan

The NHL centre ice circle is blue. The TED carpet that speakers stand on is a red circle. Both are highly desired places to stand, speak or skate. But the best way to get to either is to focus on what will get you there, not on getting there. Focus on the work, development, the achievements and the ride, and maybe, although unlikely, you’ll stand in one of those circles one day. As a TED attendee and TEDx host, I often hear and see the statement “I want to do a TED Talk.”

5 Startup Cost Realities Most Founders Underestimate

Startup Professionals Musings

Image via Flickr by Phil Gyford Starting a new venture still costs real money, even though the entry price has come down dramatically in last few decades.

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eTailPet Finds $800K Seed Funding


Los Angeles-based eTailPet , a new startup which helps pet store owners create online e-commerce sites, has received a round of seed funding, the company said this week. The seed funding was worth $800K, and led by Moonshots Capital, and also included individual angels from the pet industry.

Here’s how NOT to define your competition


We investors see this all the time. An entrepreneur pitches using a deck with no slide for competition. When asked (as we always do,) the response is “This is new. We have no competition.”. Niet! Unh unh. Professional investors laugh when they hear an entrepreneur come out with that one.

How an Ohio Kids’ Hospital Quietly Became Ground Zero for Gene Therapy


If a once-modest regional hospital and its new biotech allies have their way, the capital of Ohio could one day rival America’s other biomedical hubs. Our goal is to make Columbus the center of the universe for gene therapy,” says Doug Ingram, CEO of Sarepta Therapeutics.

SoCalBio Innovation Catalyst Program (May 3rd, 2019)

SoCal Tech Calendar

Friday, May 3, 2019 -- SoCalBio Innovation Catalyst Program. During this meeting, emerging companies will make presentations to the SoCalBio Company Screening and Mentoring Committee. This meeting is one of numerous company screening sessions organized by the Southern California Biomedical Council (SoCalBio) in preparation for the 21st Annual SoCalBio Conference to be held on September. See [link] (more

6 Tips to Boost Workforce Engagement and Motivation

Startup Professionals Musings

Image via Wikipedia The challenge for all of us in business is to improve competitiveness by improving employee productivity and reducing costs.

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The team behind Baidu’s first smart speaker is now using AI to make films

TechCrunch LA

The HBO sci-fi blockbuster Westworld has been an inspiring look into what humanlike robots can do for us in the meatspace.

j2 Global Buys Four More Companies


Los Angeles-based j2 Global , the parent company of such companies as IGN, Mashable, eFax, and eVoice, has gobbled up four more companies, saying this morning that it has acquired Armada Cloud , a provider of cloud-based backup services; iContact , a provider of marketing cloud services; SafeSend AS , a Norwegian company in the cloud security business; and Telsys AS , a cloud backup service also based in Norway.

What’s the minimum information to give your investors?


Every investor wants regular information from companies taking their money. And most of us investors are frustrated by the lack of regular communication – unless of course – the company needs more money.

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VC Trends in 2019: More Money, Fewer Deals But Women Still Get Less


If you’ve been following venture capital trends, what you expected to happen in the first quarter of 2019 did: More money is being invested in fewer deals, and women founders still are getting less of it than men. Venture firms sent $32.6

Recurring Revenue Conference

SoCal Tech Calendar

Wednesday, May 1, 2019 -- Recurring Revenue Conference - April 30 to May 1st - Marina Del Rey. Welcome to the 5th annual Recurring Revenue Conference: Scaling SaaS and Subscription Businesses presented by Sutton Capital Partners. Join 700+ entrepreneurs, executives and leading investors to discuss the Subscription Economy. Hear from companies including Zenefits, Mavenlink, Dollar Shave Club, ipsy, Sage Intacct, ProfitWell, Headspace, Winc and many more.

Why It Pays To Focus Your Business On A Narrow Niche

Startup Professionals Musings

Image via Picpedia Everyone in the business world has heard of the old bestseller by Geoffrey A. Moore titled “ Crossing the Chasm ,” but most entrepreneurs have no idea how it relates to them.

Snap is channeling Asia’s messaging giants with its move into gaming

TechCrunch LA

Snap is taking a leaf out of the Asian messaging app playbook as its social messaging service enters a new era. The company unveiled a series of new strategies that are aimed at breathing fresh life into the service which has been ruthlessly cloned by Facebook across Instagram, WhatsApp, and even its primary social network. The result? Snap has consistently lost users since going public in 2017.

Enevate Gets Funding Injection From Thai Energy Giant


Irvine-based battery charging technology developer Enevate , which is aiming its technology at the electric vehicle (EV) market, announced this morning that it has received a round of funding from Bangchak , a Thai energy company. Enevate said the funding came via the Bangchak Initiative and Innovation Center (BiiC). Financial details and terms of the deal were not announced by the company.

The four “P’s” to help you build a great business


How do you manage a great business, as opposed to be a survivor? Well, here are the four areas you should focus upon every day. Now, some of us remember things better when given a catchy phrase or rhyme. So, here’s one to help you with squeezing the most out of your own available resources. In this new reality in our business world, there is certainly little room for mistakes and no room for bloat within our companies. Preventing them is our responsibility. The first “P” stands for people.

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AACR 2019 Roundup: Notes from a Weekend of Early Stage Cancer Results


[ Editor’s note: Alex Lash co-authored this report ] The American Association for Cancer Research’s annual meeting is wrapping up in Atlanta today.

Recurring Revenue Conference

SoCal Tech Calendar

Tuesday, April 30, 2019 -- Recurring Revenue Conference - April 30 to May 1st - Marina Del Rey. Welcome to the 5th annual Recurring Revenue Conference: Scaling SaaS and Subscription Businesses presented by Sutton Capital Partners. Join 700+ entrepreneurs, executives and leading investors to discuss the Subscription Economy. Hear from companies including Zenefits, Mavenlink, Dollar Shave Club, ipsy, Sage Intacct, ProfitWell, Headspace, Winc and many more.

10 Wins From Driving Multiple Concurrent New Ventures

Startup Professionals Musings

Image via Flickr by watsonsinelgin With the cost of entry at an all-time low, and the odds of success equally low, more and more entrepreneurs are starting multiple companies concurrently.

Kindbody raises $15M, will open a ‘Fertility Bus’ with mobile testing & assessments

TechCrunch LA

Kindbody , a startup that lures millennial women into its pop-up fertility clinics with feminist messaging and attractive branding, has raised a $15 million Series A in a round co-led by RRE Ventures and Perceptive Advisors.

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Karma Automotive Taps BMW For Engine Technology


Irvine-based Karma Automotive , the revived, startup auto maker, says it has inked an agreement with BMW AG , to use BMW's engine technology in its automobiles. According to Karma Automotive, its vehicle, the 2020 Revero luxury car, will use a BMW TwinPower Turbo three-cylinder in-line engine. The company said the engine will be used to power an on-board electric generatorand to enhance overall vehicle performance. Financial details of the deal were not announced.

Bonus – Check for Duplicate Files with This Free Utility from Inverted Software

Inverted Software

If you ever wanted to free up space and wandered if you have any duplicate backed up files on your computer, or a network drive you can safely erase, here is a free utility to help you check just that and just because it’s a Wednesday, we at Inverted Software are giving it away along with a complete source code.

Can We Afford to be Cured? A Conversation with ICER’s Steve Pearson


New cell and gene therapies bring the possibility of cures once hardly imaginable. But the potential cures could also cost millions of dollars, like Novartis (NYSE: NVS ), the owner of the gene therapy Zolgensma, has suggested in advance of an imminent FDA approval decision.

Diversity Innovation Forum

SoCal Tech Calendar

Tuesday, April 30, 2019 -- Diversity Innovation Forum. Join us for a discussion on how diversity of ideas, talent, and perspectives fuels innovation. We will explore the key areas where diversity and inclusion are crucial for a vibrant innovation ecosystem. See [link] (more

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6 Settings When Ready-Aim-Fire May Doom Your Startup

Startup Professionals Musings

Image via Flickr by Shawn Wolfe I know entrepreneurs who have suffered from premature execution often associated with the ready-fire-aim quick-to-market approach. Yet I believe that many more have benefited from this approach, especially in early startup stages.

Blueland launches with a suite of eco-friendly cleaning supplies designed to reduce plastic waste

TechCrunch LA

Sarah Paiji had the idea to launch the eco-friendly refillable cleaning supply retailer Blueland after hearing about the abundance of microplastics in the water she was using to dilute her child’s baby formula.

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CitySourced Merges With Rock Solid Technologies


Los Angeles-based CitySourced , which develops mobile apps to help cities communicate with their constituents, has merged with Rock Solid Technologies , a provider of software to the government. Financial terms of the merger were not announced. Rock Solid is owned by private equity investor Strattam Capital. CitySourced was founded in 2009, and is led by CEO Jason Kiesel.

Startup Spotlight: SOUL MUCH

Startup San Diego

Written by: Karla Amador, Brian Pitts, and Hayley Brooks Interview by: Karla Amador When you’re dining out at a restaurant, have you ever wondered what happens to the grains left unused at the end of the day?

Finding Your Startup Lawyer: What Every Entrepreneur Should Know


Successful management of any new enterprise, regardless of industry, is a process demanding of concerted effort to realize opportunity with a finite set of resources.

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Paramount and Broken Road Productions brunchwork

SoCal Tech Calendar

Saturday, April 27, 2019 -- Paramount and Broken Road Productions brunchwork, You're invited to an unforgettable brunch with Paramount TV President Nicole Clemens and Broken Road Productions Head Todd Garner (Former Disney Producer). Enjoy a fireside chat with Nicole and Todd, curated connections, and a business challenge and pitch off. over a seasonal, locally-sourced meal. See [link] (more

How To Be A Leader When Machines Are Smarter Than You

Startup Professionals Musings

Image via Pixabay The majority of business professionals I meet these days accept that we are now deep in the digital age, where mountains of data are gathered on everything we do, online and offline.

DroneBase raises capital and partners with FLIR Systems to train pilots on thermal imaging tech

TechCrunch LA

Publicly traded sensor technology developer, FLIR Systems , is investing in a strategic round of funding for the outsourced drone imaging company, DroneBase.