February, 2012

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10 Startup Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Superheroes


Jason’s inspiration for this 6 ½ minute talk was a blog entry he wrote in 2008, which went viral within the startup community. Superheroes Help Others.

How This Entrepreneur Raised $28,000 Using Airbnb to Fund Her Startup

Both Sides of the Table

Tracy DiNunzio isn’t your typical Silicon Valley startup founder. She’s a painter and a self-proclaimed Bohemian. More on that later.

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The Complete Guide To Southern California Accelerators and Incubators, Part I


However, with the proliferation of incubators, the difficulty in figuring out. Part I: The Accelerator Programs. What is an accelerator program?

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Stephan Paternot shares open letter to Facebook’s Zuckerberg

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” Who is Stephan Paternot, and why is his advice so relevant? Just ask anyone who rose and fell with the Internet bubble. Is Paternot jaded?

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Is it the jockey or the horse?


Early stage investors have been arguing over this for years. Do they bet on the entrepreneur (jockey) or the business idea and plan (the horse)? This is serious stuff. Other times, the entrepreneur went on to assemble a great team and execute the plan as it inevitably changed again and again. Email readers, continue here.]

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Interview with Steve Jillings, TeleSign


Few people have heard of TeleSign, but odds are you have used some of the services the company provides in the last week--or even this morning.

Amplify’s Guide to Crafting a Pitch Deck | Entrepreneur Resources

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As that idea grows into a business there may come a time where the need for outside funding in necessary to further grow and scale.

Learn the science – practice the art of negotiation.


From the time we learn to manipulate our parents from the crib to the present day, we learn to negotiate to obtain our wants and needs.

UCI Entrepreneurship: Sydney Edwards, Allergan

SoCal Tech Calendar

Tuesday, March 6, 2012 -- Sydney Edwards, Ph.D., Senior Director, Portfolio Management and Strategic Planning, Allergan. Entrepreneurship Course, 2012 Guest Speaker Lectures, Henry Samueli School of Engineering, UC Irvine. Free and open to the public.

Five Startup Tips From Bill Gates


Note: This is an installment in the Iconic Advice series. For more than 30-years, Bill Gates has been at the pinnacle of the software industry.

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Everybody Wants Their Pound of Flesh (Negotiating with Buyers)

Both Sides of the Table

I recently wrote a post about negotiating with suppliers called “ The End of the Mexican Road.” I think most of us feel this way, really.

Los Angeles Becomes YouTube's Content Hub With New Playa Vista Studio


The Los Angeles area is fast becoming the content hub for online video site YouTube , a position that takes advantage of both the LA region's long history in the entertainment business, and the rise of a slew of startups producing content specifically aimed at the YouTube audience. READ MORE>>.

Women 2.0 Conference 2012 | For The Men Who Missed It

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Just like the sky scraping investment banks of Wall Street, the technology industry tends to be a sausage party. So when I heard about Women 2.0

Consider all resources before seeking investment.


I cannot tell you how many times I have seen executive summaries of business plans in which the entrepreneur seeks $5,000,000 to build the business. First, few startups can use that much money today with all of the virtual services available and increasingly inexpensive methods of development, prototyping and marketing. Email readers, continue here.]

Should you sell or is that a ??Sell Out???

SoCal Tech Calendar

Tuesday, March 6, 2012 -- Should you sell or is that a Sell Out? Acquisition lessons from both sides of the deal. Dealmaker LA. Last year companies like Google, Twitter, Facebook and Salesforce gobbled up a multitude of startups to strengthen their talent and technology strategies. Will the acquisition frenzy continue in 2012? See [link] (more

StartEngine Creating Value for PROnoise.com

Steve Reich

In a conversation yesterday, Chase Smiegiel, noted that he’s getting great mentoring from two seasoned entrepreneurs. Photo credit: [link].

Find Egg-breakers: People With Influence & Authority and Are Unafraid to Use Them

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These are the permanent members of a VC. This lesson on NINAs applies to VC pitches as well as any sale. Some people have authority (A). I disagree.

Wittlebee Launches, Headed by Sean Pervical, Backed by Science


Sean Percival, best known for founding Los Angeles tech blog lalawag, in addition to his work as an executive at MySpace, has booted up a new effort--Santa Monica-based Wittlebee , a new, online subscription service for baby supplies. The new effort emerged this week, revealing that it is backed by Science, Inc. , a month. READ MORE>>.

TechZulu LIVE from SXSWi | Join Us In Alcatel-Lucent’s Trend Lounge

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It’s often referred to as Spring Break for Geeks, and for good reason. This year, we invite you to join TechZulu LIVE from SXSW. Want to Sponsor?

Be approximately right rather than exactly wrong.


I love this statement from John Tukey, coiner of the word ‘bit’ to describe a single switch of digital micro-data. Tukey was a statistician, one you would expect to describe events in terms reeking with precision. Instead, Tukey implored us to think in terms of relevancy, cause and comparisons to known events. Finding your ideal niche Growth!

A Gasoline Guy Comes Clean

SoCal Tech Calendar

Tuesday, March 6, 2012 -- A Gasoline Guy Comes Clean. Clean Technology Council. Mark Kanitra, President of Kanitra Marketing, will discuss Big Oils business agenda and share his industry insights and experiences developing America's largest gasoline market. Learn why he moved to the world of clean technology. See [link] (more

Incubators, Accelerators, and New Choices for Entrepreneurs

Steve Reich

Wild times in Southern California—VC firms contracting and incubators/accelerators exploding! But no one is talking about the tradeoffs (yet).

New Concept? Ask These 3 Questions First

Frank Addante

Before you waste your time with a business case, sales pitch, or SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats), put yourself in your customers’ shoes. Then, answer these three simple questions: Why do I need a product or service like this? Why do I need yours? Why do I need it now? Seems simple? Try it. Not so easy, right?

Silicon Beach Heads To SXSW


READ MORE>>. tech startup angeles monica santa technology music conference sxsw beach silicon

American Immigration: The Invisible Wall to Innovation

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Even investors and experienced founders are caught in the same net as recently educated graduates looking to build companies. Take the U.S. entities.

CitySourced Heads To Hawaii


The app runs on iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile. Financial details of the win were not disclosed. READ MORE>>.

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Cool Planet BioFuels Claims Breakthrough


Camarillo-based Cool Planet BioFuels , the developer of technology to convert biomass to gasoline, is claiming a "major breakthrough" in its technology. Cool Planet Biofuels said it used the high yield plant giant miscanthus, developed at the University of Mississippi, in the pilot effort. READ MORE>>.

Interview with Kevin Hell, EvoNexus


A couple of weeks ago, twelve companies moved into the new downtown San Diego, EvoNexus incubator--which is run by CommNexus. Thanks, and good luck!

Punchcard Raises $1M


Pasadena-based Punchcard , the newly launched startup developing mobile, loyalty programs for retailers, said this morning that it has raised $1M from Idealab. Punchcard, which is headed by Andy Steuer, offers up iPhone and Android apps which reward users for visiting local businesses. READ MORE>>.

Nirvanix: Use Our Storage, Avoid Disk Drive Shortage


Nirvanix contends that users are saving up to 70 percent on storage by shifting it to the cloud, instead of buying expensive disk drives. READ MORE>>.

Startups Move Into New EvoNexus San Diego Incubator


EvoNexus provides furnished office space, broadband Internet and utilities, among other services, free of charge. READ MORE>>.

New Incubator/Coworking Space Emerges In Glendale


A new startup incubator and coworking space in the Los Angeles area-- Voivoda Labs --said this week that it is looking to looking to vet new startups in the area to join its newly built incubator in Glendale. Voivoda says that Babajov has ties to the Band of Angels, Tech Coast Angels, Pasadena Angels, Keiretsu Forum Angel networks. READ MORE>>.

Blizzard Entertainment Chops 600


The firm said approximately 90 percent of the cuts would come from departments not related to game development. Blizzard is a unit of Activision.

Chill Becoming Pinterest For Videos?


Chill is venture backed by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Redpoint Ventures, Atlas Venture, Paul Kedrosky, and CrunchFund. READ MORE>>.