Mahalo Cuts 25 Percent


Santa Monica-based Mahalo , the online content and information site run by Jason Calacanis, has laid off 25 percent of its employees, according to a report today. mahalo jobs employment layoff jason calacanisAllThingsD, which confirmed the cuts with President Jason Rapp, said the move is part of a shift to product online videos. READ MORE>>.

Mahalo Retools As Educational Content Apps Provider


Remember Santa Monica-based Mahalo , the startup headed by Jason Calacanis and backed by such investors as Sequoia Capital? Mahalo had initially focused on creating a human-curated search engine, but had seen some stumbles after major Google algorithm changes last year which caused a dropoff in the firm's search engine traffic. mahalo educational content mobile apps smartphone jason calacanis

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Mahalo Chops Headcount, Says Report


Santa Monica-based Mahalo , the online human-curated news and search site headed by Jason Calacanis, has cut 10 percent of its staff, according to reports. Citing an email sent to Mahalo's "Guides", who develop content for Mahalo, the report said that, so far, the Google changes have led to a "significant dip" in traffic and revenues. The move also includes a suspension of Mahalo's Guides program, which solicited content from freelancers.

Calacanis: Yahoo Should Buy Mahalo For $150M


How much is Santa Monica-based Mahalo worth? In a list of 10 acquisitions he suggested Yahoo make "on day one", Calacanis--not one to shy from self promotion--said that Yahoo could acquire Mahalo for $75M to $150M, with a chance of closing a deal at greater than 50%. mahalo merger acquisition yahoo content learning videoAccording to Jason Calacanis , in a blog post, $75M to $150M.

Mahalo Revamps Site


Santa Monica-based Mahalo , the high profile "human-powered search engine" run by Jason Calacanis, rolled out a new, revamped site late Tuesday evening, offering to split advertising revenues with users who help to create pages on the site. Mahalo will allow users to claim and build pages for any topic on the site, supplementing the firm's use of employees and contractors to create pages. Mahalo has received funding from Sequoia Capital, Elon Musk, and News Corp.,

SoCal's Online Video Companies Weigh In On Gangnam Style Earnings


Two recent reports--one in New York Magazine, using figures from Mahalo 's Jason Calanis--and another from the AP, quoting the folks at TubeMogul , have tried to decode the economics behind the viral music video from Psy. gangnam style viral video earnings mahalo tubemogul youtube

Calacanis Drops TechCrunch50 Lawsuit


The news comes on the same day it was reported that Mahalo made a 10 percent cut to its staff, due to Google's recent search ranking changes. conference launch disrupt techcrunch spat legal lawsuit arrington michael techcrunch50 mahalo calacanis jason

Mahalo Cuts Staff


Santa Monica-based Mahalo, the search and news site run by Jason Calacanis, has cut 10 percent of the firm's staff, Calacanis said in a post on his blog Wednesday. Mahalo is venture backed by Burda Digital Ventures, CBS, News Corp., Calacanis said that the moves were due to a "challenging economic environment." According to Calacanis, the firm is "fairly certain" that advertising for the next two years will be "severely depressed." The cuts will give the company runway past 2012.

Mahalo Revs Site Design, Home Page


Santa Monica-based Mahalo , the online search site headed by Jason Calacanis, rolled out version 3.0 Among other changes, the site's home page now features a prominent "ask any question" box, links to Mahalo Answers and How To pages, as well as ways to search and browse topics on the site. Tags: mahalo search engine wikipedia online of the firm's web site. The new version of the site is looking to combine search, content, and Q&A.

Mahalo's Calacanis Offers $500K For Twitter Spot


Santa Monica-based Mahalo , the human-powered search engine run by Jason Calacanis, is in the spotlight again, this time for putting a price on being a top Twitter user. According to Mahalo head Calacanis, he is offering the micro blogging service $500,000, to have Mahalo's new Answers service featured as a "suggested user" for three years. Mahalo Answers is Mahalo's question and answer service, where users can post questions and answers, with the best answer getting paid.

Mahalo Takes On Questions and Answers


Santa Monica-based Mahalo, the high profile startup headed by Jason Calacanis, has launched a new questions and answers site it is calling Mahalo Answers. Mahalo is a human powered search engine which uses a team of editors to cull the web for information on the most popular search topics. The new service is similar to offerings from Yahoo with its Yahoo Answers service, Los Angeles-based Sodahead , and Demand Media's Answerbag Q&A service.

Registration Form Design with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Authentication


Here's a classic example that illustrates the issue - the sign-up page from Mahalo. Mahalo offers you the choice of sign-up / registration via a host of social networks (powered by JanRain). This is exactly what Mahalo ends up doing.

Design 102

Mahalo Employee Goes To Jail For Botnet Hacking


High profile entrepreneur Jason Calacanis, CEO of Los Angeles-based Mahalo , emailed an impassioned note to his mailing list Thursday, which he also posted to his personal blog, detailing how one of the firm's employees has just been sentenced to 48 months in jail for computer hacking. Calacanis said that Mahalo has a "rigorous" hiring process, but that the firm failed to do a "simple Google search" which would have revealed the fact that Schiefer had been convicted of hacking.

USC Startup Weekend | Complete Breakdown

Tech Zulu Event

On our judging panel, we had Scott Sangster (Tech Coast Angels), Tyler Crowley (Mahalo), Pamela Coker (Daggerboard), Rick Citron (Citron & Deutsch Law Firm), and Dan Dato (Up.StartLA). 54 hours. 70+ students. 8 business ideas. One weekend we will never forget.

LAUNCH Conference Prize Money Hits $151K


Calacanis--who is the CEO of local startup Mahalo, and also host of This Week In Startups--has been promoting his LAUNCH conference since a widely publicized fallout with TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington over their jointly produced TechCrunch50. Mahalo is based in Santa Monica.

Open Angel Forum Looks To Expand


The Open Angel Forum , the angel investment group started by Mahalo's Jason Calacanis, is looking to expand, according to the group.

LAUNCH Conference Tops $1M In Prizes


The LAUNCH Conference , the technology startup launch conference organized by Mahalo CEO Jason Calacanis, has just surpassed $1 million in prizes, Calacanis said Tuesday afternoon. Calacanis heads up web search site Mahalo, as well as running video podcasting enterprise This Week In, and is also an angel investor.

YouTube Injects $200M Into More Content


New channels listed in the preview of YouTUbe's new content effort include channels developed by My Damn Channel, EQAL, Big Frame, Katalyst, Mahalo, Demand Media, Maker Studios, DECA, and many others. In what can only be good news for the ecosystem of content providers and startup firms here in Southern California, Google's YouTube said Sunday that it is expanding into Europe, and adding more than 50 original channels to the 100 it introduced last year.

Calacanis Launches News Aggregation Service


Santa Monica-based Mahalo , the startup led by tech celebrity Jason Calacanis, apparently is shifting its focus to a new effort called , focused on mobile news. is the latest pivot for Mahalo, the company which Calacanis originally started as a human-powered search engine, but which most recently had been focused on YouTube "how to" videos. mahalo service aggregation news calacanis jason

Guardian Circle Taps Your Social Network For Help In A Crisis


Jeffrey has previously been at ThisWeekIn, Mahalo, ZeroDegrees, TargetClose, and The Palace; Hayes has been involved with ShoutEngine, ThisNext, and DaVita, among other companies. Just having one of those days, when you need some help--ie your car broke down, you can't get to daycare to pick up your child, you've got a medical emergency?

Announcing The Socaltech 50: Southern California's Up-and-Comers


Docstoc, Ken Rutkowski of MeTAL, Mark Suster of Upfront, Jason Calacanis of Mahalo--but we had to pass them up, too, in favor of some of the new folks to the scene.

Startup Meetup

SoCal Tech Calendar

Tuesday, July 20, 2010 -- Startup Meetup @ Mahalo. See [link].

Calacanis Takes A Bite Of Ramen's Crowdfunding Site


No, Jason Calacanis , the Santa Monica angel investor, and CEO and founder of Mahalo , isn''t bootstrapping a new company and reverting to the hungry''s entrepreneur diet. ramen software crowdfunding finance project development jason calacanis mahalo launch conference

Calacanis Invests In DNS Provider Dyn


Calacanis, who lives in Santa Monica where he runs Mahalo , apparently has invested in Dyn , which operates a managed DNS and email delivery service, used by such clients as Twitter, Zappos, CNBC and Pandora. calacanis jason venture capital mahalo managed iaas infrastructureAngel investor Jason Calacanis has made another angel investment and scored another board seat this morning -- this time, all the way out in Manchester, New Hampshire. Taps Calacanis For Board


Santa Monica-based online coupon site has tapped Jason Calacanis, founder of Mahalo and Internet celebrity, for its board of directors, the firm said Thursday. Calacanis is CEO and founder of Mahalo, a human-powered search engine also based in Santa Monica; Calacanis had his big win at Weblogs, which was acquired by AOL. Tags: mahalo executive calacanis

Science Snags Jason Rapp


mahalo executive incubator accelerator science scienceinc Santa Monica-based technology incubator and studio Science has added technology veteran Jason Rapp to its team. Rapp was previously President and member of the board of, the app and video content developer headed by Jason Calacanis. He also served at IAC Corporation, where he was CEO of and headed up mergers and acquisitions. Rapp also has served at the New York Times, along with other companies.

Calacanis Plans Competitor To TechCrunch


Jason Calacanis , the CEO of Mahalo, is planning some direct competition to Michael Arrington's technology blog empire, TechCrunch , according to a report today from the Guardian. startups, and Calacanis has increasingly directed Mahalo along the path of editorial content. Tags: jason calacanis mahalo launch techcrunch blog blogging publishing conference content

Calacanis: First Angels In New Angel Group


Jason Calacanis , CEO of Santa Monica-based Internet search site Mahalo , has signed on several angels for his new angel group, the Open Angel Forum - Los Angeles. Tags: jason calacanis mahalo angel investment venture capital keiretsu forum openangel executive

Calacanis Expands Campaign Against Pitching Fees


Jason Calacanis, the CEO of Santa Monica-based Mahalo , is continuing his crusade against angel groups and others who charge startups to pitch their groups, saying that he's now calling on groups to stop charging fees, and post what fees they were charging to entrepreneurs on their web sites. Tags: jason calacanis mahalo angel group keiretsu maverick angels

Calacanis Threatens To Sue Arrington Over TechCrunch Acquisition


Tags: jason calacanis arrington mahalo legal lawsuit techcrunch

Tsavo Snags Percival From Docstoc


Percival was most recently at Docstoc, where he was Content Manager, and has also previously headed up social media and search engine marketing at Mahalo. Santa Monica-based Tsavo Media, the online media startup headed by former Userplane founder Michael Jones, said today that it has hired on Sean Percival as Director of Content at the firm.

Calacanis/Keiretsu Tiff Heats Up With Lawsuit


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Calacanis Pits LAUNCH Conference Against TechCrunch Disrupt


Tags: jason calacanis mahalo michael arrington techcrunch launch conference startup