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Do you have any suggestions for how to find a good mentor? Great question and I believe that just like finding a Technical Advisor for your startup is critical, finding a good mentor is critical. Mentor vs. Advisor Generally when I talk about startup mentors and advisors, I distinguish them in terms of: Mentor focus is You: The marketing person above is looking for someone to help them with their personal challenge. The same is true of your advisors and mentors.

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MentorNight's Mentor List Tops 100


One Los Angeles group, MentorNight , believes it now has the largest mentor network outside of the local accelerators and incubators, and now has over 100 mentors looking to help up and coming entrepreneurs. The group, which is headed by John Diep and Tony Karrer, said it''s looking to provide a very curated way to create relationships and introduce mentors to those who need their help and guidance. mentornight mentor startup angeles help advice incubator accelerator

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New Startup Incubator Launches At Loyola Marymount


There's a new, startup incubator in town in West Los Angeles--this time, launching out of Loyola Marymount University and its College of Business. The incubator--which is being managed by Dr. David Y. school education student accelerator incubator startup marymount loyola

Incubating LA's Startup Future At the USC Viterbi Startup Garage


A few weeks ago, the University of Southern California announced a new startup incubator, the Viterbi Startup Garage ([link] backed by such notable investors as Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and the United Talent Agency. What''s the mission behind the new startup incubator?

LA Cleantech Incubator Gets $5M For New Program


The Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator (LACI) has just received $5M to fund a new initiative, called Energize California , to help boost clean technology startups. The LACI said the new program will help connect entrepreneurs with mentors, help companies with testing and prototyping failities, workshops and training, referrals for flexible office spae, and more. cleantech incubator laci energize california energy government entrepreneurs startup clean

EvoNexus Launches Incubator Effort With Cisco


Startup entrepreneurs in San Diego have yet more resources at the EvoNexus startup incubator, after EvoNexus and Cisco said that they will be launching a new, joint incubation program called CiscoEIR@EvoNexus. The two said that Cisco will help provide financial support, use of co-working space, access to mentors, and more. evonexus cisco startup entrepreneur incubator accelerator

Independa Joins EvoNexus Incubator


San Diego-based Independa , the developer of technology to help senior citizens live independently longer, has been selected for San Diego's EvoNexus incubator. EvoNexus is the business incubation effort being run by CommNexus, which looks to provide office space, utilities, broadband, mentoring, and other assistance to startups. independa senior citizens indepent living business incubator commnexus evonexus

MuckerLab Takes TechStars Incubation To Los Angeles


A new, technology startup accelerator modeled after the TechStars venture incubator in Boulder said today it has launched, and will bring business acceleration to Los Angeles. muckerlab techstars incubator acceleration angeles

The Complete Guide To Southern California Accelerators and Incubators, Part I


In recent months, a dozen accelerators and incubators have emerged in the Southern California area, looking to help take the new generation of technology startups to funding and beyond. However, with the proliferation of incubators, the difficulty in figuring out.

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Should Startups Incubate, Accelerate, Cohabitate or Stay In Mom’s Basement?


Significant confusion exists when distinguishing between Accelerators and Incubators. According to Brad, "There is a fundamental difference between an incubator and an accelerator… an incubator has an economic model that is based around having people be tenants.

Cornerstone OnDemand Launches Incubator & Innovation Fund

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Apart from funding, Cornerstone will give startups a dedicated creative work at its Santa Monica HQ’s space, allow them to have direct access to its resident entreprenuer mentors or simply allow them to build their apps on the Cornerstone API.

Founder Insitute LA Gears Up For Spring Semester


The Los Angeles chapter of the Founder Insitute , the startup incubation program run locally by Ken Rutkowski, is gearing up for its Spring Semester, saying that it has added a number of new mentors for the semester.

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Creating Successful Companies Through Incubation

SoCal Tech Calendar

Saturday, February 11, 2012 -- Creating Successful Companies Through Incubation. Business incubators and accelerators provide essential resources and counsel that entrepreneurs need to become successful, self-sufficient businesses. Additionally, they reduce the risk of failure by offering affordable space and shared facilities along with an array of mentors and advisors that are invaluable for companies just starting out.

Interview Dan Dato and Bruce Brown, Upstart.LA


Those programs--epitomized by YCombinator in the Bay Area, and TechStars in Boulder, Colorado--attract newly minted entrepreneurs with a mixture of cash and mentoring, and a program which rapidly takes ideas and turns them into viable, executing businesses. Do you have mentors lined up?

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LaunchSpark Starts YCombinator-style Incubation Program


A local entrepreneur, Mike Khristo, is launching a new, Y-Combinator style incubation and acceleration effort, LaunchSpark , after becoming frustrated by the lack of a similar incubation effort in SoCal. Khristo, who said he is modeling the program after similar effort in the Bay Area, said he is hoping to run YC-style gatherings, learning, mentoring, and demo days but without the funding. startup incubation demo ycreject ycombinator launchspark

ThisWeekIn Expands Network


ThisWeekIn , the Los Angeles-based, online video podcasting network co-founded by Jason Calacanis, Mark Jeffrey, and Kevin Pollak, is expanding out its lengthy list of podcasts, with a new one focused on startups out the TechStars business incubation effort.

StartEngine Mentor Mixer and Downtown Grand Opening with Deputy Mayor Matt Karatz

SoCal Tech Calendar

Tuesday, January 15, 2013 -- StartEngine Mentor Mixer and Downtown Grand Opening with Deputy Mayor Matt Karatz - 1/15/2013. A night to mix and mingle with mentors, founders, the Downtown L.A. The office, a split-level loft, is the only dedicated incubator space located at TENTEN Wilshire, a building already populated with entrepreneurs, startups, and professionals from a variety of industries including technology, entertainment, fashion, gaming, finance, legal and more.

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Capturing The Entrepreneurial Energy At StartEngine's Demo Day


It was standing room only at StartEngine 's Demo Day Wednesday afternoon, held at Santa Monica's Cross Campus , as the startup accelerator launched eight of its latest startups into the world, after a 90 day process of mentoring, honing their business model, and heads down development.

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upStart.LA Breakdown | Accelerators and Incubators: An Entrepreneur’s Point of View

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Well, perhaps it’s time to consider an incubator/accelerator program: Programs like Silicon Valleys’ Y Combinator which essentially put entrepreneurs through a 3+ month startup boot camp.

Interview with Amir Banifatemi and Kai Tao, K5Launch


K5Launch ( is modeled after the successful Y-Combinator and TechStars acceleration programs, and invests equity, provides mentors, and runs a three month program to get very early stage startups off the ground. All of our mentors are investors as well.

Insights and Opinions: LA's Startups Accelerators As NCAA Football Conferences


Ryan compares the many emerging startup incubators, accelerators, and mentorship programs to NCAA Football Conferences. So the writers block consensus was to write about LA startup incubators and mentorship organizations (2x as many votes as the other proposed topics).

Launchpad LA Opens Apps For Second Class


Launchpad LA , the business incubation and mentoring effort started by GRP's Mark Suster , said today that it has opened up applications for its second class of companies. The effort--which pulls together a number of venture capitalists and successful entrepreneurs, who closely mentor startup founders--said it is looking for 10 companies to participate in its second year class. The effort's mentors include Mike Jones, Keith Richman, and Adam Bain.

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LaunchpadLA Names Second Class


Los Angeles-based Launchpad LA , the startup mentoring effort spearheaded by GRP Partners' Mark Suster, is announcing this afternoon that it has selected 10 startups for the second season of the program. The firms get one-on-one mentoring from experience entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, and the program was open only to companies who had not not already raised institutional venture capital, and were located in or are willing to relocate to Los Angeles.

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MuckerLab Startup Accelerator Brings TechStars Incubation To Los Angeles

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It’s a three-month program providing its selected startups with $21,000 in seed funding, plus the typical incubator benefits like shared office space, legal assistance, infrastructure and hosting, and mentorship from a network of advisors. MuckerLab will help entrepreneurs crack the venture creation process, access a built-in network of mentors and advisors, and tap into diverse sources of funding.”. Can you feel it folks? Cause I can.

Disney Accelerator Names 2016 Class


The Walt Disney Company has named its next class of startup participating in the Disney Accelerator , the startup accelerator and mentoring company held on the company's Burbank campus. disney accelerator startup incubator incubation

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Cedars-Sinai Accelerator Names New Startup Class


Each of the companies receives $120,000 in seed funding, plus access to mentors, including Cedars-Sinai physicians, researchers and executives. cedars sinai startup accelerator healthcare techstars incubatorThe Cedars-Sinai Accelerator Powered by Techstars has announced the next class of startups to join the healthcare accelerator, saying this morning that it has added eight startups to what will be the second class for the program.

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Interview with Kevin Hell, EvoNexus


A couple of weeks ago, twelve companies moved into the new downtown San Diego, EvoNexus incubator--which is run by CommNexus. Kevin Hell: What makes EvoNexus unique, is that it is--as far as we know--the only completely free, no-strings-attached incubator in the nation.

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Interview with Cody Simms, Techstars LA


We select ten per class, and help those startups connect with mentors and other people in that local environment who can be helpful to the business. Since then, we've replicated the model with a local managing director, local mentors, and have expanded to roughly 25 different programs around the world. When you go through Techstars, your company just becomes bigger than itself, by an order of magnitude, because of the global network of co-founders, mentors, and investors we have.

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LA Dodgers Opens Door On First Accelerator Program


The Dodgers Accelerator is investing $120,000 in funding in each of the startups, which all will be part of a coworking space in LA, and also gain access to the Dodgers organization, mentors, and more.

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New Group Looks To Bridge Gap Between Research, Companies


According to Koffler and Morris, the new group--which also includes a network of other members--is hoping to help bridge the gap between research projects, technology, and inventors and commercially viable companies, by connecting researchers with mentors, CEOs, and other resources. Tags: startups university research mentoring network tech

Start Engine Takes On Startup Acceleration


Marks said that Start Engine will accept thirty startups per session, which will receive office space, legal counse, optional inestment, and opportunity to participate in weekly dinners, educational semiconductors, mentoring, and more. incubation incubator business accelerator startup engine start

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Interview with Sam Teller, LaunchpadLA


There is a large menu of startup accelerators in the Los Angeles, but one of more established efforts in the area is LaunchpadLA ([link] The effort actually started as an informal mentoring program, but has grown and expanded to follow the accelerator model.

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Interview with Michael Abrams, the Disney Accelerator


Michael Abrams: They are an amazing company, and had an amazing mentor in Bob Iger, and it was an amazing opportunity and moment in time. michael abrams disney accelerator incubator interview startup waltdisney

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StartEngine Opening Up New Downtown Location


StartEngine announced the new location in an invitation to an opening event January 15th for its mentors and companies. StartEngine offers up mentoring, funding, and a program to help early stage startups get to the next level, and is one of a number of accelerator programs which have been active in the Los Angeles area over the last year or so. startengine accelerator downtown startup entrepreneur funding office incubator incubation

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Sphero's Star Wars BB-8 Droid Sells Out Online


The BB-8 Droid was created for Star Wars, after Bob Iger learned about Sphero's robotic balls during the Burbank-based Disney Accelerator, which ties startups with mentors --and cash--from Walt Disney.