Framework Benchmarks


Framework Benchmarks. How much does your framework choice affect performance? Authors Note: Were using the word "framework" loosely to refer to platforms, micro-frameworks, and full-stack frameworks. Plain Go delivers the best showing for a non-JVM framework.

Framework Benchmarks Round 16


Now in its fifth year, the TechEmpower Framework Benchmarks project has another official round of results available. See [link] — TechEmpower Framework Benchmarks (@TFBenchmarks) May 17, 2018.

Frameworks Round 2


Last week, we posted the results of benchmarking several web application development and frameworks. Repeating its performance from last week, the Netty platform holds a commanding lead for JSON serialization on EC2.

Framework Benchmarks Round 9


The latest round of our ongoing Framework Benchmarks project is now available! Since the first round, we have known that the highest-performance frameworks and platforms have been network-limited by our gigabit Ethernet.

Frameworks Round 4


We’ve posted Round 4 of our ongoing project measuring the performance of many web application frameworks and platforms. As with previous rounds, the developer community has contributed several additional frameworks for Round 4, bringing the total to 57!

Framework Benchmarks Round 10


Round 10 of the Framework Benchmarks project is now available! These contributions have improved the project''s toolset and added many new framework test implementations. Round Frameworks Framework permutations.

Framework Benchmarks Round 8


Merry Christmas web framework performance aficionados! What better way to celebrate the holidays than by cheering on your favorites as they race through a variety of application fundamentals in the biggest web platform grudge match of the season?

Framework Benchmarks Round 15


And the perfect start is selecting high-performance platforms and frameworks. Results from Round 15 of the Web Framework Benchmarks project are now available! What better day than Valentine's Day to renew one's vow to create high-performance web applications?

Frameworks Round 6


July marks the fourth month of our ongoing project measuring the performance of web application frameworks and platforms. By popular demand, Round 6 introduces a plaintext test that uses HTTP pipelining, implemented in 14 frameworks so far.

Frameworks Round 3


We''ve previously posted two rounds of results of benchmarking many web application platforms and frameworks. Speaking of pull requests, we received tests for several additional frameworks since Round 2 and we have posted Round 3.

Framework Benchmarks Round 7


Happy Halloween fans of web development frameworks! After a several-month hiatus, Round 7 of our project measuring the performance of web application frameworks and platforms is available! Round 7 includes many new framework test implementations contributed by the community.

Frameworks Round 5


We have posted Round 5 of our ongoing project measuring the performance of web application frameworks and platforms. Some frameworks reacted to the new request headers in unexpected ways.

Framework Benchmarks Round 13


Round 13 of the ongoing Web Framework Benchmarks project is here! The project now features 230 framework implementations (of our JSON serialization test) and includes new entrants on platforms as diverse as Kotlin and Qt.

Framework Benchmarks Round 14


Results from Round 14 of the Web Framework Benchmarks project are now available! We have, in fact, observed volatility with a small number of frameworks and aim to investigate and address each as time permits.

Framework Benchmarks Round 18


Round 18 of the TechEmpower Framework Benchmarks project is now available! It is acceptable for it to be recomputed by the platform or framework once per second, and cached as a string or byte buffer for the duration of that second. To keep frameworks from breaking the test environments by consuming too much memory, the toolset now limits the amount of memory provided to the containers used by test implementations.

Framework Benchmarks Hardware Update


We have retired the hardware environment provided by Server Central for our Web Framework Benchmarks project. Ten-gigabit Ethernet gives the highest-performing frameworks opportunity to shine. If your contributed framework or platform performs best with hand-tuning based on cores, please send us a pull request to adjust the necessary parameters. We want to sincerely thank Server Central for having provided servers from their lab environment to our project.

Framework Benchmarks Round 17


We're happy to announce that Round 17 of the TechEmpower Framework Benchmarks project is now available. Since the adoption of Continuous Benchmarking , the creation of an official Round is a fairly simple process: Try to reduce errors in framework implementations. We want an official Round to have a solid showing by as many frameworks as feasible given limited personnel bandwidth. Round 17 is now measuring 179 frameworks.

ReachLocal Open Sources Mobile App Development Framework


Woodland Hills-based ReachLocal , which offers up local, online marketing services for small and medium sized businesses, said this morning that it has released a chunk of software to the open source community, to help others develop cross-platform, mobile apps. ReachLocal said its open source framework, LigerMobile, was originally developed to power its ReachEdge mobile app for Android and iOS. reachlocal mobile development framework open source github ligermobile

Choosing a Programming Language and Framework for Your Startup


We had an interesting presentation at the LA CTO Forum by the CTO of a startup who chose Groovy / Grails as the framework for their startup. t prompted a good discussion around how CTOs go about choosing the programming language and framework for their startup. For example, you might choose Sencha if you are building apps that run natively on several platforms (e.g., There are LOTs of language and frameworks to choose from.

Performance competition is a good thing


If you've not been watching the ASP.NET team's community standups , you have missed some surprisingly transparent, interesting, and oftentimes funny updates from a major web application framework development team. As Ben Adams writes in his article detailing the achievement , that is 23 times better than prior to the start of optimization work within the framework! We started the Framework Benchmarks project to collect data about performance. We love this!

Think about Performance Before Building a Web Application


A high-performance application (notably, one based on a high-performance platform) will be capable of performing modestly complex algorithmic work on behalf of users without necessarily requiring the construction of a complex system architecture. Framework Benchmarks.

Web 328

Journey Platform To Build Data Gathering Mobile Apps | Co-founder Interview Conrad Hofmeyr

Tech Zulu Event

Journey is a platform to build data gathering mobile apps much faster than would traditionally have been possible. For the most part, our competitors offer fairly generic technology platforms that allow professional software developers to build a huge variety of mobile apps.

TechEmpower Benchmarks and the Microsoft ASP.NET Core 1.0 Performance Story


I’ve had lots of conversations with fellow CTOs about the TechEmpower Web Framework Benchmarks. Some really appreciate the value that they bring to help them understand performance characteristics of different frameworks.

Transportation Weekly: Uber’s spending habits, Tesla Model Y, scooters and AVs in Austin

TechCrunch LA

The framework of the agreement is expected to include VW making an investment into Ford-backed autonomous vehicle startup Argo AI. Some companies were already operating these services; this action created a regulatory framework.

Amanda Coolong


She’s a digital media strategist with deep expertise engaging audiences across multiple platforms. Amanda believes in bringing context back to storytelling via layered, non-linear stories that create a framework for genuinely understanding an issue

How New Ventures Can Avoid Conventional Media Costs

Startup Professionals Musings

They advocate investing in their new framework, where the Z.E.R.O. This includes your website, blog, and presence on social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, and many more.

Media 101

Everything about Java 8


Preview builds of Java 8, specifically the "Project Lambda" builds, can be downloaded from Java™ Platform, Standard Edition 8 Early Access with Lambda Support. This JSR 308 website may be outdated at this point, but it does a better job of explaining the motivation for these changes than I could possibly do: "Type Annotations (JSR 308) and the Checker Framework". The following post is a comprehensive summary of the developer-facing changes coming in Java 8.

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7 Common Themes That Indicate An Extraordinary Leader

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I believe these will really help anyone recognize great leaders, and even more importantly, accelerate their own entrepreneur leadership transformation: Demonstrates a burning ambition and a burning platform (fire metaphor).

Coach 102

Pragmatism with Flavor


Platforms eschew threading and then re-invent threading anew. But a newly minted developer given access to Hacker News can develop ADD in a week's time, waste countless hours reading the opinions of professional and amateur technology opinion-makers, and nervously fidget about selecting the hippest framework and libraries to (briefly) avoid the scorn of hacker pop culture. We work with clients to get them off the ground with a platform to build their business.

AT&T Ramps Artificial Intelligence Efforts


AT&T --which has been ramping its operations and presence in the tech world in Los Angeles--said today that it is unveiling a new artificial intelligence (AI) platform called Acumos. The new, open-source platform is aimed at enabling programmers and researchers to more easily develop machine learning and AI software.

OpenStack LA

SoCal Tech Calendar

SUSE Cloud is an enterprise-class platform that is integrated with Crowbar, the open source framework that manages and configures the OpenStack deployment. Thursday, November 29, 2012 -- OpenStack LA. Moving along, we have a terrific presenter who is traveling a great distance to chat with us. Rick Ashford, Linux Technical Sales Specialist, is based in Austin, TX and works for SUSE. He has generously donated his time to talk about his company?s s OpenStack distro, SUSE Cloud.

7 Steps To A Winning Social Media Marketing Campaign

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They randomly churn for hours a day on a couple of their favorite social media platforms, with little thought given to goals, objectives, or metrics; and ultimately give up and fall back to traditional marketing approaches.

10 Leadership Elements That Work In Today’s Business

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I share her view of the ten key elements of the basic framework and vocabulary of open information sharing and open decision making: Explaining: creating buy-in. New publishing tools, like blogs, collaboration platforms, and even Twitter provide updates that are easily available.

Building Your MVP as a Non-Technical Founder


Leverage Existing Platforms or Third Party Products - you want to test your social network, grab Drupal and whip something together, or even just use a hosted service. I did a presentation this week at Coloft that looked at how Non-Technical Founders can go about getting their MVP built.

CTO 358

Hackathon Targets Orange County Web Developers


In one of the newest "hackathons" to hit Southern California, a group of companies are looking to draw Orange County software developers to a new hackathon, geared around WebRTC, the open "Web Real Time Communications" framework aimed at helping developers create voice and video chat applications.