August, 2012

How Much Information Should you Give VCs for Due Diligence?

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This is a hot topic I’ve been asked a lot about recently. You’re on a first date with a VC – how much should you tell them? You’re heading into a full partner meeting and you’ve been asked for a full data pack before – should you give it? When is it appropriate for a VC to call your customers?

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Startup Lessons From Olympic Innovators


Successful Olympic athletes share a number of common qualities with entrepreneurs; including boundless energy, uncompromising tenacity and a willingness to innovate. Such innovations include new training routines, inventive diets, and novel gameplay tactics.

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Catching Up With Joanne Bradford, Demand Media


Santa Monica-based Demand Media ( has seen its share of ups and downs as one of the highest visibility technology and media companies to come out of Southern California's technology ecosystem in recent years.

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TZ Tech Crawl Venice | So Nice We Are Doing It Twice

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We had such a great response from July’s TZ Tech Crawl Silicon Beach Santa Monica edition, that we decided to get another one in before the summer was out and this time focus around the Venice area.

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How Pinterest, Tumblr, HootSuite, Klout, Posterous, Bitly and Mashable Rapidly And Repeatedly Hire Great People


Rapidly and repeatedly hiring star employees is a competitive advantage. Although this is a core competency that must be honed over time, there is a cadre of SaaS hiring tools that the world’s leading tech companies deploy to their advantage.

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MyLife Launches Social Dashboard


Los Angeles-based is further expanding its services this morning, saying that it has launched a new, "social dashboard" product which helps users centrally manage all of their social and email accounts.

Story of a Startup Weekend Veteran | The Good, The Bad, and the UGLY!

Tech Zulu Event

There are so many activities and events that have sprouted this year to support the thriving tech scene in Southern California.

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5 things Silicon Valley gets wrong about Southern California

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The Odd Couple: Angels and Accelerators

Steve Reich

At a recent accelerator event on the West Side, a friendly young founder told me that he had been coached by his mentor not to talk to Angel groups. As a Pasadena Angel, I wanted to be shocked, but I wasn’t. The Angel funding process can be arduous. But as a community, we have to figure out how Angels can effectively participate in the development of accelerator-based companies. With the VC ranks shrinking, founders need to tap every source of capital out there.

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Is Silicon Valley Really Coming to an End?

Both Sides of the Table

By now you probably know that David Sacks , co-founder of PayPal and founder of both Geni & Yammer made some observations on Facebook that Silicon Valley “as we know it” was coming to an end. He says. “In order to create a successful new company, you have to find an idea that.

Commission Junction Co-Founder Lex Sisney Applies A Scientific Approach To Analyzing Your Business


This article originally appeared on Forbes HERE. As part of UC Santa Barbara’s Distinguished Lecture Series, serial entrepreneur, CEO Coach and Author Lex Sisney shared a preview of his newly released book, Organizational Physics: The Science of Growing a Business.

Los Angeles, San Diego Among Top 10 Cities For Startups


A list of the top ten cities for startups was released by USA Today and the National Venture Capital Association today, naming both Los Angeles and San Diego among the best cities for startup companies.

Hallo | Just Say Hallo with Social Voice App

Tech Zulu Event

Who doesn’t like to save a little dough on texting? Well for those with limited texting plans anyway. The Hallo app from Developer Hallo, Inc. will allow you to do just that and much more.

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Startup Business Development

SoCal Tech Calendar

Thursday, August 23, 2012 -- Startup Business Development. Coloft Academy. Are you a Founder and want to learn more about growing your venture via partnerships and alliances? Or are you interested in a job in Business Development at a Tech or Internet company? We will kick off this session distilling what Business Development actually means at an early stage company, and then we will discuss what it entails as the company grows.

Crowdfunding SEO Advice From AngelList

Steve Reich

I was lucky enough to be at LaunchPad LA last night to hear Dustin Dolginow from Atlas Ventures/ coach the incoming class on how best to use AngelList to fund their companies. Much of the advice was basic–have your elevator pitch down, raise enough $$ for 18 months runway, etc. Then Dustin shifted to “crowdfunding SEO” — how to get discovered, understood, and funded on AngelList.

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Should You Really Sit on Other Boards When You’re a Startup Founder?

Both Sides of the Table

I recently read Brad Feld’s thought provoking piece encouraging founders to sit on the board of another startup company. I found it thought provoking because I’ve always believed startup founders need extreme focus on only their company to succeed.

Four Recruiting Lessons From Grandpa


The following guest post is from Eric Gaydos, Buzz Marketing Manager at The Resumator , a SaaS applicant tracking system and hiring platform trusted by many of the fastest-growing companies in the world, including: Pinterest, Tumblr, Hootsuite, Klout, Posterous, Bitly, Atari and Mashable.

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Interview with John Mudge, iBN Sports


One of the big questions in the content world has been: what's the right formula to make content creation profitable on the Internet? And, how do programs like YouTube's recent push to help fund original content channels on the site helping?

Viddy #Splashmob | Balls, Bikinis, Boards plus personal Snoop Dogg & Justin Bieber Vids

Tech Zulu Event

Viddy , called by many as the new Twitter, but for video, had a #splashmob this weekend at Santa Monica Beach. They partnered with Uber to drive people to and from the event. Uber is an easy to use door to door car service knocking out the need for taxi cabs like bumper cars.

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Swarms, crowd sourcing, and tiger teams. Oh my.


As we grow our businesses, we inevitably run into problems that seem for a time impossible to overcome.

Start Me Up

Ask the Angels

Pasadena Magazine August 2012 (click here for the original article). Written by Maria Russo. Collaboration is crucial to the success of Pasadena’s high tech entrepreneurial incubators and angel investors. Walk into the airy, open-plan offices of idealab, an incubator of early-stage technology companies in Old Pasadena, and you’re greeted by an energized buzz.

Rethinking Board Observers – The Role of the “Silent Observer”

Both Sides of the Table

It has always surprised me that founders were so quick to fight over how many board members there were and so quick to agree to have as many board observers as people wanted. I have always been vehemently against board observers and wrote some of the reasons in this previous post.

Diva Startup Tips: @LadyGaga, @JLo, @Cher, @KatyPerry, @MariahCarey & @NickiMinaj


Note: This is an installment in the Iconic Advice series. Other installments include: Jeff Bezos , Steve Jobs , Mark Cuban , Richard Branson , Walt Disney , Mark Zuckerberg and Michael Dell. Make no mistake, successful entertainers are entrepreneurs.

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Interview with Ali Benham, Tealium


If you head up marketing for an Internet company, you're undoubtedly used to having to work--or fight--with your IT department to help maintain your web site and manage all of the changes you need done.

Collect, Organize, and Share on LoveIt | Interview with Ron LaPierre Co-Founder & CEO

Tech Zulu Event

Yes, LoveIt founders agree that their layout is familiar and to our expectation they say it is intentional but don’t raise any fingers, they have a great reason for it. They say ,” Because we’ve learned it’s an easy format for people to use.”

Keep constant contact with key customers.


An executive’s job is not easy, nor is there much time in a typical day for outreach of any kind. Especially in a growing company, the CEO is drawn into daily process issues by all of his or her direct reports, often responding to questions and problems, leaving little time for strategic thought. And that behavior results in leaving little time for outreach to the most critical possible component in your chain – your key customers.

Never, Ever Give Up

Eric Greenspan

On Tuesday of last week, I hung this on my wall. I received it rolled in a tube from this year’s TED conference. I didn’t even look at it for the first four months. When I did, I realized it had to be on my wall, ASAP!

Taking on the Issues of the Day with Jonathan Strauss

Both Sides of the Table

It’s been nearly a year since I did This Week in VC on a regular basis. I’ve wanted to come back but had a busy year on the road meeting with investors and making a few investments of my own. But I’m back.