Study: Blood Test for Prostate Cancer Can Guide Therapy, Extend Lives


Blood tests for cancer, known as liquid biopsies, have become available in recent years to guide treatments for people already diagnosed. But how useful are they?

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Will New Study Cut Guesswork for Depression Medicine Prescriptions?


Genetic testing that helps guide more precise cancer treatment is making its way into standard practice in major U.S. medical centers. Could the same eventually be true for depression?

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A Guide to Using Authority & Social Proof in Fund Raising

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The book is a layman’s guide to understanding how we as humans make decisions and is underpinned by data-oriented studies to prove his claims. Social proof is defined as “looking for others to guide our decision&# and it can be both explicit and implicit.

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ASH 2018: A Guide to the Latest for Blood-Borne Cancers and More


[ Note: Ben Fidler co-authored this report.] This weekend, San Diego will host the annual American Society of Hematology conference, the largest U.S.

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As U.S. Looks to Launch Precision Health Study, Google’s Role Emerges


government has ambitious plans for a long-term health study with one million Americans, and one of the world’s most powerful tech companies has a big part to play, including the storage of all the data on its “cloud” servers. To be clear, health data that citizens contribute to the study will be open for research under the purview of the government—not held privately by Google or the other two dozen entities that are building and running the four cornerstones of the PMI.

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The Startup Guide To SXSW Panel Picking

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Startup Survival Guide: Beating the 800lb Gorillas. Hitchhikers Guide to Hypermonetizing the "3rd Wave". From an introduction to value pricing to case studies to client relationships, how value pricing can. Case Study marketing, Online community, Social Networking. . .

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How Deepak Chopra Is Using Virtual Reality To Improve Your Health


Studies have shown that the practice of meditation positively affects the nervous system by lowering blood pressure, lessening symptoms of anxiety, fighting depression, and curbing insomnia. Deepak’s meditation guide will be available Fall 2016 for both mobile and desktop VR systems.

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Bio Roundup: Bosley’s Editas Exit, Bridge Bucks, CRISPR Crime & More


After guiding the CRISPR-Cas9 genome-editing startup from scientific breakthrough toward the development of a potential cutting-edge medicine, slogging victoriously through a legendary patent fight , and reaching the cusp of an historic clinical trial , the well-traveled Bosley is cutting out, the company said Tuesday. In a week of big personnel moves, none was more surprising than Editas Medicine CEO Katrine Bosley’s departure.

How Machines Understand Text - NLP, Machine Learning in Practice

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We have a great session planned that will use two case studies of Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to explore opportunities that businesses have with understanding text. Come join us for a moderated session led by Dr. Jon Morra as he guides us through in depth use cases of NLP and their applications in predictive analytics. Thursday, September 28, 2017 -- How Machines Understand Text - NLP, Machine Learning in Practice.

You Can’t Teach People To Be Entrepreneurs, But Entrepreneurs Can Be Taught


Although they were all accomplished researchers in their respective areas study, their lectures were theoretical and academic. I especially enjoyed this course because it afforded me with the opportunity to discuss ethical dilemmas raised in case studies involving real companies.

Craft your roadmap. Plan your trip.


As your business grows, a business plan serves as a guide to help you track, monitor and evaluate your progress. Studies found that people who write plans are more likely to put their goals in action and increases your likelihood of success. By JJ Richa.

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Startup Tips From College Dropouts: Zuckerberg, Jobs, Gates, Dell, Ellison, Branson and Disney


Bill Gates – “The best way to prepare [to be a programmer] is to write programs, and to study great programs that other people have written. HIGHEST DEGREE OBTAINED BY AMERICA'S 400 RICHEST PEOPLE Source: Forbes Magazine, Jan 2012.

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Top 120 Startup Posts for 2010


IP Law for Startups , June 23, 2010 Groupon’s Growth Made Possible by Facebook - Leveraging Ideas , May 5, 2010 Automating Themed Logo Changes by Season - An Internet Entrepreneur's Journey , October 18, 2010 Selling a Business - A Guide for Investors and Entrepreneurs - Angel Blog , February 28, 2010 Minimum Viable Product in practice - Guy Nirpaz , October 17, 2010 Want to Know How VC’s Calculate Valuation Differently from Founders?

You Can’t Rely on a VC for Your Hardest Decisions

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She’ll have to quit her well-paid job at a respectable company and tell her parents that although she studied hard throughout school and got into a great college and graduated in 3 years that she is now leaving it to change the way that manufacturers sell products electronically through their distribution systems. In my view the best VCs are merely your guides. At best they can be your history guide. *. What is the role of a VC for entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneurs Should Create A Degree – Not Buy One Off The Rack


The above courses should be considered a general guide. This will allow you to focus on the aspects of the course that are relevant to your interests, without forcing you to study gratuitous facts. A version of this article previously appeared on Forbes.

Serious Presentation Tips From Standup Comics


Studies have shown that approximately 55% of a speaker’s communication during the first few minutes of a presentation is nonverbal, while an additional 38% is tone of voice. Such verbal landmarks give the audience a chance to catch their breath, while guiding them to the next subject.

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Why Your Startup Needs a Sales Methodology

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But you can’t count on this so you must create your own compelling events and the only way I know how is a business case / return-on-investment (ROI) study. Orders don’t fill out themselves – you need somebody who will take a risk on you and guide you through he process.

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Connect: Faster-Than-Expected Growth For Direct-Order Automation

Frank Addante

We’re shipping a number of releases designed to encourage the automation of these orders, and we’re going to be publishing a series of articles, case studies and guides that illustrate how to take advantage of this market growth.

Startup Children – How To Parent An Entrepreneur (Part IV) - Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained


Many of the entrepreneurial lessons I learned from this adjunct Wharton study group, you too can share with your children. You must make the same type of basic probabilistic calculations when guiding your adVenture. Note: This is part IV of a five part series.

Why Silicon Valley and Hollywood Don’t Get Each Other and Who Will Win the Future

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The concise guide is here. But audience size and consumption is massive and growing plus; Study Innovator’s Dilemma ( my cheat sheet here ). For the past three years I have been pounding the table as loud as I can about the future opportunities in digital video.

How to Make Sure Professional Services Don’t Take Over Your Software Company

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If you never read my post on Elephant, Deer & Rabbits – a guide to customer segmentation – it might be worth a read. You want to be sure that you get customer commitments before doing the work do agree a case study afterwards if the project is successful.

How to Decrease the Odds That Your Startup Fails

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For example, if you’re going to build a travel planning website (as many, many startup entrepreneurs do) your basic research would be: How much do people spend on travel books / guides today? If you figure out how to scale a video product inside of Facebook really, really, quickly they’re likely to allow it to happen for a while so they can study the positive & negative impacts on user experiences. If you want to succeed you need to study the competitors.

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The Greatest Strength of America is Immigration and Integration

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The woman from Southern Thailand who broad her son to the US to learn to study medicine at the age of 5 and the payback as he helps her get the loans required to go from waitress to restauranteur and then receive the imprimatur of Jonathan Gold that can lift ones ranks.

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How to Acquire Customers by Marketing “Heroes”

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Social proof is defined as “looking for others to guide our decisions&# and is also one of the most important techniques in acquiring customers in your company. Social Proof in Action … Yesterday I wrote about the benefits of using social proof and authority in raising venture capital.

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Mindshare LA and UCLA Present: “From Whence We Came…” Live!

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Mindhare LA teamed up with UCLA and are presenting “From Whence We Came…” With an amazing lineup of speakers that will guide you through life, Earth, Time, Space and across the universe. TechZulu is honored to bring you the very first Mindshare LA from the West Side!


As Populist as it May Feel, 98% of VCs Aren’t Dumb

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It’s true this was much bigger in the dot com era but I’ve studied the data and know that over the past decade these numbers are right. The best VCs know the buyers and can help guide and manage the process.

SEO for Startups


If you don't know the basics here, go look at Google's Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide (PDF). Here's a ballpark derived from various research studies on the click through rate for positions 1-10 in Google.

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Top 29 Startup Posts May 2010


Guide to Evaluating Startup Ideas - Tony Wright dot com , May 27, 2010 A great developer I once worked with was kvetching at lunch one day. First off the two prezis and then the case study material (i used ERPLY as inspiration). Continuing my series of posts that I’ve been collecting that live at the intersection of Startups and being a Startup CTO : Startup CTO Top 30 Posts for April 16 Great Startup Posts from March here are the top posts from May 2010.

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Just Shipped 2011


I had a major music breakthrough that led to me diving into jazz guitar study for the remainder of the year. Here is a free sample of a 30 min guided meditation that I practice with.

Empowering Music Teachers With TakeLessons' Online Marketplace


but someone who has studied music, or studied the art of teaching, have a tendency to do better. Those who have studied music education and have a couple of years of experience tend to do best.

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How Arivale Is Harnessing Genomics To Optimize Human Health and Wellness


In today's world, people are lonely, and they are really looking for someone to mentor them, to guide them, to hold them accountable. In 2014, we did an IRB approved study when I was doing this for 30 to 40 percent of my time, where I learned three things. I entered into this study, and thought�since I'd been training for the Ironman�I'd be the healthiest person in the study.

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7 Startup Lessons from NBA Finals

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When you ask any NBA player what inspired them to be successful and how they got there, they will most likely mention having an idol or a mentor to guide them through every step of the way.

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How Amavitae Wants To Help Youth Find A Career They'll Love


To help fix that, the startup has created a mobile app to guide people through their strengths, interests, key skills, and more to guide them along the way to a career they'll love. Fifty percent of college graduates wish they studied something else after they graduate, and 42 percent of employers don't think those students are workforce ready.

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Are Smartwatches The New Fashion Statement?

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And these wearables are here to stay, as the International Data Corporation (IDC) reveals a study that 19.2 Photo courtesy of CNET via Pinterest. Smartwatches. Galaxy Gear. iWatch. Name it, and it’s all over the headlines these days.

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Paving The Way For Future Women Entrepreneurs | Technovation LA Pitch Night

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And the final two teams with public bus system-based applications for LA commuters: Tech Chicks – Guide Me Around: LA.