Next 10 Ventures is launching an incubator for YouTube personalities

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Los Angeles-based Next 10 Ventures , a $50 million fund focused on the creator economy, is launching an incubator program to support YouTubers. ” Applications to the incubator opened today and close November 17, 2018.

Amplify.LA Raises $8M More For Incubator Investments


Venice, California-based startup incubator Amplify LA , the startup accelerator headed by Paul Bricault and Richard Wolpert, disclosed today that it has raised $8M in a second investment fund for its companies. capital venture startup incubator angeles amplify The funding came from such companies as Accel, Greycroft, Siemer Ventures, Karlin Ventures, Deep Fork Capital, and others. READ MORE>>.

Cornerstone OnDemand Opens Up Incubator, Investment Fund


Santa Monica-based Cornerstone OnDemand , the developer of talent management and human resources management software, is boosting its efforts to support the Los Angeles technology ecosystem, through the launch of its own incubator and investment fund. According to the company, it has launched the Cornerstone Innovation Fund , which will invest $250,000 to $1M in cloud-based startups, and will also offer up young companies space within its Santa Monica headquarters.

EvoNexus Gets Bank, Investment Firm Backing for Fintech Incubator


Two financial firms are betting on a nonprofit incubator program in San Diego in hopes of identifying top talent and potential targets for investment or acquisition.

ventureLab Takes On Startup Incubation


Los Angeles-based ventureLab Growth Partners said Tuesday afternoon that it has launched a new "startup studio" to invest in and build early stage startups. venturelab startup incubator studio incubation incubate seed funding mike prasad The new startup studio is led by Mike Prasad. According to ventureLab, it will provide seed funding, along with product, marketing, and opertional support to its companies.

Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator Gets $200,000 Grant, Eyes Investment Fund


The incubator effort looking to make Los Angeles a key part of the clean technology industry, the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator (LACI) , announced this morning that it has received a $200,000 grant from the JPMorgan Chase Foundation, to help advance its program--and may even start its own investment fund. The incubator said the grant will help fund programs focused on advancing sustainable technology development and adoption in the Los Angeles region.

Friday Infographic: LA Accelerators and Incubators


Confused about the myriad of incubators and accelerators in the Los Angeles area? A new infographic, released this week, has summarized some of the local startup incubators and accelerators in Los Angeles, plus detailed some of the terms of their investments in companies.

Bonfire Ventures closes $60 million to invest in SoCal B2B startups

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Yet Another LA Incubator Opens: Io/LA


If the Los Angeles accelerator/incubator market is not yet crowded enough, Hollywood-based io/LA opened its doors over the weekend, looking to recruit a class of five to six companies in a three month mentorship program. The new incubator, which is run by Aber Whitcomb, the former CTO of MySpace, said it will run quarterly classes of startups, who will received $25,000 and office space, in exchange for 8 percent of their firms. Io/LA is an offshoot of an incubator in San Francisco.

Biomed Incubator Watershed Develops Tech for IDing Medical Devices


San Antonio — A biomedical product developer, Watershed Idea Foundry, has created a method of identifying medical devices that have been implanted in the body that uses 3-D printing and its own software.

Siemer Ventures Backs Southeast Asian Startup Incubator


Los Angeles-based technology investor Siemer Ventures has funded an investment firm in Southeast Asia, which is looking to invest in and create e-commerce and digital media companies in the Southeast Asia region. Financial details of that investment were not disclosed. Ardent Capital incubates and invests in companies, saying that it has already invested in five companies, including, Axiata,,,

EvoNexus Launches Incubator Effort With Cisco


Startup entrepreneurs in San Diego have yet more resources at the EvoNexus startup incubator, after EvoNexus and Cisco said that they will be launching a new, joint incubation program called CiscoEIR@EvoNexus. The two did not say how much Cisco is investing in the program or how much it will invest in those companies. evonexus cisco startup entrepreneur incubator accelerator

Oversee.Net's Lawrence Ng Sets Up Startup Incubation Fund


Lawrence Ng , the co-founder of, said this morning that it has launched a new, startup fund called the OnRamp Fund , a $10M, international incubation fund that invests in early stage startups. The company said one of its first investments is bridal retailer SimplyBridal. oversee lawrence startup incubator incubation onramp fund

Incubating LA's Biotech Future, With Richard Koffler, Greenwings Biomedical


A couple of weeks ago, a brand new, startup incubator launched in town--with a slightly different focus, on biomedical technology. The incubator-- Greenwings Biomedical (, is led by Richard Koffler , a serial entrepreneur and angel investor in Los Angeles.

Bam Ventures Launching Incubator for Brian Lee's Ideas

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Bam Venture Partners has started raising a second $30 million fund which it will use, in part, to invest in and incubate startup ideas thought of by Brian Lee, co-founder of the fund and chief executive of the Honest Co. What capital isn’t used for the incubator will be invested in seed and early stage deals, similar to the sort of investments made by the first Bam Ventures fund, said Lee.

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EvoNexus Opens Up New Applications For Incubator


EvoNexus , the San Diego-based startup incubator, has opened up application for its next program, with a deadline of January 23rd. EvoNexus, which is run by CommNexus, said it will provide fully furnished open space, mentorship, and access to startup programming to companies accepted to the incubator--and will also consider those same companies for QualcommLabs@EvoNexus, the business acceleration and funding program being run by EvoNexus for Qualcomm.

Siemer & Associates Launches Singapore Incubator


Los Angeles-based Siemer & Associates , and its affiliated venture capital fund, Siemer Ventures , said today that it has launched a new, technology incubator--in the country of Singapore. The investment banking firm, which is headed by David Siemer, said that the new WaveMaker Labs is being formed under the Technology Incubation Scheme (TIS) of the Singaporean government's National Research Foundation (NRF). multiplier on any investment made by WaveMaker itself.

New Incubator/Coworking Space Emerges In Glendale


A new startup incubator and coworking space in the Los Angeles area-- Voivoda Labs --said this week that it is looking to looking to vet new startups in the area to join its newly built incubator in Glendale. Voivoda Labs--headed by Val Babajov, the former CEO of WebMessenger--said it is looking to vet around 15 startups via a pitch event later this month, to help secure investment for the winner. voivodalabs voivoda coworking incubator startup

Be Great Partners Launches New Incubator/Accelerator


It seems like there are almost nearly as many startup incubators and accelerators launching in the Los Angeles area as startups. Be Great Partners said Monday that it has launched a new technology incubator and accelerator, in the Variety Building at 5900 Wilshire Blvd. Be Great Partners said its flagship company it has been incubating is Scambook , an online service which helps people complain about businesses and help get those issues resolved.

O Labs Launched To Incubate, Accelerate Enterprise Software In LA


The new company is led by Matthew Pierce, and will be managed by an "investment committee" from the respective companies. The company''s investment committee includes Manatt''s Hale Boggs, Keyvan Peymani of ICM, and Jeff Scheinrock of Originate. olabs manatt accelerator incubator originate hale boggs keyvan peymani jeff scheinrock enterprise software startup

Patrick Soon-Shiong Launches Technology Incubator


Soon-Shiong has been investing in a hodgepodge of technology related firms, including therapeutic peptide firm ConjuChem, healthcare systems firm Net.Orange, massively multiplayer online game firm Fourth Wall Studios, smart pill firm Vitality Corp., patrick soon-shiong billionaire technology incubation incubate

Should Startups Incubate, Accelerate, Cohabitate or Stay In Mom’s Basement?


Significant confusion exists when distinguishing between Accelerators and Incubators. According to Brad, "There is a fundamental difference between an incubator and an accelerator… an incubator has an economic model that is based around having people be tenants.

Cornerstone OnDemand Launches Incubator & Innovation Fund

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Los Angeles-based cloud-based talent management software solutions firm with over 13 million users, Cornerstone OnDemand has launched Cornerstone Innovation Fund , to invest in disruptive LA-based cloud startups building cutting-edge solutions for organizations.

Technology , Cocktails, and Incubators in Santa Barbara

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More than 150 MIT alums gathered Wednesday night for a discussion of incubators/accelerators. Appropriately enough, ­­­we gathered in the about-to-open Synergy Business and Technology Center, Santa Barbara’s latest incubator.

Cred Launches Micro-Investing App For Cryptocurrency


Santa Monica-based Cred , a new startup which is being incubated and advised by Mike Jones and Science Inc., said this morning that it has launched a new mobile app to help consumer invest and learn about cryptocurrency. The startup, led by Brendon McQueen, says its mobile app let users invest in cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others for as little as $10--and even lets users purchase cryptocurrency with the change they have from their everyday purchases.

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Swell Launches Social Impact Investing Platform


Newport Beach-based Swell , a new fintech startup, said on Tuesday that it has launched a new online platform which lets consumers invest in specific portfolios focused on social impact. Swell said it lets users invest as little as $500 into such themed investments in the areas of green technology, renewable energy, zero waste, clean water, healthy living, and disease eradication. swell social impact investing financial fintech investment

Io/LA Plans $500K In Investments


One of the newest accelerator and incubators to open in the Los Angeles area, io/LA , is planning to invest $500,000 in local startups as part of its efforts to incubate 25 companies in its new space in Hollywood. Io/LA launched its accelerator last month, saying it will invest $25,000 and offer up office space to firms in Hollywood. incubator venture capital iola investment incubate accelerator accelerate

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BitAngels Raises $6.7M For Bitcoin Investments


A new, angel investment group, BitAngels , said this morning that it has raised $6.7M in funding to invest in Bitcoin startups--and also has launched three, physical locations to help incubate companies in the sector. The angel investment group--co-founded by Michael Terpin , a well known figure in the Los Angeles technology community--said it has more than 60 angels helping to support the effort.

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Upfront Ventures Leads Investment In MetaCX


MetaCX was incubated out of a "venture studio" run by High Alpha, which is run by SCott Dorsey, the former CEO and Co-Founder of ExactTarget. Los Angeles-based venture investor Upfront Ventures is the lead investor in a MetacX , a startup developing collaboration software for suppliers and buyers of enterprise software. According to MetaCX, it raised over $14M in the funding round, which was led by Upfront Ventures.

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SoCalGas & Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator Set Up A $1M Fund To Disrupt Clean Tech

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SoCalGas $1 million innovation fund will be invested in this selected clean tech startups in a move expected to disrupt clean technologies in the country. ” The post SoCalGas & Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator Set Up A $1M Fund To Disrupt Clean Tech appeared first on TechZulu.

Incubators, Accelerators, and New Choices for Entrepreneurs

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Wild times in Southern California—VC firms contracting and incubators/accelerators exploding! You can’t turn around in SoCal without running into new incubators. Ben Kuo at SoCal Tech did us all a big favor by publishing his Complete Guide to Southern California Incubators.

upStart.LA Breakdown | Accelerators and Incubators: An Entrepreneur’s Point of View

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Well, perhaps it’s time to consider an incubator/accelerator program: Programs like Silicon Valleys’ Y Combinator which essentially put entrepreneurs through a 3+ month startup boot camp.

UTA Targets Early Stage Investments With New Hire


According to the United Talent Agency, it has hired Robyn Ward as part of its Digital Media practice, to work closely with its existing portfolio of early stage companies and help identify new investment, incubation and representation opportunities.

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Science Inc. Eyes New Venture Capital Fund


The startup studio--which both incubates its own companies as well as works with startup founders to help accelerate their efforts--has backed such companies as Dollar Shave Club , DogVacay , FameBit , EventUp , August Home , Hello Society , Playhaven , and Superfly Labs. The firm already has an existing venture capital fund which invests in its portfolio companies. science venture capital investment startup incubator accelerator

Learn about the new LA incubators/accelerators

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012 -- Learn about the new LA incubators/accelerators. So much so that we are going to start 2012 with a big bang with the LeanLA incubator/accelerator event. I don't know if you guys noticed but incubators have been popping up in LA like mushrooms after a rainstorm in the last few months. Lean LA. Miss us? We missed you too.