LAC Group Gets Private Equity Investment


Los Angeles-based LAC Group , a provider of outsourced library, information, and knowledge management services, said today that it has received a private equity investment from TZP Growth Partners I. LAC Group, which was founded in 1986, offers up outsourced library services to corporations, government agencies, law firms, financial institutions, and universities. equity private outsourcing management library group

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Vereco Acquired By Stella Point Capital


Laguna Niguel-based Vereco , a hospital and healthcare document management provider and outsourcer, has been acquired by private equity investor Stella Point Capital. vereco stella point capital healthcare hospital document management private equity health lifescience outsourcingThe acquisition was financed by a senior credit facility from Monroe Capital LLC. Financial details of the deal were not annoucned.

TaskUs Takes $250M From Blackstone


Santa Monica-based business outsourcing service provider TaskUs , founded by Bryce Maddock and Jaspar Weir, said this morning that it has raised $250M in an investment round. The investment came from private equity investor Blackstone Group. TaskUs has made its name providing much of the back end customer service and business process outsourcing for many, on-demand and Internet companies, across the ride sharing, social media, online food delivery, e-commerce and other areas.

Platinum Equity Buys OAO Technology Solutions


Los Angeles-based Platinum Equity has acquired OAO Technology Solutions , a provider of managed IT services and solutions based in Maryland, the firm announced this morning. Platinum Equity said it acquired OAO Technology Solutions from an affiliate of J.F. OAOT provides managed IT services to government agencies, Fortune 500 companies, and global outsourcing firms. Tags: platinum equity merger acquisition private financial services

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TaskUs Takes $15M In Funding


The funding came from Phillipnes-based private equity investor Navegar. The startup outsources all kinds of of the back office tasks required by high tech companies like, Expensify, Groupon, Uber, Tinder, and many others. taskus venture capital phillipines outsourcing startup uber groupon outsource

TaskUs Continues Rapid Growth, Hits 15,000 Employees


Santa Monica-based business process outsourcing provider TaskUs , which provides customer service/experience, business processing, and other services to companies like Tinder, Hootsuite, and Mailchimp, has hit 15,000 employees, as it continues its rapid growth. The company, which is now backed by private equity investor Blackstone, was started by Bruce Maddock and Jaspar Weir with $20,000, living with their parents for the first three years before the company took off.

The Gores Group Buys GE Healthcare Strategic Sourcing


Los Angeles-based private equity investor The Gores Group announced this morning that it has completed the acquisition of GE Healthcare STrategic Sourcing , from GE Healthcare. and provides electronic billing and electronic medical records outsourcing. gores group merger acquisition healthcare strategic sourcing lifescience outsourcing private equity

HandsOn3 Buys BancTec


Santa Monica-based buyout fund HandsOn3 said Thursday that it has acquired BancTec , a business process outsourcing (BPO) company based in Dallas, Texas. banctec handson3 buyout private equity merger acquisition business process outsourcing dataforce group Financial terms of the buy were not disclosed. According to HandsOn3, it will combine BancTec with its existing portfolio company, Dataforce Group, creating a combined company with annual revenues of over $280M.

TaskUs Tops 5,000 Employees


Santa Monica-based TaskUs , the outsourcing firm founded by Jaspar Weir and Bryce Maddock, said today that it has just passed up 5,000 employees. The company--which had just over 1,000 employees in 2014, and started with a mere 5 employees in 2011--says it now has five outsourcing centers in the Philippines. taskus growth jobs employment philippines back office outsourcing

ClearLight Partners Sells Portfolio Firm


Newport Beach-based private equity firm ClearLight Partners said earlier this week that it has agreed to sell The Outsource Group , one of its portfolio companies, to Parallon Business Solutions , a subsidiary of HCA Holdings. The OutSource Group was based in St. ClearLight said The Outsource Group had annual revenues in excess of $100M. ClearLight has been an investor in The Outsource Group since December of 2004.

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Cast & Crew Acquired by Silver Lake


Burbank-based Cast & Crew Entertainment Services , a provider of technology and payroll services to the entertainment industry, said today that it has acquired by private equity investor Silver Lake. castcrew silver lake financing capital accounting value added merger acquisition private equity entertainment hollywood content accountant outsourced

CanopyHR Gets Investment


Irvine-based CanopyHR Solutions , a provider of outsourced payroll and human resources services, announced today that it has received a investment from Claritas Capital Fund III, L.P. The firm said the financing was an "early stage" equity deal. Tags: canopyhr human resources payroll outsourcing venture capital

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CoreObjects Scores $2M In Venture Funding


Los Angeles-based CoreObjects , a provider of outsourced product development services to the venture-backed technology community, has raised $2.0M in a equity funding round, according to a regulatory filing by the firm today. Tags: development software outsourced capital venture coreobjects Details on the funding have not yet been released by the company.

CoreObjects Acquired By Indian Firm


CoreObjects has a deep presence in providing services to Los Angeles startups; the firm has provided its services to such firms as, Xoova, Practice Technologies, and many others, and reportedly has taken warrants and equity stakes in a number of local startups as part of their development deals. Tags: coreobjects merger acquisition software outsourcing symphony

7 Business Mistakes Serial Entrepreneurs Never Make (Twice)


Evaluate their sincerity by asking them to accept equity in exchange for all or a portion of their overall compensation. “Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself.”. Eleanor Roosevelt – US Diplomat & Wife of President Franklin Roosevelt.

Clearlake Capital Buys Tolt Services Group


Santa Monica-based private equity investor Clearlake Capital said this morning that it has acquired Tolt Services Group , an outsource, IT services company, and merged it with Kyrus Solutions , to form a new company called Tolt Solutions. Financial details of the deal were not announced.

Ten Rookie Startup Mistakes You Won’t Make


Ask them to accept equity in exchange for all or a portion of their overall compensation. In Beware The Consultant , I describe how you can structure such equity-based relationships. “Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself.”.

How to Configure Your Startup Team

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But not anal if one founder who shares equity graciously with early employees who are treated as “co-founders” My idea startup team is heaving on tech personnel but also has strong product management.

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In 15 Years From Now Half of US Universities May Be in Bankruptcy. My Surprise Discussion with @ClayChristensen

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But “on capital employed” encourages companies to push more off balance sheet and thus into offshore & outsourced situations. ” Money is not debt or equity but a “license to use their capital.”

Outbound VC Dialing Programs – Total Disrespect for Entrepreneurs

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Many of the growth equity firms have had outbound dialing programs for years. Growth equity firms typically target profitable businesses that are often not technical in nature. Perhaps outbound dialing / emailing programs worked well for growth equity firms in their core business.

inQ Becomes TouchCommerce


Agoura Hills-based inQ, a provider of outsourced web sales services, has renamed itself TouchCommerce, the firm said today. The firm has previously raised funding from Dolphin Equity, Emergence Capital Partners, Hudson Ventures, Partech International, and Vertrue. inQ did not detail reasons for the name change. inQ offers web chat services for e-commerce web sites, which helps to close online sales and guide users to select and find products.

Top 120 Startup Posts for 2010


Both Sides of the Table , July 22, 2010 An updated Digital Trends presentation - Jeff Hilimire , June 2, 2010 I do what I hate - Jessica Mah , January 7, 2010 Startup Equity Allocation - , January 11, 2010 When good investment decisions end up backing more women CEOs: Conversation with Cameron Lester at Azure Capital. Some really great stuff in 2010 that aims to help startups around product, technology, business models, etc.

Technology , Cocktails, and Incubators in Santa Barbara

Steve Reich

Klaus, who has started two companies in Santa Barbara incubators, pointed out that he gets great leverage from “outsourcing” all of the headaches of setting up phones, data lines, and office admin to incubators.

How to Get Your Startup Acquired by Larger Brands

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Instead of seeking more venture capital or taking on equity partners, many business owners decide to sell when they believe they have reached a certain level of success and can best leverage company assets. Key functions should not be outsourced.

Technology Roles in Startups


Development plans and resourcing, in-house, outsource, off-shore Other development and operational plans and resourcing Interviewing resources Coaching or managing developers or others Discussions with key partners or customers Technical innovations, protection, patents Networking and Introductions It’s worthwhile to think through some of the specifics of what gaps exist among the current team and hence where you might want to augment the team.

The Master Checklist of EVERYTHING You Need to Start a Business

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Clarify who gets equity , and how much. If outsourced development is needed, use Guru or Elance I’ve spent almost 20 years starting businesses and helping hundreds of clients, colleges & friends start theirs.

What Should You Do with Your Crappy Little Services Business?

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The founders could reinvest this in growth (0% tax, focus on future equity growth) or take the profits of $12 million and divide amongst the founding partners. This post originally appeared on TechCrunch.

Hiring MBA’s by the Hour | Inventing Work 2.0 with Skillbridge

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What if you could combine the flexibility of outsourcing with the quality level of highly skilled strategists? A few scenarios for us to consider: You’re looking to grow the business and want to scale into new territory.

Top 40 Startup Posts for August 2010


equity debate. Converts versus equity deals - Chris Dixon , August 31, 2010 There has been a debate going on the past few days over whether seed deals should be funded using equity or convertible notes (converts). If you’d like to learn how to do this for, click here, and for Flipboard, click here Some Thoughts On Convertible Debt - A VC : Venture Capital and Technology , August 31, 2010 Seth Levine has a long and thoughtful post on convertible debt vs equity.

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Top 57 Online Startups Meets Technology Meets Product Posts for November 2010


Equity-Only CTO and Equity-Only Developers - SoCal CTO , November 1, 2010 I had a recent email dialog with the founder of a company looking for a CTO for their startup. 10 Tips for Enterprise Software Startups - ReadWriteStart , November 16, 2010 I started my career in enterprise software in the 1980s and after some years working in other areas (outsourcing and online media) I am back in the enterprise software game.

Kareo: Bringing The Power Of the Cloud to Small Medical Practices


We also have a cloud-baesd, billing and practice management solutions, which enables them to manage all of their internal financial processes, and we also have solutions for billing and cloud-based outsourcing of back office tasks. We''ve raised around $72 million now in equity capital.

Why The Growth Of The Internet Is Driving EdgeCast's Revenues


Instead, they outsource to an expert like Edegcast. We're privately funded today, with some equity from Menlo Ventures and Steamboat Ventures.

Carving An Internet Niche With


We also sold one of our largest sites to a private equity firm in the real estate niche, and narrowed our focus down to We never have to worry about monetization, and outsource that to Google. You often hear the advice: do one thing, and do it well.

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Interview with John Tomich, Onestop Internet


The company was incorporated in January of 2004, and we provide outsource e-commerce services to organizations, such as brands and retailers. We started getting approached by venture capital and private equity, and we have eight figures in revenue. Yesterday, Rancho Dominguez-based Onestop Internet ( announced that the firm has raised $13.3M in a Series A venture round.

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Frank Addantes FounderBlog: GoogleClick - Who owns your cash register?

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Outsourcing ▼ April (1) GoogleClick - Who owns your cash register?