January, 2021

How I Gamified My Own Brain to Lose Weight & Improve Fitness

Both Sides of the Table

Socially distant hiking in Sedona (we drove there) I recently wrote about my weight-loss journey over the past 18 months where I lost 65 pounds without a fad diet and returned to my college weight. If you want to get in better shape and haven’t read that you might start there.

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USC, Amazon Plan Center for Machine Learning Research

L.A. Business Journal

USC is partnering with Amazon.com Inc. to create a research center focused on privacy and security issues related to machine learning and artificial intelligence

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Have you heard the rule of the thirds?


It starts with sharing the opportunity and upside. Think of startups and early stage businesses whose entrepreneurs you know.

Don’t Allow These Debunked Myths To Kill Your Dream

Startup Professionals Musings

Starting an entrepreneurial business, or maintaining the competitiveness of a mature business, requires innovation. Yet everyone I know seems to have a different perspective on what constitutes real innovation, and why is seems to happen so rarely.

Can You Ask for Office Rent Relief? How to Manage Your Lease During COVID-19

Office leases are one of companies’ largest expenses, and if your whole team is working from home with no clear end in sight, you may be wondering what to do about your lease.

Interview with Jamey Edwards, Cloudbreak Health


Our interview today is with Jamey Edwards, the CEO of Cloudbreak Health, a Los Angeles-based telemedicine company, which provides telehealth services, including interpretation and access to specialists, within healthcare facilities. We caught up with Jamey to learn more about the company, and also its recent move to merge with another company, Uphealth, via a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC). What is Cloudbreak Health?

Healthvana’s digital COVID-19 vaccination records are about communication, not passports for the immune


As the vaccination campaign to counter COVID-19 gets underway (albeit with a rocky start), a number of companies are attempting to support its rollout in a variety of ways.

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StartEngine Brings Crowdfunding to Startups

L.A. Business Journal

After selling his company, Acclaim Games, in 2010, video game industry veteran and former Activision Studios Chairman Howard Marks set his sights on a new goal

Don’t get hung up on early stage valuation.


Here’s the “what.”. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked away from deals where the entrepreneur insists on a start-up pre-money valuation that is so high, no angel could expect to make a return upon the investment, even with a reasonable sales price for the company down the road.

7 Keys To Making A Business Out Of Your Great Product

Startup Professionals Musings

Most technical entrepreneurs focus hard on building an innovative product, but forget that an elegant solution doesn’t automatically translate into a successful business.

Silvus Gets $1M DARPA Award For RF Spectrum Scanning


Los angeles-based Silvus Technologies, a startup developing radio frequency (RF) spectrum scanning technology, has scored $1M from a Phase Three DARPA contract, the company said today. The company said it received the funding from the DARPA Scalable Wideband Autonomous RF Mapping MANET (SWARMM), which is aimed at intercepting arbitrary RF activity. Silvus said its technology provides "extremely fast" spectrum scanning in a form factor the size of an iPhone.

Top Advantages of Optical Wavelength Services

Southern California Edison Blog

Optical wavelength networks provide organizations with several capabilities that enable them to promote workplace productivity and stay competitive.

How I Moved from Counting Calories to Supercharging My Workouts and Massively Improve My Fitness…

Both Sides of the Table

How I Shifted from Just Counting Calories to Supercharging My Fitness Workouts This is part of a weight loss and fitness improvement series that I’m writing to share how I went from 222 pounds and unable to bike more than 20 minutes on a Peloton to 153 pounds and running 8–12 miles / day in just 18 months.

WeeCare Helps Home Day Care Businesses Stay Afloat

L.A. Business Journal

Three years ago, local entrepreneur and expectant mother Jessica Chang received some surprising advice

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Please don’t overestimate your audience’s knowledge


Ask the important question first. When making a presentation to a new audience, the smart thing to do, if there is an opportunity, is to ask your audience by show of hands, if they have some knowledge of your industry or space.

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7 Keys To Success In Today’s Popular Sharing Culture

Startup Professionals Musings

In the last few years I have seen a popular business model emerging which embodies a greater focus on social and environmental responsibility, and a new requirement for trust and sharing, as well as customer and community collaboration.

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GOAT Group Gets Strategic Investment


Los Angeles-based GOAT, best known for its online marketplace for sneakers, but which now also has expanded into apparel and accessories, has received a strategic investment from Groupe Artemis. Groupe Artemis is owner of the Kering luxury fashion brand. Size of the investment was not announced. GOAT said the strategic investment follows its Series E funding announcned in September of 2020, which was worth $100M, valuing GOAT at $1.75 billion.

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How to Overcome Crisis in Real Estate Market – Learning From Industry Professional Paul Daneshrad


Have you heard the old adage about the two mice who fell into the jug of cream?

The Quick Email I Sent to People Who Asked For All the Details

Both Sides of the Table

I’m sorry to write so much about losing weight. I promised people I would write a few posts about this and I wanted to cover eating, mental game, measurement, what gear I’ve used, sleep, water consumption / tracking, etc.

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LA Companies Gear Up for Virtual CES

L.A. Business Journal

For the Consumer Technology Association, the show must go on. The three-day virtual version of the trade show is scheduled to run from Jan. 12 through Jan.

Raising money? Find your champion.


Increasing your chances of success.

7 Reasons Why Every Business Leader Needs A Mentor

Startup Professionals Musings

After working many years in business, both in large companies as well as startups, I’ve realized that you can learn more from peers and mentors than from any formal education program. Of course, nothing beats learning from your mistakes , but that’s a painful and very time-consuming journey.

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Mictic Sets Up Shop In LA


Zurich-based Mictic, a Zurich, Switzerland-based startup which is providing wearable, musical wristbands for the "XR" market, says it has opened up a new office in Southern California. According to the company, the startup is opening up a Los Angeles office in order to maximize its relations with the entertainment and tech industry.

Top Advantages of Optical Wavelength Services

Southern California Edison Blog

Optical wavelength networks provide organizations with several capabilities that enable them to promote workplace productivity and stay competitive.

Hello Genius App Courts Parents and Kids

L.A. Business Journal

At a time when both parents and children are spending more time using mobile devices, Malibu-based startup G3NIU7 Inc. is betting its newly released app

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8 Keys To A Major Source Of Funding For New Ventures

Startup Professionals Musings

Many first-time entrepreneurs find themselves unable to bootstrap their startups, and also unable to find early funding at the venture capital level or even with angel investors. Their only recourse is that first tier of investors, fondly called Friends, Family and Fools.

10 Keys To Building Unstoppable Startup Partnerships

Startup Professionals Musings

A common challenge faced by every entrepreneur is that they don’t have the bandwidth, interest or skills to do everything that is required to build their startup.

6 Ways To Calibrate Your Fit To The Right New Venture

Startup Professionals Musings

Being an entrepreneur seems to be one of the most popular lifestyle aspirations these days.

Here Is When Your New Business Needs A Written Plan

Startup Professionals Musings

If you sold your last startup for $800 million, you probably already know how to build a business, and even conservative investors won’t worry about the quality of your next business plan.

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SpaceX Sets Record With Latest Launch

L.A. Business Journal

SpaceX set a record on Jan. 24, carrying 143 small satellites into space — the most ever deployed in a single launch

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10 Tips For Managing Work Expectations On Your Time

Startup Professionals Musings

Every entrepreneur I know can’t find enough hours in a day to do the good things they want, and yet they often find themselves saying yes to new requests.

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8 Strategies For Sustaining Momentum In Your Startup

Startup Professionals Musings

Every new business I know dreams of building momentum in their business, where growth continues to increase, customers become your best advocates, and employee motivation is high. The most common approach I see to achieving this is to do more of everything for everyone.

8 Keys To Preparing Early For Your Next New Venture

Startup Professionals Musings

Once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur. Although many won’t admit it, true entrepreneurs can’t wait to exit their current startup, and build a new and better one with their next great idea.

8 Initiatives To Heighten Your Customer’s Experience

Startup Professionals Musings

Most leaders agree that poor customer service is a business killer today, in terms of lost customers, reduced profits, and low morale. Yet the average perception of customer experience has not improved.

6 Ways To Transform Startup Constraints Into Benefits

Startup Professionals Musings

Most entrepreneur that fail are quick to offer a litany of constraints that caused their demise – not enough money, time, customers, or support from the right players.

6 Ways Chutzpah And Confidence Can Make Your Startup

Startup Professionals Musings

Based on my experience as a business advisor, I’m convinced that most startup investors invest in the entrepreneur, as much as a solution or product. In that context, I’ve long realized that some players seem to command real attention, even if their proposal sounds far-fetched or very risky.

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Local EV Companies Expect Jumpstart From Biden Administration

L.A. Business Journal

With the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden days away, local companies are preparing for an array of proposed policy changes