Social Media Week Lands in Los Angeles Sept. 24-28

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Social Media Week (SMW) helps organizations connect and share the latest social media findings through social, cultural and economic talks and workshops in major cities worldwide. They have broken events down by two hubs: Social Tech , and Entertainment.

Fifty years of the internet

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Here one can list pervasive search engines, access to extensive information repositories, consumer aids, entertainment, education, connectivity among humans, etc. Leonard Kleinrock. Contributor. Share on Twitter.

Web TV Workshop Pro-Panel Series: Creating A Web Series From The Ground Up

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Last night we had an amazing group of panelist for the Web TV Workshop Pro-Panel series. They went over and touched on all the aspects that you would need to get your web series up and running. Topics such as branding, the importance of attending film festivals, when to go. Visit TechZulu for full story.

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Can Blip.TV Change The Indie Production Market On The Web?

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If you’re a big supporter of indie films or web series you’re probably checking out your favorites on a variety of different sites on the web. Arts & Entertainment New Media News Review Social Media Social News Website

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Web TV Workshop Pro-Panel Series: Mighty Fresh, McBeard Media, Distribber and IndieGoGo

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On Monday November 1, 2010 TechZulu will present Web TV Workshop Pro-Panel Series live at 9pm PST. You will hear from some of the most successful professionals of the new media space. Tags: Arts & Entertainment Business Development New Media Social Media Video Adam Chapnick Alec Distribber IndieGoGo McBeard Media McNayre Mighty Fresh Richard Frias Web TV Workshop

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Full Speed Ahead! Social Media Week Is Here!

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Social Media Week (SMW) is finally here and is set to be one amazing week filled with panels, discussions, networking, and much more. What is Social Media Week? Social Media Week is a global platform that connects people, content, and conversation around emerging trends in social and mobile media. Social Media Week as partnered up with Ustream to bring some of the events live.

Ford’s Autonomic Pairs With Alibaba Cloud On Mobility Hub for China


Together, the two companies plan to offer a standardized platform where all participants in the transportation ecosystem—including Ford’s rival automakers—can build services, from their own ride-hailing apps to entertainment channels for passengers marking time in self-driving.

WESAWIT | Experience Events Through The Eyes of The Crowd

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The mobile app and website that allows people to capture and share images and videos of events through social media. The cool thing is we were not only taught about film and TV, but also about new media. One of our teachers was teaching new media and it was really inspiring.


Digital LA: Digital Comics Panel With The Punisher Himself (Thomas Jane)

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We’ll discuss how comics and comic book characters are part of an overall entertainment franchise, including animation, games, movies, iPad apps, web series, and promotion via social media. TQ Jefferson, Marvel Entertainment, VP of Production, Games @Marvel.

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Fireside Chat with Cameron Olthuis | VP of Search and Social Strategies at CBS Interactive

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TechZulu is excited to invite you on April 24, 2013 at 7pm , to a fireside chat with Cameron Olthuis , VP of Search and Social Strategies at CBS Interactive. Cameron will share his experience on Search and Social Strategies for Start ups. Metacritic MTV Performa Media Samsung ZDNet

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Best Reads for Casual Friday: Big Tech Businesses Gets Political


Time to curl up in your cubicle, pop open one of these in-depth, entertaining reads, and catch up on some of what you missed during a busy week. Uber VC Venture Capital voting machine Web security WhatsApp Wired XconomyYou’ve made it to Friday.

YouTube Marketing | Top 8 Tips to Increase Sales with Video

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Nick Tran, Director of Social Media for Taco Bell. There are many paths you can take to develop a robust YouTube channel in order to market your brand from creating a one time hit like “Hello Flo” and “Dollar Shave Club” did to creating a consistent web series.

15 Hacks to Raise the Most Money for Your Indiegogo Campaign

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This is where you go to influencers, bloggers, media and press, but instead of saying May 9th, tell them a later date (for example, Tuesday May 11th) and ask them to wait to publish any news on your campaign until that later date (May 11th). Social Profiles.

Worlize | Virtual World Tied To Facebook, Twitter and Now Your Blog

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Worlize is a user-created social gaming and chat platform for Facebook and social networks including Twitter, MySpace and OpenSocial. Brian has over a decade developing and deploying cutting-edge technology within the entertainment industry.

Join TechZulu LIVE from New Media Expo in Las Vegas

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It’s the New Year, and there’s no better time to get educated on all the blogging, podcasting and Web video tools to help you become an active content creator. The post Join TechZulu LIVE from New Media Expo in Las Vegas appeared first on TechZulu.

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Somrat Niyogi CEO & Co-Founder of Miso On TechZulu Live

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Miso is a “Foursquare for TV+Movies” app, rewarding users with badges when they check-in to TV shows via the iPhone, iPad, Android, and web. Arts & Entertainment Entrepreneurship Retail & Consumers Social Media TechZulu Live Video Android App Baazar Labs Foursquare gomiso iPad iPhone Miso Somrat NiyogiThis week TechZulu Live is back from the holiday break with an amazing interview lined up for this thursday.

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Marketing The Funniest Site On The Internet With Patrick Starzan of Funny or Die

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He is a marketing professional with over 8 years of extensive online and social media marketing experience. Patrick is the man behind all the marketing aspects of what could be called one of the funniest sites on the web. No social network has stood the test of time.

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Demo Video Lab | Crowdfunding Secrets to Success

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Crowdfunding Secret to Success will take you through the process of planning, having a structured timeline, creating an awesome video and harnessing important social sharing triggers to make your campaign viral. Web Series.

Solaborate: Professional Connections | Founder Interview Labinot Bytyqi

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Solaborate is a blend of great social network platforms, by taking in all the greatest bits and putting it all into one. Consumers all have access to social networks, but the business-side has never really caught on. Solaborate is a professional social media network.

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Kabam Launches The Godfather: Five Families Exclusive to Google+

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Big news in the social gaming sphere as major interactive gaming player Kabam announces the launch of The Godfather: Five Families out of beta and into commercial exclusively with Google+ Games. This is the first social game based on a major movie franchise on any social platform, period. | An App for Venues

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As we’re out we all like to indulge in our social media accounts with sharing updates, media, and check-ins. Is there a potential for a greater evening experience to be achieved based on our social actions? Everyone enjoys a good evening out on the town now and then.

TZ Startup Hot Seat | Vincent Borel Co-Founder of Webdoc

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Webdoc is a web platform that allows you to easily create interactive posts mixing different web contents through a simple and intuitive drag & drop interface. Imagine a white canvas that allows you to create a mixture of any kind of media you want in one space.

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How to Talk to a Journalist When You Only Have 30 Seconds

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In this article the focus will be on how to successfully attract media attention. To capture the media’s attention or anyone else’s for that matter, be quick, relative and to the point.

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Why Hollywood is Joining the Video On-Demand Market


This freedom comes from the option to simply wait until we can find a new box office movie streamed somewhere on the web or available for download from pirate sites. Studios might spend $50 million on saturating the television with trailers, when in reality utilizing social media, much like Indie film producers do, those movie trailers would “whip around the web via Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for no cost at all.”

Apply for the 2011 SXSW Accelerator!

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There are categories for Innovative Web Technology, Social Media and Social Networking Technology, Entertainment Technology, News Technology, and Music Technology. Arts & Entertainment Business Development Entrepreneurship Events News SXSW 2011 Startup application Startup Demo startup showcase SXSW sxsw accelerator

Moviepilot Goes Native, Bets On LA, US Market


Moviepilot''s web site focuses on film recommendations, film discovery, and the company also helps studios with social media campaigns. Moviepilot set up shop in LA in 2012 , due to the entertainment industry''s base here. Moviepilot , the online film review and publishing site led by Tobias Bauckhage, has sold off its German website, , to French publisher Webedia. The move puts the company''s focused squarely on its Los Angeles operations.

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Digital LA - Digital Comics Panel @ Meltdown

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We'll discuss how comics and comic book characters are part of an overall entertainment franchise, including animation, games, movies, iPad apps, web series, and promotion via social media. Monday, July 18, 2011 -- Digital LA - Digital Comics Panel @ Meltdown. Join our discussion with digital comics, animation and games experts for our third annual Digital Comics panel.

It’s Too Soon For YouTube Awards Shows

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One of the goals of entertainment awards galas is to expose talent to a wider audience that may have not been noticed by a chart-based PR machine. Read More Reactions Around The Web: VGX all the awkward moments. Online video is still growing.

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Digital LA - Green Goes Social

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Thursday, April 21, 2011 -- Digital LA - Green Goes Social. Join us for our panel discussion on Earthy Day eve, where we'll discuss how green organizations use online and social media to promote green/eco messaging and get the word out, especially using entertainment and or celebrity (comedians, humor, web series, celebrity appearances and endorsements via Twitter, etc.).

GumGum Makes Images Profitable for Publishers

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Think about how many images are on the web. The old media companies were resistant to change. Early on GumGum began to experiment with overlaying rich media ads through Flash with photos until technology progressed and they moved over to Javascript.

TVSync’s Open API Uses Video and Audio Recognition Across All Four Screens

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There is a true renaissance happening in entertainment today, where the distribution channels of television and cable are being disrupted and transformed quickly into new models. Hyper contextualized advertising and granular measurements (like AdSense is to the web) will be established for TV.

EQAL Powers Site For Earth Balance, Whole Foods Market


Los Angeles-based EQAL , the social entertainment and media firm known for lonelygirl15, is powering a new web site for Earth Balance and Whole Foods Market. According to Earth Balance, it is launching a new holiday bakeoff community-- --which will allow home bakers a chance to win prizes and have their recipes featured on Whole Food's web site. Tags: eqal social media ecommerce holiday baking

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Silicon Beach Fest Celebrates Tech Startups and Hollywood in LA | Pics, Highlights and What’s Next!

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TechCrunch, Forbes, PandoDaily, and other national and local media covered the fest, centered in Santa Monica and Venice at venues with views of the beach on picture-perfect sunny days. RT @OEInnovation #SBF why I live in #LA: intersection of #beach #tech #entrepreneur #entertainment. &

Demand Media Ties With Tyra Banks On Beauty, Fashion Site


Los Angeles-based Demand Media , the online media firm headed by Richard Rosenblatt, announced today that it has inked a partnership with celebrity model Tyra Banks , to create a new site focused on fashion and beauty. According to Demand, Banks' beauty and entertainment firm Bankable is in a deal to develop a Web site, online video offerings, and mobile applications. Financial details of the partnership between Banks and Demand Media were not disclosed.

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Taylor Freeman of UploadVR on Building a Passionate Culture for Good


Taylor returned home and dove into learning web development and design on his own. He ended up building a digital agency that did everything from custom apps and web development to branding and digital marketing.