Geni Turns Family Trees Into Posters


West Hollywood-based , the online genealogy and family tree site, said Monday afternoon that it has rolled out a new product--one that takes the family tree from the service, and turns it into a paper poster. Geni is venture backed by Charles River Ventures and the Founders Fund.

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Interview with David Sacks, Geni and Yammer


We sat down with David to catch up on what Geni and Yammer are doing, plus got his insights into entrepreneurship and the Paypal mystique. David Sacks: As you know, Geni is creating a family tree of the whole world, and layering in a family social network and family wiki on top of that.

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Interview with Milo Sindell, Knowledge Genie


This morning, Knowledge Genie ( launched a new web site that helps experts and authors publish online information to the web. What is the idea behind Knowledge Genie? Milo Sindell: Knowledge Genie is a software platform that anybody can use to capture, package, and publish what they know into an interactive online software application. We call this a "Genie," and you can build a Genie using Knowledge Genie.

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Tyler Jacks, Cancer Moonshot Panel Co-Chair, Discusses Roadmap


The FDA agreed this summer to reorganize the way it evaluates drugs, diagnostics, and other cancer-related products. X : This sounds a lot like the GENIE project to pool patient data among seven top cancer centers. GENIE is one of several ongoing.

Spotlight: LA Tech Is Back For The New Year! A Call for Submissions!

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And what better way to ring in the new year then to give companies the chance to highlight their hard work and amazing product through TechZulu's Spotlight: LA Tech event. Business Culture Entrepreneurship Events News Startup Distribber Geni Namesake Social Annex Spotlight TekTrak ZugaraHappy New Year everyone! Visit TechZulu for full story.

Why We Can’t Let Luddites Ruin Global Trade

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They were a movement in England during the Industrial Revolution who had the objective of ruining machinery that was used to build products at scale. And of course since machinery costs money and lowers the number of people required to produce a product it pitted labor vs. capital.

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Never Hire Job Hoppers. Never. They Make Terrible Employees

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It all started yesterday when Jason Calacanis sent a Tweet telling GenY’ers / Millennials or whatever people under 30 want to be called these days that job hoppers look like “flakes. &# I simply sent a supporting Tweet saying that I agreed. Google offers your product for free.

On Leadership, Teams, Success & Happiness

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Some investors are team focused, others market focused, others seems to look for product / market fit. Only then can I even care about product, market or their nebulous “fit.&#. They even fund people with no product. I love the design of your product.

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History of Cheating and Cheat Codes in Video Games

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Eventually even products entirely devoted to cheating emerged, like the Game Genie cartridge. Have you ever wondered why cheating and cheat codes have been such an important part of gaming for so long?

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Coloft Hackfest And Your Chance At $4K In Cash! All Thanks to BetterWorks

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Enterprise Software sucks, and if you’re an engineer or product designer, we invite you to join this hackathon to reinvent business 2 business software. Co-founder of Yammer, and Geni. Come by yourself and team up or bring your engineering/product design friends.

Social Networking and Business Value


Social networking sites and microblogs are used not only to build company brands, but to foster productivity; social media tools help build communities around the question, "What are you working on?" Formerly, he was Managing Director of both Product Management and of Business Development at Los Angeles Times Interactive. He has performed this role since the company’s inception after Yammer was spun-out of Geni Inc. (a

GumGum Confirms Investment Round


Advisors to the firm include David Sacks of Geni (formerly of PayPal) and Vince Thompson (formerly of AOL and Facebook). Publishers are really hurting online, and this is a new revenue opportunity for our publishing partners," Tanz told socalTECH, saying that the firm is now reaching over 50 million unique visitors a month, and has been seeing huge growth in adoption of its product.

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Tech Titans Peter Thiel, Matt Jacobson, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, Mich Mathews, Elon Musk Buy Homes in Los Angeles

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In February, Googles YouTube signed a lease for about 40,000 square feet of production space in Playa Vista. Facebook. Twitter. WSJ Live. WSJ Live. MarketWatch. MarketWatch. Barrons. Barrons. AllThingsDigital. AllThingsDigital. Factiva. Factiva. BigCharts. Financial News. Professor Journal.

The Work of Film Through Technology: Interview with CG Supervisor Morris May

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I have worked on CG films where the script was re-written half way through production several times,” explains May. One of my favorite examples of this would be Robbin Williams as the CG animated genie in Aladdin,” exclaims Morris excitedly. Story and production.

Digiday Mobile: The Future Of Mobile Media Live

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Will Hsu, Chief Product Officer for AT&T Interactive Jordan Rohan, Managing Director of Equity Research, Internet and Digital Media, Thomas Weisel Partners. In this session, you'll hear from the experts on what the future really holds for the app and if there is a genie in the bottle.