Web Second, Mobile First

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The titles were: Mobile First, Web Second. Mobile First, Web Second (continued). I loved the idea of “mobile first” but something always bothered me. People forgot that Fred also wrote “Web Second.” then mobile is awesome.

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Technical Advisors: Every Web/Mobile Startup Must Have One


I did a presentation recently for a graduate class from The Founder Institute around getting online/mobile products out the door. And it made me come to a new realization: Every early-stage web/mobile/online startup should have at least one technical advisor, probably two.

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ParkMe Improves Web Mapping Features


Los Angeles-based ParkMe , which offers up an online service and mobile apps to help drivers find nearby parking spaces, has rolled out a new, improved web mapping interface. parkme mapping parking spot mobile open reservation structure

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Web On The Go Launches No-Contract, Mobile Internet Service


Web On The Go , a new, low cost mobile Internet provider backed by Los Angeles-based Telscape Communications , said this week that it has launched its services. The service said it will provide a low cost, mobile Internet service which costs $4.59

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Covario Targets Mobile Web Sites


San Diego-based Covario , a developer of search engine marketing and search engine optimization software, said today that it has launched a new product focused on creating mobile web sites. According to the firm, its new product--Mobile COntent Optimizer--helps advertisers create mobile-friendly web sites. Tags: covario mobile site software

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How Kixer Is Connecting Mobile Web Users To Apps


Many online business today have a big problem: users are increasingly coming to their websites as mobile users, not desktop users, which means lower ad revenues and conversions. How do you make those mobile users just as profitable as desktop users?

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LA Web/Mobile Software Entrepreneurs

SoCal Tech Calendar

Wednesday, April 27, 2011 -- LA Web/Mobile Software Entrepreneurs. Special keynote by Eytan Elbaz, current co-founder of Scopely, a social engagement platform, and formerly VP and founder of Applied Semantics, which was acquired by Google. See [link] (more

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Tinder Hits The Web With Tinder Online


Los Angeles-based mobile dating service Tinder has finally hit the web, with a new web version of its software, Tinder Online , the service said today. According to Tinder, it is initially rolling out its web-based version in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, Philippines, and Sweden, with eventual plans to make it available elsewhere. relationships date dating mobile access tinder

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Sencha Touch for Mobile Web App Development

SoCal Tech Calendar

Wednesday, September 1, 2010 -- CommNexus Presents:Sencha Touch for Mobile Web App Development. Sencha Touch is a new mobile app framework based on Javascript, HTML5, and CSS3. In this presentation, we will look at the current state of mobile development, the benefits and availability of WebKit, and some specific developer-centric features of Sencha Touch. It allows developers to create amazing experiences on Android and iOS devices like the iPad and iPhone.

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LA Web/Mobile Software Entrepreneurs

SoCal Tech Calendar

Wednesday, April 27, 2011 -- Demo Night / Happy Hour. Come join us for happy hour drinks and tech nerdery. There are quite a few startups and apps coming out of LA that are gaining traction very quickly. Let's find out more about them!! See [link] (more

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Clearlake Capital's Perforce Buys Perfecto Mobile


One of the portfolio companies of Santa Monica-based private equity investor Clearlake Capital Group , Minneapolis-based Perforce Software , has acquired cloud testing software developer Perfecto Mobile. Perfecto is a developer of cloud-based, automated mobile and web application test software. clearlake capital perforce perfecto mobile merger acquisition cloud application test testing software

Ford’s Autonomic Pairs With Alibaba Cloud On Mobility Hub for China


Ford—one of the automakers competing in China’s huge car market—is now making a bid to provide China’s leading software infrastructure hub dedicated to streamlining transportation by connecting cars and riders with mobility services. Ford’s recently acquired unit Autonomic , which co-created the automaker’s Transportation Mobility Cloud (TMC), inked a deal Tuesday to partner with Alibaba Cloud, the cloud computing division of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba.

Data Centers on Wheels: How Intel Plans to Capitalize on Mobility


Intel sealed its commitment to become a player in the burgeoning autonomous vehicle industry when it bought computer vision company Mobileye for more than $15 billion in 2017.

Tapatalk Raises $5.8M For Web Forum Apps


Tapatalk''s software is widely promoted in online community forums to help users better browse and read messages from various community forum software products on their mobile phone or tablet. mobile software capital venture community forum tapatalk Los Angeles-based Tapatalk announced Monday that it has raised $5.8M in a seed funding round, which came from Floodgate and Accel Partners.

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With a $10.2M Boost, YourMechanic Aims At Mobility Fleet Market


But whether Uber, Toyota, GM, Honda, or Google end up at the very top of this mobility industry, it’ll be good news for the companies that are developing services to support future high-tech car fleets, says Anthony Rodio.

What to Expect from Trending Web Design in 2016

Tech Zulu Event

The dynamism of web design ascertains that trends should keep varying to the better with changing times. Creativity thrives on a blend of several ideas to propose solutions and convey emotions, creative fields like fashion and graphic designs always find its way to web design and vice versa.

The End of the Web? Don’t Bet on It. Here’s Why

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In it he asserts that the web is dying and in its ashes will see the rise of the “App Internet.” And while the App Internet is currently more powerful than the Mobile Internet it has fundamental flaws. The web is dying and will be replaced by “the App Internet.”

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Creating a Responsive Web Design for Business Development

Tech Zulu Event

One of the best ways for increase in business development is to create a more responsive web design. There are many aspects that go into a responsive web design that meets your client’s’ needs. Another option is to have a completely separate design for your mobile page.

Fighting Back Against Mobile Phones in the Bedroom

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The mobility of technology has exacerbated both the upsides (all the information at our finger tips at any moment) and the downsides (addictions of checking updates incessantly or spending more time capturing and posting events than enjoying them). Technology.

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After Mobile App Success, Rock My World Introduces Fitness Chatbot


Adam Riggs-Zeigen has come a long way since 2013, when he co-founded San Diego’s Rock My World and introduced the mobile app RockMyRun to provide upbeat music playlists to motivate smartphone-equipped runners. “We

Curating The Web Using PublishThis, with Matt Kumin


If you're a web publisher, or even a brand developing your own outreach to customers through a newsletter or microsite, how do you efficiently gather and curate all of the news and information out there? It's all about what is happening on the realtime web.

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uSamp Launches New Mobile Survey Feature


Los Angeles-based survey and sampling firm uSamp has launched a new, mobile survey feature, which it says does not require a mobile app and can be used to collect not only answers to questions, but photo and videos from mobile devices.

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Social Web Startup Signs Deal with AP to Distribute Sports Scores


The Associated Press, which shares news with member newspapers, Web outlets, and broadcasters around the world, Read more » Reprints | Share: UNDERWRITERS AND PARTNERS. National blog main National top stories San Diego San Diego blog main San Diego top stories crowd sourcing deals Derrick Oien Devices Entrepreneurship Internet IT Mobile people ScoreStream Social Web Software startups Web Web 2.0

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DoubleBeam Takes On Mobile Rebates


Pasadena-based DoubleBeam , the provider of mobile payment and related technology led by Ted Tekippe, said last week that it has launched a new mobile rebate product for retailers. The company said its technology is white labeled, and typically is embedded into a brand''s mobile or web experience. Pricing and other details on the new mobile rebate product was not announced. The company said the new product includes a mobile SDK and other resources.

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OpenX Launches Mobile Ad Product


Los Angeles-based programmatic advertising marketplace and technology provider OpenX has rolled out a new product aimed at the mobile app market, according to the company. OpenX said it has launched OpenX Bidder for Apps, an extension of its software for the desktop and mobile web, which works on mobile app inventory. openx mobile advertising programmatic

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Mobile Internet Apple Facebook


The analysts at Morgan Stanley have produced a report that’s quite good reading on some of the major trends concerning mobile web. More than Mobile Internet I think they had trouble coming up with a name and settled for Mobile Internet even though it isn’t a great choice.

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Build Native Mobile Apps Using Your Web Skills

SoCal Tech Calendar

Thursday, April 22, 2010 -- CommNexus Presents: Build Native Mobile Apps Using Your Web Skills. Appcelerators Titanium platform translates your hard won web skills into native mobile applications that perform and look just like they were written in Objective-C [iPhone] or Java [Android]  but using your JavaScript, HTML, and CSS skills.

CampaignEQ Aims At Better Mobile Marketing Attribution


Is that mobile cost-per-click, CPA ad, Facebook campaign, or Pinterest page actually translating into a customer? A new, Santa Monica startup, CampaignEQ , is hoping to help marketers better attribute increases in mobile customers and traffic to their marketing campaigns, with a new product. The two founded the startup because they found the current affiliate tracking and attribution tools was inadequate to handle large volumes of mobile traffic while working at Beachmint.

Raken Aims for Growth in Mobile App for Construction Site Reporting


National blog main National top stories San Diego San Diego blog main San Diego top stories Building Industry Construction Industry Entrepreneurship IT Kyle Slager Mobile mobile apps people Raken Sergey Sundukovskiy Software Software as a Service (SaaS) startups Web wireless

The Web is Against the Ropes, But it’s Not Dead

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I had a really fun 20-minute interview with Howard Lindzon of Stock Twits as part of a 5-part series on whether the web is dead. The topic of whether the web is dead was kicked off by Chris Andersen of Wired Magazine in this article. non-mobile).

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Meet Our Startup of the Year Competition Semifinalists: Mobile Therapy


Climbing the ranks for our Los Angeles, CA region, Mobile Therapy was one of two semifinal winners. If they come out on top, Mobile Therapy can expect prizes and support from Tech Wildcatters, 500Startups, Consumer Electronics Association, Crowdfunder, Techstars, American Airlines, and more! Jacques Habra: Mobile Therapy provides valuable information to clinicians on their clients well-being in between therapy visits.

Adtile Launches Mobile VR Software


According to Adtile, its new product allows native and web-based app users to "walk" through a digital space. adtile mobile virtual reality augmented smartphone nils forsblom San Diego-based Adtile Technologies has launched a new software product, which the company says allows smartphone users to experience virtual reality without special goggles or hardware. Adtile is led by Nils Forsblom.

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The Radical Evolution of Mobile Apps

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And apparently, that’s what mobile applications do better – just ask the fast-growing number of app users. This is the consequence of the switch from desktop and laptops to mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. So what do people like about the mobile app technology?

Saxena: More Than a Tool, A.I. Must Be Used With Society in Mind


[ Updated 12/27/18, 9:54 am ] Manoj Saxena is bullish on artificial intelligence. As chairman of Austin, TX-based A.I. startup CognitiveScale and managing director of The Entrepreneur Fund , which makes investments in early-stage machine learning companies, Saxena believes A.I.

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5 Common Misconceptions of Web Design: Insights from the Yoga Sutras

From the Venture Trenches

The pride and effort they have placed in building up their business should be reflected through their web presence. With over three billion local search queries in any given month on Google alone, no business can afford not to be on the web.