Social Networking and Business Value


Just a quick note that I'll be moderating a Technology Council Event : Social Networking as a Business Strategy May 19, 2009 - Culver City Social networking media are used on a daily basis to grow businesses and expand career opportunities. Individuals use social networking sites such as LinkedIn and Plaxo as career-advancing tools, even more useful in a down economy. Can social networking be a money-maker for companies?

Fifty years of the internet

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After we typed the first two letters from our computer room at UCLA, namely, “Lo” for “Login,” the network crashed. Here one can list pervasive search engines, access to extensive information repositories, consumer aids, entertainment, education, connectivity among humans, etc.

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Taltopia Aggregates Casting Calls, Entertainment Jobs


Hollywood-based , an online social networking site for artists, said today that it is launching a new tool which aggregates casting calls and job postings in the entertainment and arts industry.

TechZulu Live to Premiere "TZLaw" at 5:15 p.m. PT Thursday, October 7, with IP Attorney Denise Grayson of "The Social Network"

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PT as they kick off the new weekly tech law show "TechZulu Law" with a discussion with IP attorney Denise Grayson, who portrays the attorney of Eduardo Saverin in the film about the early days of Facebook, "The Social Network.".

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CreatorUp Links You With Top Filmakers & YouTube Creators To Make Awesome Web Series

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CreatorUp is the online web series school teaching the next generation of web series creators how to make and market their own new video projects on the web. We also host video-conferences with students who want to learn specific topics around web video.

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MySpace Debuts New Site, Logo Plans


Beverly Hills-based MySpace , the online social networking site, is set to debut a new new site design and logo, the firm said late last night. As part of the redesign, MySpace has changed over its logo, and will center its web site on "bubbling up" fresh content of interest to users.

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Interview with Kieve Huffman, Dather


For this morning's interview, we have an interview with Kieve Huffman , the co-founder of Dather (, a new Los Angeles startup which has created a tool which helps to aggregate social networking web sites and media.

Worlize | Virtual World Tied To Facebook, Twitter and Now Your Blog

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Worlize is a user-created social gaming and chat platform for Facebook and social networks including Twitter, MySpace and OpenSocial. Brian has over a decade developing and deploying cutting-edge technology within the entertainment industry.

Yekra Raises $3M For Video On Demand Platform


Yekra says it is a digital entertainment distributor connected with an affiliate marketing system. Yekra says its system helps match content to viewers by genre, by digitally distributing entertainment through different web sites, blogs, social networks, and other destinations.

Interview with Phil Ressler, BigStage Entertainment


They want a means of representing themselves that is animated, and changeable, and actively communicates in places like MySpace, Facebook, and other social networks. It doesn't matter if someone is narcissistically motivated, or they just have a social affinity. There's been an unusually complex amount of engineering, compared to a web media startup, but that's a good thing.

Interview with Gregg Champion, OneCubicle


Our interview today is with Santa Monica-based OneCubicle (, a new startup we ran across recently, which is looking to provide a more professional social networking site for younger people. Gregg Champion: is a social business network for people on their first, second, and third jobs. You can also use the service to network to your next job. Why did you decide to start yet another social networking site?

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EQAL Launches


Los Angeles-based online production firm EQAL disclosed today that it has launched the web site it is codeveloping with CBS, , the companion site to the new CBS mystery Harper's Island. According to EQAL, the "social show" incorporates videos, photos, and blogs and social networking features which tie into characters and the story from CBS's Harper's Island, which is premiering on April 9th.

Myspace Rolls Out New Mobile Site, iPhone App


The firm--which is currently being revamped by CEO Michael Jones into a new, entertainment focused portal--said the updated site creates the "best experience for Myspace mobile web users". Like the recent revamp of Myspace's web pages, the new mobile version of its site focuses on breaking news and information about musicians and celebrities. Myspace said in October it would refocus itself as a "social entertainment destination" focused on Gen Y.

Los Angeles Startup Weekend August 2011 | The Complete Breakdown

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We also had awesome group of mentors that included: David Waxman (Co-founder of PeoplePC, Spot Runner and Firefly Network), Paige Craig (CEO of BetterWorks ), Josh MacAdam (Co-founder/CTO at What a weekend!

Apply for the 2011 SXSW Accelerator!

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There are categories for Innovative Web Technology, Social Media and Social Networking Technology, Entertainment Technology, News Technology, and Music Technology. Arts & Entertainment Business Development Entrepreneurship Events News SXSW 2011 Startup application Startup Demo startup showcase SXSW sxsw accelerator

Mobile Internet Apple Facebook


The analysts at Morgan Stanley have produced a report that’s quite good reading on some of the major trends concerning mobile web. They talk about: 5 Trends Converging (3G + Social Networking + Video + VoIP + Impressive Mobile Devices) which is more than what I think of as mobile internet.

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Big Stage Partners With GGL Global Gaming


Pasadena-based Big Stage Entertainment , which develops 3D avatar technology, said today that it has partnered with video game company GGL Global Gaming, to provide free game content on its web site. GGL operates a video game social networking site, which provides news, communities, and online gaming tournaments and competitions.

Kabam Launches The Godfather: Five Families Exclusive to Google+

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Big news in the social gaming sphere as major interactive gaming player Kabam announces the launch of The Godfather: Five Families out of beta and into commercial exclusively with Google+ Games. This is the first social game based on a major movie franchise on any social platform, period.

Social Media Week Lands in Los Angeles Sept. 24-28

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Social Media Week (SMW) helps organizations connect and share the latest social media findings through social, cultural and economic talks and workshops in major cities worldwide. They have broken events down by two hubs: Social Tech , and Entertainment.

TVSync’s Open API Uses Video and Audio Recognition Across All Four Screens

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TVSync’s parent company Voible , has provided fingerprint protection technology to most major movie studios and TV networks since 2005. The new model includes viewing content — but adds interactivity, multiple screens, personalization, social networking, cloud streaming and mobility.

Let’s Get Weird, a SXSW Interactive Recap (2014)

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Addison McCaleb – Mediahound , making it easier for you to discover entertainment. Savannah Peterson – Shapeaways , the social platform for 3D printing. Anima Sarah Lavoy – Connect , Geo locational convenience for your social networks.

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Marketing The Funniest Site On The Internet With Patrick Starzan of Funny or Die

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He is a marketing professional with over 8 years of extensive online and social media marketing experience. Patrick is the man behind all the marketing aspects of what could be called one of the funniest sites on the web. No social network has stood the test of time.

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What Mattered in 2012: Aber Whitcomb, io/LA


We've also invented and patented a new technology called "MasterKey" that allows people to play our games natively on all relevant social and mobile platforms. We chose Hollywood because we wanted to put top talent from the Entertainment and Technology industries under one roof.

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The Most Interesting Online Video Trend

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TV will enter the era of “participation” which is a much more important trend than “social video” even if it seems less sexy or less fundable. Filmaka is the creation of Deepak Nayar who is the producer of films such as Buena Vista Social Club and Bend it Like Beckham.

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Meet the 25 Startups Competing at SXSW Startup Night 2018


The event is open to tech enthusiasts who want to join an event filled with some of the top leaders, investors and mentors from tech industry to network, find mentors and build their companies. If the user shares the add on social media, they earn an extra $.25.

RotoHog Rolls Out Fantasy Football Salary Cap Game


Los Angeles-based RotoHog , the developer of online fantasy sports and entertainment games run by Kelly Perdew, has rolled out a new Fantasy Football Salary Cap game, the firm said this week. The firm said the new game allows any independent publisher to run their own, syndicated version of the game on their web site.

DataDirect Sets Sights On Cloud Storage


Chatsworth-based DataDirect Networks , a manufacturer of storage systems focused on the high performance market, said Monday that the firm has created a storage system specifically targeted at cloud storage. DataDirect said its new Web Object Scaler (WOS) product is specifically focused on solving performance, scalability, and management problems associated with content creation, storage, and distribution.

10 Apps & Tools for Maximizing Personal Efficiency

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The only con with the web application is that it can’t be used offline. HootSuite (Social Networking): Application to consolidate all of your social networking into one place (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Yammer, etc.).

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What Mattered in 2010: Mike Jones, Myspace


For us, it was a big departure from social networking and a new commitment to social entertainment. One is to watch the companies who have the ability to leverage the power of social.

It’s Morning in Venture Capital

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The movie, “The Social Network” might have had more of an impact on creating future entrepreneurs than any other event of the past 5 years. It’s not just that we’re connected to the Internet at higher speeds and for longer; we’re actually always tethered to the web.

Data is the Next Major Layer of the Cloud & A Major Victory for Startups

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dealing with how digital or analog signals are actually transmitted for point A to point B), the network layer in the middle that deals with routing packets of information, to the presentation and application layer at the top end. I see the same again with the entertainment industry.

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63 Los Angeles Entrepreneurs To Be Proud Of

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Team Rubicon unites the unique skills America’s returning veterans offer with the expertise of medical professionals; all while interactively engaging donors through social media. Lisa and her team create media projects designed to move the social progress agenda forward. Social Media.

MySpace, WSJ Look To Send Users To Davos


Los Angeles-based social networking web site said late Thursday that it has kicked off a competition to send a MySpace user to the Davos World Economic Forum. The competition is an interesting one for MySpace, which has been better known for its promotions with entertainment and music firms than publications such as the Wall Street Journal. Tags: economic social video journal content forum davos street myspace networking world wall

DreamJobbing: Melding Online And Media To Create A Platform For Dream Jobs


We spoke with Lisa Hennessy , one of the founders of DreamJobbing and an entertainment industry veteran, to learn more about the startup. Lisa Hennessy: I come from a network television background, and my two business partners are from a digital background.

TZ Startup Hot Seat | Vincent Borel Co-Founder of Webdoc

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Webdoc is a web platform that allows you to easily create interactive posts mixing different web contents through a simple and intuitive drag & drop interface. Think YouTube but for creating and virally sharing rich web creations and going beyond broadcast.

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Solaborate: Professional Connections | Founder Interview Labinot Bytyqi

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Solaborate is a blend of great social network platforms, by taking in all the greatest bits and putting it all into one. Consumers all have access to social networks, but the business-side has never really caught on. Solaborate is a professional social media network.

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Interview with Miles Beckett and Greg Goodfried, EQAL


We sat down and spoke with Miles Beckett and Greg Goodfried , co-founders of the firm, about what the firm is up to now, their view on how to mesh entertainment and the Internet, and how to go beyond creating a viral hit. Miles Beckett: Our company EQAL is a social entertainment company, which means two things. On the social side, we build technology to create communities, and social network-style websites.

TechZulu Live from StartupDemo

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Topic discussion: Impact of social media on startups and on funding leads for investors. Investment trends in startups that are about or related to social media. How startup can leverage social media to get investors attention. Click here to watch live on Wednesday Sept.

Spotlight: LA Tech Fall Judges Include Mike Jones, CallFire, Idealab, Tech Coast Angels, Coloft

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This included stabilizing a historically negative traffic and user trend, reducing the operational cost of the business by nearly 90 percent and pivoting the product from its legacy as a social network to a social entertainment destination.

Interview with Sam Rogoway, Near Networks


Well, Los Angeles based Near Networks ( is looking to both reach customers online, and avoid the tacky, lousy production of typical small business ads, with a new service. The company is employing a network of documentary filmmakers and high quality, Hollywood production capability here in Los Angeles to produce small business videos in HD for the web and YouTube. What is Near Networks?

StartupDemo Was a Huge Success!

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We would like give a huge thank you to Social Media Week and the supportive startup community here in Los Angeles. Topic discussion: Impact of social media on startups and on funding leads for investors. Investment trends in startups that are about or related to social media.

Spotlight: LA Tech SuperDemo Announced! | Mike Jones Former Myspace CEO

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This included stabilizing a historically negative traffic and user trend, reducing the operational cost of the business by nearly 90 percent and pivoting the product from its legacy as a social network to a social entertainment destination. is a web hosting and virtualization service provider headquartered in Los Angeles, California. We are just over a month out and we’ve been holding off on this announcement for sometime.

The Startup Guide To SXSW Panel Picking

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Over the past ten years, the rise of the consumer web and the availability of better measurement too. The step by step story of an entrepreneur’s journey from idea to bootstrap web startup from her vi. Your Web Developer Thinks You're an Idiot. Ben Huh, Cheezburger Network.

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