Appetize Links With Quick Service Platforms


Playa Vista-based Appetize , which develops tablet-based point-of-sale (POS) products, said this morning that it has added integration with Quick Server Restaurant (QSR) software and services providers Olo, Punchh, and SynergySuite. According to Appetize, the partners are using the "Appetize API engine", which lets partners integrate their services within its product suite.

Former Snap employees are launching Forge Platform for Ethereum devs

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Now the three men are finally ready to take the covers off of the labor of love they’ve been working on and launch Forge Platform , a new toolkit for distributed applications.

PodcastOne is launching LaunchpadDM, a free hosting platform for independent podcasters

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PodcastOne , the celebrity podcasting network from the founder of radio powerhouse WestwoodOne, is launching a free hosting platform for podcasters.

Do VC Platforms Make Sense?

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In the VC insider baseball world a discussion has gone on about “VC platforms” over the past 5 or so years. Examples of VC platform services include: recruiting, marketing, design support, inside sales reps, consulting, accounting services and so forth.

Using Spotify and Netflix payments to build your credit score? Grow Credit has a service for that.

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The service, which launched earlier this month, is one of the slew of new ideas coming from businesses that are angling to help build up credit scores for folks who can’t (or won’t) get a credit card, or who are rebuilding their credit.

Vulog will power Hyundai’s new LA car-sharing service

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The technology behind Hyundai’s new car-sharing service in Los Angeles is provided by a company that is largely unknown despite its ubiquity. Vulog announced Tuesday during Automobility LA that Hyundai will use its technology platform for a car-sharing pilot that will launch in Los Angeles at the end of 2019 and will eventually grow to 300 vehicles. The French-based company has been providing the underlying hardware and software needed for car-sharing services since 2006.

Mobile messaging financial advisory service, Stackin, adds banking features and raises cash

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When Stackin initially pitched itself as part of Techstars Los Angeles accelerator program two years ago, the company was a video platform for financial advice targeting a millennial audience too savvy for traditional advisory services.

Mobile 285

ValueClick Launches New Platform Offering


Westlake Village-based ValueClick said this morning that it has launched a new Platform Services offering within its ValueClick Media division. As part of the new platform, the firm said it has named Nancy Hall as Vice President, Platform Services, the lead the new offering.

6 Keys To The Best Social Media Platform For Business

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An all-too-common question I get from startups and small businesses is “Which is the right social media platform for my business?” Is it Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or one of the other 200 active platforms vying for attention these days? Proactive customer service.

Can You Build Your Business on Somebody Else’s Platform?

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I read the declarations by industry analysts on Twitter that this was “proof that you can’t build a business on somebody else’s platform” and perhaps DataSift should have known better. The post Can You Build Your Business on Somebody Else’s Platform?

LunaPBC Gets $4.6M For Genomic Health Platform


LunaPBC said that its service is aimed at helping pharmaceutical, insurance, and healthcare IT companies gain better access to genomic and health data, for the discovery of new therapies and "a deeper understanding of patient outcomes." Are you willing to share your DNA with researchers, if only they'd pay you something for that data? San Diego-based LunaPBC , which operates the online LunaDNA genomic and health data community, has raised $4.6M in a funding round, according to the company.

Fundraising Startup Classy Surpasses $1B Raised on Its Platform


It took six years for Classy, a software-as-a-service company that targets nonprofit organizations looking to fundraise online, to facilitate $500 million in donations.

CallFire Launches New Platform


Santa Monica-based text and voice API provider CallFire has launched a new platform, saying that it now has over 200,000 users using its platform. CallFire offers up a cloud-based platform to create voice-based applications, including interactive voice response (IVR) apps, business text messaging applications, voice broadcasting, and more. The company said it customers have now run more than 200 million campaigns using its service.

An Entrepreneur Platform To Put You Above the Crowd

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According to many experts, including Michael Hyatt, in his book, “ Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World ,” you need to build the highest platform you can, to stand out and be heard above all the rest. Using the platform to expand your reach. Make your customers your platform.

The Stylist LA Relaunches Subscription Rental Service


Los Angeles-based The Stylist LA says it has exactly what you're looking for--a subscription, rental service for fashion items. The Stylist LA says it has re-launched its rental subscription service, The Box by The Stylist LA , which it says lets members rent up to three pieces of fashion at once with unlimited swapping and complimentary laundering, all for $79 per month. Wish there was some way you could always be the most fashionable person in your office or in your social circle?

SendUs Debuts Crowdsourced Video Platform


A new, Los Angeles startup, SendUs , launched its services to help brands manage user-generated video content this morning, saying that its platform helps companies leverage that user-generated content and turn it into videos for companies. According to SendUs, brands and companies can use its video platform to request specific videos from their audiences, and promote that through social networks.

FreedomPop Debuts White Label Wireless Brand Platform


Los Angeles-based FreedomPop said on Tuesday that it has launched a new platform, which lets any telecom, cable company, or enterprise create its own, wireless brand. According to FreedomPop, the new platform lets customers create their own, mobile brand in only eight weeks. Want to start your very own wireless brand, without having to actually operate your own network?

As Quibi reportedly seeks another $1 billion, Fiction Riot fills the programming slate for its rival service

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Even as Quibi , the short form video platform from Jeffrey Katzenberg’s WndrCo , reportedly looks to raise another $1 billion , rival service Fiction Riot continues to steadily build out its pipeline of short form serials.

Google Cloud’s LA region goes online

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The new region is launching with all the core Google Cloud compute services, like App Engine, Compute Engine and Kubernetes Engine, as well as all of Google’s standard database and file storage tools, including the recently launched NAS-like Cloud Filestore service.

Google 207

Framework Benchmarks


Authors Note: Were using the word "framework" loosely to refer to platforms, micro-frameworks, and full-stack frameworks. The high-performance Netty platform takes a commanding lead for JSON serialization on EC2. About What we do Portfolio People Blog Contact.

10 Startup Survival Tips in the Age of the Platform

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According to many technology pundits, including Phil Simon, in his new book “ The Age of the Platform ,” these four exemplify the rise of platforms with applications as a business model, rather than a single product or service. True platforms are multi-faceted.

uSamp Rolls Out New API, Platform


Los Angeles-based online survey and sampling services and technology provider uSamp said Wednesday that it has rolled out a new, fully open Application programming interface (API). The new API is part of its new SampleCORE platform, which it says helps automate sampling for its customers.

GroundLink Car Service Platform Tackles Its Biggest Obstacle Yet: Los Angeles Traffic

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The service basically puts all the control in the hands of the customer. You’ve heard of GroundLink before. They offer ground transportation with up-front before-you-ride pricing throughout the U.S., and like Uber, you can book everything from your phone.

Roambi Debuts New Cloud Platform


Roambi , the developer of business data visualization apps, has debuted a new cloud-based platform, the company said this morning. The San Diego firm said that its new Roambi Business lets companies load their data onto a cloud-based platform to serve up data visualization via its apps. The new cloud-based platform is hosted on Amazon Web Services, and lets any kind of company upload their data to the cloud.

Spot Runner Launches Media Platform


Los Angeles-based Spot Runner , a developer of services which help advertisers buy TV advertising, announced today that it has launched its Malibu Media Platform, which the firm says will help improve the process of buying and selling television advertising. Tags: spotrunner media platform advertising television

Messaging Platforms

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009 -- Messaging Platforms. Each audience wants to hear what is important to them, yet the company, product and service message must be unified and consistent across national and often global markets. A unified message platform defines what an organization is, what it does, what it stands for, why it matters and where it is going. SDSIC.

Mogreet Launches MMS Ad Platform


The firm said its new AdStitch mobile advertising service ads pre-roll and post-roll adds to MMS videos, which allows companies to combine advertisements with MMS video messages. Mogreet said that it already has customer using the service, including Oakland television station KTVU, owned by Cox Media Group, which is using the service to add advertising to viewers who have opted to receive daily video MMS news from the station.

Heartbeat Signs Up 3,000 For Influencer Marketing Platform


Venice-based Heartbeat , a social influencer marketing startup which rewards women for sharing information on brands on Instagram, says it has signed up over 3,000 women in Los Angeles as "Ambassadors" for it service. Heartbeat says brands using its platform include Amazon, Goop, Sony Music, Netflix, Warner Bros.,

Sagewise pitches a service to verify claims and arbitrate disputes over blockchain transactions

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million to bring to market a service that basically hits pause on the execution of a contract so it can be arbitrated in the event that something goes wrong. The company’s technology works as a middleware including an SDK and a contract notification and monitoring service.

Choosing Internet Platforms


The topic is: Betting Your Company On An Internet Platform? However, these platforms could be interesting for prototype and pilot solutions. The other conclusion was that you need to have a migration path from the platform. Finally we get to: Peter Coffee , Director of Platform Research, His premise is that we should be beyond having to buy servers, software, or any other infrastructure. application services (security, integration), etc.

Mission Debuts Managed Services, Cloud Consulting After Merger


The company--led by longtime cloud and hosting services veteran Simon Anderson--offers up managed services and consulting for cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. The company said its core customers are in the media and entertainment, mobile gaming, digital media, education, consumer goods, marketing, ecommerce, and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) verticals.

FreedomPop To Power New Service For Prudential


Los Angeles-based mobile communications provider FreedomPop said on Tuesday morning that it has partnered with financial services giant Prudential , to help power a new service that Prudential will up-sell to its existing customers. FreedomPop recently launched a white label version of its service, which lets companies create their own, mobile brands. freedompop white label wireless brand telecom phone telephone prudential financial services

Bird Lets You Become Your Own Scooter Entrepreneur With Bird Platform


Santa Monica-based on-demand, scooter rental service Bird said on Tuesday it has launched a new program, which will let anyone build and operate their own Bird e-scooter network. According to Bird, it has created the Bird Platform , which lets people apply to run their own fleet of Bird scooters. Users of the new Bird Platform will pay Bird a 20 percent commission on all rides on their fleet of Bird scooters.

Metacloud Launches Private Cloud Service


Pasadena-based Metacloud , the venture-backed provider of OpenStack-based cloud services has launched its own private cloud service, the company said this morning. According to Metacloud, its new Metacloud Hosted Private Cloud service will provide private cloud services to companies, giving them access to an OpenStack-based cloud platform and expert support. metacloud private cloud service enterprise

Netflix To Shut Down Service On Wii


Netflix , the streaming movie and television service which has significant operations in the Los Angeles area, told its users over the weekend that it will be shutting down access to its service from Nintendo's venerable Wii gaming console. According to Netflix, it is shutting down its services ahead of Nintendo's announced closing of the Wii Shop Channel on Nintendo Wii in 2019. Netflix said that services on the console will only be available until January 31, 2019.