My First Book – Pricing Your Practice by Eric Greenspan

Eric Greenspan

Pricing. In particular, it’s about pricing for service providers namely accountants, bookkeepers and business owners. But it really can be applied to any service professional or really any profession. Woke up and there it was, my book cover.

Can you defend your pricing niche against your competition?


There can be nothing more important in your business planning that selecting the proper pricing niche, making your story clear using that niche, and the defending your position against the competition. They are: Price. Service. The danger of competing on price.

Hulu Drops Pricing On Streaming TV


Los Angeles-based Hulu said on Wednesday that it is dropping the pricing on its ad-supported service, Hulu Originals, and will offer up the service for only $5.99 The new pricing--which goes into effect in February--is a drop from the service's current price of $7.99 Hulu also offers up a premium, ad-free version, Hulu (No Ads), for $11.99, and another service which includes live TV for $44.99 Pricing Comparison Service Targets Amazon


Los Angeles-based said this morning that it has launched a new, pricing comparison shopping service called PriceJump --which specifically helps consumers find better deals than According to, its new search engine will instantly compare Amazon product prices to prices from around the web. The company claims its service can find a better price than Amazon on items more than 50 percent of the time.

Real Startups Never, Ever Discount Their Prices


Avoid a simple pricing mistake which could sink your startup. Vendors often respond by discounting their prices at the 11th hour, in the hopes a lower price will spur a purchase. Protection – Consider offering “pricing protection” to users who are particularly price-conscious.

Drug-Price Watchdog ICER Dives into Trump-Fueled Pharma Rebate Debate


drug-pricing system seems ever more likely. Replacements for those rebates, however, could have unintended consequences, says a nonprofit watchdog group that in the past decade has been a key amplifier of the drug-price debate.

Scoutfit Takes On Pricing Alerts, Promotions


Looking to score the best price on that gift for the holiday season? A new, Los Angeles startup, Scoutfit , said today that it has launched a new, online shopping service which helps users track discounts and get price alerts on items during the holiday.

Trump Budget Touts Lower Drug Prices, But No Medicare Negotiation


He vowed during last month’s State of the Union speech that drug prices “will come down.” ” Today, his administration’s fiscal 2019 budget proposal laid out what it calls a “comprehensive” strategy to lower drug prices.

Geni Swizzles Pricing Tiers


Geni has been shuffling its various pricing tiers since August, when the firm started encouraging users to move off its free service to one of its paid tiers. geni family history tree genealogy membership pricing

Geni 169

Helping Consumers Name Their Own Price For Products, With Greentoe


In real life, you can just about bargain a price for anything you want to buy--a car, a house, even that new stereo from your local electronics store. Joe Marrapodi: GreenToe is a name your own price marketplace for products. However, rather than travel services, it''s for products.

TrueCar Prices IPO


Santa Monica-based TrueCar has priced its IPO, saying last night that it will sell 7.8 The pricing was below the company''s earlier, estimated IPO range of $12.00 The company offers up online pricing of news cars as well as powers affiliate car buying programs. truecar true buying service scott painter million shares of its stock at $9 per share. to $14.00 per share. The company raised around $71.1M in the IPO offering.

Startup Pricing: Are You Selling A Giffen Product?


In his premier film appearance in the blaxploitation send-up “I’m Gonna Git You Sucka,” Chris Rock inadvertently addresses a key pricing challenge faced by most entrepreneurs. Watch this 93-second clip and see if you can identify the pricing pitfall addressed in this humorous snippet.

Losing “Scalps”? Despite Pharma Fear, A Split on Trump Rx-Price Plans


Department of Health and Human Services UCB Vital TransformationDespite angry presidential tweets and other anti-pharma rhetoric, the drug industry has benefited under the Trump administration, thanks in part to a massive corporate tax cut.

SaaS Subcriptions Are Great – TranSaaSional Pricing Is Better


Software as a service (SaaS) is a popular business model because it facilitates the delivery of incremental value to customers, while allowing the vendor to adjust their prices over time. However, such price increases generally occur after new utility has been provided to the customers.

SaaS 221

Nimble Cuts Pricing For Nonprofits


Santa Monica-based customer relationship management (CRM) software developer Nimble is looking to bolster its customer base in the nonprofit sector, saying that it has started to offer a 30 percent discount on its service to nonprofits, for life. contact track sales management relationship customer nonprofit pricing nimble

Report: Uber Artificially Pushes Pricing In San Diego


Is Uber manipulating the market for its UberX car service? According to a report Wednesday from TheVerge, Uber has been keeping drivers off the road in San Diego--to force "surge" pricing on the ride service. Uber''s "surge" pricing is an algorithm-driven feature of Uber, which dramatically increases the cost of rides on its system when drivers are at a premium. uber smartphone service mobile ride diego pricing manipulation controversey

SendGrid Sets Estimated IPO Pricing Range


SendGrid , the developer of email delivery tools and back-end email services with operations in Irvine, has set its estimated IPO pricing range this morning, saying it is looking to sell 7,700,000 shares of its common stock at between $13.50 sendgrid merger acquisition send email delivery service server isaac saldana irvine

Bio Roundup: Alzheimer’s Fail, Drug Price Plan, Gene Therapies & More


Pharmaceutical companies typically raise prescription drug prices at the start of each year and this year was no different. The increases were the latest reminder that, despite President Trump’s fiery campaign rhetoric, the administration had done little to actually lower drug prices. Insurers, or their intermediaries, negotiate with pharma companies for pricing discounts. The Department of Health and Human Services on Thursday unveiled a plan that.

UCSD, Google Study Finds Many Online Hacking Services Are Frauds


A new, academic study--conducted by UC San Diego and Google --has jumped into the world of "hacking for profit", running a study on hacking-for-hire services and their charges and success in hacking into a set of Google Gmail accounts. The study , published by UCSD, found that--for the most part-- most hacking services are scams. The price for all that alleged hacking?

UCSD 109

Pick your pricing niche carefully. Defend it.


They are: Price. Service. Companies that compete on price rarely compete against others who emphasize service or quality. Internet resellers have a better chance to combine price and quality than those with much more fixed overhead occupying a bricks-and-mortar physical presence in the community. Some examples: Wal-Mart is known for lowest prices, often for identical merchandise found in other stores for more.

Pharmaceutical Price Controls Might Be Closer Than You Think


Amid the hue and cry over the Mylan EpiPen pricing debacle , Hillary Clinton unveiled her “ Plan to Respond to Unjustified Price Hikes for Long-Available Drugs. ” Clinton’s plan calls for “dedicated oversight to protect consumers.” Clinton proposes to combat “unjustified price hikes.”

With a new CEO and fresh funding from Upfront, healthy prepared food delivery service Territory looks to grow

TechCrunch LA

A lifelong vegetarian and mother of two vegetarian daughters, the 39-year-old Coleman actually began her business in the food services industry as a caterer before moving on to leadership positions at Kraft Foods and Mondelez International before taking on the vice presidential role at Quidsi.

Exit timing and price: WHEN to sell? How long does it take?


His Strategic Exits Corporation provides M&A advisory services, and he is much in demand as a speaker at angel and entrepreneur events worldwide. – Dave. We are pleased to host Basil Peters, perhaps the best known name in the world of early stage company exits.

Make It Work Swizzles Pricing


Santa Barbara-based Make It Work , the on site technical support and computer repair service headed by Eric Greenspan, said Monday that it has switched its services to a new fixed-price, per-service model. The firm said it will now offer up its various computer services starting at $99.99, which includes services such as new computer setup, wireless network setup, and TV setup. makeitwork home technical support membership help services

Senators Grill HHS’s Azar on Drug Price Cuts That Have Yet to Come


When President Trump signed legislation last month allowing seriously ill patients the “right to try” unapproved drugs without FDA oversight, he voiced a bold prediction: Within two weeks, he said, drug companies would announce “voluntary massive drops in prices.”

Clutter Expands Into Moving Services


Los Angeles-based on-demand, storage service Clutter is expanding into the moving business, saying on Wednesday that it will start offering up in-city moving services. The new service will be priced per move per hour, allowing users to move a room or an entire home across the cities Clutter offers its service. Clutter currently offers up its moving services in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle, New York, , and New Jersey.

Dear Tom Price: Bundled Payments Help Patients and Reduce Costs


With all the talk of repealing Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act (ACA), people have been taking a closer look at what the law has done for our healthcare system. It turns out the ACA is about a lot more than the problematic healthcare marketplaces.

Trump Pledges Lower Drug Prices, But Blueprint Is Short on Details


[ Editor’s note: Corie Lok co-authored this report. ] In a much anticipated speech at the White House this afternoon, President Trump unveiled a long-awaited plan meant to cut the cost of prescription drugs in the U.S.

CrowdStrike Launches New Services Offering


Irvine-based cybersecurity software developer CrowdStrike said Monday that it has rolled out a new set of customer support and services options, to support the deployment of its CrowdStrike Falcon software. Pricing on its new services offerings were not announced. crowdstrike cybersecurity security software support customer services

Boingo Drops UK, Ireland Pricing


Los Angeles-based Boingo Wireless , the operator of a global network of Wi-Fi access points, said this morning that it has lowered pricing on its UK and Ireland access plan. The firm said it reduced pricing by 20% for its unlimited Wi-Fi plan.

Kumba Health Launches New Subscription Service


Los Angeles-based Kumba Health says it has launched a new, subscription service, which helps consumers get pricing transparency from local doctors on their procedures. a month, or $99 per year for the service, which helps consumers get direct access to lower prices on services compared with insurance-based health services. kumba health healthcare marketplace physician doctor locator pricing self network

CrowdStrike Expands Remote Incident Management Service


Irvine-based CrowdStrike announced this morning that it has expanded its managed threat hunting service, offering up new levels for customers needing guided response and remote incident management. According to CrowdStrike, the new levels for its Falcon OverWatch service will include a "Standard", "Essential", and "Elite" level, depending on how much assistance CrowdStrike is providing to the company. Pricing on the various levels of service were not announced.

TrueCar Announces Used Vehicle Pricing Index


Santa Monica-based TrueCar , the car pricing startup headed by Scott Painter, has announced a new product today, focused on used vehicle pricing. According to TrueCar, its new ClearBook service will provide a used vehicle pricing index, based on pure computational analytics, using the firm's ability to tap into aggregated used car listings. TrueCar said its ClearBook service is expected to launch by the end of the year.

Service Expands Travel Saving App To Hotels


Los Angeles-based Service , the venture backed startup which helps travelers automatically receive compensation for airline delays and cancellations, has expanded into hotel booking, saying it now is able to scan a user's email for upcoming hotel reservations, then automatically search for price drops, rebooking rooms when that happens. Service--which is venture backed by Founders Fund, Menlo Ventures, Maveron, 8VC, Arena Ventures, and angels--is led by CEO Michael Schneider.

How Businesses Can Find Scalable Ethernet Services in Southern California

Southern California Edison Blog

Companies can no longer rely on standard network solutions, they need scalable infrastructure and business internet service that can meet rapidly escalating needs. Many are turning to Ethernet services to solve their local area network (LAN) needs. Request Custom Pricing.

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