PodcastOne is launching LaunchpadDM, a free hosting platform for independent podcasters

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PodcastOne , the celebrity podcasting network from the founder of radio powerhouse WestwoodOne, is launching a free hosting platform for podcasters. We wanted to help solve these problems… for free.”.

Former Snap employees are launching Forge Platform for Ethereum devs

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Now the three men are finally ready to take the covers off of the labor of love they’ve been working on and launch Forge Platform , a new toolkit for distributed applications.

Equity Investment Platform Preparation Best Practices

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I recommend an easier way – using an investment platform like Gust, EquityNet or SeedInvest. It’s easy and inexpensive to create an LLC, S-Corp, or even a C-Corp online these days, with or without the help of an attorney. Pick a platform that fits your business model or industry.

Forge Platform Finds $1M For Ethereum SDK


Santa Monica-based Forge Platform , which is developing software development kits used for Ethereum, has raised $1M in a seed funding, the company disclosed on Wednesday. Borow currently runs an investment firm, Manifest Partners, and was co-founder and CEO of SHIFT, which he sold to Brand Network for $50M in 2015; he later was Global Head of Revenue Programs at Snap, and helped found commercial real estate marketplace CREXi.

Do VC Platforms Make Sense?

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In the VC insider baseball world a discussion has gone on about “VC platforms” over the past 5 or so years. Examples of VC platform services include: recruiting, marketing, design support, inside sales reps, consulting, accounting services and so forth.

LunaDNA Health Data Platform to Merge with Genetic Alliance Database


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Aclima sucks in $24M to scale its air quality mapping platform

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“So all of that work in California has really demonstrated the power of our platform — and that has really set us up to scale, and the funding round is going to enable us to take this to a lot more cities and regions and users.”

Jobot Launches New Recruiting Platform


Los Angeles-based Jobot , a new startup focused on helping connect job seekers with recruiters and employers, said Tuesday morning that it has launched, looking to both address skills and cultural fit of employees in the recruiting process. The startup claims to use artificial intelligence software as part of its platform.

StartEngine Launches Crowdfunding Platform


Los Angeles-based StartEngine , which was launched back in 2013 as a startup incubator, has pivoted its model, and has become an online equity crowdfunding platform called StartEngine Crowdfunding. According to the company, it will allow individuals to invest in private companies, and in particular, is looking to help connect aspiring, Millenial investors with what it says are the "progressive companies of tomorrow".

Bird Introduces City Management Platform, New Hires

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announced its new platform to help cities manage the influx of their scooters. Called GovTech, the platform was announced Aug. Santa Monica e-scooter operator Bird Rides Inc. 29, the day before Santa Monica announce the companies chosen to participate in its city-wide shared mobility pilot program. Bird was among the four companies chosen for the program

Can You Build Your Business on Somebody Else’s Platform?

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I read the declarations by industry analysts on Twitter that this was “proof that you can’t build a business on somebody else’s platform” and perhaps DataSift should have known better. We did make money helping customers process Twitter data.

Popbase helps YouTube stars build closer relationships with their fans

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New platforms led by YouTube have emerged to change the dynamic of broadcast media — once dominated by the rigid programming of TV — while the internet has enabled new media stars to engage with their audiences in new, high-touch ways. Entertainment has changed.

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Immersv Launches Virtual Reality Ad Platform


Los Angeles-based Immersv is launching a brand new, ad platform aimed at virtual reality content, the company is announcing today. The startup--backed by Foundation Capital, Technicolor Ventures, Rothenberg Ventures, TenOneTen Ventures, CAA Ventures, All Mobile Ventures, 137Ventures, Gigi Levy, and others--says its platform is aimed at helping consumers discovery great virtual reality apps and entertainment, and also to help VR developers to monetize and distribute their content.

Qualcomm Announces Connected Car Platform

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San Diego-based Qualcomm has announced a new, reference platform, which it says is designed to help automotive manufacturers build their own, connected cars. According to Qualcomm, its new Qualcomm Connected Car Reference Platform is aimed at accelerating the adoption of advanced connectivity into connected cars, and includes the integration of wireless technology such as 3G/4G LTS, GNSS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other protocols with other features, and more.

LunaPBC Gets $4.6M For Genomic Health Platform


LunaPBC said that its service is aimed at helping pharmaceutical, insurance, and healthcare IT companies gain better access to genomic and health data, for the discovery of new therapies and "a deeper understanding of patient outcomes." Are you willing to share your DNA with researchers, if only they'd pay you something for that data? San Diego-based LunaPBC , which operates the online LunaDNA genomic and health data community, has raised $4.6M in a funding round, according to the company.

LawKick: A Modern Way To Find Legal Help


Michael Chasin: LawKick.com is essentially a marketplace that makes it easier than ever to find legal help. How the website works, is the client goes to the website, and indicates what they need help with. Lawyers on the platform love the experience.

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Broadcom Debuts New LTE Platform


Irvine-based semiconductor manufacturer Broadcom has launched a new, LTE smartphone platform, which it says is targeted at the sub-$300 smartphone market.

InvolveSoft Gets $2.5M For Employee Volunteering Platform


Santa Monica-based InvolveSoft , which develops software to help companies encourage their employees to volunteer for events and help contribute to their local communities, has raised $2.5M InvolveSoft has created a platform which helps employees contribute to the community, by helping them find volunteer events, with a focus on a company streamline corporate engagement, team activities, volunteering, leadership & training, and diversity & inclusion.

Triton Digital Launches New Ad Platform


Los Angeles-based audio advertising technology developer ,a href="[link] Digital said today that it has rolled out a new, "supply side platform" (SSP) aimed at the online audio market. The company said its new platform connects to demand-side platform providers such as The Trade Desk, AppNexus, RTBiQ, AudioTrade and StrikeAd, and others and helps to simplify the management of programmatic audio advertising inventory.

AdtoApp Gets $6M For Programmatic Ad Platform For Publishers


The company says its tools help publishers double their effective CPM (eCPM), by predicting who is going to bid on their ads and selecting the highest paying advertisement, rather than ad network, for an ad placement. adtoapp programmatic platform publishing mobile advertising venture capital ecpm software advertiser publisherLos Angeles-based AdtoApp , a developer of programmatic ad tools for publishers, has raised $6M in a funding round, according to the company.

Watch an Ad, Help a Nonprofit Out


These alternative platforms have, in turn, grabbed the attention of entrepreneurs who recognize the market vertical isn’t shrinking anytime soon. Advertisements are always going to be on the platforms we use, there’s no getting around that.

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SendUs Debuts Crowdsourced Video Platform


A new, Los Angeles startup, SendUs , launched its services to help brands manage user-generated video content this morning, saying that its platform helps companies leverage that user-generated content and turn it into videos for companies. According to SendUs, brands and companies can use its video platform to request specific videos from their audiences, and promote that through social networks.

An Entrepreneur Platform To Put You Above the Crowd

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According to many experts, including Michael Hyatt, in his book, “ Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World ,” you need to build the highest platform you can, to stand out and be heard above all the rest. Using the platform to expand your reach. Make your customers your platform.

Uppercase raises $3.5M to help e-tailers open brick-and-mortar stores

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Because brick-and-mortar retail provides businesses with benefits an online shopping platform can’t , namely consumer experiences that create and sustain shopper’s relationships with brands. .

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Swell Launches Social Impact Investing Platform


Newport Beach-based Swell , a new fintech startup, said on Tuesday that it has launched a new online platform which lets consumers invest in specific portfolios focused on social impact. The startup, led by CEO Dave Fanger, said it is looking to deliver both profit and help support companies addressing today's global challenges. Swell said it was incubated by Pacific Life, with creative help from IDEO, and software development from Carbon Five.

Sightly Launches Video Ad Platform


San Diego-based Sightly , which develops video advertising technology, said Thurday that it has launched a new platform aimed at delivering personalized, video ads from local businesses to prospective customers. Sightly--which is backed by Mack Capital, Tomorrow Ventures, and 500 Startups--said its new TargetView product is aimed at helping brands and local businesses deliver tailored, video ads based on what devices consumers are watching, and their location.

uSamp Rolls Out New API, Platform


The new API is part of its new SampleCORE platform, which it says helps automate sampling for its customers. uSamp''s sampling technology helps marketers conduct polling and sampling of consumers in an automated fashion.

Framework Benchmarks


Authors Note: Were using the word "framework" loosely to refer to platforms, micro-frameworks, and full-stack frameworks. Weve done our best, but we are not experts in most of them so help is welcome! Hopefully an expert in JRuby can help us here.

How This Founder Wants to Apply Her Technology to Help Save the Planet’s Resources

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If you want to know more about her company you should read the above link because her presentation at the Upfront Summit was taking her vision several steps beyond the current scope of our next few years plans and talking about her hope of helping to develop systems to save humanity.

ZestFinance Rolls Out Millennial Underwriting Platform


Los Angeles-based ZestFinance , the fintech startup led by Douglas Merrill, said on Tuesday that it has rolled out a new platform aimed to help lenders better underwrite loans to millennials and others with a limited credit history. The company said its new Zest Automated Machine Learning (ZAML) Platform uses machine learning to use non-traditional credit union to reduce risk of credit decisions.

OpenX Debuts New Ad Quality Platform


Los Angeles-based online advertising technology developer OpenX said today that it has launched a "next generation" traffic quality monitoring platform, which it is using to help eliminate fraud in programmatic advertising. OpenX said its new platform detects and blocks suspicious activity in its network using big--data analysis, and also ties into human review.

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Spot Runner Launches Media Platform


Los Angeles-based Spot Runner , a developer of services which help advertisers buy TV advertising, announced today that it has launched its Malibu Media Platform, which the firm says will help improve the process of buying and selling television advertising. Tags: spotrunner media platform advertising television

10 Startup Survival Tips in the Age of the Platform

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According to many technology pundits, including Phil Simon, in his new book “ The Age of the Platform ,” these four exemplify the rise of platforms with applications as a business model, rather than a single product or service. True platforms are multi-faceted.

Roambi Debuts New Cloud Platform


Roambi , the developer of business data visualization apps, has debuted a new cloud-based platform, the company said this morning. The San Diego firm said that its new Roambi Business lets companies load their data onto a cloud-based platform to serve up data visualization via its apps. The new cloud-based platform is hosted on Amazon Web Services, and lets any kind of company upload their data to the cloud.

Tengia Seeks To Help Seniors Redefine Retirement


Los Angeles-based startup Tengia says it has launched a new platform, which is aimed at helping Americans who are 65 and older, help connect with individuals and small businesses to tap into their depth of experience. Are you 65, but not yet ready to give up the working world?

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