Be Frugal, But Never Cheap When Locking Down Your IP


The money you pay your intellectual property (IP) lawyer should be judiciously spent. However, the potential costs associated with an IP mishap can be catastrophic. Do not rely on the IP lawyer to coax such vital information from you.

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How To Write An Effective Answer On Quora: Communications 101


I write a bit more about how entrepreneurs can protect their ideas here: Spilling The Beans. Listing a variety of bread-and-butter IP protection tactics would not have been as compelling.

No Stairway (Infringement) and the Importance of Shared Design Tools in Innovation


The use of intellectual property (IP) to claim these tools can be problematic. For those who follow IP law, this is the tension behind the “abstraction test” in copyright and the recent Supreme Court software patent decision in Alice Corp.

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Intellectual Property – Worthless To A Startup, Priceless To A Big Dumb Company


Intellectual Property (IP) is an ugly thing at a startup. However, to a Big Dumb Company (BDC), a startup’s IP is a thing of beauty. How can IP be worthless to a startup yet very worthwhile to a BDC? Because IP has intrinsic value, but only in the right hands.

Why Lawsuits Are On the Rise at Startups and What To Do About It

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As I write these words I already imagine my next deposition in which I’m asked to read this out loud. I started writing about problems when founding a startup years ago but the problem has gotten worse. *. Lawsuits.

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I Know Everybody Told You to Send Your Fund-Raising Decks as a Link.

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I know that you can use an email system with this to track my open rate, whether I forwarded the email, the IP address where I read it, whether I was on a mobile device or a wired computer and you can tell who else read the document. Whenever you write your deck and send it out I think you should actually think to yourself, “my competitors are probably going to read this one day and this will be forwarded widely” and if your response isn’t “so what!”

Five Startup Tips From Bill Gates


"The best way to prepare [to be a programmer] is to write programs, and to study great programs that other people have written. Banana IP. "Intellectual As described in IP Is Worthless To A Startup , most startups over estimate the value of their intellectual property.

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The Audacious Plan to Make Electricity as Easy as WiFi

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It’s true the some VCs have started writing so many checks that they resemble stock pickers but the majority of us still have less than 10 board seats at any time and tend to go pretty deep so the result is that we care deeply about where we commit our time.

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What Should You Send a VC Before Your Meeting?

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The mistake entrepreneurs make is either writing a lengthy email (everybody has too much email so it will get skimmed / not digested) or not having a deck which means the VC can’t quickly determine his or her fit as a potential investor.

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Some Career Advice for Aspiring Tech CEOs

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” It was meant both as a call to those writing angel checks into other people’s companies that they ought to think about putting that capital toward themselves either by becoming a startup founder or (and this was my real point) by taking an under-market salary in a company where they can learn the right skills to do it in the future. There is often money to be made in finding places with under-valued IP. And one that you get to write.

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Top 120 Startup Posts for 2010


IP Law for Startups , June 23, 2010 Groupon’s Growth Made Possible by Facebook - Leveraging Ideas , May 5, 2010 Automating Themed Logo Changes by Season - An Internet Entrepreneur's Journey , October 18, 2010 Selling a Business - A Guide for Investors and Entrepreneurs - Angel Blog , February 28, 2010 Minimum Viable Product in practice - Guy Nirpaz , October 17, 2010 Want to Know How VC’s Calculate Valuation Differently from Founders?

How Many Angels is the Right Amount for a Startup to Have?

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Even if one disagrees with the premise, why would anyone feel the need to attack Mike for writing it? Founder fighting, IP lawsuits, high-profile resignations, trouble fund raising, bad product release, 409a complications, community is rebelling against the CEO: You. Everybody knows a quick $50k write-off is easy, better, faster than the alternatives and better to focus your limited time on finding the next great team to back.

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Ten Rookie Startup Mistakes You Won’t Make


Thus, follow the guidelines outlined in IP – Worthless To A Startup and only spend significant time and effort protecting your intellectual property when it is clear what you are trying to protect. 5) Allow Partners To Write Your Agreements. “Learn from the mistakes of others.

Why The Media Has Been Wrong About YouTube Networks

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For much of 2013 I watched the press write articles about how the YouTube “MCNs” (multi-channel networks) were doomed and tried to square that with the data I was watching at the one I invested in, Maker Studios, who has had one hell of a year.

Why You Should Embrace Opposing Views at Your Startup

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Albert Wenger from Union Square Ventures wrote a great post the other day that reminded me I’ve been meaning to write about this topic. Don’t just mentally write off their features or marketing as “dumb” – ask internally what you could learn from it.

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What is it Like to Negotiate a VC Round?

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This is a function of my fund size (if I have a $10 million fund I’m unlikely to write a $2 million check since my fund will lack diversification), my view of the risks in your company and my desired ownership. Of course investors care about controls (board, protective provisions, IP assignments, non-solicitation) but these are all pretty standard. Over the years I’ve written extensively about the downsides of convertible notes for startups such as here , here and here.

Most Common Early Start-up Mistakes

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To the best of my knowledge US law allows you to work on your own resources and in your own hours and let you personally own your IP. In some countries outside the US (the UK for example) employers can specify in an employment contract that ANY IP you develop while you’re employed by that company is owned by them. I’m reluctant to put it into writing because people get so passionate about this issue and many disagree. Make sure you own your IP.

The 4 Partners Early-Stage Startups Need

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I often write about the best strategies for startup fundraising or how to manage startup financing and optimize for growth.

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How to Work with Lawyers at a Startup

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When to get a lawyer - If you plan to be a venture or angel backed technology company (what I mostly write about) the best time to start meeting and getting to know lawyers is long before you ever start your company. I write about some of the lessons in my post on Startup Mistakes.

The Most Interesting Online Video Trend

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For those who still don’t know the origins, the Harlem Shake started as a small skit from a YouTuber named Filthy Frank (10 million views as of this writing) on January 30, 2013. This article originally appeared on TechCrunch.

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What is the Right Burn Rate at a Startup Company?

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So money spent should add equity value or create IP that eventually will. I am simply saying that these sources of capital often have a harder time bridging you quickly or writing larger checks if / when you run out of cash and especially in hard times. I was reading Danielle Morrill’s blog post today on whether one’s “ Startup Burn Rate is Normal. ” I highly recommend reading it.

Should Startups Focus on Profitability or Not?

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I find it amusing when a journalist writes an article about a prominent startup (either privately held or preparing for an IPO) and decries that, “They’re not even profitable!” There are certain topics that even some of the best journalists can’t fully grok.

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A Few Key People Really Can Make a Huge Difference

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I don’t write about LA but I write from LA. I prefer not to do any angel investments because I focus on my VC funds but it was gratifying to write some small checks to support local teams. This article originally ran on TechCrunch. I’m in Seattle this week.

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What Makes an Entrepreneur? Cojones (7/11)

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But when I’m looking to write my check I need to look in the eyes of the captain — the maestro who brings the whole orchestra together. This is part of my series on what makes an entrepreneur successful.

Get Inside the Mind of an Angel Investor

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You can write an angry email to get your emotions out but you shouldn’t necessarily send it (or wait 1 hour and then make a decision). TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) : network transfer protocol, basically it defines requirements for network communications.

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The first 6 steps to homegrowing basic startup analytics | Futuristic Play by @Andrew_Chen

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Write me an e-mail and let me know what youre up to! I’ve been asked a few times recently, “Wow, these analytics you write about are great, but how does a startup begin to bite off the relevant parts?&# Block IP address. Block IP address. Block IP address.

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The LG Optimus G Pro | Not Just Another Pretty Face

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″ 1920 x 1080p Full HD IPS Screen (400 ppi resolution). With so many different cell-phones in the marketplace, it may be hard to determine which mobile device best suits you. At the moment, many people are looking at both the HTC One as well as the Samsung S4.

The Long-Term Value of Loyalty

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No rule is ever absolute no matter how it sounds when one writes a blog. They seed funded my second company and even let me buy some IP in exchange for debt to get started. Oh, boy. Here we go again. Another post on job hopping. This will be my final word on the topic. I promise.

Addressing the Top IPv6 Security Issues

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IPv6 is the latest Internet Protocol (IP). For example, security suppliers will have to re-write firewalls for the new protocol, but without any single organization to set the direction of the deployment of IPv6, approaches will be in constant flux.

Roping in the Legal Eagles


Just as you would not ask your family physician to perform a coronary bypass, do not ask your corporate lawyer to help you write your patent application. Most corporate attorneys can give you general guidance with respect to securing your Intellectual Property (IP) rights, especially with respect to trademarks, copyrights and other non-patent-related items. You do not want your IP lawyer to learn the prior art associated with your technology on your dime.

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How to cleverly integrate your own URI shortener

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While handling bots, you should detect search engine crawlers, too: /* lookup your crawler IP database to populate $isCrawler; then, if the IP wasnt identified as search engine crawler: */ if ($isCrawler !== from the IP address range

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Interview with Chris Lyman and Corey Brundage,


When you stick that plugin on a blog you are writing, it scans the article for names. For example, if you are writing about Barack Obama, you can, with a single click, vote him up or down in the article.

Interview with Youtuber Adorian Deck, On Making A Living On YouTube


There are other things I've done, and I started a company recently and own a bunch of Twitter IP, but Youtube is a big part of it, and really lets me reach other people and affect other lives.

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Interview with Steve Jillings, TeleSign


We can tell that they're using a voice-over-IP phone number or prepaid mobile phone, and we might not allow them to register because their experience is that a majority of their fraudulent activity comes from those type of phone numbers.

San Diego’s KnuEdge, Stealthy Since 2005, Unveils Neural Tech


The Intellisis link is no longer active] Goldin, who is now 75, declined to talk about the company at the time, writing in an e-mail, “We have not yet publically discussed our commercial product offerings.”.