LogicMonitor Releases Free Java Monitoring Tool


Santa Barbara-based LogicMonitor , which develops software for IT infrastructure monitoring, said yesterday that it has released a new, free tool to help debug and monitor Java software. The company said the free, JMX Command Line Tools collect real time performance metrics on Java applications, so that software engineer and DevOps teams can debug their Java applications. logicmonitor java operations monitoring software free management devops

Prevoty Launches New Products For Java,NET


Los Angeles-based Prevoty , a developer of enterprise security tools, said Thursday that it has rolled out two new products, which plug into apps running on Java and.NET. The startup said the new plug-ins can be added to Java and.NET applications without coding changes, and provide instrumentation for application activity at runtime, to help identify attaks on those applications. prevoty java cross site scripting cybersecurity security holes software enterprise

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Framework Benchmarks Round 11


jawn (java). mangooio (java). New dependency tool that helps organize, unify, and simplify required software (e.g., software such as python2 is now easily loaded/reused without contributor knowledge required).

Eucalyptus Links With Java Software Firm


Santa Barbara-based Eucalyptus , which develops open source, cloud computing management software, has linked with a developer of scaling software for the Java programming language, Terracotta, the firms said Tuesday. According to Terracotta and Eucalyptus, the two will provide tighter integration between their respective software, and also engage in joint sales and marketing. Tags: eucalpytus java cloud computing amazon terracotta

Demand Media Extends Pluck To Mobile


Demand Media said that Pluck now includes new tools for software developers, to provide native experiences and creation of community features on mobile phones, including support for Objective-C on the Apple iOS, as well as Java for Google Android applications. Santa Monica-based Demand Media has extended its Pluck social media platform to mobile devices, the company said today.

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Webalo Scores $3M For Mobile Enterprise Apps


Webalo says its software eliminates much of the coding, wating, and cost of traditional, mobile application development. The firm said its tools work on Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Symbian, Windows Mobile, or Java-enabled smartphone.

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One million HTTP RPS without load balancing is easy


As we and our collaborators prepare Round 9 of our Framework Benchmarks project, we had an epiphany: With high-performance software, a single modern server processes over 1 million HTTP requests per second. Undertow is the lightweight Java web application server used in WildFly. Five months ago, Google talked about load-balancing to achieve 1 million requests per second. We understand their excitement is about the performance of their load balancer 1.

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Choosing a Programming Language and Framework for Your Startup


Some common themes from the discussion: Know Where You Are Going Before you can possibly make a choice around language and framework you need to ask all the important questions that are talked about in Startup Software Development – Do Your Homework Before You Develop Anything and Startup CTO or Developer. It's way easier to get your pages setup in these languages than by choosing Java alone. Of course, I'm not sure that anyone chooses Java alone.

Unusual Perk For SoCal Technology Firm: Unlimited, Paid Vacation


In what might be one of the more unusual perks for a Southern California high tech company, LRN , a developer of enterprise compliance and ethics software, has an unlimited, paid vacation policy. The firm--which looks to be recruiting Java Developers, project managers, and UX/UI designers in its LA location--apparently lets employees take off as much time as they feel like they need, as one of the perks for working for the company.

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Software Development Companies in Southern California


This is a private group of CTOs who are responsible for software development within their companies. They are generally the senior most person responsible for custom software development, database design, database administration, web development, etc. But where do the software development companies in Southern California congregate? Most networking events tend to either focus on specific technologies (PHP,Net, C#, Microsoft, LAMP, MySQL, Open Source, Hadoop, Java, etc.)

Webtide Acquired By Intalio


Los Angeles-based Webtide , which develops the popular Jetty Application Server for the Java programming language, has been acquired by Intalio. Tags: webtide merger acquisition intalio open source jetty java

MaestroDev, Winston Damarillo's Latest Firm, Uncloaks At JavaOne


Manhattan Beach-based MaestroDev , a firm developing Java build, test, and release tools for the software development community, has uncloaked at the JavaOne conference, exposing the latest firm started by GlueCode founder Winston Damarillo. Tags: capital venture development java software source open morphlabs gluecode damarillo winston maestrodev

MeetingBurner Aims To Make Online Meetings Fast and Simple

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There is no other software to install. Meeting Burner requires you to download a Java applet and run it in order to share your screen to others. GoToMeeting requires users to download software even if they’re just attending a meeting, not presenting.

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Quest Gets OEM Win At Adobe


Aliso Viejo-based Quest Software has scored an OEM win at Adobe Systems, the firm said yesterday, for a software product for single sign-on. According to Quest, Adobe is using the firm's software to provide single sign-on to Adobe LiveCycle products in Java environments with Active Directory. Quest's software is being used by Adobe so users only have to login once to enterprise systems; Quest's software allows Java and Java EE applications to login to Active Directory.

Corent Adds Advisor


Aliso Viejo-based Corent Technology , which develops software that makes it easy for companies to convert their legacy applications into software-as-a-service, has added a new advisor, the firm said this week. The firm''s software helps turn any Java, PHP, or.Net application to SaaS.

We Want You!…To Succeed! TechZulu & Gadget Review Partner with Microsoft

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Qualified startups can receive up to $60K in Azure cloud credits, technical support, access to Microsoft software, and more. With support for Windows, Linux,NET, Node.js, PHP, Java, and much more. Free Microsoft Software & Tools.


How to Teach Computational Thinking


Yes, there’s certainly a need for some number of software engineers in the world who can write low-level programs in languages like C++ or Java or JavaScript—and can handle the details of loops and declarations.

LA Autoshow | Cadillac Unveils CUE System

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Hardware/software. Java script, HTML5-enabled browser for developers. Click the link to see the rest of our photos from the LA Auto Show on Facebook! It’s going to be a HUGE weekend here with the LA Auto Show in town.

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VMIX Taps Sun For Marketing VP


San Diego-based VMIX Media , which is devleoping software for managing online video and other digital media, said Thursday that it has hired on Bill Curci as the firm's new Vice President of Marketing. Curci joins the firm from Sun Microsystems, where he was focused on product marketing of Java. Tags: vmix software online video executive

iRise Expands Into Code Generation


El Segundo-based iRise , a developer of tools used by enterprises to prototype and visualize IT software projects, said today that it has shipping a new product which automatically produces code from its visualizations. Tags: irise code software source generate visualization

Realtime Raises $100M, Opens Office In Santa Monica


The firm said its technology framework works with NODE.JS, Javascript, ASP.net, Java, PHP, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone, and revolves around providing a many-to-many, cloud-hosted messaging system for web applications. realtime venture capital messaging software application apps xrtmlRealtime , a startup developing technology to help power real-time web applications, said today that it has raised $100M, launched in the U.S., and opened up a new office in Santa Monica.


AT&T and American Airlines | The SXSW Party & Hackathon Recap

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Technologies used: google maps, jquery, java, and tomcat. Java Web App built on the Spring Framework. Apps & Software Events Mobile Startups SXSW 2013 American Airlines AT&T ATTHack hackathon St.

A Night Of #Hackfest With BetterWorks

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Some used Java, Ruby, jQuery while others used PHP, HTML, and CSS. Senior and junior Rails and mobile (javascript) developers familiar with b2b software. Welcome to the accelerated version of Startup Weekend.

Mimiboard Replacing Noticeboards in Africa | Interview with Johan Nel Founder

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People can now add notes to the board – using Twitter, SMS, Rich web, WAP, Android and Java supported devices. We will adopt the Software as a Service model, where we will have a Free version and a Paid for version. Mimiboard, virtual, 3.0

MySpace Extends APIs


Among those resources are a new software development kit with libraries for connecting to MySpace via the PHP, Python, Ruby,NET and Java languages. Los Angeles-based MySpace has released an upgrade to the firm's set of application programming interfaces, saying this morning that it has released an upgrade to MySpaceID, the firm's API for allowing other websites to access its information.


IT Department and Web Teams | Who Does What Now?

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Security experts and other individuals might be helpful in creating and fixing network performance monitoring software. They are responsible for maintaining properly working computers, hardware and software. They should also know how to read and create coding of HTML, Java and so forth.

WebVisible In Big Hiring Push In Los Angeles With New Office


Irvine-based WebVisible , which helps small businesses place online advertising, said this morning it is in a big hiring push, and is immediately looking to hire over 75 employees across sales, IT, software engineering, and product design positions.

Burn Baby Burn: Is Traditional Licensing of Content Joining the Business Models Torched by New Technology and the Web

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Alternative licensing is now an established, yet ever-evolving reality embraced by the mainstream, as seen with the proliferation of Open Source Software, the growing reliance on Creative Commons licenses for services such as Twitter and Flickr, and the Recording Industry Association of America's consideration of blanket licenses for university peer-to-peer file sharing.

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Choosing Internet Platforms


Finally we get to: Peter Coffee , Director of Platform Research, Salesforce.com His premise is that we should be beyond having to buy servers, software, or any other infrastructure. Now up: Craig Ogg Co-Founder Freshly Grated Software former VP of R&D, Stamps.com Have had to make choices about platforms many times. PIM based on Java that would be up-to-date on all your devices. Server and client in Java. Java as a platform wasn't ready to deliver on client side.

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AT&T Mobile App Hackathon | Superheroes & Geeks, Only in Hollywood!

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Developers were allowed to code in any language they were most comfortable with including Objective C, Java, Javascript, HTML, C #, Dot Net, and XNA. On July 27, 2012 the AT&T Developer Program and Apigee produced the Mobile App Hackathon in Los Angeles, California.

JS Saturday | Javascript Beginner to Advanced in One Day!

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Chander Dhall , a microsoft MP, anuthor, trainer, mentor, professional software architect/lead developer, INTETA speaker, open source contributor, community leader and organizer with years of experience in enterprise Software Development. Have you ever wanted to learn Javascript?

Peering Into The Mobile Games Future With Josh Hartwell of Mobile Deluxe


I had been a developer, working at a software publisher as a software developer working on consule games, and wanted to get back into publishing. We're able to get thousands of downloads per day on our products, a far cry from the BREW and Java days.

Interview with Derrick Oien, Intercasting


We seem to receive lots of pitches from companies looking to attack the mobile market with their mobile software applications, but few who have deployed on-deck with carriers. It's along sales cycle, but the beauty is that when you're done, you've got client software which a consumer can use, specialized for their device, and able to do cools things, things that you couldn't do if you didn't work directly with the carrier.