In 15 Years From Now Half of US Universities May Be in Bankruptcy. My Surprise Discussion with @ClayChristensen

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Disruption of Education. He talked about how for centuries education had “no technological core” (meaning it was bound by physical locations) and thus disruption was very difficult. “Online education is truly going to kill us.”

How I Invest

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I answered in the same way I always do so I thought I’d just write it publicly. “I I work with two companies that aim to change education but both are indirectly aiming to do so. I think I’m better at the product stage of a business and helping with strategy, marketing, pricing, feature sets and so forth than I am at evaluating later-stage businesses based on financial results and business metrics and priced accordingly.

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If You Don’t Have a Discrete Hypothesis You Are Incapable of Failing

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41:00 Transitioning from software to writing. 48:30 Vanity metrics. 52:00 Actionable metrics. 1:09:50 We need education! There are very few people in Silicon Valley who have such a precise grasp on what defines success of early-stage startup companies than Eric Ries.

How Open Should a Startup CEO be with Staff?

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It’s a hard topic to write about because it’s almost an accepted norm that total transparency is good. They told you, “Yeah, man, I’ll gladly write the first $250,000. CEO transparency. It almost sounds uncontroversial. A CEO should tell her staff everything!

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8 Tips To Get the Most Out of Your Investors and Board

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By spending more time educating your board on your business you get more valuable advice from them. He did it yesterday, “Mark, I’m going to write a blog post following on from your VC’s aren’t dumb. He is very pleasant when he calls and writes.

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This Week in VC with Mo Koyfman of Spark Capital

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We both felt that the critical reasoning skills and writing skills were critical to our career development. Currently offers 3mm books to over 5,000 higher education institutions in the US. Company grew by more than “400% each year” for past few years [assume growth metric = revenues].

Top 30 Startup Posts for July 2010


Metrics availability. He is focused on delivering real business value by educating clients about the latest proven technologies, strategies that deliver improved profits and operational efficiencies, and using technology to improve life. Automating the Path to a Better User Experience - The Product Guy , July 5, 2010 I started writing about Quick-UX in 2008. Some great content around the intersection of startups and being a Startup CTO in June this year.

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Choose Your VC Investor Carefully

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I write this post as a warning to pick your VC’s carefully. They’re easily impressed when you’re selected for TechCrunch50 but not easily engaged in a detailed discussion about your conversion metrics.

Interview with Jonathan Lehmann and James Chung, KarmaGoat


All of that is taught at UCLA by the more senior students and professors, a mix which provides an incredible education.

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