Techstars Studio CTO, In Irvine, Aims To Help Entrepreneurs


Southern California startup founder Isaac Saldana --who co-founded SendGrid --is hoping to help other entrepreneurs create companies , after the $3 billion, all-stock acquisition of SendGrid by Twilio in October. According to Techstars, it appointed Saldana Chief Technology Officer for Techstars Studio , which will help members of the the startup accelerator "rapidly envision, validate, and launch disruptive startups."

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The Ten Commandments for Entrepreneurs

Eric Greenspan

Years ago I began doing a presentation called Think Big for area high schools and colleges which included The Ten Commandments for Entrepreneurs. Part of my Think Big presentation is the 10 Commandments for Entrepreneurs. Entrepreneuring Ignite Motivational Think Big

OK, So Maybe Not ALL MBA Entrepreneurs Are Oxymorons


MBA’s are an easy target for entrepreneurs’ scorn. I too have taken shots at MBA’s, describing why they are not typically well suited for startup life in Why Entrepreneurs Hate (Most) MBAs. Nothing they learned (at Business School) will help them succeed at innovation.”

LawKick: A Modern Way To Find Legal Help


Michael Chasin: is essentially a marketplace that makes it easier than ever to find legal help. How the website works, is the client goes to the website, and indicates what they need help with. If you think about finding legal help, it''s not like you''re buying a t-shirt.

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Restarting – an Entrepreneur’s Journey

Eric Greenspan

I’ll also admit that I went to see a doctor for the first time in years and when she told me I needed help with my depression, I figured why not. I''m a dad, an entrepreneur, coffee farmer, I attend TED, and my hidden passion is in the kitchen. Coffee Entrepreneuring Me

One Book Every Entrepreneur Should Own

Both Sides of the Table

” I have long thought about and written about the personal toll that being an entrepreneur places on your life. These were amongst some of the most read blog posts I have written, which shows me that the stress, pressures and loneliness of being and entrepreneur resonates.

Understanding Your True Character as an Entrepreneur

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To surround him with everything and everyone he loves and let him know he made a difference in my life as well as the lives of so many other people he has helped throughout the years… Vic said to me one night, “Listen. Why do we do all that we do? Is it for the money? The recognition?

Entrepreneurs do not easily retire.


Here are links to help you find copies: HARD COVER book directly from, signed by Dave (with gift inscription if requested): [link]. I followed many of these stated retirees, and very few if any retiring entrepreneurs stay that way for long.

How Catalog Is Helping SMBs Compete Against Big Brands


Earlier this month, Los Angeles-based Catalog (, a startup developing artificial intelligence software to help independent visual artists scale their content production efforts, announced it raised $1.5M We've got our eye on them, helping them with their micro enterprise, allowing them to be creative, and focus on creating beautiful content, because we're bringing business to them in a much more predictable way.

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Honk Launches On Demand Roadside Help Service, Raises $1.8M


Santa Monica-based Honk has launched a service for you, specifically to let you summon roadside help using your smartphone--without a membership. Honk, which launched this morning, said that it has launched nationwide to help connect drivers with more than 20,000 tow and roadside assistance drivers nationwide. Honk is led by serial entrepreneur Corey Brundage. assistance highway call roadside investment investor angel capital venture brundage corey help honk

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10 Startup Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Superheroes


As part of UC Santa Barbara’s Distinguished Lecture Series, Jason Nazar, Co-Founder and CEO of Docstoc , recently shared ten lessons that emerging entrepreneurs can learn from superheroes. Superheroes Help Others. Corporate Culture Entrepreneur Team Building

The Entrepreneur Thesis

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I call it the entrepreneur thesis. I’m not talk about the age old debate amongst investors whether you back entrepreneurs, markets or products (or as people like to hedge – product / market fit). It’s entrepreneurs I back. It’s what I call the “entrepreneur thesis.”

How Do VCs Choose Their Investors (and should entrepreneurs care?)

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I recently read a blog post by Beezer Clarkson, Managing Director of Sapphire Ventures about why entrepreneurs should care about from whom their VC funds raise their capital. But should entrepreneurs really care whom the LPs of a fund are?

Watch an Ad, Help a Nonprofit Out


These alternative platforms have, in turn, grabbed the attention of entrepreneurs who recognize the market vertical isn’t shrinking anytime soon. It’s a fact: young people are becoming more socially conscious these days.

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Entrepreneurs: Take the time to celebrate your exit.


Whether the exit was as large as you hoped, or whether your goals of taking care of all the people who helped you get to this point were realized, the exit itself generates a complex set of emotions in all of us. But what most entrepreneurs fail dramatically at is to celebrate the moment.

Cie Digital Labs Names Entrepreneur In Residence


Irvine-based Cie Digital Labs (CDL) said this week that it has named Jim Davis as the company's new Entrepreneur in Residence. Cie Digital Labs, led by Anderee Berengian, recently has focused on helping brands and also startups take their ideas and turn them into new technology ventures. digital labs entrepreneur residence davis ebay pepsi rezven venture capital

You Can’t Teach People To Be Entrepreneurs, But Entrepreneurs Can Be Taught


Despite the fact that I teach entrepreneurship at UC Santa Barbara , I do not believe that entrepreneurs are created in classrooms. Instead of trying to teach students to be an entrepreneur, I expose my entrepreneurial students to tools that will help them solve real-world problems.

What Makes an Entrepreneur? Four Letters: JFDI

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In case it’s not obvious it’s a play on the Nike slogan, “Just Do It.&# ) I believe that being successful as an entrepreneur requires you to get lots of things done. Good entrepreneurs can admit when their course of action was wrong and learn from it.

Why ADD Might Actually Benefit Startup Entrepreneurs

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” This sentiment is probably familiar to many entrepreneurs and it must certainly resonates with anybody who suspects he or she has ADD. It was called “ Delivered from Distraction ” and it outlines many successful executives with ADD and in particular some famous entrepreneurs. ” So as I realized that ADD is a trait found in many successful CEO and entrepreneurs and that it has this creative benefit I started to feel better and look at how to improve my life.

To Help Boost Female-led Startups, More Women Join Investor Ranks


Houston —Men have long leveraged their networks to succeed in business, and the tech industry has been no exception. Women, finding themselves outside of the club, are now creating their own networks to do the same. Katelyn O’Shaughnessy already had a solid track record, selling TripScope , a travel startup she co-founded in 2013, to Travefy two years ago.

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A Serial Entrepreneur’s Take On Guy Kawasaki’s Enchantment


Although many are entertaining, most fail to provide entrepreneurs with a sufficient return on their time investment. Unfortunately, most business books do not offer entrepreneurs an adequate payoff. For instance, Guy refers to an entrepreneur’s venture as their “cause.”

Making the Internet Smarter at Helping Us

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I’ve been thinking a lot about this over the past two years and bending the ears of any entrepreneur who will humor me to hear what I think the solution needs to look like. Help me cut through the clutter. Recommendation Slicing. The Internet has a problem.

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A Serial Entrepreneur’s Guide To Uncovering Awesome Startup Ideas


Seth is a design-oriented entrepreneur, with little desire to document details. To help guide the students’ evaluation of the feasibility and merit of each idea, I require them to complete a one-page form, as specified in Entrepreneurship Is A Compulsion. Entrepreneur Video

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Inspiring the Next Generation of Female Entrepreneurs

Tech Zulu Event

Hundreds of founders, speakers, mentors, and students flocked to the University of Southern California on March 28 th , 2015 to be inspired by female entrepreneurs. For example, one of our members started a project to help emerging artists put on high-quality exhibits.

What Makes an Entrepreneur? (1/11) – Tenacity

Both Sides of the Table

This is part of my new series on what makes an entrepreneur successful. I originally posted it on VentureHacks , one of my favorite websites for entrepreneurs. I wanted to also post the series here to have it as a resource on my blog for future entrepreneurs who stop by.

POSiBLE LA Entrepreneur Summit

SoCal Tech Calendar

Saturday, May 20, 2017 -- POSiBLE LA Entrepreneur Summit. POSiBLE LA Entrepreneur Summit, a one-day event to empower aspiring business owners to build their ideas and grow their companies. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn from LA's top entrepreneurs and self-made professionals on how to plan, finance, structure, launch and grow a business. a new campaign to help budding female entrepreneurs or family business owners build their financial futures.

Every Entrepreneur Has A Bob Dylan Moment – What’s Yours?


However, like all entrepreneurs, I’ve had multiple versions of my own Dylan Moments. However, my career objectives aside, Computer Motion needed a CFO to help them raise money, so I took the role without hesitation. In contrast, successful entrepreneurs are driven by fear of losing out.

Entrepreneurs Should be Respected, Not Loved

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I wrote several of the characteristics when I did the Top 10 (11) Attributes of an Entrepreneur. How much do we bail out companies that were culpable of helping create our woes and what moral hazards does this create? Tags: Entrepreneur Advice Start-up Advice Startup Advice

Please Help Me Congratulate Jordan Hudson as @UpfrontVC’s Newest Investment Principal

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Please help me congratulate him by Re/Tweeting this post (and following him if you don’t already). Helping be the VC “presence” at key events. Ability to source information easily to help build a thesis around companies / industries / competition.

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Why Aren’t There More Female Entrepreneurs?

Both Sides of the Table

I’m often asked the question about why there aren’t more women who are entrepreneurs. My inspiration to become an entrepreneur came from my mom, not my dad. She was the dominant figure in my family and was both an entrepreneur and a community leader.

What Makes an Entrepreneur (5/11) – Inspiration

Both Sides of the Table

This is part of my new series on what makes an entrepreneur successful. I originally posted it on VentureHacks , one of my favorite websites for entrepreneurs. I started the series talking about what I consider the most important attribute of an entrepreneur : Tenacity.

LA Mayor Garcetti Launches Entrepreneur-in-Residence Program


The effort--which is being sponsored by Ernst & Young LLP--will allow two entrepreneurs to spend a year helping the city with its efforts to create jobs. angeles entrepreneur residence innovation jobs government city garcetti mayor

Should You Really be a Startup Entrepreneur?

Both Sides of the Table

One of the most common questions that entrepreneurs who meet me for the first time like to ask is, “Do you miss being an entrepreneur? On Being an Entrepreneur. The following is a short excerpt of what I said, “… being an entrepreneur is very unsexy.

Entrepreneur’s Don’t Think Enough. Here’s What You Can Do About It …

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Now, I’m pretty on the record that being an entrepreneur is about being great at The Do. I have written about the need for entrepreneurs to take inventory in themselves before deciding whom to hire as the rest of the team. Entrepreneur Advice

This Hollywood Star Proves Entrepreneurs Should Be Clueless


Lamarr collaborated with an unlikely partner and together they created a fundamental invention which helped secure their lives of hundreds of thousands of servicemen and women. The post This Hollywood Star Proves Entrepreneurs Should Be Clueless appeared first on John Greathouse