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Interview: Clark Benson of Founder & CEO of - Dicusses Playing Nice With Google


5) Google does a great job with indexed search. FTB is taking a somewhat different approach to curated search.

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Google Hell


I've worked with several businesses that were essentially based on driving traffic via search engine optimization (SEO). I just saw a Forbes article talking about Google Hell - getting placed in the secondary index. Bottom line - if you are basing your business on high rankings via organic search, there's pretty incredible risk.

Insights and Opinions: The 3 Ways to Get Traffic to Your Website


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Is it a Good Idea to Have Ads in Tweets?

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Google’s AdSense) or some other form of ad. Next came search results based on people paying to be high in the result set. Web 1.0

Advertising Wants to be Measurable – An Investment Thesis

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But of course Google eventually became the massive winner in this category. I believe that many social networks confused this idea. If