In Maine, Making Cancer DNA Tests Free—And Asking Tough Questions


But the commercial tests used to decipher cancer’s genetic fingerprints are still an elite tool, often reserved for clinical studies and major cancer centers, and are. Has the era of genetic oncology arrived? Last week, the biomedical world took a notable step in that direction when the FDA said Merck’s drug pembrolizumab (Keytruda), already one of the world’s most successful cancer immunotherapies, could now treat any tumor with a particular genetic fingerprint.

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Tyler Jacks, Cancer Moonshot Panel Co-Chair, Discusses Roadmap


Is this akin to a nationwide study, like the government’s precision medicine initiative ? TJ : No, it’s not a national study or clinical trial. X : This sounds a lot like the GENIE project to pool patient data among seven top cancer centers.

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On Leadership, Teams, Success & Happiness

Both Sides of the Table

Phenomenal tech talent including the co-founder of Farmville- Zao Yang – AND ALSO the lead product designer – George Ishii – for Yammer & Geni. Lately the topic of leadership & teams has been coming up a lot in my daily life.

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Why We Can’t Let Luddites Ruin Global Trade

Both Sides of the Table

I know not everybody will agree but I can assure you those who don’t never studied Comparative Economics or Ricardo because the theory and math are very sound. To try and pretend we can put the genie back in the bottle on globalization is a fantasy. Luddites.

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Digiday Mobile: The Future Of Mobile Media Live

Tech Zulu Event

Dave Gwozdz, CEO of Mojiva will highlight some findings of this recent study called "State of the Industry in Mobile." In this session, you'll hear from the experts on what the future really holds for the app and if there is a genie in the bottle.