Targets Web Development Skills With New Courses


Carpinteria-based online education provider said late Friday that it is expanding out its library of courses, with a new set of programming courses aimed at accelerating web development. The new expansion comes as there has been an increasing number of online, video education startups looking to repeat the success of''s online education service--however, in narrower focus areas like software and programming.

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Bridgepoint Education Buys Fullstack Academy For $50.75M


San Diego-based Bridgepoint Education said this morning that i thas acquired Fullstack Academy , an operator of a immersive coding bootcamp, in a deal worth approximately $50.75M, split between $17.5M Fullstack Academy operates a web development coding bootcamp, which focuses on cybersecurity training. Bridgepoint said the acquisition will help it with entry into higher education services, as well as expanding its "skills-to-employment" offerings.

Interview with Bruce Huang, UCLA Silicon Beach Innovation Lab


Bruce Huang: We are an educational, collaborative ecosystem, trying to bridge between the tech community and academics. For example, we have people currently working in video and film production, who want to get into coding, who want to become a web developer, and who want to become cybersecurity professionals. There are sometimes complaints from the industry and from tech companies, that students going through educational programs don't have practical experience.

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What Plans With Its $103M Funding, with Eric Robison


The firm operates an online video education service helping people to learn how to use all kinds of software, ranging from Adobe Illustrator to AutoCAD and more. We already had a presence there, and are moving into a standalone building in Calabasas focused on web development.

What Plans To With Its $103M Funding, with Eric Robison


The firm operates an online video education service helping people to learn how to use all kinds of software, ranging from Adobe Illustrator to AutoCAD and more. We already had a presence there, and are moving into a standalone building in Calabasas focused on web development.


SoCal Tech Calendar

In this mini-hackathon event, participants will use design thinking, UX design methods and web development skills in an entrepreneurial spirit to address social, economic, and environmental challenges specific to South L.A. education/solahack/los-angeles/27497. Saturday, August 13, 2016 -- SOLA/HACK! Generaly Assembl.

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Data Scientist Team Share Lessons Learned From Competition


The G-team also had another year’s worth of education and experience under their belts, so their skills and confidence were that much stronger. Interested in entrepreneurship, web development, or data science? Interested in entrepreneurship, web development, or data science?

Taylor Freeman of UploadVR on Building a Passionate Culture for Good


Taylor returned home and dove into learning web development and design on his own. He ended up building a digital agency that did everything from custom apps and web development to branding and digital marketing.

Open Source Business Model


skip to main | skip to sidebar SoCal CTO Monday, March 5, 2007 Open Source Business Model A recent spate of posts on the challenges of running an open source business is interesting ( Tosh , Siemens , Downes , Tosh 2 ) and quite heated as one of the founders of elgg - a social networking platform aimed at the educational space - Dave Tosh laments - Elgg is the most popular white label social networking platform in the world powering over 2000 networks.

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Moofaces | Who You Know Matters

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As you can see on my profile I picked, entrepreneur, writer, and web developer – all of which describe me and what I do. Entrepreneurship Startups Video Education jobs Moofaces social networking

General Assembly Raises $35M In Funding Round


General Assembly , which conducts classes on web development, Photoshop, Javascript, digital marketing, and all kinds of other topics through its location in Los Angeles, has just scored a $35M funding round, a Series C for the company. The new funding was led by Institutional Venture Partners, and also included GSV Capital, Rethink Education, Maveron, and Western Technology Investment. Inks Massive, $103M Funding Round

socalTECH , the online video education provider which has been one of the region's most successful, bootstrapped companies--is no longer bootstrapped, after inking a massive, $103M growth equity round. offers up online education courses on things like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Microsoft Excel, AutoCAD, and much more.

The Disappearing Face Of Mainstream Retailing Setting

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While in 1996, Hotmail launched e-mail on the web, and it opened the world of online communications. For an online retailer to create a retail website, starting your retail web development is just easy as clicking the mouse.

Stacksocial | Bringing Forth the Next Logical Step in Purchasing Software

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From a complex problem, a simple solution was found; work directly with developers and publishers to help them reach the demographic that’s most likely to utilize their software. Their Bundle categories consist of Music apps, Mac Productivity, Web Design and more.

CreatorUp Links You With Top Filmakers & YouTube Creators To Make Awesome Web Series

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CreatorUp is the online web series school teaching the next generation of web series creators how to make and market their own new video projects on the web. We also host video-conferences with students who want to learn specific topics around web video.

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How brain-amputated developers created the social media plague

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Shortcut: Blog About Blogroll Links How brain-amputated developers created the social media plague Posted on 12 January, 2010 The bot playground commonly refered to as “social media&# is responsible for shitloads of absurd cretinism.

Startup Weekend LA | An Insiders Story of a Startup on Steroids

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The team needed would consist of at least 1 non-technical business person (me) and 2 or more technical people—designer and developer. Two of the developers that were going to join me decided to continue on with their idea since they already had a team.

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A Day in the Life of a Product Manager

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The term a gile development is defined, and the panel agreed unanimously that maintaining this mindset is necessary. The challenge is in getting clear numbers, but not often as cleanly as a basic web analytics report. Web analytics, pretty clear.

The social Web in 2010: The emerging standards and technologies to watch

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Interview with Adi Jaffe, All About Addiction


One of Southern California's biggest assets are the number of world class, local universities researching and developing technology and knowledge across a large number of disciplines. I was trying to figure out how to access the public, provide information, and educate them about addiction.

Frank Addantes FounderBlog: 5. Outsourcing

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► February (1) Building and Developing an A++ Team ► 2008 (14) ► December (1) Develop a Culture Roadmap ► November (2) Green Week - Save the Environment and Your Cash Creating a Culture of Innovation: Cultural Values.

The Startup Guide To SXSW Panel Picking

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Over the past ten years, the rise of the consumer web and the availability of better measurement too. Bootstrapping process, product development, Prototyping. . The step by step story of an entrepreneur’s journey from idea to bootstrap web startup from her vi.

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