LegalZoom Expands Board


Glendale-based LegalZoom , the provider of legal documents and products, has named a new member of its board of directors. According to LegalZoom, it has named Christine Wang to its board of directors. Francisco Partners is a significant shareholder in LegalZoom, and was part of a group that acquired a large secondary stake in LegalZoom back in 2018. legalzoom executive board christine wang francisco partners

LegalZoom Names New CEO


Glendale-based LegalZoom , the provider of legal documents and services for small businesses and families, has named a new CEO, saying on Tuesday afternoon that it has named Daniel Wernikoff as its new Chief Executive Officer. Wernikoff takes over from longtime CEO John Suh, who LegalZoom said will become a Senior Advisor to the company. LegalZoom said that Wernikoff also oversaw such products as QuickBooks and TurboTax Live.

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LegalZoom Settles Suit With LegalForce


Los Angeles-based legal filings and services site LegalZoom has settled a trademark and antitrust suit filed against the company by competitor LegalForce RAPC Worldwide , the operator of a trademark and patent filing service, , according to a legal filing from the two companies this week, according to reports. LegalForce had sued LegalZoom after it allegedly acquired the domain name, which was redirected to the company's main website.

LegalZoom Finds Funding From TCV, Adds New Board Member


Glendale-based LegalZoom , the online legal filing site which focuses on small businesses and families, has named David Yuan, a General Partner at Technology Crossover Ventures (TCV) to its board of directors. According to LegalZoom, the addition comes as part of an investment by TCV in LegalZoom. LegalZoom said that TCV has "deep experience" investing in and advising companies serving small and midsized businesses (SMB), such as GoDaddy, LinkedIn and Xero.

LegalZoom Names Marketing Chief


Glendale-based LegalZoom has appointed a new head of marketing, the company said this morning. LegalZoom said it has appointed Laura Goldberg as Chief Marketing Officer, to lead overall strategy and direction of the company, and lead the company''s marketing and product teams. LegalZoom is backed by private equity investor Permira Funds. legalzoom executive marketing

LegalZoom IPO Expected Friday


One of the most anticipated IPOs of a Southern California technology firm, LegalZoom is expected to hit the markets Friday, with pricing expected Thursday evening. legalzoom merger acquisitionThe firm--which recently set its expected IPO pricing range of $10 to $12 per share--is one of two IPOs expected this week by technology companies. The company is aiming at the New York Stock Exchange, hoping to trade under the symbol LGZ.

LegalZoom Sues RocketLawyer


Glendale-based LegalZoom , the online service which provides legal documents to consumers and small businesses, said late Tuesday that it has filed a lawsuit against competitor RocketLawyer. LegalZoom said that the suit alleges false and misleading advertising by RocketLawyer, trademark infringement, and unfair competition. LegalZoom said the lawsuit was filed in the United States District Court for the Central District of California.

LegalZoom Files For IPO


Glendale-based online legal documents marketplace LegalZoom filed for an IPO Friday, saying that it is looking to raise up to $120M on the New York Stock Exchange as "LGZ". LegalZoom reported net income of $12.1M legalzoom merger acquisition exitThe firm's IPO is being underwritten by Morgan Stanley, BofA Merrill Lynch, Stifel Nicolaus Weisel, RBC Capital Markets, William Blair, and Montgomery & Co. The firm is venture backed by Polaris Venture Partners (35.1

LegalZoom Officially Drops IPO Bid


Glendale-based LegalZoom has officially dropped its IPO bid, saying in a regulatory filing that it has withdrawn its S-1 filing for an IPO, which had originally been filed in May of 2012. LegalZoom said the move came because it does not intend to pursue the contemplated public offering at this time. LegalZoom had filed for an IPO in May of 2012, but delayed the IPO after poor market interest in July of 2012. legalzoom merger acquisition private equity legal documents

LegalZoom Racks Up 200,000 Legal Consultations


Glendale-based online legal documents and help site LegalZoom has racked up 200,000 legal consultations, as part of its expansion into connecting consumers with attorneys, the company announced this morning. LegalZoom offers up referrals to attorneys through its LegalZoom Business and Personal Legal Plans product. legalzoom legal consultation referral lawyer attorney court

LegalZoom Sells $500M Secondary Stake To Private Equity Investors


Glendale-based LegalZoom , which provides legal services and documents for the small business and family market, announced on Tuesday that it has sold a $500M secondary stake in the company to a set of private equity investors. LegalZoom said the investment round was led by Francisco Partners and GPI Capital, and also included Franklin Templeton and Neuberger Berman. The secondary stock sale reportedly values LegalZoom at more than $2 billion.

LegalZoom Expands In The UK


Glendale-based LegalZoom said today that it is expanding in the United Kingdom, after being approved as an Alternative Business Structure (ABS) in that country--the first step in allowing the company to provide legal services in the UK. LegalZoom said it is the first US company to be licensed as a provider of reserved legal activities in the UK. international structure business alternative legalzoom

LegalZoom Sells $200M In Majority Stake To Permira


Glendale-based online legal documents provider LegalZoom has sold $200M in equity to private equity firm Permira Funds, in a secondary stock purchase deal, the companies said this morning. According to LegalZoom, the new funding will go towards its launch of new products and services. As part of the deal, LegalZoom said that Permira will be the largest shareholder in the company, and will have the right to appoint a majority of the company''s board.

LegalZoom Says Its Services Are Legal In New Jersey


Glendale-based online legal referral provider LegalZoom says it is legal in New Jersey, despite a recent opinion issued by the New Jersey Supreme Court. According to LegalZoom, recent reports on the opinion of the New Jersey Supreme Court "misinterpret the findings", and that New Jersey attorneys can continue to ethically work with LegalZoom. legalzoom jersey opinion legal referral lawyer

LegalZoom Valued at $2 Billion Following Investment

L.A. Business Journal

With this investment, LegalZoom’s estimated value totals roughly $2 billion Glendale online legal technology company Inc. announced June 30 it completed a $500 million financing round from four total investors, its second since the firm’s founding in 2001.

Report: LegalZoom IPO Delayed


The long awaited IPO of Glendale-based LegalZoom apparently has been delayed , according to reports Thursday afternoon. According to Reuters, citing an "underwriting source", LegalZoom has delayed the offering due to marketing conditions. LegalZoom had been aiming to list on the New York Stock Exchange as LGZ. LegalZoom had been expected to price this evening and start trading Friday. genomatica delay exit acquisition merger legalzoom

Report: LegalZoom Nears IPO


Glendale-based LegalZoom , the online legal documents site which was co-founded by Brian Lee and lawyer Robert Shapiro, is reportedly about to file for its IPO, according to a report today. According to industry sources, LegalZoom has been prepping its IPO since at least 2010; local industry insiders have predicting an IPO filing for the company since mid 2010. legalzoom merger acquisition

LegalZoom Ties With Sam's Club


Glendale-based online legal documents firm LegalZoom announced Thursday that it has linked up with Sam''s Club , the membership warehouse club owned by Walmart, to offer up its services to small businesses. Financial details of the deal were not disclosed, however, LegalZoom said that it wil loffer up a suite of estate planning products for $299 as a promotion with Sam''s Club, as well as up to 25 percent off all of its other products.

LegalZoom Founder Brian Liu Talks About His New Legal Startup, BizCounsel


Brian Liu , the co-founder and CEO of a new startup, BizCounsel , was the co-founder of LegalZoom, and thinks there can be a new way that every business owner can get access to dedicated business attorneys for legal work. Brian Liu: We're launching a new business, BizCounsel, which looks a lot like the big brother for LegalZoom. Eighteen years after we founded LegalZoom, the practice of law hasn't changed much for the attorneys. Why not just do this at LegalZoom?

LegalZoom Plans Expansion In UK, Buys UK Law Firm


Glendale-based legal information and filings service LegalZoom is planning a launch into the United Kingdom, saying today that it has acquired UK law firm Beaumont Legal. Legalzoom said its UK arm, LegalZoom Legal Services Ltd., LegalZoom said Beaumont Legal offers a range of legal services to individuals and businesses, particularly in the area of conveyancing. legalzoom expansion international merger acquisition beaumont legal

LegalZoom Expands To San Francisco


Glendale-based LegalZoom said Friday that it is turning to the San Francisco Bay Area, to extend its technology development efforts. LegalZoom said the new center will be led by co-founder Eddie Hartman and CTO Tracy Terrill. The new center will be the third location for LegalZoom, which also has an office Austin, Texas. The company said its new location will be home to LegalZoom's technology research and development, and social media programs.

LegalZoom Adds Kleiner, IVP As Investors


Glendale-based LegalZoom said last week that it has added Institutional Venture Partners and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers as investors in the firm. LegalZoom said it now has more than 500 employees and has served more than 1 million customers. LegalZoom operates an online service which allows users to purchase legal documents. legalzoom kpcb kleiner perkins caufield venture capital merger acquisition

LegalZoom Shifts To Glendale


Los Angeles-based LegalZoom is shifting its operations from Hollywood to Glendale, the firm said this week, and has signed a 10-year lease for a new headquarters space in the Glendale City Center. LegalZoom is a provider of online legal documents and templates, making them available to consumers via the Internet. LegalZoom has reportedly been looking for a new headquarters outside of Hollywood since at least April of this year.

LegalZoom Launches New Attorney Service


LegalZoom said the new service comes "without shocking bills or expensive hourly fees." LegalZoome explained that, in most states, users will be able to access an experienced attorney for free, and after an initial trial, will pay a low monthly fee for advice from an attorney on "virtually any legal matter." LegalZoom is venture backed by such companies as Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and IVP. legalzoom legal attorney advice document consulting

LegalZoom Sets Estimated IPO Pricing Range


Glendale-based LegalZoom has moved one step closer to the public markets, saying in a filing this morning with the SEC that it is now estimating that its initial public offering price will be between $10.00 LegalZoom said it will be offering a total of 8,000,000 shares of its stock -- made up of 3,800,000 shares from the company, and 4,200,000 from its shareholders -- in its IPO. LegalZoom has applied to list as LGZ on the New York Stock Exchange.

LegalZoom Eyes Texas Expansion


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LegalZoom Finds $66M From KPCB, IVP


The investment by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and Institutional Venture Partners into legal documents firm LegalZoom was worth $66M, according to a report today. LegalZoom, which is headed by Brian Lee, announced the investment from KPCB and IVP in April, but had not announced the amount of funding. legalzoom kpcb kleiner perkins caufield venture capital

LegalZoom, Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Team Up


and Glendale-based LegalZoom have linked up their efforts in the small business market, the firms said this week, via a strategic alliance. According to the two companies, LegalZoom will provide business customers with access to business consultation services from Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corp. Dun & Bradstreet Credibility, which is headed by high tech vet Jeffrey Stibel, will provide information on its D&B D-U-N-S number to customers of LegalZoom.

LegalZoom Targeted In Legal Software Ban In Missouri


Los Angeles-based LegalZoom , the online legal document provider, is the target of a class action lawsuit in Missouri, which is looking to block the ability of the firm to provide wills, leases, and other documents. LegalZoom had been sued by a Missouri resident who used the service for a last will and testament, and two others who used the firm to organize a remodeling business. legalzoom missouri federal district court lawsuit practice will testament

LegalZoom Adds Former Yahoo President Decker To Board


Brian Liu, co-founder and Chairman of LegalZoom, said the addition of Decker will help the firm through its next stage of growth. The move might be an indication of things to come: LegalZoom has been widely rumored in the Los Angeles technology community to be prepping for an IPO offering, although the firm has not announced any plans for such a move. Tags: legalzoom legal documents executive susan decker yahoo

Report: LegalZoom Looks To Shift Out of Hollywood


The latest Internet firm looking to shift its operations out of the City of Los Angeles proper appears to be LegalZoom, according to a report from the Los Angeles Business Journal. According to the LABJ, LegalZoom has told its landlord that it is looking to move when its lease expires in June, as a result of the city's new business tax. Tags: legalzoom hollywood angeles

Early-stage investment firm Defy updates the venture partner model

TechCrunch LA

Shoedazzle and LegalZoom; and Patel, whose deep background in enterprise software comes from years spent as a co-founder and executive of Isilon Systems and later at EMC, are “longtime friends of the firm” according to an interview with both Sequeira and Vassallo.

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Dubb Launches Marketplace For Creatives, Finds Funding


The startup says it is backed by angels, including Kris Gutta, Rashesh Patel, Venkat Ketineni and Brian Liu, Chairman and Cofounder of LegalZoom. dubb marketplace mobile creative professionals market venture capital angel legalzoom

Video Interview with Brian Lee, Co-Founder of Legalzoom and ShoeDazzle

Jason Nazar

I did two shows with Brian Lee the Co-founder of LegalZoom and founder of ShoeDazzle , and the first episode with J.R. This last week I guest hosted TWIST for Jason Calacanis.

H.Bloom, Backed By Brian Lee, Gets More Funding


New York-based online subscription flower delivery service H.Bloom , whose backers include Los Angeles entrepreneur Brian Lee , who founded ShoeDazzle and LegalZoom, has scored another round of funding, the firm said Thursday.