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Trello versus Asana

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For the past several years I’ve undertaken many initiatives to “get more organized,” which basically means to make another attempt at implementing and running a solid task list that I can share with others with whom I collaborate.

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Startup Lessons From Olympic Innovators


Successful Olympic athletes share a number of common qualities with entrepreneurs; including boundless energy, uncompromising tenacity and a willingness to innovate. Such innovations include new training routines, inventive diets, and novel gameplay tactics.

The Virtual Manager: It’s all about your performance.


It is hard to hide incompetence behind appearance or personality when you are a virtual manager. In a virtual environment, people measure you mostly by your actions, and remember only the most recent good work you’ve done for them and for the organization.

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How Kidworth Is Spurring Kids To Become Entrepeneurs, with Rudy DeFelice


How do you make it easy for kids to learn how to be entrepreneurs--and not only learn about it, but actually go out and create a business?

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Should You Really Sit on Other Boards When You’re a Startup Founder?

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I recently read Brad Feld’s thought provoking piece encouraging founders to sit on the board of another startup company. I found it thought provoking because I’ve always believed startup founders need extreme focus on only their company to succeed.

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Ask the Career Expert: “Why Do I Need a Mentor?”


The following is a guest post from Laurel House, an author, lifestyle mentor, and contributing blogger for Campus Explorer. The folks at Campus Explorer believe everyone deserves a fulfilling education, no matter the name or place.

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Movieclips Becomes ZEFR, Raises $18.5M


Venice-based Movieclips , the online movie clips site and content site founded by Zach James and Richard Raddon, said today that it has raised $18.9M in a Series C funding round, and has rebranded itself as ZEFR. The new funding round was led by U.S.

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Rethinking Board Observers – The Role of the “Silent Observer”

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It has always surprised me that founders were so quick to fight over how many board members there were and so quick to agree to have as many board observers as people wanted. I have always been vehemently against board observers and wrote some of the reasons in this previous post.

Hallo | Just Say Hallo with Social Voice App

Tech Zulu Event

Who doesn’t like to save a little dough on texting? Well for those with limited texting plans anyway. The Hallo app from Developer Hallo, Inc. will allow you to do just that and much more.

The Best Entrepreneurs Ask The Dumbest Questions

Startup Professionals Musings

I’m a big fan of the old adage "There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers."

Tech Coast Angels Invests $4.5M In First Half Of 2012


The Tech Coast Angels said today that it has totalled up its investments for the first half of 2012, and found that it invested $4,571,000 in direct investments--as part of $10M in funding--for 17 companies.

What Is The TCA Looking For In Digital Media and Consumer Products Startups?

SoCal Tech Calendar

Monday, August 20, 2012 -- What Is The TCA Looking For In Digital Media and Consumer Products Startups? Join Barbara Seymour Giordano and TCA members Jody Dunitz and Roulee Marcus as we delve into what it takes to launch successful digital media and consumer product startups. Special Guests, Raulee Marcus and Jody Graham Dunitz. See [link].

Viddy #Splashmob | Balls, Bikinis, Boards plus personal Snoop Dogg & Justin Bieber Vids

Tech Zulu Event

Viddy , called by many as the new Twitter, but for video, had a #splashmob this weekend at Santa Monica Beach. They partnered with Uber to drive people to and from the event. Uber is an easy to use door to door car service knocking out the need for taxi cabs like bumper cars.

An Entrepreneur Needs to Count Friends Carefully

Startup Professionals Musings

The Internet and social media have totally destroyed the meaning of the word “friend” and even changed it from a noun to a verb. On Twitter and Facebook, many young people follow hundreds of friends before age twenty, all without ever having physically said or heard a word from most of them.

Modern Meadow Gets Funding For 3D, Printed Meat


Modern Meadow , a firm whose founders were previously co-founders of San Diego's Organovo , has scored funding to make manufactured, 3D printed meat a reality. The funding came from Breakout Labs and The Thiel Foundation, Breakout Labs said Thursday. Modern Meadow is looking to developing "high value, food grade animal protein"--including meat and hide--using 3D bioprinting technology.

TEDxSantaMonica Salon Event

SoCal Tech Calendar

Thursday, August 23, 2012 -- TEDxSantaMonica Salon Event. Join TEDxSantaMonica for a salon-style event as we explore how local Santa Monica people are transforming the community and inspiring others. See [link].

Data Collective | New Dawn for Big Data Entrepreneurs

Tech Zulu Event

A tweet by Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer on August 9th caused a stir in the tech scenes. A new venture fund had been launched, not because it was her husband’s but it was a totally unique and different fund and a timely move.

Good Entrepreneurs Practice Communication Secrets

Startup Professionals Musings

Effective communication is an absolute requirement for successfully starting a business, but it doesn’t come naturally to many entrepreneurs. Communication is considered a social skill, and inventors and engineers, for example, are not known to be social butterflies.

Caltech Team Wins Top Prize, $100K In Bill Gates' Toilet Tech Effort


A team for the California Institute of Technology has scored the top prize, and $100,000, in a major technology effort--funded by Bill Gates--to reinvent the toilet. Gates, the billionaire co-founder of Microsoft, announced an effort to help advance the technology of toilets, saying that current flush technology is "irrelevant, impractical and impossible for 40 percent of the global population". Gates' philanthropic organization, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, said it will invest $3.4M

Startup Business Development

SoCal Tech Calendar

Thursday, August 23, 2012 -- Startup Business Development. Coloft Academy. Are you a Founder and want to learn more about growing your venture via partnerships and alliances? Or are you interested in a job in Business Development at a Tech or Internet company? We will kick off this session distilling what Business Development actually means at an early stage company, and then we will discuss what it entails as the company grows.

Knowmia | Win Win for College Students, Parents & Teachers

Tech Zulu Event

Knowmia is a newly launched online video learning tool founded by two ex Flip Video co-founders and staff, Ariel Braunstein and marketing executive Scott Kabat.

6 Key Drivers To a Long-Term Competitive Advantage

Startup Professionals Musings

One of the toughest and yet most important questions you will be asked by savvy potential startup investors is “What is your sustainable competitive advantage?” Yet many entrepreneurs, maybe in their passion for their new product, gloss over this one, or even announce that they have no competition.

Sonos Elevates Studio With Alanis Morissette Performance


Santa Barbara-based Sonos , the maker of whole-home, user friendly, Internet connected music systems, has scored a big name as a performer for next week at its Sonos Studio: Alanis Morissette. Sonos launched its Los Angeles music-and-art gallery, called Sonos Studio , earlier this year.

LA Mobile Arts Festival

SoCal Tech Calendar

Thursday, August 23, 2012 -- LA Mobile Arts Festival. The LA Mobile Arts Festival is a week long display of art originated through the lens of an iPhone and celebrating what become known as iPhoneography. Much more than citizen photography, iPhoneography is true and real art. See [link] (more

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Airtime Gets Some New Features

Tech Zulu Event

Airtime is testing new features to make it the best video network ever. The new video posts and revamped buddy lists will enable users to share live experiences with their friends.

Entrepreneurs Now Start Hyperlocal Then Go Global

Startup Professionals Musings

Even though the world is getting smaller, due to easy global connectivity, people still feel alone if not well-connected locally.

Unbucket: Planning Your Life With Friends, with Elliot Darvick


What's the best way to plan and coordinate things to do with your friends, especially long term lists of what you'd like to do to together? Unbucket ( thinks it has one way, which is to create online, collaborative lists for planning out events with friends.

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Social Media 101

SoCal Tech Calendar

Thursday, August 23, 2012 -- Social Media 101. It's time to learn how social media can help you get to the next level personally and professionally. Learn about the basic apps such as Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin while also learning how Google Reader, Quora, and IFTTT can help you be more productive and find more clients! Experience a new co-working space in El Segundo as we will be hosted by the Action Factory. Email

Google Confirms Motorola Mobility 4000 Layoffs

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Google has confirmed the firing of 20 percent of Motorola Mobility employees. A company it bought in May. The company will also close a third of its offices worldwide.

10 Keys to Maximizing Personal Gain From a Startup

Startup Professionals Musings

Everyone knows that that startups are risky, but they also expect that the job will be exciting and potentially very lucrative (think early employees at Facebook and Google).