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Effective Networking Starts With Empathy


We asked him about building relationships and advice for founders needing to expand their network. What is one practical tip you’d give a young entrepreneur who is just setting out to build a professional network? There is no better network builder than providing value.

Los Angeles Startup Events


In that post, I mentioned how one of the signals is the big increase in number of startup events and the number of attendees at those events. I realized that it has been a little while since I posted about the Los Angeles Startup Community and so needed to update my list of startup events that will be out of date almost before I finish publishing it. I recently posted about the Increase in Early-Stage Startup Activity in Los Angeles.

Trending Sources Aims To Connect Event Organizers, Consumers


San Diego-based --founded by one of the co-founders of The Active Network--is hoping to make it easier for event organizers and event goers better plan and find events, the company said this week. The startup, led by Gregg Parise, said Wednesday that it has launched a brand new, mobile-first cloud application which helps market events through social media, monetize events with ticketing, and much more.

Understanding the Power of Your Human Networks

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The critical skill is not just your immediate network but the network beyond that you can tap into if you’ve earned the right through nurturing your 1-degree relationships. Building Your Network. Either you have a well established network or you don’t.

Secret for Networking at Events - Prenetworking


Luckily, I've found a GREAT way to make my time spent at events much better. I call it: Prenetworking I spend about 30 minutes prior to the event going through the list of attendees and reaching out ahead of the event to suggest that we meet while we are there. I try to do this roughly about 2-3 days ahead of the event. I've generally stopped going to those events. There are enough events where I can prenetwork to 3-5 people who will be great to meet.

Lean on Your Networks When Making Early Hires


So with no real barometer for reliable talent and a fast-evaporating social network, where should early founders snag that elusive star talent. Tap Into Your Network. Tap Into Your Employees’ Networks. Tap Into Superconnectors’ Networks.

amSTATZ Social Network For Fitness Gurus, Athletes & Events | Interview With Founder

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amSTATZ is an online community that brings fitness professionals, athletes and fitness events together into one place. For the event organizer: Exposure to a new channel of would-be participants – fitness-focused athletes who are dedicated to athletic training. Events pay a listing fee.

Callaway and Uber Partner | The Next Wave In Event Transportation

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However due to much controversy and competition, the same hasn’t played true while at large events (*cough* SXSW ). Today that changes as two major brands Callaway and Uber, partner to offer on-demand rides at one of the largest events in sports.

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How to Build Online Relationships into Meaningful Networks

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If somebody like Cookie Marenco or Phil Sugar ever pulled me aside at an event I wouldn’t know what they looked like but by name I’d immediately chat with them. I was waiting for my son’s basketball game to start this morning and with the morning’s emails all drained I turned to Twitter and saw this Tweet from Marshall Kirkpatick. Test: open your twitter stream, look at the 1st item in it, think of something to say in response, say it.

Active Network Launches Enterprise Event Management Software


San Diego-based Active Network , the provider of sports and activity registration services and software, said today that it has launched a suite of software aimed at enterprise event management. The firm said its new suite of business products are aimed at managing professional meetings and events. Active Network said its mobile software is aimed at everything from annual conferences to trade shows. active network enterprise event mobile software

Triptrotting Adds Events and Activities


triptrotting travel information social networking traveler startup launchpadlaSanta Monica-based Triptrotting , which helps match travelers with like-minded locals, is expanding this morning, saying that it has added a new "Social Activities" feature to help users find activities by location, date, time, and price. The company said the new feature is aimed at helping users find other like-minded travelers at parties, tours, concerts, trips, and much more.

Water Metering Startup Wins Vote for “Best Demo” at EvoNexus Event


A San Diego civil engineer who has developed an alternative technology for automating the measurement of water flow gave the best presentation at EvoNexus Fall Demo Day, an event that drew nearly 400 entrepreneurs, investors, and supporters late Thursday to Qualcomm’s corporate headquarters.

Networking Events in Los Angeles and Southern California


He talks about a bunch of the different networking events that occur in Los Angeles and other parts of Southern California. In his post, he mentions the following events / event organizers, and you should visit his post for a bit more on each of them. They put on great events. VentureNet – Great annual event by the Technology Council. CalTech MIT Enterprise Forum – Great events on various topics – there's one this Saturday that would be great to go to.

EVENT: NewCo Gives You An All-Access Pass Inside LA’s Hottest Companies

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Join our host companies and attendees at our special networking events. Special Events During NewCo Los Angeles: Hey, parties too! You’ll meet amazing people during NewCo sessions, but check out the special events for more networking opportunities.

Active Network Targets Adventure Sporting Events, Mud Runs


San Diego-based Active Network , which operates a network of sports-focused websites and services, said today that it is aiming at the growing popularity of gamified, hyper social events with a new portal. The firm said its new Mob Experience on is aimed at sporting events where participants compete and socialize by jumping over fire, crawling through mud, outrunning zombies and getting splashed with paint.

Twitter Networks are Different than Social Networks

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They “don’t care what people ate for lunch.&# They’re fine on their existing social networks, which these days mostly means they’re happy with Facebook. And as a result Twitter Networks are currently different in my mind than many other social networks.

Networking Tips for Entrepreneurs

Jason Nazar

Be the Connector – there is great value in positioning yourself as the person that can connect people at networking events and meet-ups. Ten Tips on How to Make it in the Meet-up Scene. The technology meet-up scene is an odd co-mingling of entrepreneurs, engineers, social media mavens, service providers, and up and comers. Here are ten actionable tips to make the most of your meet-ups. Meet More – the key to any meet-up is first to meet others.

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Break Out From The Comfort Zone | Networking For Designers

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Most designers, at least the ones I know, hate to network and rarely do it. The key to networking in the tech world is you do not need to be the best in the world, you just need to be passionate, willing to learn and in a lot of cases be the best designer or developer that people know.

Eventful Reaches 20M Registered Users


San Diego-based Eventful , the online website which helps consumers find live entertainment and local events, reported this morning that it has reached 20 million members on its site. Eventful lists local events, concerts, music, movies, family activities, and more. Eventful is venture backed by Bay Partners, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Omidyar Network, and Telefonica. eventful event music live entertainment content

TCOSC Special Networking Event

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Monday, October 17, 2016 -- TCOSC Special Networking Event. This special networking event features, Dushyant Sukhija, Author of the Silicon Valley best seller, “The Cisco Way: Leadership in the New Service Economy”, who will share some essential leadership skills to transform your company.

Active Network Buys Ski Resort Ticketing Firm


San Diego-based Active Network , the operator of online software for sports groups, events, community activities registration, and other organizations, said Thursday afternoon that it has acquired RTP , a provider of technology for managing ski resorts and ticketing.

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Active Network Sets Global Sales Exec


San Diego-based Active Network , the operator of a number of sports related registration and sports events management websites, said yesterday that it has named Kevin Biggs as its Executive Vice President of Global Technology Sales. Active Network sells its platform and services to endurance race events, marathons, sports leagues, parks and recreation departments, and many others. active network executive sales

IBM 22

Networking Event

SoCal Tech Calendar

Tuesday, July 24, 2012 -- TechBiz Connection Presents Networking. July is our Networking month. Please join TechBiz Connection (TBC) and Tech Coast Venture Network (TCVN) for drinks, appetizers and some great networking. Come and meet some movers and shakers in Orange County. See [link] (more

Join Us April 9 for REACH NEXT | A Launch Event!

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Network and meet kindred tech spirits that can take you or your company to the next level. Past events included the world of Wearables, Cars, Home Automation, The Future of Gaming and much more. Visit to see our videos, past speakers and pics of our past events.

The Value Achieved Business Networking at Conferences

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Yet “another networking event”. So here’s how to get the most value out of networking events. Before attending any event make a list of the top 3 goals you want to achieve by the end of the event.

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ACTIVE Network Ties With IRONMAN


San Diego-based online, cloud-based sports and activity registration provider ACTIVE Network reported today that it has linked with IRONMAN , the sports race operator. IRONMAN holds nearly 190 events worldwide across its brands. active network ironman swim race activity racing

AWT Networking Event

SoCal Tech Calendar

Wednesday, August 22, 2012 -- AWT Networking Event at Working Wardrobe. Association for Women in Technology. See [link] (more

Next MediaLeaders Networking Event

SoCal Tech Calendar

Wednesday, August 1, 2012 -- Next MediaLeaders Networking Event. re hosting a Santa Monica networking event at the Sonoma Wine Garden to celebrate this great weather. Hey there MediaLeaders. Summer is officially here and we?re This spacious venue has tons of outdoor seating and lots of areas to mingle and chat about all things tech, marketing and advertising. If you look close?you you can see the Santa Monica beach from the balcony. See [link] (more

VR Demos and Drinks Event

SoCal Tech Calendar

Tuesday, June 20, 2017 -- VR Demos and Drinks Event. Tech in Motion OC is hosting a free VR demo event on June 20th at UCI Applied Innovation in Irvine, CA. The event will feature VR demos, company pitches networking and a great time to connect wit the tech community! See [link] (more


The Digital Family Reunion and the socalTECH 50 In Pictures


Here are some photos from the event, which brought together over 800 people from the industry to rub elbows, meet old friends, network with others, and honor the socalTECH 50 for 2014. Thanks to the sponsors who made the event happen!

Silicon Beach Fest Kicks Off Today


It''s all Silicon Beach, all the time, for all of the rest of the week--starting today--as Silicon Beach Fest , the combination conference, networking session, party started by Kevin Winston, kicks off at noon. The festival even includes a number of beach events on Saturday.

TZ & GR Present REACH | Disruptive Technologies Impacting the Future of Gaming

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A quarterly event series seeking to dive deep into what comes next in technology, and giving you the opportunity to experience it first hand with the gadgets on site. Before G4, Scot founded All Games Network (AGN). Sponsorship Opportunities for Events, and other channels.

Announcing The Socaltech 50: Southern California's Up-and-Comers


Alex Kazerani and James Segil (shared), EdgeCast Networks (Los Angeles, content delivery network). You can register for the event at Digital Family Reunion. event socaltech50 awards entrepreneur entrepreneurship feature dfr2013