December, 2021

Jeff Bezos asked a question that blew me away!


Here’s the question: This piece of wisdom came from Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, during a board meeting for one of the companies where he sits as board member. Jeff asked the question “Is there anything big or small, which is working better than you expected?

SpaceX Acts to Launch Mars-Bound Rockets From Florida

L.A. Business Journal

Space Exploration Technologies Corp. commenced construction in Florida on a launchpad to send its Starship Mars rocket to the red planet

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5 Practices For Developing A World-Class Startup Team

Startup Professionals Musings

It takes an effective team to attract and serve a community in business these days.

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Transphorm Gets $12.9M In PIPE, Hopes For Uplisting On Nasdaq


Goleta-based gallium nitride (GaN) power conversion semiconductor developer Transphorm says it has received $12.9M in a private placement. The publicly traded company (OTC) said the funding came from MCM Investment Partners, as well as Boardman Bay Capital Management. The company said the investments come as a part of a plan to uplist its shares of common stock on the Nasdaq.

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Can You Ask for Office Rent Relief? How to Manage Your Lease During COVID-19

Office leases are one of companies’ largest expenses, and if your whole team is working from home with no clear end in sight, you may be wondering what to do about your lease.

Addressing Tech Startup Challenges With Managed Network Services

Southern California Edison Blog

Networks play a vital role in supporting tech startup growth objectives. However, many small businesses may struggle with operational costs and scaling their networks effectively.

Papaya raises $50M to give you a way to pay bills via its mobile app


Paying bills is hardly a fun thing. So I think it’s safe to say that any technology that can make the process easier is welcome by all. Papaya is a Los Angeles-based startup with a mission to do just that.

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Influencer Software Firm Tagger Media Raises $15 Million From Five Elms Capital

L.A. Business Journal

Tagger Media Inc. received an additional $15 million in funding from Five Elms Capital following a $8.5 million Series A investment by the firm earlier this year

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8 Mindset Principles That Lead To Success In Business

Startup Professionals Musings

As a long-time business advisor and mentor to entrepreneurs, I’ve always been impressed with the few who seem to always come out ahead, no matter what the challenge. It seems to be more a function of mindset and principles, more than education or natural ability.

GoSecure Acquires Covail


La Jolla-based GoSecure, a provider of managed security services, said today that it has acquired Covail, a security and risk optimization and automation company. Financial terms of the acquisition were not announced. GoSecure said it will use Covail's expertise in artificial intelligence (AI) to augment its platform. GoSecure is led by CEO Neal Creighton. gosecure covail managed security services merger acquisition software

How to Strengthen Tech Startup Security Against Cyberattacks

Southern California Edison Blog

Malicious attackers perceive tech startups as vulnerable, valuable targets: startups often have fewer infrastructure protections and smaller IT teams than their more established counterparts, and multiple connections to larger companies with lucrative data. .

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AvantStay, a platform for kitting out — and then renting out — high-end vacation rental homes, raises $160M


Another travel startup that found itself scrambling to pivot as the COVID-19 pandemic took off is now announcing a huge round of funding after finding its feet and proving that it can grow, even under adverse circumstances. AvantStay — which has built a platform where it decorates and then lists properties owned by others for people to rent out for vacations or other short-term stays — has raised $160 million in a Series B round of funding.

Patent litigation can kill the small guy.


Here’s the bright side to patents. When you think of patents, you think of added value to the corporation in the form of protection of its intellectual property.

SEA Electric JV to Replace School Bus Engines With Electric Power Systems

L.A. Business Journal

SEA Electric Holdings in Torrance announced it’s working with an Illinois-based bus and van dealer on modernizing approximately 10,000 used school buses by replacing their diesel engines with its proprietary battery electric power system

9 Keys To Group Participation, Alignment, and Results

Startup Professionals Musings

Based on my experience in business, it takes a team that works together to be successful, in conjunction with leadership from the top.

Tastry Applies AI To Wine Recommendations


In a bid to make it easier for consumers to get personalized wine recommendations, San Luis Obispo-based startup Tastry said it has launched a new artificial intelligence-powered service for wine recommendations. The company said its service, Tastry Uncorked, is an artificial intelligence tool which provides personalized wine recommendations for online retailers and wineries.

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Is there gold in your old intellectual property?


Digging through your IP closet for gold….

Budget from the top down or bottom up? A puzzle.


Here’s the argument: Many people believe that bottom-up budgeting leads to waste and misdirection.

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6 Reasons For Your Business To Embrace Social Media

Startup Professionals Musings

An all-too-common question I get from startups and small businesses is “Which is the right social media platform for my business?” Is it Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or one of the other 200 active platforms vying for attention these days?

10 Tips For Crafting An Investment Grade Venture Plan

Startup Professionals Musings

If you want people to invest in your idea, then my best advice is first write a business plan, and keep it simple. Don't confuse your business plan with a doctoral thesis or the back of a napkin. Keep the wording and formatting straightforward, and keep the plan short.

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10 New Realities Drive The Customer Decision Process

Startup Professionals Musings

Today’s customers are overloaded and overwhelmed by too much information, so making a decision is a challenge.

7 Concepts To Keep In Mind When Running Any Business

Startup Professionals Musings

When I started mentoring entrepreneurs and startups a few years ago, I anticipated that I would get mostly tough technical questions, but instead I more often hear things like “Where do I start?”

Guide 102

6 Ways To Make Your Solution Stand Out Above The Rest

Startup Professionals Musings

I’m often surprised when you as an aspiring entrepreneur, looking for investors, tell me your solution is so innovative that you don’t have to worry about differentiating it from competitors, and customers will flock to it without a real marketing campaign.

I Haven’t Seen A Startup Yet Thrive Without Marketing

Startup Professionals Musings

Every time I challenge a business plan with little or no budget for marketing, I get the answer that they will be using “viral” marketing, which costs nothing.

7 Leadership Insights That Lead To Business Success

Startup Professionals Musings

During my many years in business, both as a professional and an entrepreneur, I always wished I knew the secret to success. Although I was never able to pinpoint any single one, I have gathered some insights which I’m certain are key.

Mentor 101

Smart Entrepreneurs Seek Social Impact Versus Profits

Startup Professionals Musings

An entrepreneur lifestyle that continues to gain in popularity these days is being a “social entrepreneur.”

7 Keys To Positive Solutions For Business Conflicts

Startup Professionals Musings

Many entrepreneurs are not prepared for conflict, or actively avoid it. Their vision, passion, and focus are so strong that they can’t imagine someone disagreeing, much less fighting them to the death.

7 Steps To Greater Satisfaction As A New Entrepreneur

Startup Professionals Musings

In my role as mentor to many of you aspiring entrepreneurs, I often find you convinced that all you need to start is a unique innovation or idea , and now you are ready to jump in with both feet and enjoy the ride.

5 Venture People To Avoid While Funding Your Startup

Startup Professionals Musings

Every entrepreneur seeking funding loves the challenge of getting customers and investors excited, but dreads the thought of negotiating the terms of a deal with potential investors.

9 Keys To Employing Social Media To Grow Your Startup

Startup Professionals Musings

If you are an entrepreneur these days, or trying to grow an existing business, everyone is telling you that you need to use social media. There are many ‘experts’ out there telling you how to do it, or even offering their services.

6 Ways A Business Can Lead With ‘We’ Rather Than ‘Me’

Startup Professionals Musings

The recent world-wide health pandemic has highlighted again how fast things can and do change in the environment today, and it’s up to you to make sure your business can survive and thrive in this new world.

7 Keys To Sustainably Enriching Your Customers’ Lives

Startup Professionals Musings

As I talk to many of you in my role as business advisor, I still often hear the concern for maximum return to the business and stakeholders, more than a passion for sustainably enriching the lives of your customers and team.

9 Routes To A Startup Success With Minimal Invention

Startup Professionals Musings

As an advisor to startups and entrepreneurs, I often hear the myth that all new businesses must start with a great idea. I have to disagree. I believe the best entrepreneurs start by finding a large opportunity, and only then use good ideas to capitalize on that opportunity.

5 Options To Consider Before Giving Up On A Business

Startup Professionals Musings

If you are just plain tired of working so hard, or your startup is not getting the traction you expected, should you shut down cleanly, or just file for bankruptcy and walk away? For those who think that bankruptcy is the easy way out, think again.

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How To Test Your Brand Relationship To Real Customers

Startup Professionals Musings

Brands are people first. Customers are people too, so customers tend to take their relationship with a brand personally. Thus it’s not a surprise that people love their favorite smartphone brand, cringe when you mention their cable company, or even hate the mention of a particular bank.

SkySafe Gains $30M More For Drone Defense


San Diego-based SkySafe, which develops drone defense and airspace security systems, has raised $30M in a Series B funding round, according to the company. The round was led by Kingfisher Investment Advisors, and also included Gaingels, Castor Ventures, plus Andreessen Horowitz. The company says it has now raised $45M in total. The company will use the funding for hiring, R&D, and expanded production. SkySafe is led by CEO and founder Grant Jordan.

5 Keys To Making Your Online Profile A Winning Resume

Startup Professionals Musings

With the reality of LinkedIn, Facebook, and dozens of other websites profiling you, the old-fashioned written resume is an artifact of a hiring practice that is now superfluous.