Raises $24M for “Pharma Markets” that Outsource R&D


In particular, he wants to sign up more pharmaceutical companies to use the Web-based platform, which enables CROs to bid on pharma research projects and automates the contracting process.

Lymber, Founded in Early 2016, Surprised by Mindbody’s Buyout Offer


Lymber, named as a 2017 Xconomy San Diego startup to watch , has developed a technology platform that enables mobile users to book openings in fitness and wellness classes. “We’re National National blog main National top stories San Diego San Diego blog main San Diego top stories acquisitions buyouts deals Doug Hecht Entrepreneurship innovation Internet IT Lymber M&A mergers and acquisitions MindBody mobile apps people Seed San Diego Software startups Undisclosed Web Web 2.0

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Social Web Startup Signs Deal with AP to Distribute Sports Scores


ScoreStream, a San Diego area startup providing a crowdsourced social media platform for reporting high school sports scores, said Thursday it has agreed to distribute high school game scores under a new collaboration agreement with The Associated Press. The Associated Press, which shares news with member newspapers, Web outlets, and broadcasters around the world, Read more » Reprints | Share: UNDERWRITERS AND PARTNERS.

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Social Fund-raising Website GoFundMe Buys Detroit Rival CrowdRise


GoFundMe, the Redwood City, CA-based fund-raising platform for charities and nonprofits, has acquired CrowdRise , a Detroit, MI-based rival founded by entrepreneurs Robert Wolfe and Jeffrey Wolfe, and Hollywood philanthropists Edward Norton and Shauna Robertson.

Intel Deepens Move into Sports Tech with SportStream Investment


ScoreStream, a five-year-old startup that created a social media platform for crowd-sourcing local sports scores, has raised $3.7 million in a Series A round that includes Intel Capital as an investor. According to a recent ScoreStream statement , San Diego’s Avalon Ventures, a longtime ScoreStream investor, led the round, and was joined by Sinclair Broadcasting, Verizon Ventures, and R/GA Ventures, the investment arm of the advertising agency R/GA.

New StockTwits CEO Looks to Expand Share of Investor Community


If you do a Google search for AAPL, the stock ticker for Apple, the top search results are typically Yahoo Finance, Twitter, Google Finance—and StockTwits, a social media communications platform for Wall Street traders and active retail investors.

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Mobile Internet Apple Facebook


The analysts at Morgan Stanley have produced a report that’s quite good reading on some of the major trends concerning mobile web. And it’s interesting that while they talk about the impact of Facebook, they don’t quite seem to recognize the impact of Web 2.0,

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Why Did I Invest in the Company Pose?

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I am on record as saying that my opinion is that Web 2.0 “And importantly Web 2.0 But less considered is the fact that the success of the Web 2.0 companies versus the Web 1.0

Evite Redesigns Site


The site said that--after 10 years on its old platform--it was time to bring an upgraded service to its users. The firm has seen a number of startups appear as competitors in recent years, who are applying Web 2.0

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Social Networking (the Shorter Version) Past, Present, Future

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What I want to answer with this post (long though it may be) is: Why did Web 2.0 encouraging an open platform where 3rd parties can make lots of money]. Social Networking in Web 1.0. Social Networking in Web 2.0. Web 2.0

What the Past Can Tell Us About the Future of Social Networking

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What I want to answer with this post (long though it may be) is: Why did Web 2.0 encouraging an open platform where 3rd parties can make lots of money]. Social Networking in Web 1.0: But let’s be honest – they’re mostly the same old shit as Web 1.0,

Top 120 Startup Posts for 2010


Vivek Wadwha - Campus Entrepreneurship , November 19, 2010 Best Practices for Introduction Emails - Israel Venture Capital 2.0 , March 25, 2010 Weekend Reading - The Mogul Mom , October 1, 2010 Make informal advisors part of the team. Berkonomics , November 29, 2010 Rice Alliance IT/Web 2.0 Some really great stuff in 2010 that aims to help startups around product, technology, business models, etc.

Kabam Launches The Godfather: Five Families Exclusive to Google+

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This is the first social game based on a major movie franchise on any social platform, period. According to an announcement at a recent Web 2.0

The Most Interesting Online Video Trend

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I called this trend “ Torso TV ” because the “head” of consumption (largest number of views) was dominated by platforms that had massive distribution (think TV stations, radio or retail outlets that sell CDs and DVDs. This article originally appeared on TechCrunch.

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Pathbrite Shows the Fruits of Having a Crystal Clear Value Proposition

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The two companies are in the early stages of integrating Pathbrite’s next-generation digital portfolio platform with McGraw-Hill Campus™ , which will greatly benefit students and faculty. ” Pathbrite’s technology is providing a smarter, more flexible, and Web 2.0

The End of the Web? Don’t Bet on It. Here’s Why

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In it he asserts that the web is dying and in its ashes will see the rise of the “App Internet.” The web is dying and will be replaced by “the App Internet.” Enter the World Wide Web (WWW). Web & Social Change the Landscape of the Web.

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The Big VC Thaw – Why The Market is Moving Again (part 2 of 3)

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And Ron Conway has proclaimed that he wants to do up to 40-50 rapid-fire deals in the next 18 months in what is becoming known as the “real time web” (e.g. Much like iPhone is the only mobile platform in town, Facebook is the only “closed network” social networking platform in town.

The social Web in 2010: The emerging standards and technologies to watch

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Is it a Good Idea to Have Ads in Tweets?

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Web 1.0 was the “static&# web. Traditional media companies published their stories on the web. Web 2.0 was the 2-way web. I then remember when Amazon started selling books on the web. Advertising has driven the majority of Internet innovation.

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Stock Market Drops. Then It Rallies. What Happens Next for Funding?

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Web 2.0 On your tech platforms. This article was originally published on TechCrunch. Venture Capitalists typically have partners’ meetings on Mondays. Why is that? Who knows. But probably because as a group we travel a lot.

CHNL – Social Network For All | Interview With John Wander, Co-founder & CEO

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Inspired by the vast amounts of data from videos, photos, music, websites and blogs shared by the many friends and people they follow online and seeing how much time it takes to check all the content across many platforms, friends set out to come up with a solution and CHNL was born. It’s a web app that pulls all the content from across your social networks and puts it in one place – your channel. In addition, Web 2.0 Web 3.0 We love Web 3.0.

Why The Growth Of The Internet Is Driving EdgeCast's Revenues


You need a CDN to improve the performance of your content, especially as the web is getting heavier, more complicated, and there's more rich media. I think that's what is the main foundational element of a Web 2.0

Toronto Based Start Up | Reads Books for You

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Cunningham’s current business, a marketing agency, Polar Unlimited in Toronto, had expanded in growth through the last decade by embracing social media and web 2.0. Time is a valuable commodity. Worded a bit more starkly by Benjamin Franklin: “Time is money.” For we live in speed.

Interview with Edward Park, Insteegram


One of the things we really wanted to do was address that, and make our platform more flexible and versatile to help artists and others monetize this without having to invest hundreds or thousands of dollars up front. We're about a week or two from launching version 2.0, If web 2.0

Interview with Sunil Rajaraman, Scripped


Scripped ( is applying the world of Web 2.0 Sunil Rajaraman: We provide free, web-based screenwriting software to aspiring writers and professionals in the community. Over 150 educational institutions are using our free screenwriting software, and we've attracted writers to our community by providing a free, web-based alternative to expensive screenwriting tools like Final Draft and Movie Magic, which charge $200 to $250 for their tools.

Frank Addantes FounderBlog: Startup 6.0 - the Rubicon Project: Internet Advertising

Frank Addante

► March (1) Office 2.0: Startup 2.0: Web Development & Marketing Technology) Exit: evolved into L90 (next company) Lesson: What you dont know cant stop you. Blogger Template originally design by Web-Kreation Converted By Jacky Supit

Twiistup 007: Final Showoff's Additional Speakers and TZ Discount

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Bambi Francisco is founder and CEO of, a leading platform for entrepreneurs and innovators to broadcast and communicate with industry professionals, and VatorNews, a video business network. Before launching his own publishing venture, Om was a senior writer for Business 2.0

Interview with Raph Koster, Metaplace


Raph Koster: Metaplace is creating an end user platform, which allows people to build their own virtual worlds, and put it on any website on the Internet. Basically, it's an open platform, really aimed at end users. I believe that when you marry the web and technology out of the game industry, you can empower people to really exploit the potential that virtual worlds have to bring people together and socialize.

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Frank Addantes FounderBlog: 5. Outsourcing

Frank Addante

► March (1) Office 2.0: Startup 2.0: Web Development & Marketing Technology) Exit: evolved into L90 (next company) Lesson: What you dont know cant stop you. and leaving the architecture of the code and platform to India.

Interview with Ross Levinsohn, Velocity Interactive Group


I spent a lot of time watching the evolution of Web 1.0, the Web 2.0 it was about community and portals, but early on with Friendster and obviously MySpace we saw it was more platform based. This morning, Woodland Hills-based FatTail ( announced a venture round from Velocity Interactive Group for its software for managing online advertising.

Frank Addantes FounderBlog: Startup 3.0: Internet advertising is good. No, it’s bad. Oh wait… it IS good!

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► March (1) Office 2.0: No, it’ Startup 2.0: Startup 2.0: Web Development & Marketing Technology) Exit: evolved into L90 (next company) Lesson: What you dont know cant stop you. Startup 2.0).

Frank Addantes FounderBlog: Startup 5.0 – I’m just going to chill out for a bit… (OK, for a month…)

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► March (1) Office 2.0: Startup 2.0: Web Development & Marketing Technology) Exit: evolved into L90 (next company) Lesson: What you dont know cant stop you. With the web, you can change things everyday because it is always in your control.

Interview with Alex Aydin, Icanbuy


Then, we spoke to the firm's founder, Alex Aydin, and discovered that he wasn't just your usual Web 2.0 Today's Sun storage platforms are based on the OS we had developed at Procom. We've started approaching the largest real estate sites, telling them we have a widget they can put on their web site, which can run on top of a database of real estate properties you have, and identify to consumers how much they can afford--an affordability search.