GenMark In Patent Deal With PerkinElmer


GenMark said it has been granted a non-exclusive license to PerkinElmer's microfluidics patent portfolio. GenMark said the deal will provide it with "maximum flexibility" to expand its platform. lifescience diagnostics molecular perkinelmer licensing patent genmarkCarlsbad-based GenMark Diagnostics , the developer of molecular diagnostics testing systems, reported this morning that it is in a licensing agreement with PerkinElemer.

Four Advertising Platforms You Really Should Try

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The team at Native Ads hope that they can help all websites remove ‘disruptive display ads’ with its innovative platform. The platform bridges the gap between live streaming channels and website owners to provide a useful and effective advertising experience for online audiences.

Emulex In Patent Cross License With IBM


Costa Mesa-based Emulex announced today that the firm has signed a multi-year, cross licensing patent deal with IBM. According to Emulex, the deal covers integrating the firm's OneConnect Universal Converged Network Adapter architecture with IBM's platforms, including its IBM System p, System x, and BladeCenter products. Financial details of the patent licensing deal were not disclosed. Tags: emulex patent license legal

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EdgeCast Inks Patent Licensing Deal, Adds Customers


According to EdgeCast, the IP deal grants the firm a license for more than thirty issued and pending patents, covering display and delivery of rich media; automated hosting and server management; load balancing; dynamic DNS, and other technology. The firm said the patents date from as early as 1994. Separately, EdgeCast said it has also been selected by EMI Music Publishing for hosting its global music discovery and management platform.

Yuneec Sued By DJI Over Drone Technology


Ontario, California-based Yuneec , the Inland Empire-based consumer drone manufacturer which recently unveiled a drone platform with 4K video at CES, has been sued by competitor DJI , claiming patent infringement on two of its patents.

Bio Roundup: Bosley’s Editas Exit, Bridge Bucks, CRISPR Crime & More


After guiding the CRISPR-Cas9 genome-editing startup from scientific breakthrough toward the development of a potential cutting-edge medicine, slogging victoriously through a legendary patent fight , and reaching the cusp of an historic clinical trial , the well-traveled Bosley is cutting out, the company said Tuesday. In a week of big personnel moves, none was more surprising than Editas Medicine CEO Katrine Bosley’s departure.

Drinks Holdings Raises $15M

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a patented e-commerce platform for wine aficionados, raised $15 million in a Series B capital round led by Beverly Pacific Holdings Inc., Glendale-based Drinks Holdings Inc., with Walnut-based Shea Ventures and Stable Road Capital Advisors Inc. in Venice in the mix on the institutional side

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Internet Machines Sues Best Buy, EMC, Fusion-IO, Others


The firm which owns the patents of defunct PCI Express switching chip firm Internet Machines , which was based in Agoura Hills, has filed suit against a long list of defendants claiming patent infringement. Texas-based Internet Machines LLC , which appears to now own four of the patents filed by Internet Machines (later IMC Semiconductor), sued AvNet, ASUS, Best Buy, CDW, Concurrent Technologies, Cyclone Microsystems, EMC Corp.

DealOn Sued Over Group Buying Technology


DealOn , the developer of white label group buying software which was acquired by Woodland Hills-based ReachLocal , has just been sued over patent infringement by group buying site Tippr. another group buying site, over patents held by Kashless. Kashless owns a number of group buying patents it acquired from Paul Allen's Vulcan in February of last year. kashless tippr infringement patent legal lawsuit ecommerce buying group dealon reachlocal

Why Coachella Valley Is a Hub for Renewable Energy Startups


Hank: I am the CEO and founder of Seco Sys , which is a platform that allows water agencies, customers, and water related services to concurrently engage in water conservation at all water use endpoints. Our platform can be used worldwide.

Remember The Phone Company? It’s Back And It’s Called Facebook


In fact, it''s patently obvious, which makes it even more shocking that many digital ad executives do such a poor job of prompting mobile engagement and conversions. The growth in mobile as an advertising platform is driving more consumer-to-businesses calls than ever before.

The Industry Leaders Series Presents: Barry Sandrew, Founder, Legend3D

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and is an internationally recognized visual effects pioneer and digital imaging expert with more than 14 VFX patents and 23 years of feature film and TV experience. In 2001, he developed the Companys technology for the original patented digital systems and processes for colorization which he then later utilized as the platform from which he created Legend3Ds proprietary 3D conversion software.

JumpStartFund Launches First Ever Crowd-Powered Portal For Startups

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a crowd-powered platform that gives accredited investors access to exclusive deal flow and technology transfer opportunities has launched in beta its crowd-powered portal for startups, JumpStartFund. El Segundo, CA based JumpStarter Inc.,

Meet the 25 Startups Competing at SXSW Startup Night 2018


DatavizVR is the world’s first big data analytics and visualization virtual and augmented reality platform. The unique part of this company is their Internet-of-Savings® platform that helps users multiply savings for big ticket items and create a shared experience.

Why Coachella Valley Is a Hub for Renewable Energy Startups


Hank: I am the CEO and founder of Seco Sys, which is a platform that allows water agencies, customers, and water related services to concurrently engage in water conservation at all water use endpoints. Our platform can be used worldwide.

NextVR Includes Light Field Technology In 3D VR Technology


Laguna Beach-based NextVR , which is developing technology to capture 3D, broadcast-quality virtual reality, said today that it will be adding "light field" capture technology to its platform. NextVR said it will use its own patented light field technology in its 3D virtual reality capture, saying its use of the technology will allow viewers to "peer around" objects within a live VR scene.

UberMedia's New Product Ties Your Ad Views To Your Local Shopping


Pasadena-based mobile ad measurement platform developer UberMedia , one of the companies out of Idealab, has released a new, mobile attribution product that tracks cross-media advertisement and correlates that to foot traffic in stores. The company did not detail how it is locating those consumers, however it says it has several patent-pending technologies it is using for the product.

Tapping The Power Of The Crowd For Ideas, Advice and Funding, with JumpStartFund


It''s a place where people can submit their ideas and patents, and we provide a platform for them to try to find entrepreneurs who would like to work on those patents together with us an the crowd. That gives us access to the patents from those federal labs and universities have.

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Why Raising Too Much Money Can Harm Your Startup

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It is a truism that with more capital you will hire people more quickly and spend more liberally whether it’s on external contractors, PR firms, attending events, doing legal work (trademarks, patents) or whatever.

SYNCFAB | Connecting Creative Community to Local Manufacturing Businesses

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SYNCFAB , (Synchronized Fabrication) is a platform to bring hybrid 3D printing and connect inventors and designers with manufacturers and material specialists to bring back local manufacturing. More technically speaking, SYNCFAB is a technical hybrid 3D print and design solution platform.

63 Los Angeles Entrepreneurs To Be Proud Of

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Joey Flores is co-founder and CEO of Earbits , an online radio platform that enables bands, labels and concert promoters to acquire fans, market new releases and promote live events. a perks platform for small and medium sized businesses. Our Best Interviews Via Email: Monthly. Weekly.

Emulex Wins IBM


According to Emulex, the technology agreement with IBM covers using Emulex technology along with the IBM Power platform, PowerVM virtualization technology, and IBM AIX. The two announced a patent licensing deal in August, along with a design win in IBM's BladeCenter servers.

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Why Has LA Suddenly Gotten So Much Attention from VCs and Entrepreneurs?

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The patents Overture held became known in small circles as Google’s ’361 problem as outlined here. We see big data storage solutions and processing platforms. An abbreviated version of this post appeared yesterday on TechCrunch.

This Week in Venture Capital – Episode 2

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plus a large settlement on patent disputes paid from Google) so Bill did well on it. I talked about the platform moves of Twitter and why it should be expected. Message of the week (from Fred Wilson) – “don’t fill cracks&# but innovate in new ways with the platform.

The Startup UCLA Accelerator Is About Entrepreneurship Not Investment Returns

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Play In Motion – Play In Motion is developing a social mobile location-based platform for casual gaming. TravelStrings – TravelStrings is an online platform for building and sharing travel stories. It also won a number of key patents Follow PandoDaily: Search.


Enterprise Meet IBM’s New Hybrid Cloud, Bluemix Local

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Bluemix Local is a new accelerated hybrid cloud that protects sensitive workloads seamlessly across public, private and on-premises environments utilizing a new patented technology called Relay.

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Music Prodigy Beats 70 Startups To Bring Music Education Technology to the Masses

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Rock Prodigy is Music Prodigy’s pioneer product and is a revolutionary interactive music app powered by patent-pending polyphonic pitch-recognition technology that allows musicians of all skill levels to use any instrument and provide instant performance feedback to accelerate learning.

What Mattered in 2012: Aber Whitcomb, io/LA


We've also invented and patented a new technology called "MasterKey" that allows people to play our games natively on all relevant social and mobile platforms. Don't bet on any one platform. Platforms come and go, remember Beta and VHS?

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Congrats To All The Winners and Thanks To Our Speakers at #REACHNeXT!

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Their patented multi-purpose cleaning formula was recently approved by Boeing to replace toxic solvents. The platform works across messengers, starting with the ubiquitous messenger that exists in 3.2Bn devices: SMS. We did it folks! The 1st annual REACH NeXT event was a great success!

ZunguZ Facebook Payment Application | Interview With The Founder Robert Sussman

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ZunguZ is a global social payment platform that integrates deeply into the social graph of Facebook and financial service providers. We may keep the platform with the name ZunguZ and look for a client facing name for the application.

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Coloft Hackfest And Your Chance At $4K In Cash! All Thanks to BetterWorks

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Co-creator of Farmville and the technical platform for Zynga. Co-creator of the Lotus Share platform, which powers the new Lotus Connections Files and Wikis components at IBM. 8 patents pending, and world programming finalist. Still unsure about your weekend plans?

Interview with Kanaan Jemili, uCast Global


Were part of the uCast Global video highway, which is our way of illustrating how content is being driven locally, regionally, and globally, using our platform, but also technology we have integrated and continue to integrate with our partners. We are unique in being an open platform, that allows for all of these variations to happen. The second thing, is instead of being just a platform, we also have content partners pre-integrated.

Why You Should Start a Company in. Los Angeles

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AdWords is on, AdSense is a distributed platform across many different Web sites where if youre a small publisher and you put AdSense on your Web site and someone clicks, you get part of the revenue and Google gets part of the revenue. RSS ); Why You Should Start a Company in.

Carbonics: Seeking The Future In Carbon Nanomaterials


What we are offering the marketplace, is a new technology platform that uses carbon nanomaterials to make chips. We have been working on this at UCLA and USC, where we have been developing the technology, and obviously been putting forward patents, licensing, and developing know-how.

Nevolution: Windows App Store Startup Closes $450K Angel Fundraising Round

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A licensed version of the platform will offer large software publishers, content creators and hardware manufacturers a turnkey solution to create their own private-label storefront.