March, 2012

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Never Negotiate Piecemeal. Here’s Why

Both Sides of the Table

Like most first-timers, I learned the hard way. Negotiating was a subset of every activity in a startup – it really was a way of life. And smart.

TechStar Co-Founder @BFeld: Are We Experiencing A Startup Accelerator Bubble?


In 1961, after 70-years, professional baseball created its first expansion teams – the Angels and Twins. free weekly Infochachkie articles!

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Interview with Matt and Amanda MacNaughton, PromoJam


What's the best way to get the word out about your brand on social media? What is PromoJam? How did you two start the company? Amanda MacNaughton: No.

Jumping into the App Game | Making Apps The Market Wants!

Tech Zulu Event

Apps are quickly becoming a ubiquitous part of life. Smart technology doesn’t work without clever software to make it useful. But where do you start?

Microsoft Windows 8. Is it Game Changer?

Alon Schwartz

Like all of us, I’ve been using Microsoft Windows forever, thank to Bill Gates, Windows became a fact of life. Now, that is a nice market to have.

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Interview with Andy Steuer, Punchcard


Last week, Pasadena-based Punchcard ( launched its mobile apps, which help local retailers provide rewards to loyal customers.

Next Generation Hardware | Miselu Presents Musical Democracy at SXSW

Tech Zulu Event

Press, Pause, Play ‘s message of mediocrity is one that musical hardware device maker of this year’s SXSW, Miselu , plans to overcome.

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Finding a Technical Cofounder for Your Startup


I've recently received several emails from people looking for a technical cofounder for their startup. Here's an example of that kind of email.

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Do’s and Don’ts of a Job Interview

Alon Schwartz

Credit: Fotolia. Like most people who have lead teams and companies for many years, I have interviewed hundreds of people. Prepare. So, what do you do?

Why You Should Think Twice Before You Send That Intro Email

Both Sides of the Table

Intros.They’re the lifeblood of networking – the currency of mavens. They are your route to angel money. Your entrée to sales meetings.

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More Startup Tips From The Beatles


This part two of a series; you can access part one HERE. Note: This is an installment in the Iconic Advice series. free weekly Infochachkie articles!

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Mogreet Ramps Sales, Marketing Team


Los Angeles-based Mogreet , the provider of video-based, mobile marketing services, is in the midst of and expansion, including the hiring of two executives to its sales and marketing team. Ward joins from Hipcricket, where he managed client relatoins and sold mobile marketing programs to consumer brands. READ MORE>>.

Gig City Chattanooga, Tennessee | Infographic

Tech Zulu Event

This week during SXSW we learned of all sorts of the new startup scenes around the country, even the world.

Deep analytics become more relevant in daily life

Technology Council

By Greg Sikes If you have watched TV in the last two years, or walked through an airport, you have likely seen an IBM Smarter Planet advertisement. At the core of this message is the idea that the world is becoming more Instrumented, Interconnected, and Intelligent. Just take a look around your house, or at [.].

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Think Outside The States

SoCal Tech Calendar

Friday, April 6, 2012 -- Global LAVA. Think Outside The States. Did you know that nearly 96 percent of consumers and over two-thirds of the worlds purchasing power reside outside the U.S.? Still, there are less than 2 percent of American small businesses that are presently involved in international trade. See [link] (more


A Quick Hack for Speeding up Term Sheet and other Negotiations

Both Sides of the Table

I’ve started a series on negotiations in startups. In it I list some books and also link to some of my previous posts. Nor did their lawyer.

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Five Startup Tips From The Beatles


Article first published as Five Business Tips From The Beatles on Technorati. This part one of a two part series; you can access part two HERE.

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Report: UCLA Among Top Schools For Googlers


That giant sucking sound you hear? READ MORE>>. student education students hiring employee angeles jobs employment ucla google


Q Manning of Rocksauce Studios | Founder Interview

Tech Zulu Event

As we know the mobile industry is accelorating at high speeds with no chances of slowing down anytime soon. In your opinion, why does mobile matter?

Uh Oh: The personal information in our database has been breached

Technology Council

By Richard E. Neff There is so much in the news about cyber-security. Much of the focus is on cyber war as a new and inevitable weapon, Stuxnet and the vulnerability of our national infrastructure. Some of the news is about use of computers to steal US technology and trade secrets, with culprits—if traceable—often located in China or [.].

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OCTANe Firsty

SoCal Tech Calendar

Thursday, April 5, 2012 -- OCTANe Firsty. Firsty is heading towards the South Pacific.South Orange County/Pacific Ocean that is! Join OCTANe, CHI, OCRA on April 5th for a night of dynamic networking in the Dana Point Harbor at the Wind and Sea. Although this Firsty will be biomedical-industry focused, all industries are welcome. See [link] (more

Some Thoughts about Selling at Startups

Both Sides of the Table

If you haven’t read Adam Lashinsky’s awesome new book about Apple , you should. And that leads me to today’s post. Specifically, 1.

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At NeXT, Steve Jobs Balanced Reality Distortion With Startup Realities


While working, I often listen to YouTube videos in the background, much like a podcast. If you haven't already subscribed yet, subscribe now for.

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Fandango Breaks Record With The Hunger Games Ticket Sales


The company said that the sales represent the largest share of sales for any movie in its 12-year history. READ MORE>>.

Grocery Coupon Network’s CMO Jeffrey Hudson | Interview

Tech Zulu Event

Recently we talked with Grocery Coupon Network about the future of couponing and the push towards mobile solutions. Now we bring in the Chief Marketing Officer, Jeffrey Hudson to talk about the new application Grocery Coupon Network engineered to allow the entire coupon printing process to happen from inside Facebook. Social integration?

Address the five risks to increase your valuation.


In the creation of a new enterprise, there are five principal risks to be addressed by the entrepreneur. Professional investors will probe these five risk areas and make the decision to invest based upon comfort with each. First: Product risk. Second: Market risk. Are you ahead or behind the market with your product or service?


SoCal Tech Calendar

Thursday, April 5, 2012 -- LA CEOs, an education and support group for CEOs presents: Protecting Brand and Image: Reputational Risk Management While todays business climate presents an array of challenges for corporations, the risk of damage to the companys good name and reputation is one of the most difficult risk areas to minimize.

Guest Article: Lead Generation Easier Today or Harder?

Technology Council

By Barry Lieberman A “lead” means many things to many people. To some it’s a list of contacts based upon a specific location, industry, age group or other demographic. While to others it’s the contact that has completed an online form or responded to an advertisement. Yet to many sales people it’s a person who [.].

How to Integrate a Company You Acquire: 6 Steps

Frank Addante

Merging a business into your own is like rebuilding a plane while in flight. Here’s how to keep flying. Most people fear change. Set expectations.

Punchcard Links With Pasadena Chamber of Commerce


Pasadena-based Punchcard , the startup headed by Andy Steuer which is developing mobile applications to enable local businesses to run punchcard-based loyalty programs, said today that it has linked with the Pasadena CHamber of COmmerce to enable local Pasadena businesses to use its service. READ MORE>>.

Highlight Hunter | Taking The Work Out of Finding Video Highlights

Tech Zulu Event, 48 hours of uploads every minute and three billion views daily, according to’s official blog in May of 2011. Ride all day.

Beware the “dirty cap table.”


When you seek professional investors, whether organized angels or venture capitalists, one of the early questions you are asked is “How have you financed the business so far?” Investors love to see entrepreneurs who have used their own money to ignite their businesses. But often, entrepreneurs turn to others for initial capital. Growth!


SoCal Tech Calendar

Thursday, April 5, 2012 -- TEDxAFC will be presenting an evening simulcast of TEDxChange 2012. This is a TEDx event co-organized by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and TED. Convened by Melinda French Gates and hosted by Chris Anderson, TEDxChange will focus on issues surrounding global health and development. See [link] (more

Web 1.0 Entrepreneurs: we are roadkill unless we learn to run as fast as today’s founders.

Steve Reich

New companies are being created at stunning speed by today’s founders. If you can’t keep up, you are dead. As you may have gathered from my blog, I’ve spent the last couple of months visiting with companies and incubators. Three full time developers and no marketing spend. They are nearing 1mm registered users. For free. Again.