eSolar Unveils Lancaster Plant


Pasadena-based solar thermal technology developer eSolar has unveiled a Lancaster solar power plant this morning, saying that the firm's 24,000 mirror, 5-megawatt plant will provide electricity for more than 4,000 homes in the Antelope Valley. eSolar's site in northern Lancaster was built on private land, previously designated for heavy industrial use. Tags: cleantech edison california southern lancaster energy thermal solar esolar

Heliogen’s new tech could unlock renewable energy for industrial manufacturing

TechCrunch LA

Last Monday a group of millionaires and billionaires took a trip to an industrial site in Lancaster, Calif. I’m pleased to have been an early backer of Bill Gross’s novel solar concentration technology.

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Women Entrepreneurs Surge But Fight Their Demons

Startup Professionals Musings

Despite some inaccurate stereotypes, the evidence is that they are in every industry, from small consulting firms to medical high technology. demons Amy Abrams startups women entrepreneurs Adelaide Lancaster business

Nexus eWater Gets NSF/ANSI Cert


San Diego- and Lancaster-based Nexus eWater , which makes a device which recycles grey water from residences, turning formerly wasted water into energy and water usable for irrigation and other non-potable uses, said it has received NSF/ANSI certification for its systems.

LA Metro Buys Electric Buses From BYD


The Metro said it will buy up to 25 new, all-electric buses as part of a $30M, clean air bus technology pilot. BYD said the new buses will be assembled in Lancaster.

BYD Facing Critics Over Labor Practices In LA


Electric bus maker BYD is on the defensive, after a recent report which says that BYD--despite huge fanfare over its creation of a bus manufacturing plant in Lancaster--employs less than 40 workers here, and has been under investigation for importing Chinese workers and paying them at less than minimum wage. BYD opened up a new headquarters in Los Angeles in 2011, saying it planned to hire 150 people in LA''s clean technology corridor.

eSolar Inks Another Solar Plant Deal


Pasadena-based eSolar , the thermal solar technology developer backed by Idealab, has inked another solar plant deal here in California, this time with Pacific Gas and Electric. According to PG&E, it is building a 92 megawtt solar thermal plan, to be built near Lancaster, using eSolar solar thermal technology.