Netflix Acquires Comic Book Publisher Millarworld


Netflix , the online television streaming and entertainment company, said Monday morning that it has acquired Millarworld , the comic book publisher behind such characters as Kick-Ass, Kingsman, and Old Man Logan. Netflix, which has significant operations in the Los Angeles area, did not disclose financial details of the acquisition. netflix millarworld merger acquisition kingsman publishing hollywood

Netflix Boosts Consumer Products Efforts In LA


Streaming entertainment provider Netflix is boosting its consumer products efforts out of its Los Angeles office, saying on Tuesday that it has tapped a Disney Parks veteran as its new global products head. According to Netflix, it has hired Christie Fleischer as Global Head of Products, overseeing retail and licensee partnerships, publishing, interactive games, merchandising and experiential events. netflix executive content licensing retail christie fleischer disney

Streaming Wars: Netflix vs Amazon vs Hulu

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The big three options right now are Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon, and they’re getting bigger: Americans are watching more than an hour of streaming content per day , a number excepted to steadily increase over time. Netflix Basics. A big draw for Netflix is the original shows.

Netflix, Hulu Test In-Hotel Streaming With Marriott


Both Netflix , which has a substantial operation in Los Angeles, and Los Angeles-based Hulu are both considering an expansion into the hotel entertainment market, in a test with Marriott International , according to a report this morning. According to Bloomberg, Marriott is in a test which lets guests access Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, and other streaming media services through their televisions. netflix hulu marriott streaming video television demand

M-Go Rolls Out On Vizio, Takes On Netflix


M-Go, which is a joint venture of DreamWorks Animation and Technicolor, said the service gives users unlimited access to movies and TV shows, specifically pointing out that access will come much earlier than competing services from Netflix.

Hulu To Carry Epix After Netflix Falling Out


Los Angeles-based streaming television site Hulu scored a major win this weekend, and has inked a deal with television network Epix , after Netflix said it would not renew and existing deal with Epix for its content. Epix--known for its Hollywood movie lineup--is a joint venture of MGM, Lions Gate Entertainment, and Paramount. Netflix said it will stop carrying Epix movies at the end of September, and said that "now is the time" to stream movies from Epix on its service.

Big tech companies are looking at Hollywood as the next stage in their play for the cloud

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This week, both Microsoft and Google made moves to woo Hollywood to their cloud computing platforms in the latest act of the unfolding drama over who will win the multi-billion dollar business of the entertainment industry as it moves to the cloud.

M-GO Updates Digital Entertainment Service


Those movies generally are available for purchase well before services like Netflix. video television content digital entertainment hollywood movie

Netflix Gets Walt Disney Studios’ Approval | Multi-Year Premium Pay TV Window Agreement

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Netflix Inc and The Walt Disney Company have joined hands to give US film lovers high quality animated and live action films. ” According to them, the new multi-year licensing agreement will make Netflix Walt Disney’s exclusive U.S.

How Laudville Is Bringing Your Entertainment Life Together


In the world of many online television, movie, and video sites, scores of music streaming services, and other entertainment content, it''s often a difficult task to find what you really want to watch, listen to, or read. Before, people would sit down to watch Netflix at their desktop.

As Quibi reportedly seeks another $1 billion, Fiction Riot fills the programming slate for its rival service

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Ficto is bringing to market adaptations of bestselling books and original productions which will be released with theatrical films and has plans in the pipeline for other forms of scripted and unscripted entertainment.

‘Socially Inept,’ a comedy startup founded by Microsoft employees, roasts tech bros

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Netflix partners with Sirius XM on new comedy channel, ‘Netflix Is A Joke’ Entertainment california Los Angeles Microsoft patagonia producer San Francisco Seattle Startups United StatesEveryone gets a kick out of mocking the quintessential San Francisco techie, Patagonia vest and all. ‘ Socially Inept ,’ a new traveling comedy cohort, is making a business out of it. The group has been roasting the tech scene in hubs across the U.S.,

Backed by LG, AmazeVR is hoping to resurrect virtual reality’s consumer dreams

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Propelled by new technologies, new businessmen have been landing in Los Angeles since the invention of the nickelodeon to create a studio that would dominate popular entertainment. We see no reason that VR content shouldn’t be compelling enough to support a Netflix model. Our approach, commitment to quality, industry-leading technology, and strategic investors provide a path forward to make VR/AR the next great frontier for entertainment and personal displays.”.

More investors are betting on virtual influencers like Lil Miquela

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version of this new breed of entertainer, the collective behind the account is far from the only one. YouTube didn’t kill television, it just became Netflix… T hings can move in two different directions at the same time.

Where to watch tonight’s Emmy Awards online

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Tonight’s event at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles promises to be a big one for streaming media services like Netflix (with 122 nominations), Hulu (with 20 — thanks mainly to the amazing The Handmaid’s Tale), and Amazon (which nabbed 22 nominations, mainly on the strength of the marvelous The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel ). .

M-GO's Take On The Digital Entertainment Streaming Market, with John Batter


We had the notion that we could create a service that was aimed at the mass market, which was really user friendly, which provided a service to the consumer, and that helped bring back the fun in the entertainment experience, so that we could help the consumer bridge the digital divide.

Interview With CEO Jason Njoku iRoko Partners | Africa’s Netflix Set To Disrupt US TV & Cable Market

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We are the ‘Netflix’ of Africa – with iROKOtv we stream Nollywood (Nigerian Hollywood) movies online, so they are accessible to anyone with an Internet line, anywhere in the world.

Live streaming studio, Culture Genesis, launches its first show, the quiz-based Trivia Mob

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A new generation of entrepreneurs is emerging to refashion the Los Angeles studio system for the digital age forming companies that combining live-streamed video, podcasts, and the newfound social media celebrities to craft entertainment for a new breed of consumer.

Why Hollywood is Joining the Video On-Demand Market


What this means is, even though Netflix essentially pays for the rights to stream Hollywood movies, it doesn’t even come close to the money studios make from movie theaters. To complicate things further, VOD sites such as Netflix and Lulu aren’t simply staying in one country. Though restrictions remain and many countries such as Indonesia are still far from seeing Netflix or Lulu arriving anytime soon, Netflix is already in 190 countries.

Room Service by Robot And Other Ways Tech is Changing The Hotel Stay


More days than not, Michael Colaneri’s home is a hotel room. So innovations like “geolocation” sensors that automatically unlock his room door and adjust the thermostat when he’s nearby make the constant change easier—sometimes. “My My experience has been exceptionally inconsistent,” he says.

Cord Cutting: How to Get High-Speed Internet Without Cable, 2017 Edition


Hey folks. If you’re thinking about breaking away from the cable monopolies and getting your data, music, and video in other ways, congratulations, I’m with you. I cut the cord back in 2009, and now millions of people are doing the same every year.

Top Tips for Streaming Services: Cutting the Cord the Smart Way

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Netflix. Netflix has both quantity and quality.but isn’t very timely. Use Add-Ons: There are scores of Netflix add-ons to help you find certain shows, search for random episodes, and much more. For additional insight, please visit Gadget Review on Hulu Plus vs Netflix.

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Spotlight On Distribber (Presenting Company At Spotlight: LA Tech)

Tech Zulu Event isa new-model flat-fee distribution service that places independent films on digital sales platforms such as iTunes, Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and Cable VOD while allowing filmmakers to keep 100% of their revenue. Tags: Arts & Entertainment Business Culture Entrepreneurship Events New Media Startup Video Amazon Distribber Hulu ITunes Netflix Spotlight

Dealflicks Help Theaters Fill Their Seats Last Minute

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Everything from Skyfall in a packed auditorium on opening night to It’s a Wonderful Life on Netflix to Ponyo in an art house on a small screen. Entertainment Entrepreneurship Marketing Startups Dealflicks Kevin Hong Movies Netflix Sean Wycliffe Theaters Zachary Cancio

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TVSync’s Open API Uses Video and Audio Recognition Across All Four Screens

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There is a true renaissance happening in entertainment today, where the distribution channels of television and cable are being disrupted and transformed quickly into new models.

Can Blip.TV Change The Indie Production Market On The Web?

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Netflix, Hulu, and even YouTube and other content streaming sites have all but obliterated the independent DVD rental business of yesterday. Arts & Entertainment New Media News Review Social Media Social News Website

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The Launch of Ultraviolet: Perceiving Digital Film

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When Netflix moved their model to more online streaming availability and packaging, away from physical DVD mailing, many panicked.

Netgear | Stepping beyone Feed & Speed

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In 2013, Netgear is continuing their trend by changing up their color scheme, moving into home entertainment and giving you the products you’ve been asking for. Android Apple Console Gadgets Samsung TV Boxee Google Google TV NeoTV Netflix Netgear PRIME Roku Slingbox YouTube

Silicon Beach at USC 2013 | Entrepreneurial Inspiration

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Consumers do want ads, but they want them to be relevant and entertaining,” Cheng explained. The Hollywood Meets Silicon Valley panel came next and featured a heated discussion between a former employee of Netflix and Fox representatives. Over $50,000 in prize money.

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M-GO Launches Gift Cards Into Supermarkets


M-GO--unlike streaming video providers like Netflix, Amazon, and others--offers up pre-DVD availability and similarly timed releases of movies in a digital format, albeit at prices closer to the cost of a DVD release, starting at around $12.99.

Use video whenever possible.


Yes, most of that is from NetFlix and YouTube and others delivering entertainment content. Ninety percent of all traffic on the Internet is in video form.

The Future of Shopping | Vidzey Interactive Videos

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Enter Vidzey , the in-video shopping platform that seamlessly combines media, entertainment and e-commerce. We discuss advertising, Vidzey’s story, technology, business, interns, and entertainment. Working in LA’s talent and entertainment industry and I’m bored?

WD Debuts Wireless Router Aimed At Streaming Media


WD said the new device, the My Net AC1300, is aimed at providing high bandwidth streaming of Netflix, YouTube, onilne games, and Skype, and includes automatic prioritization of entertainment services traffic.

Yekra | Embedding a Movie Theater on the Small Screen

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Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and other online distributors bring viewers to their portal to watch movies and TV shows. Music and movies provide two different forms of entertainment. Business Entertainment Startups Movie Yekra

Yekra’s Digital Rights Distribution and AffiliateConnect Platform Raises $3M

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Yekra also allows creators to establish an exclusivity rights period and set up distribution to other platforms including Netflix and Hulu Plus. Business Entertainment Startups Video Bray Capital Danny Trejo Ed Hardy Maurice Gallagher Tattoo Tattoo Nation Trvis Barker Yekra