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Amazon Betas Gets Greenlight


The comedy pilot, which is set in the "land of Silicon Valley start-ups", is actually being filmed at ROC Santa Monica, the real-life, startup coworking space which recently opened in Google's old Santa Monica offices. Amazon said that Betas is the eighth comedy pilot added to its lineup, and will be avialable for free on Amazon Instant Video, LOVEFiLM UK and LOVEFiLM Germany. amazon betas greenlight content hollywood technology startup high tech

Smart Voice Assistants Will Spread From Talking Devices To Apps in 2017


Signs are that the Amazon Echo and Google Home—both equipped with smart voice assistants—will turn out to be blockbuster sellers of the holiday gift season of 2016. Let’s say an Amazon Echo owner wants to order take-out coffee for pick-up on the.

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The Five Major Tech Trends of 2016


Back in 2013, Google reported that 90 percent of multiple device owners switch between screens to complete tasks, using an average of three different combinations every day.

Why Google Fiber? Moat-widening Endeavor & Future of Computing.

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In twenty years, Fiber will be one of Google’s most valuable assets. 2) Fiber is a means to Google’s vision of the future of computing. Apple, Google, Facebook, and Amazon are striving to be the super-mega technology company that owns every layer of the value chain.

The Evolution of the App Stores


In many ways, Apple and Google are following similar paths. At their annual developer conferences, Google I/O, held last month, and Apple’s WWDC, last week they both announced updates to their development platforms. Competing with Apple in this area has been challenging for Google.

50 Podcasts You Should Be Listening To—and 5 New Ways to Find Them


If you’re not much of a podcast listener and you have a sense that you’re missing out on a lot of great content, you’re absolutely right. But now is a good time to fix that, thanks to a new profusion of listening options. And to get you started, I have a few shows to suggest. Fifty of them, in fact. I’ve always been a big fan of podcasts—and I mean always, back to the days of the very first podcasts around 2004.

Goodreads Decouples From Amazon


The move is a fairly significant one for Goodreads, which grew initially completely reliant on book information and cover art from, but which has grown its reach well beyond Amazon. Amazon's API was originally designed not for services like Goodreads, but for affiliate marketers who wanted to feature books to drive referral sales on Amazon; Goodreads' reviews and ratings are now featured on such sites as Google and other third party sites.

UX For The Real World

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Did you also know that your Android apps will run on the Amazon Fire tablet and phone? You just need to submit the app you sent to the Google Play Store to the Amazon store. Also, Google launched Android Wear and took another crack at TV with the Nexus Player.

A Look at Google’s New Network Security Tool

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As a response to the growing fears over internet security, Google released a new network security tool in November called nogotofail, the goal being a safer internet for everyone. Google touted this characteristic when it first announced the tool, and it’s easy to see why.

Amazon, Uber, and Bill Gates’s Robot Tax: An Automation Snapshot


Gets Real , our annual robotics and artificial intelligence conference at Google’s offices in Kendall Square, let’s connect a few dots around the topic of automation. As we gear up for Robo Madness 2017: A.I. In just the past day or two: —Uber has started testing self-driving cars in Tempe, AZ , after having its tests banned in San Francisco in December. (Of

How Connectifier Is Applying Search Technology To Recruiting, With John Jersin


What if searching for people to recruit to your company was as easy as running a search in Google? John Jersin: We're building a search platform, similar to how Google crawls the web, picking up information about professionals, and aggregating that together into our search index.

Connectifier Gets $6M For Recruiting Software


Connectifier is led by John Jersin, and is heavily staffed with former Google engineers, along with other computer science researchers who have worked at Apple, Amazon, LinkedIn, Microsoft, and elsewhere. connectifier recruiting software venture capital search google googler artificial intelligence computerOrange County-based Connectifier , a sttup founded by ex-Googlers, and which is developing search-powered recruiting software, has raised $6M in a Series A.

Google Express Expands Into Southern California


Google said Thursday that it is expanding its Google Express next day delivery service across Southern California, and will offer next day delivery from such stores like Costco, Target, Kohl's, and L'Occitane en Provence. Google did not say which zip codes in Southern California that it will offer the next day shipping, only that it will offer up the new service in "new cities, towns and rural areas" in Southern California.

6 Top Trends For The Digital World In 2016

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I suspect that the merged offerings from large vendors (Microsoft, Google) will get better, but that upstarts will be desired for cross platform capability. Always-on cameras/heads-up displays like Google Glass are behind the curve. The global online audience currently stands at some 3.2

Insights: Gaining and Maintaining High-Value Customers in Today's Marketplace


For our Insights and Opinions section today, we have an article from Bernard Luthi , President of Monoprice (, who talks about how his company has figured out how to compete against the big guys in the room--Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook and eBay.

Amazon’s First Transparency Report: What Does It Mean?

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After releasing its first ever report, Amazon has left many consumers and users wondering about a number of things. Of all Fortune 500 companies dealing with tech, Amazon is the last one to disclose publicly the number of data requests it has received from the government.

Data Collective | New Dawn for Big Data Entrepreneurs

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Business Data Entrepreneurship Marketing Startups Amazon Apple Bradford Cross Cisco Data Collective Facebook Google Intel LinkedIn Marissa Mayer Matt Ocko Michael Driscoll Microsoft NetApp Oracle Paypal Salesforce Stanford University Twitter UC Berkely VMware Zachary Bogue Zynga

DataPop Launches New Ad Product


According to DataPop, its new OmniAds product uses a retailer''s merchandise catalog to drive advertising on such sites as Google, Bing, Pinterest, Polyvore, Ebay, and Amazon. Los Angeles-based DataPop , the product advertising technology developer headed by Jason Lehmbeck, has launched a new product aimed at retailers.

Life Imitates Art Imitates Life As Amazon Films Show At ROC


In one of those "only in Silicon Beach" moments, a pilot show from Amazon Studios--Betas--has apparently been filming its pilot show at Silicon Beach technology hangout Real Office Centers (ROC), off Arizona in Santa Monica. The show-- a comedy about "under-socialized computer geeks" working on their own, Silicon Valley startup--is one of a number of shows being piloted by Amazon for its Amazon Instant Video service.

Disney Movies Anywhere Links With Verizon Fios


for members who connect iTunes, Amazon Video, VUDU, Google Play, Microsoft Movies & TV and now Fios by Verizon account to Disney Movies Anywhere before September 7th. Burbank-based Walt Disney Studios says it has linked its Disney Movies Anywhere service with Fios by Verizon , allowing Fios users to purchase and access Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars movies via the service. Financial details of the new distribution relationship were not announced.

4 Essential Webpage Elements for Getting Site Visitors to Convert

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The entire shareware industry was built on this principle, and more than a few contemporary businesses from to Amazon use this technique to great effect. Much effort and study has been expended to determine how a web site can better convert its visitors to paying customers.

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The Amazing Power of Deflationary Economics for Startups

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Payment ready consumers (Amazon, iTunes, PayPal) and businesses (Google AdWords, Square). think Amazon’s Storage costs). AmazonAmazon is the ultimate deflationary business. But Amazon didn’t try to build a hugely profitable business.

Here is Why Non-Obvious Startup Ideas Can Yield the Largest Results

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Amazon. It has become so synonymous with Internet companies that the French have invented a disdainful term including Amazon: “les GAFA,” which they refer to as Google-Apple-Facebook-Amazon to talk about American dominance of the Internet.

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Understanding Changes in the Software & Venture Capital Industries

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Specifically, Amazon has changed our entire industry in profound ways often not attributed strongly enough to them. Enter Amazon. Amazon will surely keep moving up the stack. Amazon changed our industry. Not Google. Amazon. Amazon.

Framework Benchmarks Round 10


We retired our in-house i7-2600K hardware environment for Round 10, and we changed our Amazon EC2 environment to c3.large instances. Round 10 of the Framework Benchmarks project is now available!

Partnership on AI Adds Corporate, NGO Members, Charts Initial Course


competitors Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, IBM, and Google banded together to form the Partnership on AI to Benefit People and Society , an industry-led attempt to get ahead of the many social, ethical, and economic issues presented by the advent of technology with increasingly human-like capabilities. Artificial intelligence is a booming business in 2017, but one that also comes with significant baggage in the form of public misunderstanding, potential job losses, and fear.

LA-Based Coding Bootcamp Codesmith Boasts 96% Hiring Rate


This is what will create the next generation of remarkable companies like Google, Amazon and Uber.” Finding a job can be hard. But in this economy, finding a job with a hearty paycheck is even harder. Fortunately, study after study has shown that IT professionals and computer science graduates are going home with the biggest paychecks on a regular basis.

Los Angeles Startup Weekend August 2011 | The Complete Breakdown

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Factual Kindle giveaway (Amazon Kindle’s given to the entire team) – Also we would like to thank our global sponsors: Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, Ven Corps, Twilio, Vertical Response, oDesk, Elance and OpenTok. What a weekend!

Interview with Robert Blatt, MomentFeed


Once you get past Facebook, Google, Apple, Amazon, and maybe Yelp and Bing, you've counted for 90 percent of all interaction. If you ask Siri for where to get skinny legs jeans, or ask Google Maps for where to get a vegan burrito, they try to give you the best recommendation. In 2013, Facebook local pages, Google Pages, and Yelp were not all that active.

An Enchanting Conversation With Guy Kawasaki


Of the 225 customer reviews currently posted on Amazon, over 90% are highly positive. When I wrote Enchantment, I knew that the social media would be wrong – if I were to write either of the books today, I would have a whole section on Google+.

Kaleio Integrates National and International Job Listings via | Founder Interview Jim Riley

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The partnership is expected to offer working-class professionals access to job listings directly posted within Kaleio’s Marketplace and additional job and internship listings from leading companies, including Amazon, Google, Starbucks, The New York Times , Yahoo!,

The Most Misunderstood Facts About Building a Business on YouTube

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They might spend actively on SEM (Google AdWords) if they can prove that the CAC (customer acquisition cost) is lower than the LTV (lifetime value) of a customer and the payback is < a given time period (say 1 year) or set number of purchases (1-3) until break-even.

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Mark Cuban on Why You Need to Study Artificial Intelligence or You’ll be a Dinosaur in 3 Years

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Mark: My two biggest holdings are Netflix and Amazon. They are the two best startups in the industry with Google and Facebook being good companies behind them. Mark Cuban opened the Upfront Summit in an epic interview by Jason Hirschhorn , founder of Media REDEF.

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