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However, typical of an Optimistically Pessimistic entrepreneur, Sam never loses hope, and does gives up. his commission, the Prospect’s satisfaction and his company’s revenue) more than compensates him for the short-term discomfort associated with a rejection born of ignorance.

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Startup Children – How To Parent An Entrepreneur (Part I) - Teach Your Children To Create Something Out of Nothing


I recently answered the question “ What are good ways to raise your children to be entrepreneurs? ” I believe that you cannot teach someone to be an entrepreneur, but that you can teach entrepreneurs. Every entrepreneur is faced with making something out of nothing.

Non-millennial Bootstrapping – These 50-Something Entrepreneurs Rejected VC $ And Nailed It


Greathouse: Your collective experiences have clearly made bootstrapping a viable option for you, more so than might be the case for a typical, younger entrepreneur who needs more direction, doesn’t have cash discipline, etc. We both made personal investments in the company.

Why You (And Your Employees) Have To Work


After an exhausting and exhilarating 13-years as a senior startup executive, I looked back on my career with satisfaction, having helped several companies create significant wealth, including: Computer Motion: IPO and later sold to Intuitive Surgical $148 million. Entrepreneur The Fringe

They Just Didn’t Get It: VC Rejection

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A great entrepreneur and company who were just turned down at a notable LA VC firm. 4) Take satisfaction in the knowledge that even smart investors miss opportunities. An investment banker once told me “make it Dick and Jane simple.” (For Entrepreneurs Raising Captial entrepreneurs Erick Arndt VacationJuice venture capitalA billion dollar established market.

Why You Should Put Yourself Out There and Try New Products

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I had blogged when I was an entrepreneur. But how can you invest in technology unless you’re going to use the tools and understand them? Some people draw satisfaction by pointing at you and saying, “See!

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He knew he was an entrepreneur because he couldn’t stop thinking about ideas. Leverage a feedback platform like Get Satisfaction or UserVoice. Seth also spoke about not accepting investment until after gaining traction.

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Top 57 Online Startups Meets Technology Meets Product Posts for November 2010


Timing your startup - Chris Dixon , November 7, 2010 I never had the opportunity to invest in YouTube but I have to admit that if I did I probably would have passed (which of course would have been a huge mistake). Storm Clouds - A VC : Venture Capital and Technology , November 12, 2010 We have enjoyed an amazing run in the web startup and investing space over the past five or six years. have focused this as advice to entrepreneurs building enterprise software ventures today.