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Google Reportedly In Talks To Buy Hulu


A report Friday from the Los Angeles Times says that Google is in preliminary talks to buy Los Angeles-based Hulu. According to the LA Times--citing "people familiar with the situtation"--Hulu has also been shopped to Microsoft Corp. hulu google merger acquisition exit video content networkand Yahoo Inc.

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Hulu Launches Chromecast For iPhone


Los Angeles-based video streaming site Hulu said Monday that it has launched Hulu Plus for Chromecast on the iPhone, giving the ability for users to control video on their Chromecast connected TVs. Hulu had already been offering up Android and iPad support for the app prior to the new release. READ MORE>>.

Apple Bids For Hulu, Says Report


In the latest rumor swirling around Los Angeles-based video streaming site Hulu , a number of reports last night say that Apple Computer is now bidding for the firm. So far, Hulu apparently has been shopped to Yahoo, AT&T, Microsoft, and Google. hulu apple merger acquisition video content streaming hollywood television

Hulu Launches Hulu Plus On Chromecast


Hulu ''s development teams in Santa Monica and Beijing have been busy, and have just launched a new app which makes Hulu Plus available with Chromecast, Google''s online video streaming device. Hulu said it worked closely with Google on delivering the Chromecast support for its apps. READ MORE>>.

Silicon Beach Report Aug. 8: Hulu Ends Free Viewing

L.A. Business Journal

Google buys Orbitera for reported $100 million, Hulu ends free viewing, shows based on 'The Voice,' 'SNL' coming to Snapchat, and more

Hulu Rises In Video Rankings


Hulu , the online video service which is a joint venture of NBC Universal and News Corp., According to comScore, Hulu served up 332.5

Hulu Gains In Online Video In October


Google/YouTube continues to lead in video views, with 37.7 Tags: hulu online video comscore The site now accounts for 3.1 READ MORE>>.

Hulu Gets 1M Votes On Super Bowl Commercials


Hulu also said it would be providing demographic data on the most popular ads, by gender, age, and geography. READ MORE>>.

FIM, Break Rank In Top Video Properties, Hulu Tops Video Ads


Online Video Properties, although both were dwarfed by Google's continued dominance of online video via YouTube. In comparison, Google's sites reach 146.2M Tags: interactive media break video advertising content television youtube google According to the latest numbers, Fox Interactive Media had 43.1M unique viewers, and 167.0M

Why Reed Hastings Should be Applauded for Netflix Split

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Hulu is the leading player for streaming television. Frankly, I’m surprised Netflix doesn’t buy Hulu. Period. Streaming.

REACH | Disruptive Technologies Impacting the Future of Gaming [Live]

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He joined SGN from Fox where he was Vice President of Business Development and worked on the acquisition of MySpace and the launch of Hulu.

The Power of Torso TV (Why Media is Racing to the Middle)

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Netflix, Hulu & HBO Go are coming from the opposite direction – the Head End. ” That is why Hulu has invested so much in building its Hulu Plus subscription service. Hulu announced $500 million to fund new content and Netflix has, for example, resurrected the hit / cult show Arrested Development. Who knew?

Why The Growth Of The Internet Is Driving EdgeCast's Revenues


We caught up with James Segil , the firm's President, to hear the story behind that big growth at the company. We've grown really fast. company.

Why Entrepreneurs & VCs Should Focus on Basecamp, Not the Summit

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Or maybe you’re trying to dramatically change the way TV is consumed, like Boxee or TV advertising works on the Internet, like Hulu.

Why We Need to Elect @EricGarcetti on Tues as Next Mayor of Los Angeles

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We can try to reinvent Hollywood film and TV (Hulu,, Blayze, Chill, TasteMade) or we can watch it migrate out of our city. link].

Why Hulu is the OPEC of Online Video

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The formation of Hulu was defensive – designed to stop another YouTube or Napster from emerging and causing disruption to the TV industry.

Why You Should Start a Company in. Los Angeles

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If you look at why Google is so successful today, the overwhelming majority of their revenue is from sponsored search. startup scene so hot.

The Future of Television & The Digital Living Room

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But with the introduction of Apple TV, Google TV, the Boxee Box & other initiatives it’s clear that this battle will heat up in 2011.

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LA Startup Report 2013 | A Rising Forecast

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Los Angeles is 3 rd in the global startup ecosystem, behind Tel Aviv and Silicon Valley. Los Angeles has a diverse area of startups. With Yahoo!,

FandangoNOW Links Into Vizio's SmartCast


Vizio's app--which runs on Vizio's various connected television products and also on iOS and Android tablets and mobile devices--also supports VUDU, Hulu, and Google Play Musics & TV. The companies said that users can rent or buy from FandangoNOW, without any need for a subscription. READ MORE>>.

How I Use Visualization to Drive Creativity

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How much power does Google have due to search? I spent time on istockphoto and Google Images getting the images just right. Creativity.

Learning The Ropes Of Internet Video With Michael Tringe and CreatorUp


We also have live lab sessions, which we run through Google+ Hangouts, which mirror the school education experience. What's your background?

Eight Tech Gadgets To Add To Your Gifts List


features an interface powered by Google TV, and delivers both the web and streaming. Sonos Play:3. Sonos is based in Santa Barbara. for you.

MakerSquare Opens Coding School In LA


MakerSquare , which operates coding camps and classes to help students get software jobs, is setting up a new location in Los Angeles, according to the Hack Reactor collective. The two said that MakerSquare will launch its first class on June 29th. San Francisco-based Hack Reactor acquired MakerSquare in January. READ MORE>>.

Interview With CEO Jason Njoku iRoko Partners | Africa’s Netflix Set To Disrupt US TV & Cable Market

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However building Iroko Partners was not a walk in the park. iROKO Partners was launched in December 2010. How does it work? Why Africa? Profitable?

Startup Weekend LA | Recap February 2012

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We’d also like to thank the Startup Weekend Global Sponsors including Amazon, Twilio, Kloudmine, Open Tok (Talk Box), Sendgrid, Microsoft, and Google.

Reflections on 2016: Josh Yguado, Jam City


During his time leading the company with co-founders Chris DeWolfe and Aber Whitcomb, Jam City�s gaming portfolio has repeatedly dominated the top grossing charts of Apple�s, Google�s and Amazon�s app stores. Among other work there, Josh helped Fox in its acquisition of MySpace, its creation of Hulu and its launch of new television networks.

The Future of Shopping | Vidzey Interactive Videos

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” Article 1 discussed the digital revolution and how companies like Netflix and Hulu were taking over. Imagine it. Enjoy! I believe this.

MakerSquare Wants to Teach You to Become a Developer in Weeks

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Many technology companies have opened up offices in Los Angeles in the past few years, including Microsoft, YouTube, Facebook and Google.

Interview with Peter Csathy, CREATV Media

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In the creative media side of things, there is an emergence of standalone, OTT services, and we now have more and more standalone video services, such as Hulu, Amazon Prime, NBC, CBS All Access, and on and on. Because of that, he has some unique insights into this market, having touched many, many pieces of the industry. Thanks! READ MORE>>.

Interview with Rahul Sonnad, Geodelic


I kind of thought there was a similar opportunity you see in the video space with YouTube, Hulu, thePlatform all going after. Thanks!

This Week in VC with Mo Koyfman of Spark Capital

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Online video: is Hulu’s inventory really “sold out” as they often claim? Google Analytics vs. Facebook’s new analytics tool. Trazzler.

Decoding The Science Behind The Laughs, With Daniel Altman of Laffster


My partner is ex-Google engineering, who is also a comedian and hosts a pretty popular show every week. It's not about us creating content, yet.

Is it a Good Idea to Have Ads in Tweets?

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Google’s AdSense) or some other form of ad. Advertising is also what allows you to watch Hulu for free, use Yahoo! Web 1.0 Web 2.0

Interview with Aaron Crayford, Rippol


The real problem is with video it's not what you are looking for--search is something Google has already solve--it's that sites don't know how to make an intelligent decision on what people want in this new medium. So the video content you recommend--is that user generated like YouTube, or professional content like Hulu? Thanks!

What’s Really Behind the Net Neutrality Ruling

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The Internet is turning into a business tool with everything from cloud computing to premium Internet providers. Companies like Etsy and eBay aside.

Want to Start a Technology Company in LA?

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They not only have gotten bigger but they have an amazing track record of funding the biggest names in the sector: Cisco, Apple, Google, Facebook.

Twiistup 6 Highlights

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In SoCal we are also leaders in affiliate marketing (Commission Junction), Internet video (Hulu) and bringing local businesses online (ReachLocal).

The Case for In-Stream Advertising

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But I also accept and appreciate the ads in Hulu because I know that I’m watching shows for free. At the time Google said it was against sponsored links because it confused the person searching for content – one of the main arguments people are again using about in-stream advertising. Some goes with Google. Why not?