March, 2022

Go ahead. Revert to “old school” marketing. If you dare…


“Broadcast the message and they will come!” “Segment my broadcast and I will have better response.” Both of these time–honored methods of reaching our customers have worked for as long as there was print and radio–TV to get the message out. The obsolete marketing message.

6 Qualities Of The Best People To Nurture Innovation

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Entrepreneurs are usually highly creative and innovative, but many innovative people are not entrepreneurs. Since it takes a team of people to build a great company, the challenge is to find that small percentage of innovative people, and then nurture the tendency, rather than stifle it.

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Fair Sells Assets To Shift


Los Angeles-based online used car market operator Fair sold a number of its assets, including its dealer listing marketplace to San Francisco-based auto e-commerce platorm operator Shift, in a deal worth approximately $15M. According to Shift, it paid both cash and shares of its Class A common stock to acquire certain assets of Fair Technologies, which also includes its employees. Shift says it is using funding from SoftBank Group for the deal.

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Amazon Has Acquired Ecommerce Startup Veeqo


Amazon could substantially expand their dominance over the ecommerce market, as the Seattle-based tech giant has announced the acquisition of Veeqo, a UK-based ecommerce startup. Everyone knows that Amazon has been pretty acquisition happy over the last few years.

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Can You Ask for Office Rent Relief? How to Manage Your Lease During COVID-19

Office leases are one of companies’ largest expenses, and if your whole team is working from home with no clear end in sight, you may be wondering what to do about your lease.

Steve Jobs’ “aha moment!”


There is a process to innovation that can be summed up with four words: “Whoa. Credit Dr. Mark Goulston with this. He states, that’s exactly how Steve Jobs described his “aha moment.” So, let’s paraphrase the late Mr. Jobs as we describe this process. A bit of history that “made” Apple rich.

Branding yourself: A critical decision


We’re talking about brand strategy here. Not advertising, and certainly not an easy grasp for amateur marketers. So how developed is your company’s brand? Is your message clear, concise, and consistent?

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Good, cheap, fast. Pick any two.


This one is attributed to Rod Adair, the famous oil and gas fire suppressing expert. And boy, does it apply to most of us and our offerings. Quality” products and services….

7 Ways To Keep Your Business Working Like A Startup

Startup Professionals Musings

For all of you whose business has survived for a few years, have you noticed how your thinking has changed ? Instead of sizing up new opportunities and actively courting every new customer, you start worrying about cutting costs, repeatable processes , and overtaking known competitors.

4 Key Traits Of Radical And Profound Business Leaders

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By definition, most entrepreneurs are thought leaders. They have the ability to recognize a market need, the skills to design and implement a solution, and the drive to start a business from that solution. It all comes from within themselves.

7 Goodwill Factors Will Raise Your Business Valuation

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When it’s time to sell your company, or get new investors, valuation is the key parameter to success or disappointment.

7 Keys To Keeping Your Business Agile And Competitive

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With the current pandemic appearing to scale down, many of you running businesses are looking forward to things getting back to the way they used to be.

10 Strategies For Staying Cool Under Pressure At Work

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Every business professional needs to stay cool under pressure, to be a top performer, and for the sake of their own health. Yet everyone has a melting point – a critical threshold where pressure causes them to respond irrationally.

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7 Insights From Founders Who Have Been There Before

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When you have been on the startup firing line, you quickly learn that any insight from experts and entrepreneurs who have been there before you can make the difference between failure and success. Yet, many new entrepreneurs brazenly assume they are bulletproof, and march blindly into the fray.

5 Characteristics of A Startup Destined For Success

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Every startup wants to be a predictable success, yet so few ever achieve this enviable position. In reality, getting there is not a random walk, and requires an understanding of the stages that every business must navigate and the organizational characteristics necessary at each stage.

8 Values-Based Initiatives Lead To Business Success

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True business success and leadership starts with real personal values, extends to building a team, and finally to inspiring customers and your community. That’s a huge leap from an entrepreneurial idea, to a product, to making money. Is it any wonder that the majority of startups fail?

Customer Trust Is An Opportunity With A Huge Payback

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With the ITRC 2021 End-of-Year Data Breach Report revealing a 68 percent increase in stolen sensitive personal information, there is a growing population out there worried about all the people intent on hurting them.

10 Business Practices Owners Often Learn The Hard Way

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I agree with those of you who tell me that you learn the most from your own mistakes, but that shouldn’t keep you from starting with some best practices , and the feedback from others who have been there and done that.

5 Flocks Of Investors Looking For An Enticing Startup

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If your startup is looking for an angel investor, it makes sense to present your plan to flocks of angels, and assume that at least one will swoop down and scoop you up. Or does it? Actually numbers and locations are just the beginning.

Cosmic Wire Acquires ArtsGalore For $31.5M


Los Angeles-based Cosmic Wire, a company that offers up a way for brands, celebrities, artists, and others to promote, license, and sell their work using blockchain and NFTs, says it has acquired ArtsGalore in a deal worth $31.5M. ArtsGalore is based in Dubai. According to the company, ArtsGalore is a provider of fine art and "one-of-a-kind custom automotives" as well as NFTs.

6 Keys To Thriving In This New Era Of Remote Services

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With the power of the Internet, and the impact of the recent pandemic , the world of business services, such as accounting and marketing, have gone more and more remote. Yet the value of real relationships, as with consumer customers, has become critical to your business services growth and success.

5 Startup Barriers To Progress Only You Can Overcome

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Managing and motivating a team in a startup is more than just using the right interpersonal skills. It’s more than providing recognition, tangible incentives, and clear work goals.

10 Rules To Bridge The Gap In Business Communications

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In growing your business, how you communicate under pressure can make or break your progress, as well as your relationship with the team and outside constituents.

4 Major Influences Set Your Startup Work Environment

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Startup work environments are always chaos, but they can still be great environments to work in, or they can be terrible. Whether yours is terrible or great, that same tone flows out to your customers, and regulates your productivity inside.

6 Mindsets That Separate the Most Effective Leaders

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I’m sure you will agree that not all business leaders are created equal, starting from the CEO on down. But I have found the more challenging question to be what distinguishes the best leaders from all the rest, especially before they have been selected and tested in a new role.

7 Keys To Creating A Connected Team For Your Business

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Many of you business leaders I work with, and entrepreneurs I mentor, have a great strategy and an innovative solution , but struggle with building and motivating the team necessary to run your business. You assume everyone has your passion, and simply needs your command and control to make it work.

7 New Opportunities Based On Trends And Demographics

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If every entrepreneur could predict the future, starting the right new business would be easy. Since my experience and interests have been primarily with technology, I’ve been watching those trends for a long time, and I see rapid change, but predicting impact is a challenge.

Infinite Reality In Merger, Investment Deal


Los Angeles-based Infinite Reality, a new "Metaverse" entertainment company, says it has reached a deal with private equity investor Yorkville GLobal Advisors, for up to $200M in equity financing. The company said the funding is contingent upon a previously announced merger with Universal Security Intruments, which is listed on the NYSE.

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5 New Rules For Getting Customers To Advocate For You

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Have you noticed that more companies beg you to participate in their business today? It started with an email survey on your last stay at their hotel, but now includes requests for online product reviews, to social media input on the design of future products.

5 Reasons That Successful Non-Profits Are A Challenge

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A common misconception I often hear in the startup world is that non-profits are easy and safe, since they don’t have to pay taxes, and they don’t have to make a profit for their shareholders. In reality, from the feedback I get from non-profit executives, exactly the opposite is true.

VivoSense Gets $25M For Wearables


Newport Beach-based VivoSense, a company using wearable sensors for the clinical trials market, says it has raised $25M in a Series A funding round. The roudn came from Debiopharm and the Perceptive Xontogeny Venture (PXV) Fund. The company said it is developing an informatics platform for data analysis from wearable and connected technologies. The company is led by CEO Dudley Tabakin. The company said it will use the funding to expand and refine its platform.

Immortals, Toyota Renew Partnership


Los Angeles-based esports organization Immortals and Toyota, via the San Diego Toyota Dealers Associations, have renewed a partnership, where Toyota will receive logo placement on the Immortals' League of Legends player jerseys. Financial details of the sponsorship deal were not announced.

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Subject Scores $29.4M For Digital Learning


Los Angeles-based Subject, which operates an online learning platform for high school students, has raised $29.4M in a Series A funding round. The funding was led by Owl Ventures, and also included Kleiner Perkins, SoftBank Group, Hispanic Scholarship Fund and Moving Capital.

C2X Scores $25M For Blockchain Gaming


Los Angeles-based C2X, an open blockchain gaming platform run by MetaMagnet Ltd., says it has raised $25M in a funding round. The funding was led by FTX Ventures, Jump Crypto, and Animoca Brands, and also included Hashed, Terra, Transcend Fund, Galaxy Interactive, Skybound, Blockchain Coinvestors, DeFiance Capital, Play Ventures,, Infinity Ventures Crypto, Unanimous Capital, Bowei, Xsolla, Huobi Ventures, Goal Ventures, Concept Art House, Agnitio Capital and Formless Capital.

Gumball Gets $10M For Podcasting Advertising


Los Angeles-based Gumball, a startup which lets advertisers place ads on podcasts, has raised $10M in a Series A funding. The funding came from Union Square Ventures and Good Friends, as well as Craft Ventures, Vertical Venture Partners, Animal Capital, Calm Ventures, Gaingels, and Riverside Ventures. The startup says it is offering up a way for advertisers to buy "host-read" ads in podcasts, which is similar to how advertising often works on conventional radio.

Viasat Backs Gender Equity Efforts


Carlsbad-based satellite communications provider Viasat says it is backing gender equity efforts through a partnership with five of its airline customers, Aeromexico, Azul, Delta Air Lines, Icelandair and Neos.

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Yardi Wins Restaurant Operator


Santa Barbara-based property management software developer Yardi announced today that it has scored a win with a restaurant operator in Sonoma, California. According to Yardi, Diversified Restaurant Group (DRG), which runs hundreds of restaurants locations under the Taco Bell and Arby's brand, has adopted its software for lease oversight. Financial details of the win were not annoucned. Diversified has more than 322 locations. yardi restaurant management software sonoma taco bell arbys