22 Los Angeles Startups You Need to Watch Out For


Los Angeles, for one, is not only brimming with innovative ideas, it’s also home to a wide range of unique startups that are solving the problems of the world. This is evident from the fact that they are owned and run by EY’s Entrepreneur of the Year award finalists in the Greater Los Angeles area. ServiceTitan is the service management software that helps leading home services businesses generate more leads and close more sales.

Los Angeles Ranks Among Top AngelList Cities


The Los Angeles area ranks among the top markets for activity on the angel investment service AngelList , according to new statistics released by the service Monday. According to AngelList, Los Angeles was third in the list of top five locations with activity on the service. That list included Silicon Valley, New York, Los Angeles, London, and Chicago. AngelList helps broker individual angel investments in startups.

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Los Angeles Web Developer


He was struggling to find high quality developers in Los Angeles. Just the kind of person I like to meet. :) But I was a bit surprised when he emphasized how hard it had been for them to find a web developer in Los Angeles. My flippant comment was, “If you do a Google search for Los Angeles web developer, you’ll find a LOT of people and firms.” Web development refers to the design and creation of the database, code, and dynamic elements of the site.

Get It Delivered With Zipments | Los Angeles Begins Delivery

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A number of web services has popped up in recent years that has helped cater to people with busy lives. Her desire for flexible work got Garrick thinking – wouldn’t it be great for her to have a site to go on each day to look for jobs in her area to do in her spare time?

Moviepilot Gets $7M, Sets Up Shop In Los Angeles


As part of the funding, Moviepilot is setting up an office in Los Angeles, and has moved its CEO, Tobi Bauckhage, to LA. Moviepilot's web site helps studios engage with the early fan base for movies, well before the theatrical release of those films. The company said it now has over 50 people split between its Berlin and London offices, and is actively hiring in Los Angeles.

Spreeify.com Launches Social Shopping Site


Spreeify.com , a brand new, Los Angeles startup, said last week that it has launched a brand new, social shopping site, centered around free giveaways and shopping deals. The firm said it has more than $1M of free giveaways available on the site.

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Tech Titans Peter Thiel, Matt Jacobson, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, Mich Mathews, Elon Musk Buy Homes in Los Angeles

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SIGNIFICANCE PASSING-MENTION. --> Tech Titans Hit the Beach As Silicon Valley moguls go on a home-buying spree in Los Angeles, theyre reshaping the real-estate landscape. Aerial view of the home of Elon Musk, currently lived in by his ex-wife, 11050 Bel Air Place, Los Angeles.

Kickstarted Launches Site For Successfully Crowdsourced Projects


Kickstarted , a new online community focused on successfully crowdfunded projects, launched today, in an effort to connect the organizers of crowdfunded projects from such sites as IndieGogo, Kickstarter, and other projects with customers. The Los Angeles area startup is hoping to make it easier for crowdfunded projects to find additional customers for their projects, by streamlining request for samples, communication via email, Facbeook, Twitter, SMS, and more.

LA Tech Startup Innovators and Fun Facts

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If that’s news to you, here are eleven of Los Angles’ best and brightest. By using SteelHouse, ecommerce sites can use live data to instantly respond to a customer’s wants and needs for stronger transaction values, increased conversion rates, and an overall better customer experience.

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At The Pool Redesigns Site, Rolls Out Groups For Organizations


At The Pool , the Los Angeles-based social networking site focused on helping locals meet other locals, said Wednesday that it has launched a major, new site redesign, including adding the ability for local groups to create their own "pools".

Invested.in Powers JCrowd, Israeli Crowdfunding Site


Los Angeles-based Invested.in , the developer of crowdfunding software, has inked a deal to power an Israeli crowdfunding site, JCrowd. JCrowd said it will help Jewish and Israeli themed projects with a way to create, promote, and manage online fundraising campaigns. The new site allows anyone to create a project and solicit donations from friends and others. investedin social fundraising site crowdfunding israel jcrowd jewish

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CoFoundersLab Matches Entrepreneurs Scientifically

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The reason I am doing this is because this is the way I can have the biggest impact on helping entrepreneurship become more successful.”. This offline event was successful in helping Kaviani find his own cofounder, Culin Tate, and a new venture.

Invested.in Powers Israeli Crowdfunding Site


Los Angeles-based Invested.in , the crowd funding software firm headed by Alon Goren, has partnered with a site focused on Jewish and Israeli causes. and JCrowd.com said they would launch a site for JCrowd in April, which will help provide Jewishh-themed projects with a way to manage online fundraising. Invested.in

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Couponler Launches Small Business Coupon Site


Are you a small business looking to help drum up some business? Los Angeles-based Couponler , a new website launched this week, is hoping to make it easier for small businesses to create online, printable-coupons, and share them via Facebook, Twitter, or a website. The new site was created by Baron Miller, Ian Kilpatrick, and Jason Eastwood. The site is offering up its service for $29.95

PC Mall Opens Daily Deals Site


The firm had said in May that it would be converting OnSale into an online daily deals site. PC Mall said the new site is rolling out a beta in Chicago, Los Angels, and Seattle, offering off discounts on national brands, local restaurants, spa and salon services, and more.

Uber Plans Flying Taxis In Los Angeles By 2020


On-demand ridesharing service Uber hopes to bring flying taxis to Los Angeles by 2020, the company said this morning, and has just signed a contract with the U.S. National Aeronautical and Space Administration (NASA) on software that would help support those flying taxi efforts. Uber has said it will operate the "ridesharing for the sky" service from special rooftop take-off-and-landing sites throughout Los Angeles.

Break Media Analyzes Men With New Site


Los Angeles-based online publisher Break Media is delving into that question this morning with the launch of a new site, called Acumen , focused on pulling insights and analysis on the behavior and trends driven by men. Break said the new site is designed as a new tool for brand marketers, to help them gain "actionable intelligence" about the male demographic. What makes men tick?

Anti-AgingGames.com Launches Brain Fitness Site


Los Angeles-based Anti-AgingGames.com , a new startup offering up brain fitness games, has launched today, aiming at healthy people looking to help their memory, concentration, and focus. The site--whose games were designed by Atari founder Nolan Bushnell--offers up online games which have been vetted by scientists to help reduce the risk of early memory loss.


UX | An Old Dog With New Tricks

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Last week, I attended an event hosted by The Los Angeles User Experience Meetup at Cross Campus in Santa Monica. The problem now older people tend to think that they need to bring in young kids to help them with technology, particularly the internet and social media.

How Focus@Will Uses Music To Help You Concentrate Better


Can music help you concentrate (on school, work, or other tasks) better? That's the idea behind Focus@Will (www.focusatwill.com), a new Los Angeles music startup headed by Will Henshall. It's quite simple really, it helps you concentrate better on tasks.

Los Angeles Tech Launched - Hot List


I'm happy to announce the launch of the Los Angeles Tech Content Community. This is the beginning of a content community that collects and organizes the best content from blogs and web sites. The goal is to create a place where it's relatively easy to find current content and highly relevant content surrounding Los Angeles Technology. To be clear Los Angeles Tech is a jump off point.

PaeDae Debuts System To Help Mobile App Developers Find New Users


A Los Angeles-based startup, PaeDae , is looking to change that with a new platform it is calling BARTR , which it says will let mobile app developers exchange traffic and users. The new service harkens back to the "link exchanges" and "link networks" that grew during the beginning of the Internet age, where different websites would barter credits (earned from traffic) for placement on other websites--in the hopes that users would discover and visit their sites.

MGID Moves Headquarters To Los Angeles


headquarters to Los Angeles, to be closer to its sports, entertainment and lifestyle clients. The native advertising company--which helps place native ads on publisher web sites--was previously headquartered in New York. mgid native advertising publisher angeles jobs employment MGID , a provider of native advertising services and technology, said Tuesday that it is moving its U.S.

Filmzu: Find, Connect and Create New Content | Co-Founders Interview Nick Ghirardelli and Rupert Ralston

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Nick Ghirardelli and Rupert Ralston aim to help new filmmakers find a crew and collaborate on projects. They would search through Craigslist and other jobs sites for a film crew and the process of finding people manually was quite cumbersome. Los Angeles is going to be our home base.

Porter: Mobile Chores | The Constant Hustle and LA Tech, Interview with CEO Matt Lucido

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Matt Lucido wanted to help with everyone’s daily life by creating a service app called Porter. Over the last two months, the other three that were helping me build Porter, got even more passionate about working full-time.

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Pixoto Raises Seed Funding For Photo Site


Kiefer is based in Boulder, Colorado, Kifer is in Los Angeles, and Murphy is in Huntington Beach. Kiefer was the founder of Torrance-based Pictage, an online photo site which helps wedding photographers and other professionals market their photos.

Workpop: Using UX And Design To Power The Next Career Site


Online job and career sites still seem to be in another decade, when it comes to both design--and user friendliness. Can a startup gain a foothold in the competitive market by designing the right UX and user experience to make a job and career site for everyone? Los Angeles-based Workpop (www.workpop.com) thinks so. There''s an awful lot of job search sites out there, what''s different about what you do?

Develop.la | L.A.’s Own Hacker News and Why Now?

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I recently had the pleasure of interviewing engineer and PageWoo ’s CEO and co-Founder Jason Crilly about his side project, the new hacker news site for the Southern California tech community called Develop.la. I believe that the next Facebook will come out of Los Angeles,” said Crilly. “I

Microsoft Opens Xbox Studio In Los Angeles


Los Angeles has benefited enormously from the move by technology giants into the business of financing and creating content for online video; those efforts include a big effort by Amazon, via Amazon Studios, to develop and find content for Amazon Prime Video; an entire studio, YouTube Space LA being run by YouTube to help create content for the video sharing site; not to mention countless startups developing online content from a number of online video streaming services.

Digest May 2-8: WINC’s Big Series B, SENSAY Passes 1 Million Users, LA CITY Site Redesigned


— Mayor of Los Angeles (@MayorOfLA) May 7, 2016. Helps Get Out the Vote. Josh from @FWD_us discusses tools to help activate communities for voter turnout pic.twitter.com/a0DPgQCUHz. — Mayor of Los Angeles (@MayorOfLA) May 3, 2016.

Payoff.com Launches Personal Finance Site, Backed By $3.5M


Los Angeles-based Payoff.com , a new startup led by Scott Saunders, said Tuesday that it has officially launched its free, social finance site. in investment capital from FirstMark Capital, as well as angel investors Betsy Bernard, the former President of AT&T; Kai Huang, founder of Guitar Hero; Jim Nordstrom, former president of Nordstrom; David Solomon, Global co-head of Investment Banking at Goldman Sachs, and others.

BuzzFeed Partners With CNN, Sets Up Studio In Los Angeles


Online viral news and media site BuzzFeed is further expanding its operations in the Los Angeles area, and has set up a "social studio" in Los Angeles to help "influencers, thinkers and celebrities" to create videos for the social web.

NationBuilder Raises $6.3M


Los Angeles-based NationBuilder , a startup developing an online system to help political candidates and other organizations to create web sites, organize volunteers, coordinate campaigns, and more, said Thursday that it has raised $6.3M nationbuilder venture capital politics politicians site creator andreessen horowitz