DataPop Launches New Ad Product


Los Angeles-based DataPop , the product advertising technology developer headed by Jason Lehmbeck, has launched a new product aimed at retailers. According to DataPop, its new OmniAds product uses a retailer''s merchandise catalog to drive advertising on such sites as Google, Bing, Pinterest, Polyvore, Ebay, and Amazon. DtaPop said that so far, the product is being used by such customers as Pier 1 Imports. datapop advertising catalog retailer products ecommerc

Spreeify Launches New Mobile Ad Product


Los Angeles-based Spreeify , the developer of display ad technology which is led by Ruben Dua, has rolled out a new product aimed at the mobile market. server advertising technology display network mobile spreeify

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How to Avoid a Common Product Mistake Many Teams Make

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I’ve been involved with technology product design in one form or another for nearly 25 years and seen one mistake consistently repeated. ” Most technologists design for themselves and then test with uncorrelated user groups only months after product launch – if ever.

Hiring Developers Before Product/Market Fit?


The problem is you don't yet have product/market fit, and until you do, you don't really know what to build. When product vision is truly clear, then it makes sense to execute it, and hiring follows. These companies are very early-stage and definitely have not shown product/market fit.

Eka Technologies Launches Geo-Tagging Products


Thousand Oaks-based Eka Technologies said today that it has launched a line of products which provide geo-tagging of photos for Nikon, Canon, Sony, Panasonic, Ricoh, and other digital cameras. The firm is targeting both amateurs and GIS professionals with the products.

Zuma Ventures: Creating A New Technology Startup Model


David Carter and Allen Hurff are two startup veterans, who believe they have a new formula to help create early stage, technology companies, through their new "startup studio", Zuma Ventures ( We created a product that would allow you to print barcodes.

Why You Should Put Yourself Out There and Try New Products

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Here’s the thing: If you never try new product and new networks you’ll never learn anything. But how can you invest in technology unless you’re going to use the tools and understand them? In 2006 I started using Facebook and most of my friends & colleagues thought I was strange.

Lynx Technology Launches Smart Home Product


San Diego-based Lynx technology , a developer of software for managing media libraries and smart home devices, said today that it has launched its first product, called SmartLynx 1.0. The product, aimed at the "smart home" market, is aimed at embedding into wireless routers, gateways, set-top-box (STB) and network attached storage (NAS) devices. lynx technology twonky packetvideo home networking ifttt connected smarthome smart device embedded software

Building Products for Mass Adoption

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Chris Dixon wrote a blog post last week titled, “ Techies and Normals &# in which he defined “Techies&# as people who are not just “early adopters&# but also have more of a geeky, technical, product bent. They use products because the products solve a need they have.

CALIENT Technologies Raises $19.4M


Santa Barbara-based CALIENT Technologies , a developer of photonic switching equipment, said this morning that it has raised $19.4M Calient said its new funding will go towards expanding its products to the data center and cloud computing markets.

Qualcomm Making Inroads with Wireless EV Charging Technology


If there’s one thing that’s become clear in the five years since Qualcomm (NASDAQ: QCOM ) acquired its Halo wireless automotive charging technology, it’s that building a new business—and a new industry—takes time.

The First Ever In-Flight Wearable Technology Hackathon

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Wearable World today announced the addition of several key partners to the wearable technology hackathon to be held on an upcoming American Airlines transcontinental flight. “We’ve The post The First Ever In-Flight Wearable Technology Hackathon appeared first on TechZulu.

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BeBop Technology Expands Into Canada, Europe


Los Angeles-based cloud software developer BeBop Technology , which provides software for the media and entertainment industry, said today that it has expanded its operations in both Canada and Europe. BeBop Technology, led by Bruck K. Long, develops cloud-based software for handling post production. bebop technology canada europe sales support post production software international london

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D2 Technologies Buys Webia Technologies


Santa Barbara-based D2 Technologies , which develops embedded IP communications software, reports today that it has acquired Webia Technologies , a developer of products for the Google Android OS platform. technologies voip software embedded android webia merger acquisition

How Connectifier Is Applying Search Technology To Recruiting, With John Jersin


The company recently announced a funding round, led by True Ventures, so we thought we'd talk with John about what the company is doing, and why he believes search technology is so important to apply to recruiting. Recruiters can access that search technology in one of two ways.

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Google Enters Financial Products Comparisons Market


Search engine giant Google has made its entree into an area long dominated by Southern California technology startups: financial products and leads generation. google advisor financial products leads mortgages rates leads360According to Google Thursday, it has launched Google Advisor , a new service to help users find mortgage, credit card, CD, or checking and savings account offers and rates.

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A Day in the Life of a Product Manager

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Rather, these were the words given in response to the opening question to a panel of product managers to “describe their occupation” in 3 words or less, + an additional word on what their biggest challenge was. Jay Stakelon , VP Product Design, Fullscreen.

Maxwell Technologies Gets $25M In Credit Facility


San Diego-based Maxwell Technologies , which develops ultracapacitor-based energy storage and other products, said today that it has received a $25M, three year revolving line of credit. Maxwell develops ultracapacitor products, power modules, and a number of other energy and aerospace related products. maxwell technologies credit facility ultracapacitor funding debt storage energy

Biosynthetic Technologies Gets $100M Loan Guarantee From USDA


Irvine-based Biosynthetic Technologies , a developer of high performance biobased oils targeting the automotive and industrial lubricant market, has received a $100M loan guarantee from the U.S. The loan guarantee was made under the USDA's Biorefinery, Renewable Chemical, and Biobased Product Manufacturing Assistance Program (9003 Program). biosynthetic technologies usda loan guarantee biofuel cleantech renewable chemical plant venture capital agriculture

Smoke Alarms: The Smartest Smart Home Product You Can Buy

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The Protect works with other Nest products, including Nest’s WiFi camera Nest Cam and the Nest Learning Thermostat, to further help protect your home from disaster. Detectors : Photoelectric smoke sensing technology. Ionization smoke sensing technology.

How Enervee Is Making Shopping For Products Energy Smart, with Matthias Kurwig


Are you someone who'd like to save money, energy, and maybe the environment while shopping for your new television, appliance, or other electronic product? We are using algorithms to identify the products that are relatively energy efficient.

Aptera Considering Production Move Out Of State


Oceanside-based Aptera , the developer of a three-wheeled electric vehicles, told its supporters this morning that it is considering a move of its production operations out of California, in order to gain access to "multi-million-dollar" incentive proposals from other states.

9 Technology Innovations Made In The USA

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“Made in the USA” is more than just a slogan; it’s a philosophy for business, one that emphasizes the importance of staying within the national economy and creating products of the highest quality. In fact, a number of cutting-edge and groundbreaking products are assembled in America.

Product Development

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Thursday, June 14, 2012 -- Software Product Development - How to Triple Your Likelihood of Success. Product development has always been challenging. Software products, while being easier to mold and perfect, offer additional set of management and technical challenges. Given the mind boggling speed of change in web and mobile technologies, on shoring, offshoring, intellectual property protection and slew of other challenges, the road to success is full of obstacles.

How TaskUs Is Powering LA's Technology Startup Boom


Los Angeles has been in the midst of a technology boom over the last few years, with many of high profile startups growing in the area. We spoke with Bryce Maddock , founder of TaskUs, about the company and how it has been providing the manpower behind a lot of LA''s technology startups.

Why Technology is Driving More Urban Renewal

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Back in 2006/07 when I sold my company and then worked at there were very few options in SF for technology folk to build their careers at big, growing companies. Technology innovation doesn’t occur in a vacuum. And sci-fi writers are but one example of the way society impacts technology. And it is one of the reasons that NYC is developing a vibrant technology community. And post production.

Life Technologies Expands Food Safety Testing Products


Carlsbad-based life sciences equipment developer Life Technologies has expanded its testing equipment in the food safety and testing area this morning, saying that it has partnered with PIKA Weihenstephan to provide molecular testing for testing in the brewing and beverage market. Life Technologies said the deal will help provide molecular testing to detect spoilage organisms as part of production lines. life technologies food safety testing biotech molecular diagnostics

Tealium Adds $35M to Expand Technology, Sharpen Customer Focus


Tealium, a San-Diego startup that provides online advertising tag management and marketing services for enterprise customers, has raised $35 million in a growth financing deal intended to expand its technology and market reach. Tealium now has about 700 customers, including major companies in healthcare, financial services, travel, and technology, Lunsford said.

HireRight Aims At Uber, Airbnb, Others With New Product


Irvine-based background check services provider HireRight is hoping to smooth the way for peer-to-peer marketplaces with a brand new product, aimed specifically at helping those companies to screen people in their marketplaces. Are you a new startup looking to tap into the "sharing economy", ala Uber or Airbnb?

Maxwell Technologies Sells Microelectronics Line to Data Device


San Diego-based Maxwell Technologies has sold off its microelectronics product line, to Data Device Corporation , in a deal worth $21M in cash, the company said today. The company said that the sale included all assets and certain liabilities related to that product line, as well as 37 employees. maxwell technologies merger acquisition electronics microelectronics semiconductor datadevice

With $18M, Reflexion Health Expands Physical Therapy Technology


Reflexion Health, a San Diego startup founded in 2012 at the nonprofit West Health Institute, is moving to commercialize Vera, its physical rehabilitation system based on Microsoft Kinect’s motion tracking technology.

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Fetch Technologies Raises $4.6M


El Segundo-based Fetch Technologies , a firm which develops software for aggregating data from web sites, said Tuesday that it has raised $4.6M Fetch said its products are being used by such companies as Dow Jones, Reuters, McGraw Hill and Verifications, Inc.

Prime Focus Technologies Gets Private Equity Investment


Los Angeles-based Prime Focus Technologies , a developer of ERP software for the media industry, says it has received its first round of funding from private equity investor Ambit Pragma. Prime Focus develops a cloud-based software product aimed at managing the supply chain for the media industry, and says its software is being used by such companies as 21st Century Fox-owned Star India, Novi Digital - Hotstar, Miramax, Disney, Warner Bros.,