Does Your Mentor Play These 6 Roles?


Bob Wood has been a mentor to dozens of professionals during his long career in public service. As noted in You''re Never Too Old (Or Too Successful) For A Mentor , Bob has become not only my mentor, but also my friend. I can''t emphasize that enough, when seeking mentors.".

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You Are Never Too Old (or Too Successful) For A Mentor


Despite what you might think, you are never too old to benefit from the helpful guidance of a mentor. Jason Nazar, Co-Founder and CEO of Docstoc , and a self-professed "Mentee Whore," discusses his secrets to finding and keeping a mentor in this compelling article.

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Spotting, Nurturing and Mentoring Talent – The Power of Troy Carter

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Troy represents what I believe the best magic of Los Angeles is – the merging together of creative talent with technical talent and he brings the lessons learned from these two fields into investments nationally.

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Ask the Career Expert: “Why Do I Need a Mentor?”


The following is a guest post from Laurel House, an author, lifestyle mentor, and contributing blogger for Campus Explorer. Question: ”Why do I need a mentor? When should I start looking for a mentor and how do I find a one?”. Finding Your Mentor.

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Some Reflections on VC Investment Decisions

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I started in 2007 with a thesis that my primary investment decision would be about the team (70%) and only afterward about the market opportunity (30%). But they are also a tax on your time with portfolio companies, looking for new investments, running your shop and honestly they are a tax on your family life. So that means 2-3 good investments a year and we are doing well. ” If you don’t feel hugely compelled to invest then you shouldn’t.

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Huddlewoo Wants To Connect You To Mentors You Admire Through Online Video

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Huddlewoo a live video platform set to launch early 2013 to give people the ability to access extraordinary people for one-on-one conversations and mentoring. His main company Providence Holdings has invested in real estate and several small businesses.

Startup Next Opens Los Angeles Applications


According to Startup Next, it helps startups prepare for accelerators and seed investment, using mentors and other founders to help startups with pitches, and puts them through a series of weekly seminars around pitching their company, market sizing, finding product/market/fit, and other topis. startupnext startup next techstars angeles precellerator mentor mentoring session application deadline

Interview Dan Dato and Bruce Brown, Upstart.LA


Those programs--epitomized by YCombinator in the Bay Area, and TechStars in Boulder, Colorado--attract newly minted entrepreneurs with a mixture of cash and mentoring, and a program which rapidly takes ideas and turns them into viable, executing businesses. Do you have mentors lined up?

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LaunchpadLA Opens Spring Applications, Bumps Investment Dollars


Santa Monica-based startup accelerator LaunchpadLA has just opened up its spring 2013 class applications, and bumped the amount it invests in startups. As part of the new class, the group said it is now offering up $100,000 in investments along with free office space for four months, as well as connections to mentors, investors, and advisors. The amount invested per startup is double what LaunchpadLA was previously offering to startups in the program.

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How TenOneTen Ventures Is Investing In LA's Technology Future


Explain what kinds of investments TenOneTen makes or hopes to make? David Waxman: We''ve been making investments since the beginning of the year. Our investments include companies in the search technology space, such as SRCH2, which is one of our early investments.

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Why The LA Dodgers Accelerator Is Combining Sports, Investment and Startups


Tucker Kain: In 2012, when the current ownership group bought the Dodgers, the group they pulled together was pretty heavily investment focused. They all had come from backgrounds as investment professionals, which is how they had built their own businesses.

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K5Launch Launches Venture Accelerator


The accelerator said that it is aiming at helping entrepreneurs--particularly in the social and mobile technology space--in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange County with pre-seed funding and mentoring.

$150,000 Investment from Make in LA for hardware Startups | Batch 2 Application Open

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Perks include office space, prototype lab, production facilities, mentoring, and investments up to $150,000 in the first 4 months. Up to $150,000 in investments per startup. One-on-one mentoring and coaching with 50+ mentors.

Interview with Amir Banifatemi and Kai Tao, K5Launch


K5Launch ( is modeled after the successful Y-Combinator and TechStars acceleration programs, and invests equity, provides mentors, and runs a three month program to get very early stage startups off the ground. All of our mentors are investors as well.

How More Women Are Becoming Angel Investors, with Eva Yazhari


Venture and angel investing has long been considered a man''s world--with domination of the industry, executives, financiers, and others by men, with only a few exceptions. My participation has been on the impact investing and education side, where I''ve been involved as a mentor.

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Exit Interview: Lita Nelsen on MIT Tech Transfer, Startups & Culture


I don’t know if it was their first investment, but they invested $75,000 in a researcher named Ken Olsen, at MIT. Education Entrepreneurship Georges Doriot Harvard IBM Immulogic Jack Turner Karl Compton Ken Olsen Lesley Millar-Nicholson Lita Nelsen Lucent Merck Millipore MIT MIT Enterprise Forum MITEntrepreneurship Niels Reimers Sloan School of Management stanford startups students Tech Transfer Technology Licensing Office University of California VC Venture Mentoring Service

Pipeline Fellowship | Raising Women to Become Investors

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Men have dominated the world of investment. There were only 22% women who invested in 2012. Natalia Oberti Noguera is on a mission to help change the demographic of investment with her Pipeline Fellowship. There are not enough women in the world who are investing.

Launchpad LA Starts Accepting Fall 2013 Applications


Launchpad LA offers up a $100,000 investment, free office space in Santa Monica, mentoring and access to resources, and much more to companies. The accelerator is one of the earliest in Los Angeles, having originally started as a mentoring group headed by blogger and venture investor Mark Suster of Upfront Ventures (formerly GRP Partners). launchpadla launchpad fall incubator accelerator investment seed

Disney Opens Apps For Second Startup Accelerator Class


Disney said that participants in this class will be offered up to $120,000 in investment capital, and access to mentors. disney startup accelerator techstars content venture capital investment The Walt Disney Company said Tuesday that it is running another, startup accelerator class, as part of the Disney Accelerator program in Burbank, and is now accepting applications for a class of another, ten startups for the program.

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The Stage Fund Sets Partner In Los Angeles


The The Stage Fund , a investment and acquisition firm focused on acquiring turnaround companies, has tapped a longtime Southern California entrepreneur, Dan Tamkin , as a new Managing Partner in Los Angeles. Tamkin is also a mentor at the Techstars Mobility startup accelerator. stage fund tamkin unified dispatch angeles investment finance financial

Behind the Scenes: Troy Carter’s SMASHD LABS with Suzy Ryoo


Each mentor spoke for nearly an hour to the entire group, answered questions, and sat with each company for one-on-one mentoring. Atom Factory also has a venture fund, Cross Culture Ventures, which has made 8 investments so far.

Insights and Opinions: The Odd Couple: Angels and Accelerators


Southern California has the one of the largest gathering of organized angel investment groups, and a huge crop of startup accelerators: there's only one problem, which is they don't naturally work together. amplify launchpad accelerator capital venture investment angel opinions insights

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Cornerstone OnDemand Launches Incubator & Innovation Fund

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Los Angeles-based cloud-based talent management software solutions firm with over 13 million users, Cornerstone OnDemand has launched Cornerstone Innovation Fund , to invest in disruptive LA-based cloud startups building cutting-edge solutions for organizations.

How VCs Think About Adding New Partners

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Investment experience (5 years a VC at Battery Ventures). Wonderful human being who is civically engaged, mother of 3, mentorer of younger founders, hard worker and arguer extraordinaire (so says her current Twitter bio). She is a coach and mentor to team members.

Early stage money: The problem with PPMs


Bill Payne has been actively involved in angel investing since 1980, funding over 50 companies and mentoring over 100 more. I don’t fund new companies that have prepared PPMs for investment. The PPM does not meet the investing terms and conditions of the angels.

Insights and Opinions: Top 10 Ways to Win a Business Plan Competition


Last year I was invited by a mentor to critique his team's PowerPoint presentation. This year I'm mentoring a team all my own and enjoying it very much. Tags: startup business competition plan investment opinions insights

LA’s Own Launchpad LA Receives VC Funding

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Today marks another great day for the LA startup community as one of the city’s prominent mentoring programs , Launchpad LA, received VC funding – for each startup.

Inspiring the Next Generation of Female Entrepreneurs

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Hundreds of founders, speakers, mentors, and students flocked to the University of Southern California on March 28 th , 2015 to be inspired by female entrepreneurs. We did have over 500 registered for the event, and more than 60 speakers, mentors and judges.

Zuma Ventures: Creating A New Technology Startup Model


At the same time, it also uses the investment side, which I have lots of experience with, having invested in 24 companies as an angel, and having been on the board of advisors of thirteen. In our first phase, there is no outside investment in companies.

Noramay Cadena, Make In LA: Accelerating Hardware Startups


We invest time and money into helping them develop their ideas, and help develop those companies and the entrepreneurs as leaders. Do you make an investment in those startups? We invest financially, with our time, hands-on-mentorship, and resources.

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Interview Behzad Kianmahd, TAU Ventures


Behzad Kianmahd: Cross Campus is one of the companies I invested in, as the first, lead investor, about seven years ago. How is it that you're investing in a fund out of Israel connected with Tel Aviv University? He was interested in finding a way to connect their business school with Southern California's ecosystem, with startups, and seed investing, and was looking for ideas. Finally, when are you going to start making investments from the fund?

LA’s Own Launchpad LA Receives VC Funding

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Today marks another great day for the LA startup community as one of the city’s prominent mentoring programs , Launchpad LA, received VC funding – for each startup.

When Raising Venture Capital Look for an Emotional Tie to Seal the Deal

From the Venture Trenches

Ask any venture firm or accelerator which investments get done in their shop and they will tell you the deals that come through their personal network. Most partners have enormous pools of advisors, mentors and friends anyone of which can make an introduction on your behalf.

Practice Entrepreneurship With A Purpose – Before You Start A Company


If you are a recent college graduate, mentor college students. Like athletes, entrepreneurs benefit greatly from a coach, in the form of a caring mentor. A version of this article previously appeared on Forbes. Even Stephen Curry Needs To Practice. Entrepreneurship is a contact sport.

The Odd Couple: Angels and Accelerators

Steve Reich

At a recent accelerator event on the West Side, a friendly young founder told me that he had been coached by his mentor not to talk to Angel groups. I’m personally aware of several TCA and Pasadena Angels members who are actively investing, and then sponsoring companies at their respective groups. The Angel groups need individual members to take charge of nurturing the relationship and consciously invest time and effort in building ties.

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