One Book Every Entrepreneur Should Own

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Brad Feld seems to write books faster than I can read and write about them. He teamed up with his wife, Amy Batchelor , to write about about the impact that entrepreneurship has on relationships and what to do about it. Entrepreneur Advice

A Serial Entrepreneur’s Take On Guy Kawasaki’s Enchantment


Although many are entertaining, most fail to provide entrepreneurs with a sufficient return on their time investment. Unfortunately, most business books do not offer entrepreneurs an adequate payoff. At the beginning of the index, Guy writes, “I hope Robert Cialdini checks this index.”

How To Snag Lunch With A High-Profile Entrepreneur


I recently received an email from a former student in which he described how he was able to secure a lunch meeting with a high-profile entrepreneur who is operating multiple ventures in parallel. He also noted that, "I probably meet with one or two aspiring entrepreneurs a month.

What Tech Entrepreneurs Could Learn from Chamillionaire

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On why you should be an entrepreneur, “A lot of people do what they have to do. As a teenager he experimented with writing & producing his own rap music and received a lot of feedback from elders that he had a talent with words. I study it every day.&#.

Entrepreneurs Should Create A Degree – Not Buy One Off The Rack


Entrepreneurs create their own jobs, why shouldn’t they also create their own degrees? As described in Should Millennial Entrepreneurs Skip College? most young entrepreneurs benefit greatly from the college experience. Writing / English / Public Speaking.

Now Is Never Too Early For An Entrepreneur - Start Small, Start Now


I was inspired to write this entry after reading Scott Dinsmore’s 11 Quick Actions article. Write about it. As noted in Do Not Seek Your Fortune, Create It , successful entrepreneurs do not wait for someone to shout, “Go!” Entrepreneur Team Building

How This Entrepreneur Raised $28,000 Using Airbnb to Fund Her Startup

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She actually IS the prototypical entrepreneur. But Tracy did what entrepreneurs do. Tracy studied SEOMoz and several other online sources of SEO tips. Sam is the managing director of Launchpad LA and we were about to pick our 2012 class of entrepreneurs.

US Economic Risks (Sept 2010): Impact on Investors & Entrepreneurs

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My advice to entrepreneurs was and is “ when the hors d’oeuvres tray is being passed take two ” (e.g. So I agreed to offer my current thinking on the economy and what it portends for the VC industry & fund raising for entrepreneurs. What does this mean if you’re an entrepreneur?

Five Startup Tips From Bill Gates


"The best way to prepare [to be a programmer] is to write programs, and to study great programs that other people have written. Entrepreneur Iconic AdviceNote: This is an installment in the Iconic Advice series.

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Entrepreneurship: Nature vs. Nurture? A Religious Debate

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There have been many studies done on the topic including looking at twins raised in separate families. There have been studies of adopted children to their natural parents versus the parents that raised them. I have also seen studies on “birth order.&#. Nature vs. Nurture.

Here Are the Details About Upfront Ventures’ Newest EIR – @Chamillionaire

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After seeing Chamillionaire interact with several entrepreneurs both at events and as an investor I started introducing him to startups in an advisory capacity. Five-and-a-half years ago I first met Chamillionaire at a tech conference in LA.

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RingRevenue Creates A New Performance Marketing Revenue Channel


9) In Getting The Band Back Together , I write about the power of serial Founding teams. Do you have any words of caution or advice for entrepreneurs who attempt to “Get Their Band Back Together”? “In There’s lots more info including videos, case studies and more at

Interview with Skyler Lucci, HeyTutor


In terms of where we offer to our customers, we have 250 different areas, from early childhood to studying for an MCAT or the bar. With HeyTutor, we track those lessons, let you write notes down about your clients, we create a tutor profile for you and a hub. After you've done that, and see that it is working, as an entrepreneur, you really start to believe in your product.

Startup Tips From College Dropouts: Zuckerberg, Jobs, Gates, Dell, Ellison, Branson and Disney


For many entrepreneurs, college has little appeal. Academia’s arbitrary, bureaucratic structure, combined with its predominant focus on theoretical issues, causes many entrepreneurs to depart college early. Entrepreneurs are misfits. Entrepreneurs are often societal rejects.

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Want To Be A TechStar? Read Brad Feld and Jason Mendelson’s New Book: Venture Deals


I concluded that it is an effective tool for leveling the playing field between sophisticated investors and emerging entrepreneurs. I have subsequently recommended the book to number of students as well as emerging entrepreneurs, all of whom expressed positive feedback. .

Moving Analytics | Sitting Kills, Moving Heals

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You recently conducted a pilot study. Can you share with us how the learnings of this pilot study impacted your strategy? Before we did the study we did a lot of research to see how best we could show the data. And the funding for this study came through the PhD program at USC?

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Why I Backed a 24-Year-Old Trying to Assess Human Potential

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I speak a lot on college campuses and entrepreneur events and amongst the most common things I’m asked to talk about are: What do VCs fund? Hard Problems I encourage entrepreneurs to try and tackle harder problems even if it makes fund raising more difficult and is less likely to succeed.

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The Danger of Crocodile Sales

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I know because many entrepreneurs I spend time with I can tell are in their own brains when we’re meeting rather than trying to understand what my position is. You’re in sales mode. Tags: Entrepreneur Advice Sales & Marketing Advice Start-up Advice Startup Advice

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How to Know if You Have ADD and What to Do About It

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I believe many entrepreneurs have ADD. I have checked Twitter at least 10 times during the writing of this post so far and Facebook 3 times. I can’t write a blog post and then wait 3 days to publish. I study for tests last minute.

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What Can You Learn from the 4-Hour Workweek?

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Want to take a year pursuing your dream to write a screenplay, travel through Asia, run a triathlon or start your own fashion line? Not everybody is geared up to be an entrepreneur – Tim Ferriss is obviously a very talented individual.

Why I Look for Obsessive and Competitive Founders

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This blog started from a series of conversations I found myself having over and over again with founders and eventually decided I should just start writing them.It I’ve even written about the Top 12 attributes of an entrepreneur here (each number is clickable). Obsession.

What Makes a Great Independent Board Member?

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When an entrepreneur takes on investors who take equity (i.e. I really like it when independent directors write a check into the company. If a multi-millionaire writes even a $25,000 I assure you that it has a psychological impact on how they’re thinking about the company.

How to Be a Good Board Member

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I have been writing a series on how startup boards get selected, who sits on them and what to avoid. Equally, put away your computer, your iPad or whatever other electronic device you use unless it’s 100% in note-taking mode and you’re using a stylus to write.

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March Capital Partners' Jim Armstrong On A New, $240M Venture Fund


At Idealab, we saw many shots on goal with companies who were consumer focused, and we have found the quality of entrepreneurs going to consumer Internet companies has changed dramatically, which represents a real opportunity. It's all about the entrepreneur.

Craft your roadmap. Plan your trip.


Richa is a successful entrepreneur and technologist giving back to the entrepreneurial community in many ways, including his weekly Internet TV program on entrepreneurism, and participation in several mentoring programs. . By JJ Richa.

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Quick Hack to Make Your Boss (and you) More Productive

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“A study by Microsoft showed just how lethal interruptions are to productivity. He also write a nice post on limiting email and managing on the important / urgent matrix from the perspective on a recovering ex investment banker.

Why you should never have a data room — the most counter-intuitive fund-raising advice you’ll ever…

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If you’ve got the skills to be a strong entrepreneur then it shouldn’t be too difficult to find people who know a partner at a VC firm and if you can build relationship with them you can get introduced. Most entrepreneurs (and VCs raising from LPs) think this means progress.

Serious Presentation Tips From Standup Comics


Comedians are entrepreneurs. They often write their own material, book their gigs, arrange their travel and negotiate and collect their compensation from club owners. In addition, both comedians and entrepreneurs must engage and entertain their demanding audiences.

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Pour And Stir II – Managing Your Cost Per Customer


As Marketing Guru Guy Gabriel of Idea Engineering points out in Max Brand , viral marketing has made many an entrepreneur terminally ill. Tags: Entrepreneur Strategic Planning The Fringe “I know half the money I spend on advertising is wasted, but I can never find out which half.”

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How Many Investors Should You Talk to in a VC Fund Raise? And How Do You Prioritize?

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If you’re raising a round where a new lead investor would invest $5 million the VC fund must have no less than $100 million and if you’re looking for them to write $15–20 million as the lead their fund realistically should be at least $400 million.

The Corrosive Nature of Over-Introducers

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These people are like the friend in college who always tempted you by telling you about the latest party when you were at the library studying. Mostly I just wanted to write this as a reminder to founders to be suspicious of people who constantly introduce you around.

Top 120 Startup Posts for 2010


IP Law for Startups , June 23, 2010 Groupon’s Growth Made Possible by Facebook - Leveraging Ideas , May 5, 2010 Automating Themed Logo Changes by Season - An Internet Entrepreneur's Journey , October 18, 2010 Selling a Business - A Guide for Investors and Entrepreneurs - Angel Blog , February 28, 2010 Minimum Viable Product in practice - Guy Nirpaz , October 17, 2010 Want to Know How VC’s Calculate Valuation Differently from Founders?

Goodbye Jody. You Really Were Awesome

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I’ll write you an angel check, then. Look at their entrepreneurs – they are 28, computer programmers and they went to Harvard or Stanford. And how to think about being an entrepreneur. How smart she was – studying to be a doctor.

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VC Confessions: We Passed On Twilio’s Seed Round


We typically do not ask entrepreneurs to visit our offices in Santa Barbara, but Jeff wanted to meet with Kevin, an investor in our Fund who helped us vet opportunities and occasionally invested alongside of us. A version of this article previously appeared on Forbes.

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Avoid Monoculture. Travel. Read Widely. Let Experience be Your Compass.

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Esther was talking about problems and entrepreneurs as far away as Russia. Even from a young age, my experiences as president of my college fraternity were more formative in my experiences as an entrepreneur than my economics classes were. He is lauded and told that he should study.

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