Oh, go ahead and ask for a five-million-dollar investment in your startup.


First, few startups can use that much money today with all the virtual services available and increasingly inexpensive methods of development, prototyping and marketing. A much more rational approach to starting up. Starting up Raising money

Project cash flow – not just profit – during start-up.


Early stage investors who take a chance on new businesses, often now plan their investments around the notion – or hope – that they can fund one or two rounds to lead the business to profitability. Cash is everything to a new business. How many times do we have to say this?

Start-up World Cup - Los Angeles Regional Pitch Competition

SoCal Tech Calendar

Wednesday, April 24, 2019 -- Start-up World Cup - Los Angeles Regional Pitch Competition. Startup World Cup is a global series of startup pitch competitions that is powered by Fenox Venture Capital and held in 40+ regions from around the world, where the top startup from each country comes to Silicon Valley and compete for a $1,000,000 USD investment prize!

Startups: What are your odds for success?


Starting a company is HARD – in so many ways. I read several years ago, that the average startup restaurant lasts only about a year. Restaurant startups would not top my list. And this includes all businesses, not just startups. Way above market investment returns.

Global LAVA: Investing in Israeli Start-Ups

SoCal Tech Calendar

Thursday, March 7, 2019 -- Global LAVA: Investing in Israeli Start-Ups. Panelists: Liron Brish - CEO of Farm Dog; Liat Sade-Sternberg - CEO of fuse.it; Guy Katsovich, co-founder of Fusion LA. See [link] (more

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The best advice startups will never follow


Some relatives believe that a family bond is an insurance policy, and that all investments or notes will always be repaid, no matter what the circumstance. Consider whether the family member being asked to invest has the capacity to walk away “happily” from a lost cause.

Financing a Start-Up

Tech Coast Venture Network

Virgina Lorimor There are several options for financing a start-up business that tend to follow a natural course in a business’ development: Personal Investment. This is where all entrepreneurs have to start. “OC’s Premier Incubator – Supporting Start-Up Businesses in Our Business Collective&#. Tags: Funding General financing funding startup

Austin Start-up MailLift Joins 500 Startups

Tech Zulu Event

I met fellow hustler Brian Curliss about 2 years ago at a Startup Weekend event that I was covering. It came as no surprise whatsoever when I found out that his new company MailLift was called up to the big leagues to join the 500 Startups accelerator.

After 20 years: Updating the Berkus Method of valuation


There is a universal truth: fewer than one in a thousand start-ups meet or exceed their projected revenues in the periods planned. I should have done more about this subtle interpretation when first seeing this, and will attempt to make up for that now. Well, it had to happen.

The Berkus Method: Valuing an Early Stage Investment.


For those of us who’ve invested in early stage companies, especially technology startups, we have confronted a universal problem. There are many ways to project the value of a company for purposes of pricing an investment, but all rely upon the revenue and profit projections of the entrepreneur as a starting point. Starting up Raising money

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Which is more important: Management quality or a better plan?


The quest for a great management team is not a fluke, but rather a result of backward looks at the failure rate from past investments by those same angel investors and venture capitalists. Starting up Surrounding yourself with talentSo, what do you think is more important?

Are MBAs Necessary for Start-ups or VC?

Both Sides of the Table

This is part of my ongoing series called “ Start-up Lessons.&#. I came across this blog post about getting a computer science degree as the best degree for getting into venture capital or working at a VC-backed start up. Like Chris Dixon I grew up programing.

Consider all resources before seeking investment.


First, few startups can use that much money today with all of the virtual services available and increasingly inexpensive methods of development, prototyping and marketing. Second, almost no professional investor will consider putting that much into a startup until there is proof of market demand, product viability or some other mitigation of failure. Starting up Raising money

Who Should you Hire at a Startup?

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This is part of my ongoing posts on Startup Advice. There are people who tell startups that they should hire the most senior people that they can find. Bringing in a senior person who’s “done it all before&# is often a mistake in a startup.

Include your labor value in your plan.


Investors love it when entrepreneurs draw little or no money from their startups. You could start by charging more for your executive salary, then paying out less in cash, accruing the rest into a payable amount due to the entrepreneur. Starting up

Startups and VCs Should Avoid “Pier” Funding

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Often when startups who have raised venture capital need another round of financing they will turn to their existing investors to give them money before raising from outsiders. It starts as a debt instrument (e.g. And it adds up.

Should Your Startup Give Performance-Based Warrants?

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This is part of my ongoing series on Startup Advice. As startup entrepreneurs we all want to work with them because having their name as reference clients makes it so much easier for marketing, PR, selling to other customers, fund raising and even recruiting.

Should Your Startup Have an Advisory Board?

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This is part of my ongoing series Startup Advice. Many startup companies hire advisory boards. If you plan to set one up – no problem. come out of the gate strong and never let up) then you might get some attention. So you set up advisory meetings.

The Fallacy of Channels: Startups Beware

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This is part of my ongoing series on startup advice but also filed under my sales & marketing posts. No advice I give will ever apply to 100% of companies, 100% of startups or even 100% of tech startups. So Should I Avoid Channels at all Costs When I’m a Startup?

Startup Founders Should Flip Burgers

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This is part of my ongoing series Startup Advice. When you’re an early-stage startup that hasn’t raised any institutional money you end up doing almost every job function of the company yourself. We had to ramp up our team quickly and ramp we did.

People Management: Startup Teams Should Dip but not Skip

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We all like to think of startups as “non hierarchic&# organizations and to some extent that should be true. I see two common mistakes in companies (not just in startups, in fact). Let information flow up but direct your staff and execute through hierarchy.

Ad Analytics Start-Up EDO Raises $12 Million

L.A. Business Journal

1 that it raised $12 million in its first round of outside investment Entertainment Data Oracle Inc., or EDO, a company that uses data collection and analysis to measure the effectiveness of TV ads, announced Nov.

Oracle 116

Don’t get hung up on valuation.


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked away from deals where the entrepreneur insists on a start-up premoney valuation that is so high, no angel could expect to make a return upon the investment, even with a reasonable sales price for the company down the road.

Wearable World Labs Partners With Technicolor to Accelerate Wearable Tech & IOT Start­ups

Tech Zulu Event

This partnership will bring one of the most influential media companies together with today’s most promising emerging startups in the Wearable Technology and Internet of Things (IOT) space.

How to Work with Lawyers at a Startup

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If you’re a startup and you don’t have a close relationship with a few law firms you’re really missing one of the most important relationships that any entrepreneur can have. Many people start companies arse backwards.

10 Keys To Making Money By Investing In Entrepreneurs

Startup Professionals Musings

Investing in entrepreneurs and startups is a fun but different world from investing in conventional stocks, bonds, and commodities. Secondly, the risk is very high, since as many as 90 percent of startups fail within a few years. Start in a business domain you know well.

Calacanis Starts Up New Venture Fund


Not only is he running his own technology conference, Launch, he''s also making angel investments, and opening up his own coworking space , he''s also created a new venture capital fund, the Launch Fund. conference launch investment jason capital venture calacanis

2010 VC Funding Outlook for Startups – Prepare for Winter (Part 3/3)

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It is also a result of pent-up demand. Consumer spending is 70% of the economy and will continue to be stretched – We can look all we want at tech innovation, VC funding cycles and hot M&A deals, but ultimately growth and therefore investment must be underpinned by revenue.

3 Things You Need To Remember To Get Your Tech Start Up Moving

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Working at your company but want to break off to start your own? Please don’t get discouraged by these difficulties, starting a business is always hard, but it can be one of the most rewarding things you ever do.

I Want My CIC! … The Benefits for Startups to Be Co-Located

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I recently wrote a blog post about why I believe that startup teams in close proximity perform better. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised – I got a similar lukewarm reaction when we started Launchpad LA and that seems to be going pretty well.

Amplify LA Backs Investment Startup Alto


Los Angeles-based startup accelerator Amplify LA is one of the backers of a new startup Alto , which is allowing investors to invest in nontraditional assets--such as startups, real estate, and more. The startup is based in Nashville, Tennessee. alto fintech amplifyla amplify accelerator startup investment financial

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Bonfire Ventures closes $60 million to invest in SoCal B2B startups

TechCrunch LA

Los Angeles is becoming one of the more interesting destinations for startups and the investors that provide money for venture capital firms to place bets on young companies are increasingly starting to take notice.

SoCal 280

City of Los Angeles, Goren Holm To Invest In Blockchain Startup


The City of Los Angeles and investment firm Goren Holm Ventures --the new Blockchain investment firm of Alon Goren and Josef Holm--said they will be funding a blockchain pitch contest at the upcoming CIS blockchain conference.

73.6% of all Statistics are Made Up

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of all statistics are made up. Here’s how I learned my lesson: I started my life as a consultant. I had to read each report, synthesis it and then come up with our best estimate of the markets going forward. How to Interpret Analyst Reports.

CrowdStrike Launches $20M, Early Stage Investment Fund


CrowdStrike , the cloud-based cybersecurity software developer which has substantial operations in Orange County, said today that it has launched a new, early stage investment fund called the Falcon Fund. CrowdStrike said the new, $20M fund was created in partnership with venture capital firm Accel, and will invest in security startups which are building applications on its CrowdStrike Falcon platform.