PeeqSee Launches Social Networking App


Los Angeles-based PeeqSee , a new startup developing social networking and media apps, has launched an app which lets users create interactive, visual posts. The startup--founded by Vacit Arat--lets users posts photos with an interactive component, which unveil additional information when users click on objects in those photos. peeqsee social networking media sharing android

Social Networking

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Manal Richa Social networking is not about technology or what you had for lunch. While creating a major shift in messaging and communication, social networking is literarily changing the way we look at the world. It is about building a global network while having access to instant information and exposing your message to viral growth. Keep in mind though that social networking is a two-way street. Launches New Social Networking Features

socalTECH , the kid's website focused on providing screened content and information to kids, is expanding its services today, saying that it has launched "Facetube", which combines the best social sharing aspects of Facebook with the channels of YouTube.

Twitter Networks are Different than Social Networks

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They “don’t care what people ate for lunch.&# They’re fine on their existing social networks, which these days mostly means they’re happy with Facebook. And as a result Twitter Networks are currently different in my mind than many other social networks.

How to Connect on Social Networks

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I wrote recently about etiquette when you meet people at conferences or events so now that I have this done I feel I need to say some words about connecting on social networks. Let’s start with a discussion of existing social networks and then how to approach people on them.

Social Networking (the Shorter Version) Past, Present, Future

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Social Networks: Past, Present & Future. I recently spoke at Caltech at the Caltech / MIT Enterprise Forum on “the future of social networking,&# the 30-minute video is here and the PowerPoint presentation is here on DocStoc ). Social Networking in Web 1.0.

Social Networking and Business Value


Just a quick note that I'll be moderating a Technology Council Event : Social Networking as a Business Strategy May 19, 2009 - Culver City Social networking media are used on a daily basis to grow businesses and expand career opportunities. Individuals use social networking sites such as LinkedIn and Plaxo as career-advancing tools, even more useful in a down economy. Can social networking be a money-maker for companies?

What the Past Can Tell Us About the Future of Social Networking

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I recently spoke at Caltech at the Caltech / MIT Enterprise Forum on “the future of social networking,&# the 30-minute video is here and the PowerPoint presentation is here on DocStoc ). What are the big trends that will drive the next phase of social networks?

Africa’s Largest and Fastest Growing Social Network | Interview with LAGbook’s Chidi Nwaogu

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Today they say its Africa’s largest and fastest growing social networking utility with over 4,000 daily new sign-ups. They also add that LAGbook ranks #2 in the city of Yaba-Lagos, where the social network was incepted, and #37 in the city of Hirtshal, Denmark.

Stockr Raises $1.5M For Social Networking Site For Investors


Stockr , the social networking service aimed at financial investors based in Los Angeles, has raised $1.5M Stockr, which was co-founded by Vinny Jindal, Tim Symington, and Brendon Crawford, helps investors by connecting them with news, information, discussion, and more about stocks. discussion networking social financial trading stock stockrin a seed funding round, the firm said yesterday.

ResearchGate | Social Network For Researchers Only

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ResearchGate , the professional network for scientists and researchers, was founded by virologists Dr. Ijad Madisch and Sören Hofmayer, and IT specialist Horst Fickenscher. The post ResearchGate | Social Network For Researchers Only appeared first on TechZulu.

Fifty years of the internet

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After we typed the first two letters from our computer room at UCLA, namely, “Lo” for “Login,” the network crashed. How did a medium created for sharing data and information turn into such a mixed blessing of questionable information? Leonard Kleinrock. Contributor.

Detecting Contagious Outbreaks Through Social Networking

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011 -- Detecting Contagious Outbreaks Through Social Networking. Current methods for the detection of contagious outbreaks give contemporaneous information about the course of an epidemic at best. It is known that individuals near the center of a social network are likely to be infected sooner during the course of an outbreak than those at the periphery. CONNECT.

KidZui Adds Social Networking, Homework Help


San Diego-based KidZui, a venture-backed startup which develops a kid-safe Internet browser, said Monday that it has added new social networking features and homework help to the firm's suite of services. The new social networking feature requires mutual parent approval, and also includes the ability to befriend adults such as Barack Obama, John McCain, Joe Biden and Sarah Palin.

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Cornerstone OnDemand Adds Social Networking Features


Santa Monica-based Cornertone OnDemand, a provider of software-as-a-service tools for human resources management, said this week that it has added new social networking features to the firm's product. Cornerstone said the new tools are targeted at employee onboarding, internal recruiting, training and informal learning, partner and channel partners, and more.

Kindbody raises $15M, will open a ‘Fertility Bus’ with mobile testing & assessments

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The New York-based company was founded last year by Gina Bartasi, a fertility industry vet who previously launched Progyny, a fertility benefit solution for employers, and, an information platform and social network for people struggling with fertility.

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Privacy, Net Neutrality, The Social Network, Angelgate and More on TechZulu Law

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We had special guest Denise Grayson of The Social Network. Facebook "Download Your Information" Feature. Social Media User's Bill of Rights. Pre-Crime Data Mining Company Social Intelligence. Guest: Denise Grayson of "The Social Network". .

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Teneros: Keeping A Watchful Eye On Social Networks For Employers

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Social networks have come a long way in the workplace. At times slip ups do happen from employees and important information can get loose, impacting the company in a negative way. Teneros has come out with a new software called Social Sentry.

TechZulu Live to Premiere "TZLaw" at 5:15 p.m. PT Thursday, October 7, with IP Attorney Denise Grayson of "The Social Network"

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PT as they kick off the new weekly tech law show "TechZulu Law" with a discussion with IP attorney Denise Grayson, who portrays the attorney of Eduardo Saverin in the film about the early days of Facebook, "The Social Network.".

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Report: Snapchat Looking To Raise $4 Billion In IPO


The report cites "people familiar with the matter" for the information. snapchat snapinc snap merger acquisition exit social networkingVenice-based Snapchat is hoping to launch an IPO, which will raise the company an astounding $4 billion in capital--valuing the company at between $25 billion and $35 billion--according to a report on Wednesday from Bloomberg. Snapchat is in the midst of an IPO effort being led by Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs Group.

Tinder, Other Dating Apps Vulnerable To Exploits, Say Researchers


Researchers said they were able to hack into the apps for many dating sites--tracking user locations, matching to social networking profiles, Facebook account information and user IDs, and much more. tinder hacking apps cybersecurity security tools social networkingDating apps from Los Angeles-based Tinder --not to mention similar apps from Bumble, OK Cupid, Zoosk, WeChat, and many others--are apparently full of security holes , according to researchers. Launches Family Tree App


Pasadena-based , which is developing a social, family tree application, has launched out of beta, saying that it is aiming to help families document and share their memories. said it is creating a free, private social network to help families discover, share, and preserve memories. The service lets users collaboratively create a family tree with their family, and attach photos, videos, and other information within that tree.

Nettle Makes Movies Social With MovieGoer


La Jolla-based Nettle , the mobile and social apps developer founded Brian Dear and Dan O'Neill, has launched its first app, MovieGoer , on the Apple iTunes App store. moviegoer nettle apple itunes social networking eventful movies movie

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Triptrotting Raises $1M


vacation social networking content information travel capital venture triptrottingPasadena-based Triptrotting , which operates an online service to help connect travelers with local hosts, has raised $1M in a Series A funding, the firm said this morning.The funding came from Google Ventures, Mark Suster, 500 Startups, WI Harper, Bill Gross of Idealab, Safa Raschtchy, and Eric Chen.

Take Back Your Internet, Leave Klout

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Defining “Good” and “Great” are completely subjective to the audience you’re trying to reach, but for starters, the Internet should be filled with interesting, useful, intelligent, creative, helpful, informative, entertaining, or fun things.

Triptrotting Adds Events and Activities


Santa Monica-based Triptrotting , which helps match travelers with like-minded locals, is expanding this morning, saying that it has added a new "Social Activities" feature to help users find activities by location, date, time, and price. The new feature comes as part of a relaunch of Triptrotting's website, which also includes enhancement of member profiles and other social features. triptrotting travel information social networking traveler startup launchpadla

Green Dot Completes Loopt Buy


Monrovia-based Green Dot , the provider of prepaid debit card products, reports today that it has completed its acquisition of Mountain View-based mobile social networking developer Loopt. The buy gives Green Dot access to both Loopt's mobile social networking software, but also a stable of developers in Mountain View. green merger acquisition greendot financial payment mobile loopt social networking software

MyLife Launches New Product


Los Angeles-based , the online website headed by Jeff Tinsley which helps users manage their online social accounts, has launched a new product, the firm announced this morning. mylife social networking account management search product profile removal

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Report: Dmitry Shapiro To Head Up Google Plus


A report today says that Dmitry Shapiro , the former founder of Veoh and head of MySpace Music, and currently founder of alternative social networking site Anybeat , may be heading to Google to head up its Google+ efforts. The report , from PandoDaily, cited a single source for the information. dmitry shapiro anybeat google plus social networking

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Businesses Must Manage the Twitter Conversation

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The volume of Tweets is enormous and growing at a rapid pace so tools are emerging to help brands manage this information. On Facebook (and nearly all social networks that preceded it) the relationship was always reciprocal – if I accept your invitation to follow me then I have to follow you.

GameFly Gets Social With Android App


Los Angeles-based GameFly , the online video game rental subscription service, said this morning that it has connected its online social network for gamers with its GameFly App for Android. GameFly--which was already offering up the social features on its iPhone app--said that the updated Android app now allows gamers to connect with each other across the different platforms. gamefly android social networking mobile smartphone

Report: Rapportive, Backed By Calacanis, Acquired By LinkedIn


According to those reports, San Francisco-based Rapportive , a developer of plug-ins which overlay social networking information on your Gmail account, has been acquired by LinkedIn. rapportive linkedin merger acquisition social networking gmail contacts email lnkd jason calacanisAngel investor Jason Calacanis looks to have scored an exit in his portfolio, according to reports today from AllThingsD.

At The Pool Matches Users, Interests


A new, Los Angeles startup At The Pool , headed by Alex Capecelatro, has started letting users sign on to the service, helping to match them based on their location, interests, and other information. At The Pool is the latest incarnation of Hyphos, Capecalatro's effort to help create a social discovery platform to connect people you don't know, based on their interests. atthepool hyphos social networking graph interests silicon beach meet

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MySpace To Simplify User Privacy Settings


Los Angeles based social networking site MySpace said Monday afternoon that it will be simplifying its user privacy settings, as the public debate over privacy in social networking has heated up. According to MySpace co-president Mike Jones, the firm is planning the launch of a simplified privacy setting for user profiles, allowing users to control whether they want their information to be public, available only to friends, or only public to people 18 and over.

Goodreads Connects To Facebook Timeline


According to Goodreads, users can now get information about what books they've read each month and year through Facebook timeline, as well as statistics like how many books you read, how many pages read, and other tracking. goodreads facebook timeline book community social networking reviewsLos Angeles-based book community website Goodreads has connected the service to Facebook Timeline, Facebook's new feature which lets users look back what they were doing at any time.