November, 2016

Framework Benchmarks Round 13


Round 13 of the ongoing Web Framework Benchmarks project is here! The project now features 230 framework implementations (of our JSON serialization test) and includes new entrants on platforms as diverse as Kotlin and Qt. Yes, that Qt.

And Then They Came for Me …

Both Sides of the Table

Yesterday was Halloween in the United States where children dress up and try to scare people as they “trick-or-treat” for candy. Yet the only horror I experienced was watching Peter Thiel stand in front of a national media audience and re-endorse Donald Trump for President.

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This Startup Airline Lets You Fly Everyday / Any Day – For A Flat Fee


Jeff Potter, CEO Surfair. As noted in Success, Santa Barbara Style , my definition of success includes living where you want to live and making money doing what you love. For many entrepreneurs in Santa Barbara, achieving such success would be much more difficult if it weren’t for the emergence of an innovative airline – Surf Air. Surf Air flies to 12 locations within California and members can fly as often as they like, paying a flat membership fee.

How Deepak Chopra Is Using Virtual Reality To Improve Your Health


In addition to being a tool for burgeoning startups and lucrative companies, virtual reality is also a great way to escape the stress of everyday life. Whether you’re whisking away to another planet or sitting by the beach, a little virtual relaxing can do the body good.

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Why You Can’t Search for a Job From a Remote Location

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I’ve had this conversation many times. A friend calls me up from: Boston, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, wherever and says, “I’m thinking about moving to Los Angeles (or SF, NY, etc) and I’d love to start interviewing. Let me know if you hear of anything interesting.”

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After 20 years: Updating the Berkus Method of valuation


Well, it had to happen.

Floravere Delivers Luxury Wedding Gowns to Your Doorstep


Between late appointments, pushy sales people and sticker shock, finding the perfect wedding dress can quickly turn into a frustrating nightmare for any blushing bride.

The Tough Questions You Must Discuss Before You Take the Money


If all goes well, the day will come when just one small thing will stand between you and funding for your startup: your signature on a term sheet. Most founders quickly sign on the line and get back to the business of growing their business.

California Lutheran University Names Executive- and Entrepreneur-In-Residence


Thousand Oaks-based California Lutheran University and its School of Management said on Monday that it has named both an Executive-In-Residence and Entrepreneur-In-Residence to the school. The school said Primo Custodio, most recently VP for Human Resources at NBC Universal, will become Executive-in-Residence for the business school, and Jim Cathcart, a motivational speaker and author, becomes Entrepreneur-in-Residence.

Pritzker Group Increases Staff in Los Angeles to Hunt Early Stage Deals

L.A. Business Journal

Pritzker Group Venture Capital has expanded the number of personnel in its L.A. office in order to purse more early-stage investments in local tech companies. Partner Gabe Greenbaum and Vice President Peter Liu have relocated from the firm’s Chicago office to Los Angeles. The company also recently hired Nico Gimenez, who joined as an associate.

Here are The Missing Positives of This Election

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It’s hard to feel any positives these days: We’re in the eye of the storm. We’re at peak anxiety. Maximum rancor. We’ve already blocked family members on Facebook or unfollowed obnoxious people on Twitter.

How do you focus your team for action?


How do you get your team to focus and move forward effectively? A fellow CEO recently told me of her method of assuring positive movement within her team.

Chuz Is the Recommendation App Millennials Deserve


Millennials are all about convenience. Fortunately, Chuz is on a mission to give them an easy, one-stop shop to find new places to eat, drink and play. Live in Los Angeles and New York City, and available on iOS , Chuz is a smart companion with a curated list of go to spots. It learns your preferences and provides tailored recommendations by time and location. Businesses will be able to connect with consumers in real-time, sending them offers and special deals.

Xconomy Special Report: 12 San Diego Tech Startup to Watch in 2017


View the Slideshow A little more than a year ago, amid a resurgence in San Diego’s software sector, Xconomy identified a baker’s dozen of local tech companies to watch in 2016. The results were so encouraging, we’re doing it again. The idea was to feature early stage companies in the region that have not attracted much attention or raised a substantial amount of startup capital. Such lists can be entirely relative, but I sought to adjust for the capricious effects of subjectivity.

Interview with Gabe Gottlieb, Pathmatics


Our interview today is with Gabe Gottlieb , Co-founder and CEO at Santa Monica-based advertising analytics firm Pathmatics ( We spoke with Gabe to learn more about his company�which is backed by Bertelsmann and Upfront Ventures--and what it is working on. Tell us about your company? Gabe Gottlieb: We provide competitive and market intelligence for online advertising.

Content Firm Draws Suitors

L.A. Business Journal

Zealot Networks, co-founded by Danny Zappin, former chief of Maker Studios, may be acquisition target

Why I’m Turning Over a New Leaf & Refocusing My Energy

Both Sides of the Table

This election has been hard on our country. I have had numerous conversations with people who struggle to call home and speak with family or friends because the divisions are too raw.

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Who cares about customer loyalty?


Repeat customers, raving fans, angry backlashers, commodity shoppers. Oh boy, what a range of loyalty these represent. And in your years, you may have experienced all of these. Here’s another way to look at the ladder to an ideal customer loyalty relationship.

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The Convergence of Information Technology and the Life Sciences


We are at an incredible inflection point in the traditionally distinct fields of information technology and the life sciences.

TubeMogul Acquired By Adobe For $540M


TubeMogul , a video advertising company which has offices in Los Angeles, has been acquired by Adobe in a deal worth $540M net of debt and cash. According to Adobe, it will pay $14.00 per share for TubeMogul. TubeMogul is a provider of a video advertising platform, which lets users buy video ads on desktop, mobile, streaming devices, and TVs. TubeMogul's CEO is Brett Wilson, who will continue to lead TubeMogul's team. Adobe said that TubeMogul becomes part of its Digital Marketing business.

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Snap Inc. Files for IPO

L.A. Business Journal

Snap Inc., parent company and developer of messaging app Snapchat, has confidentially filed for an initial public offering of its stock with the Securities and Exchange Commission, according to multiple press reports. The Venice-based company would likely initiate its IPO in March, an offering which would value the company between $20 billion and $25 billion, according to sources cited by Reuters and The Wall Street Journal.

The Morning After. What Have We Done?

Both Sides of the Table

The morning after. I Tweeted vociferously last night in my stupor and despair. Most of my tribe emoted publicly, too, any many more countless others texted me constantly in disbelief. I haven’t felt this way since 9/11. No — I’m not equating the two actions.

How to be a dictator enforcing sales offer deadlines


Everyone who manages a company or its sales force wants to write as many new deals as possible, and is usually warry about doing anything that might threaten the positive outcome of a pending sale. So, it is common practice to leave an offer containing a discount open, following up.

Reinventing the Supermarket Shopping Experience

SoCal Tech Calendar

Monday, December 5, 2016 -- Reinventing the Supermarket Shopping Experience. Softec/Santa Maria Tech Brew. Bob and Marvin will update us on their journey to reinvent the supermarket shopping cart experience. Their innovative cart attached device provides meal ideas for the consumer, point of sale advertising for Food Manufacturers and Vendors, and improved customer service for the store.

Sluggish Year for IPOs, But Signs Abound of Post-Election Surge


Uncertainty surrounding this year’s presidential election has kept U.S. IPO activity at a sluggish pace—so sluggish, in fact, that this year could end with the fewest IPOs and the lowest level of capital raised since 2009, according to PitchBook data for the first nine months of 2016.

Mavenlink Raises $39M From Goldman Sachs


Irvine-based software developer Mavenlink announced this morning that it has raised $39M in a funding round from Goldman Sachs, as part of a Series D funding round. Mavenlink develops software used for work planning, managing projects, and financials, and working with and managing teams. The company, led by CEO Ray Grainger, says it has now raised a total of $84M in funding. The company was advised by Pacific Crest Securities in the deal. READ MORE>>.

Silicon Beach Report Nov. 22: Hyperloop One Planning Self-Driving Vehicles

L.A. Business Journal

Hyperloop One planning self-driving vehicles, SpaceX selected for NASA’s earth survey mission, and Riot negotiating $90M deal to stream League of Legends