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What Most People Don’t Understand About How Startup Companies are Valued

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There is much discussion online and also in small, private groups, about why the price of technology companies – public and private – are falling.

The one question to stop them in the trade show aisle.


Wouldn’t it be magic if we could find one (unique to us) question to ask people passing the booth or table as they pass in the aisle of the trade show? I asked a number of exhibitors that question recently, and received some surprising responses, along with tips for “reeling them in…”. “Is

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How To Expand Your Marketplace To LA

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“The theme of LA is diversity.” ” That is what DoorDash’s Kevin Huang told me in our conversation about how expanding on-demand marketplaces into LA differs from other markets.

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Real Entrepreneurs Are Never “Stuck”


A version of this article previously appeared Forbes. Professional investors do not fund great ideas. Instead, they fund proven businesses. The reality is that most venture capitalists are not very venturesome.

The Full Dataset on What VCs are Thinking About Funding in 2016

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Every year at Upfront we try to analyze the venture markets. We try to look at the sources of capital, the valuations, exits and trends. We use this try to draw some context that informs our funding decisions. Of course we fund companies in good markets and bad.

Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center Taken Offline By Ransomware


Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center , a medical center in the Los Angeles area, has been unable to use their computers for more than a week , due to "ransomware" placed on those computers by hackers. According to reports, those hackers have demanded $3.6

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Digital Summit LA [ LOS ANGELES ]


Digital Summit Los Angeles is a premier digital strategies forum transforming the future of the digital commerce ecosystem – including Marketing, UX & Design, Search, Content, Mobile, and more. Every company with a customer base faces the same challenge – how do we keep up with our competition amidst the myriad of digital channels and peer-to-peer communication available to consumers?

So What is The Right Level of Burn Rate for a Startup These Days?

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There is much talk these days that startup valuations have decreased and may continue to do so and that the amount of time it takes to fund raise may take longer. As I have pointed out in previous posts , 91% of VCs surveyed believe prices are declining (30% believe substantially) and 77% believe that funding will take longer than it has in the past.

Hollywood Presbyterian Pays $17,000 In Bitcoin Ransom


Investors Love To Fund Solutions That Are Scalable

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Investors will tell you that they love to put money into startups that are scalable, and ready to scale. But what does that really mean? Simply stated, it means that your business has the potential to multiply revenue with minimal incremental cost.

HaLow: The New Wi-Fi Standard

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Is it time for a new router for your office, home business, or work area? A little research will turn up news of something called “HaLow” or a 900MHz standard.

Content, Commerce, and Cosmetics: A Look At IPSY's Subscription Business


Los Angeles�as the center of the entertainment industry�has begun to adopt a new role as the center of online video in recent years�and has also with the e-commerce industry and expertise here from the technology industry.

Company Launches Combo Baby Monitor, MP3 Player


Baby Stars - rock2sleep , a German company which creates lullaby-style melodies based on popular rock and pop songs, said Tuesday that it has launched an effort--based in Los Angeles--to deliver a combo baby monitor, music box, and MP3 player to the U.S. market.

10 Setup Steps To A Compelling Startup Presentation

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The average length of a funding pitch to Angel investors is ten minutes. Even if you have booked an hour with a VC, you should plan to talk only for the first fifteen minutes.

10 Ways To Use Analytics To Supercharge Your Business

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Traditional business intelligence (and data mining) software does a very good job of showing you where you’ve been. By contrast, predictive analytics uses data patterns to make forward-looking predictions that guide you to where you should go next.

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7 Keys To The Right Decision The First Time, Every Time

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Every entrepreneur has to be a decision-maker, even with information overload, emotional employees, angry customers and competitors hovering from every direction. Making a decision without thinking or over-thinking things to the point of no decision are both deadly in business.

7 Indicators Of Employee To Entrepreneur Potential

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As a mentor to aspiring entrepreneurs, and having graduated from a big company myself, I talk to many people who have spent years struggling up the corporate ladder who dream of jumping ship and becoming an entrepreneur.

OpenHouse Rolls Out Personalized Real Estate Recommendations


Santa Monica-based OpenHouse has launched a new site which helps home buyers get personalized, real estate recommendations and information on neighborhoods, the company said today. The startup, led by Mazen Fawaz, said that it uses social media and demographic data to recommend the best homes, neighborhoods, and real estate agents based on a users' needs.

Cross Campus Set To Launch In Downtown Location In April


Cross Campus , the coworking space operator which is home to many of LA's startups, told its customers today that it is planning to open up a new location in Downtown LA starting in April. The coworking operator already has locations in Old Pasadena and Santa Monica. The company expanded into Old Pasadena a year ago. Cross Campus offers up shared coworking space, dedicated desks, 2-person offices, and even dedicated 3 to 15 people offices at its locations.

Dollar Shave Club Countersues Gillette


Santa Monica-based Dollar Shave Club has filed a lawsuit against razor giant Gillette , in the U.S. District Court in Delaware, to counter an earlier lawsuit filed by Gillette against the company on December 17th. Gillette claims Dollar Shave Club has infringed on one of its patents for self cleaning razors. Dollar Shave said "we are not intimidated" by the attempt to "thwart competition with litigation."

Cylance Finds New Funding From In-Q-Tel


Irvine-based cybersecurity software developer Cylance said today that it has entered into a strategic partnership with In-Q-Tel , the investment arm of the U.S. intelligence community. Financial details of the strategic partnership were not announced. The company said the agreement will support further development of its artificial intelligence and machine learning technology.

Google Expanding To Fresh Grocery Delivery In Los Angeles


Google disclosed on Wednesday that it is expanding its Google Express service to include fresh groceries in Los Angeles and San Francisco, at least in parts of those cities, as part of an expansion of the same day delivery service. Google already offers up delivery of nonperishable goods from such local supermarkets as Whole Foods, Costco, and Smart and Final, but the new expansion also adds produce, meat, and eggs to the mix.

Chrome River Names CFO


Los Angeles-based Chrome River , the fast growing developer of expense management and invoice processing software, said Thrusday that it has named Daniel Machock as its new Chief Financial Officer. Machock was most recently CFO at Outspoken, and also has served at DexOne,,, Aleri Software, and Ernst & Young.

Lytx Acquired For $500M In Private Equity Acquisition


San Diego-based automotive telematics provider Lytx has been acquired by private equity investor GTCR , in a deal worth more than $500M in cash, the two said this morning. Lytx was founded in 1998, and offers up a video-based, driver safety and telematics system used for tracking driving fleets, encouraging safer driving, and capturing accidents and other events on cameras for fleet managers.

Hulu Acquires Vhoto


Los Angeles-based video streaming site Hulu has acquired Vhoto , a developer of computer vision and machine learning software, according to reports. Financial details of the deal were not announced. Vhoto CEO and founder Noah Heller has joined Hulu as Vice President of Audience Development, according to Heller's LinkedIn profile. The deal apparently occurred sometime in late 2015. News of the acquisition first came from GeekWire, a Seattle area news publication. READ MORE>>.

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Key Information Systems Gets HIPAA Cert


Agoura Hills-based cloud infrastructure and service provider Key Information Systems said today that it has completed an independent examination of its data center and services for HIPAA and HITECH compliance. The company said the examination was conducted by BrightLine CPAs and Associates.

OpenX Signs Intermarkets


Los Angeles-based programmatic advertising technology and marketplace operator OpenX has added media company Intermarkets as a customer, the company said last week. OpenX said that InterMarkets is using its OpenX Ad Server technology platform to manage its digital advertising inventory. Financial impact of the win was not disclosed.

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Flipagram Adds Direct Messaging


Los Angeles-based Flipagram , which develops a popular app which lets users create video slideshows set in time to their favorite music, said over the weekend that it has added direct messaging for its users. The new feature allows users to share and chat about their "Flips" directly and privately with their friends and followers. Flipagram's app lets users create video slideshows with up to 60 seconds of free, licensed music. The startup is led by startup veteran Farhad Mohit. READ MORE>>.

Attn: Gets $18.5M For News Site


West Hollywood-based Attn: , a company which publishes an online news site focused on social topics like economic mobility, civil rights, education, criminal justice, and the environment, has raised $18.5M in a funding round, the company disclosed on Friday. According to the LABJ, the funding came from Evolution Media Partners, Marc Rowan, RTS Ventures, Paul Wachter, Main Street Advisors, Seacrest Global Group, Cash Warren and Ross Levinsohn.

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Amazon Studios Acquires Woody Allen's Latest Film


Amazon Studios , the content production arm of which is based in the Los Angeles area, said Thursday that it has acquired the latest film from director Woody Allen. The as-yet-unnamed romantic comedy is expected to debut this summer in theatrical release. Details on the deal were not announced, however, Amazon said that the film will have a traditional, nationwide theatrical release, but then only be available to Amazon Prime subscribers through Prime Video.