June, 2019

Locana, Fueled With $55M, Looks to Develop Fixes for Faulty RNA


Editing human DNA has entered the public consciousness in a big way in recent years with its increasing use in laboratories— and, in recent news that shocked the scientific community, in embryos —of tools such as CRISPR-Cas9.

Connected Classroom Technology and Essentials for K-12 School Districts

Southern California Edison Blog

Connected classrooms are part of a rapid trend to leverage technology to bring learning into a more national and global sphere.

TenOneTen Ventures Backs Probably Genetic


Los Angeles-based venture investor TenOneTen Ventures is one of the investors in a newly launched startup, which is looking to use artificial intelligence and DNA testing to identify autism and other medical conditions. According to Probably Genetic , it has raised a round of venture capital funding from Khosla Ventures, TenOneTen Ventures, the Oxford Angel FUnd, as well as angels. The startup recently graduated from Y Combinator, and is based in the Bay Area.

Relativity is building a 3D-printing rocket manufacturing hub in Mississippi

TechCrunch LA

The future of rocket manufacturing has touched down in Mississippi. At NASA’s John C. Stennis Space Center , nestled in Hancock County, Miss.,

Do you take those loyal, key customers for granted?


We know that an executive’s job is not easy. Nor is there much time in a typical day for outreach of any kind.

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9 Keys To Effective Communication In Today’s Business

Startup Professionals Musings

When was the last time you changed how you communicate to your team and to your customers? The way you deliver your message is key to maximizing its impact, or even reaching the intended audience. Don’t count on people reading your Annual Report for breaking news.

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Jarrod Russell, Executive Director, Transitions to Bay Area

Startup San Diego

The post Jarrod Russell, Executive Director, Transitions to Bay Area appeared first on Startup San Diego. Featured Post

Video Interview: Nasam Chokr, NOWA Innovations, On Improving Asthma Inhalers


NOWA Innovations (www.nowainnovations.com), a University of California, Irvine spinout, is designing a medical device aimed at improving asthma inhalers. For our video interview today, we spoke with Nasam Chokr, the founder and CEO of NOWA Innovations, about the startup and its technology.

Songtrust adds another 55,000 artists to its rights management service

TechCrunch LA

Over the past year, Songtrust has added another 55,000 artists and songwriters to its rights management service.

How much do you spend on R&D? Is it enough?


Why do profitable, mature businesses die away?

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6 Clues To The Right Employees For Your New Venture

Startup Professionals Musings

Entrepreneurs are usually highly creative and innovative, but many innovative people are not entrepreneurs. Since it takes a team of people to build a great company, the challenge is to find that small percentage of innovative people, and then nurture the tendency, rather than stifle it.

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Virgin Orbit Partners With Japan's ANA Holdings

L.A. Business Journal

Long Beach-based small satellite launch company Virgin Orbit announced June 6 that it will partner with Japanese firm ANA Holdings to bring Virgin’s LauncherOne rocket launch system to Japan

Four More Through the IPO Door as Life Science Firms Raise $465M


It’s been a strong year for biotech IPOs and Wednesday shaped up to be a particularly busy day as four life science firms debuted on the public markets. So far this year, 72 companies have gone public, according to IPO research firm Renaissance Capital.

Friday Video Interview: Abner Flores, Checkplis


We've recently started a new feature--video interviews of local entrepreneurs, investors, and others in Southern California's technology community!

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‘Socially Inept,’ a comedy startup founded by Microsoft employees, roasts tech bros

TechCrunch LA

Everyone gets a kick out of mocking the quintessential San Francisco techie, Patagonia vest and all. ‘ Socially Inept ,’ a new traveling comedy cohort, is making a business out of it. The group has been roasting the tech scene in hubs across the U.S., including Seattle, where the company is based, as well as Los Angeles, Austin and San Francisco, since last summer. It’s made out of current and former techies themselves.

Should a leader support constant change?


The worrying that always precedes a change. When a new CEO or manager is hired into a company, for a while lots of energy flows from the top and new ideas seem to be generated daily.

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5 Keys To Growing What You Have Planted As A Startup

Startup Professionals Musings

Have you noticed that more companies beg you to participate in their business today? It started with an email survey on your last stay at their hotel, but now includes requests for online product reviews, to social media input on the design of future products.

Silicon Beach Report June 10: Pluto TV Pushes into Latino Markets

L.A. Business Journal

Quibi unveils pricing details; SpaceX to launch JPL’s atomic clock; Pluto TV launches Latino programming

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Review: Inside the House of Lies at Theranos


Youth. Charm. Fearlessness. Ruthless focus. These can be positive attributes in an entrepreneur, but in a more rational world, technology investors wouldn’t overvalue them. Risk capital would be allocated based mostly on evidence, data, progress towards milestones—in short, on proof.

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Video Interview: Evan Brandt, VideOMS


For our Friday video interview, we have Evan Brandt , the CEO of VideOMS (www.videoms.com), an early, seed stage startup offering up a videos, drone shots, photography, and more of real estate property listings nationwide, through a network of drone operators.

Chief Financial Officer and Human Resources Professionals Awards

SoCal Tech Calendar

Sunday, June 30, 2019 --.

Reinvent your business!


Businesses that forgot to reinvent.

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5 Key Attributes That Foretell New Venture Survival

Startup Professionals Musings

Every startup wants to be a predictable success, yet so few ever achieve this enviable position. In reality, getting there is not a random walk, and requires an understanding of the stages that every business must navigate and the organizational characteristics necessary at each stage.

Riot Games Responds to DFEH Investigation

L.A. Business Journal

West Los Angeles-based game developer Riot Games Inc. responded today to a June 12 announcement from the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing that it was opening an investigation into the company's management practices

Agtech Startup GroGuru Gets Audience Kudos at EvoNexus Demo Day


Three wildly different startups among those incubating at EvoNexus, a La Jolla, CA-based nonprofit organization that supports early-stage tech companies, earned top marks from the audience at a pitch contest this week.

Video Interview: Eli Eisenberg, Straight Line Management


Our video interview today is with a long time advisor to startups in the Los Angeles area, Eli Eisenberg , founder of Straight Line Management. Eli sat down with us to share some of the knowledge he's gained over many years in the industry helping and mentoring startups. READ MORE>>.

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Rise, Acquisition and Growth of Pluto TV

SoCal Tech Calendar

Tuesday, June 25, 2019 --.

3 Lesser-Known Ways Enterprise Can Improve Network Uptime

Southern California Edison Blog

As enterprises outsource more of the business operations to hosted platforms, more emphasis needs to be placed on ensuring mission-critical applications are always accessible. This means that the network connections to enterprise sites increase in their importance.

10 Tips To New Venture Leaders To Never Stop Learning

Startup Professionals Musings

You probably think that the fact that you have started your own business validates your leadership ability. It may confirm that you were a leader yesterday, but do you have what it takes to be a leader tomorrow?

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Silicon Beach Report June 28: SpaceX Raising $300 Million

L.A. Business Journal

PCM security breached; Marvel and Team Liquid partner; SpaceX starts third fundraising effort this year

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